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Lois ...
811 words (4Kb)
What if Clark had slightly different (better) priorities? Alternative ending to the second-season episode "And the Answer Is...."

In this follow up to the fanfic "Clark.doc," Clark replies to Lois's email with one of his own.

Lois' Story
Carol M
There really should be a kidnapper's handbook. And it really should say, "Never kidnap Lois Lane." An amusing tale about a dumb kidnapper who never read the book and a feisty reporter who's about to make him sorry for the oversight.

Lois's Worst Nightmare
Nicole Dodson
Lois experiences a frightening ordeal, when an old enemy targets Clark.

Lois & Clark & Angel & Spike
Merav Granot
When Lois and Clark go undercover as Angel and Spike, you never know what might happen!

A Lois & Clark Fourth of July
A WAFFy pre-relationship story that has Lois and Clark covering the annual 4th of July celebration at Metropolis Park -- Perry's orders.

Lois and Castle
A crossover story where Lois Lane steps in to give Castle and Beckett a helping hand. 48Kb

A Lois and Clark Interlude
Tank Wilson
Lois needs a bass guitar player ... and Tank Wilson comes to the rescue. <g>

A Lois & Clark Fourth of July
A WAFFy pre-relationship story that has Lois and Clark covering the annual 4th of July celebration at Metropolis Park -- Perry's orders.

Lois & Clark Meet Back to the Future: Chapter 1
Tempus kidnaps Lois, taking her to the future, and H.G. Wells arrives to help Clark begin to save the day.

Lois & Clark Meet Back to the Future: Chapter 2
In the next chapter in this continuing story, Clark and Wells search for Lois in the future and are surprised at what they find there.

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures in the Twilight Zone: Summer Ficathon
Lynn S. M.
Lois Lane receives a package that will change Clark Kent's life forever... Or does she?

Lois & Clark - The Premiere
Niklas "Hawk" Jonsson
A rewrite of the pilot episode: Clark is different, the world is different, and the situation between our two reporters is certainly different from the show.

Lois & Clark Share the News
Sarah Wood
The morning after Lois accepts Clark's proposal in the park, the glowing couple gives the news to friends and family. A sequel to the fanfic "Lois Says..."

A Lois & Clark Sonnet
Jennifer James
A short poem that tells of Lois and Clark's romance.

A Lois & Clark Story
Lois and Clark's stakeout session quickly escalates into a makeout session.

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures in the Twilight Zone: Summer Ficathon
Lynn S. M.
Lois Lane receives a package that will change Clark Kent's life forever... Or does she?

A Lois & Clark Wedding
Karin Tessin
A poem of Lois and Clark's wedding.

Lois & Clark/Quantum Leap Crossover
Michael Chary
A crossover story in which Sam Beckett leaps into Superman's body while Superman is trapped in Luthor's kryptonite cage.

Lois & Clark: The Musical
Deena J. Cross
Lois & Clark -- the musical! Using songs from Elvis and other singers.

Lois + Clark + Lex = TROUBLE
They thought he was dead, but just when Lois and Clark thought they could bury Lex for good -- he turns up again. He's determined to have his revenge and Lois, being pregnant, is slightly more vulnerable than usual.

Lois, Clark & Sharlynn
Anna Botsakou
The baby that suddenly arrived at the Kents' doorstep is surrounded by a mystery Lois and Clark just can't leave unsolved. So they get trapped in the suspicious environments related to her, in order to find the truth.

Lois and Cl - Kal-El
It's Lois to the rescue when Superman is captured by Bureau 39 -- or is it Clark who was taken?

Lois and Clark: A Fairy Tale
Paul-Gabriel Wiener
A season one story of Lois, Clark, and Lex, told as a fairy tale. A response to Meredith's Lois and Clark Fairy Tale story challenge on Zoom's messageboards.

Lois and Clark: The Last Adventures of Superman
Lois tells Clark that she's going to have a baby.

Lois and Clark and Silver and Bruce
Phil Atcliffe
Superman meets Batman -- and Lois does a little match-making!

Lois and Clark and the IRS
Carol M
Sometimes, innocent actions can have unexpected consequences, particularly when the innocent action breaks an obscure law, and the lawbreakers are Lois and Clark.

Lois and Clark and the Early Anniversary
Carol M
Clark and Lois have some surprise gifts for each other on the occasion of their first anniversary. A sequel to the Carol M's "Lois and Clark and the IRS."

Lois and CLark and there Children
Mary Potts
This horrendous next-gen story of romance is sure to warp your mind, make your Betas scream and make your English professors commit suicide! Rated G for "Gah! Hand me the knife!"

Lois and Clark and Valentine's Day I
Carol M
Clark plans a waffy Valentine's Day treat for his pregnant wife in this sequel to the author's earlier stories, "Lois and Clark and the IRS" and "Lois and Clark and the Early Anniversary."

A Lois and Clark Christmas
Lyla Katz
A sweet little Christmas story.

Lois and Clark Engaged: Part 1 - You Forgot?
Superman is captured by one of his and Lois's old nemeses, and it is only with the help of Lois Lane that he escapes.

Lois and Clark Engaged Part II: Are you sure?
Lois and Clark visit Smallville after the "Superman Charity Auction" and wrestle with their feelings for each other. Part Two in the author's "Lois and Clark Engaged" series.

Lois and Clark Episode Draft #1
Lois and Clark and other characters become entangled in the web of a villain set on revenge.

A Lois and Clark Fairy Tale: Cinder(Lois)Ellen and the Prince
Richards, Wendy
Another story written in response to the Fairy-tale Challenge on the Message Boards. In this, CinderEllen, also known as Lois, wants to go to the ball, but will her fairy godfather -- or temporal pilgrim -- arrive in time to help her?

A Lois and Clark Fairy Tale: Ebony Locks
Meredith Knight
Lois and Clark are lost in the woods, and find an empty cottage to shelter in. But where are the inhabitants -- and why is there no bathroom? This story was written for the L&C fairy tale challenge.

A Lois and Clark Fairy Tale: The Evil Stepmother's Manifesto
A LnC/Fairy Tale story, in reply to Meredith's fairy tale story challenge. Lois and Clark hurry to interview a woman who has been victimized by the evil stepmother stereotype.

A Lois and Clark Fairy Tale from the Dark Side: The Key
Doc. Klein's LabRat
Another in the series of Lois and Clark fairy tales. Loisetta Lane eagerly contemplates marrying her handsome true love. But is he true? And does he love her? And will she survive the marriage at all?

A Lois and Clark Fairy Tale: Lois and the Unicorn
Emily M. Hanson
Can Princess Lois work with Clark to break Tempus's evil curse? This is an Elseworld fairy-tale story.

A Lois and Clark Fairy Tale: Loispunzel and the Prince
Doc. Klein's LabRat
A little piece of fairy tale fluff in response to Meredith Knight's 'Write a Lois and Clark fairy tale' challenge on Zoom's messageboards. What's a kingly father to do when his feisty princess daughter has no husband and an evil advisor has designs of his own?

A Lois and Clark Fairy Tale: The Three Bears
Marnie Rowe
Yet another of the silly flights of fancy that a fan has put some of our favorite characters through. It's the age-old fable of "The Three Bears" with a touch of a twist.

A Lois and Clark Fairy Tale: To Kiss A ...
A LnC/Fairy Tale story. As Princess Lois is growing up, the mystical ball she received for her 10th birthday has a bigger impact on her life than she ever would have imagined.

Lois and Clark Fiction
David Miller
Lois and Clark pay a visit to a hopping 50's diner, Jackrabbit Slims, in this Pulp Fiction spoof.

Lois and Clark Haiku
Exactly what the title implies. Haiku inspired by the show and fanfiction -- some serious and some less so.

Lois and Clark in Chocolate Wonderland
One of the perks of being able to fly your wife to a chocolate festival is having her in the kitchen one Sunday morning preparing some chocolate recipes from the trip. Or is it?

Lois and Clark Meet Biomedical Engineering 201
Alicia U.
Superman leaves a fire scene when ... his beeper goes off? Just what is more important than helping at an emergency?

Lois and Clark Meet...Lois and Clark?
Deadly Chakram
6,322 words (36Kb)
After an unexpected interdimensional detour, Lois and Clark come face-to-face with two people who look a lot like themselves.

Lois and Clark Meet Shawn and Gus
Triple L
Lois and Clark are sent to Santa Barbara to cover the story of the very successful psychic detective, Shawn Spencer and his best friend, Gus, with their agency, Psych. After arriving, they come to find that Intergang is in California due to a murder.

Lois and Clark Meet The X-Files
Mulder and Scully arrive on the scene to determine if our favorite alien is *really* an alien.

Lois and Clark Sitting in a Tree
Nancy V. Sont
Lois and Clark act like a couple of teasing, flirtatious teens in this short vignette.

Lois and Clark's New Addition
What if Lois were going into labor while stuck on an elevator with Clark -- and Jimmy and Perry?

A Lois and Clark Poem
Kelly Allen
A poem about the episode "We Have A Lot To Talk About."

Lois and Clark's Song
Emerald Shine
A rewrite of the Crash Test Dummies' Superman song, summarizing Lois & Clark's world.

Lois and Clark: The Episodic Adventures of Superman
Is it possible to write a story that weaves all of the episode titles into the plot? Read and find out. See if you can find them all....

Lois and Clark: The Really New Adventures of Superman
Joy N. Sowell
It's a bumper week for the Kents. First, a baby left on their doorstep, then they have to handle the raging hormones and budding relationship of Lucy Lane and Jimmy Olsen.

Lois and Clark's Vacation
Alicia U.
The stress is getting to Lois as she and Clark embark on a vacation -- and none too soon!

Lois and Clark Do 100 Crimes Challenge
VirginiaR. (Editor)
A challenge was issued to see if Lois and Clark (and a select few within their good guys group) perpetrated at least 100 crimes during their four seasons. This was the result. Contributing Writers: VirginiaR., Lynn S.M., Lonnie, Deadly Chakram, Darth Michael, mrsMxyzptlk, MrsMosley, dcarson, John Lambert and Tzigone.

Lois and James
The Lois and Clark - Bond crossover continues with a double date and a secret ... or two.

Lois and Sam
Carol M
Lois's father has been hard on her again, and it's up to Clark to console his pregnant, emotional wife.

Lois and Samson
Paul-Gabriel Wiener
A young Lois takes a bible story to heart (and to scalp) in this response to the Haircut Story Challenge.

A Lois and Clark Fairytale: Lois and the Beast
Adam Labotka
A classic fairy tale, retold with characters from Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

Lois' Card
Lynn S. M.
Lois' first anniversary card to Lois. A companion story to Clark's Card.

Lois Finds Out
Mobile Richard
After a year of marriage, Lois begins to realise her husband is keeping a huge secret.

Lois Gets Fired
Tank Wilson and Wendy Richards
In this Tank and Wendy challenge, Lois and Clark go undercover to investigate a white slavery ring operating from Metropolis. What could possibly go wrong?

Lois Has a Great Idea
Lois challenges Clark to prove he is not attracted to her and gets more than she bargained for. She may have to choose between Superman and Clark.

Lois, I'm Super-
Jill Tanz
What would have happened if the telephone hadn't interrupted Clark at the beginning of the episode "And the Answer Is"? This story gives you a chance to find out.

Lois in Traffic Court
Anne D.
Lois is caught speeding ... again ... and is forced to submit to the rigors of the traffic court.

Lois Is Clark, Clark Is Lois
Sarah Lane
The author writes: "One day I was wondering what would happen if Lois had Clark's loving personality and Clark had Lois' attitude. If they completely switched their ways and personalities -- what would it be like?"

Lois Lane/Ultrawoman, Clark Kent/Superman
Amy Sams
A poem based on the episode "Ultrawoman."

Lois Lane: Ace Reporter, Wife and Mother
Renee Charles
Lois reminisces about her husband and her children.

Lois Lane: Assassin -- An Alt-World View Story
Tank Wilson
When Lois finds H.G. Well's futuristic viewing device, she can't help spying on another Lois and Clark. But the Lois and Clark in that alternate world give Lois quite a surprise. Will it keep her from her sneaky ways once and for all?

Lois Lane 101 -- A Handbook
Round Robin
A handbook for Clark Kent on the care, feeding, and loving of a soulmate. These rules are for Clark Kent about Lois Lane.

Lois Lane and the Incredibly Bad Hair Day
Chris Carr
A wry look at the perils of going to the hairdresser's, as seen through the eyes of Lois Lane.

Lois Lane and the Magic of Christmas
Chris Carr
As a child, Lois Lane learned to be cynical about Christmas. Now that Lois is an adult, can the present begin to heal some of the wounds left by the past? And what role might Clark have to play in the healing process? A vignette inspired by the episode "Season's Greedings."

Lois Lane Got Married
A tragedy in the Kent family makes Lois reconsider a choice she made long, long ago...

Lois Lane Meets Clark Kent
Bob Bartholomew
Lois Lane has reached a roadblock in her pursuit of a story about gunrunners based in the Congo. While deciding her next move, she has a chance encounter with a world famous photographer -- Clark Kent. Part 1 of the "Lois Lane Meets..." series.

Lois Lane Meets Superman
Bob Bartholomew
It's 1993 and Lois Lane has managed to sneak aboard the EPRAD colonization module and is waiting for launch. On the surface everything looks like the story we know so well. But appearances can be deceiving.

Lois Lane, Last Will and Testament
Tank Wilson, CarolM and Artemis
When stranded in a snow bank along a deserted stretch of mountain road, Lois takes a long look at her life. Will Superman get there in time? A multi-authored story by Tank, CarolM, and Artemis.

Lois Lane, the Jesse James of Thought Trains
Jana L. Officer
Clark's attempt to tell Lois his secret goes much more smoothly than it ever did on screen, in this response to the ATAI ("And the Answer Is...") Challenge on the Lois and Clark Fanfic Message Boards.

Lois Lane -- Mother of Utopia -- Matchmaker Chronicles Volume 1
Lois and Clark have been married for approximately thirty years when they are visited by Herb, who is trying to iron out some discrepancies in the historical record of the Kent family of the L&C canon Universe. This is volume 1 of a larger set which will move through various times and universes.

Lois Lane Wannabe
What if a teenager "dropped" into Lois and Clark's life instead of a baby at the end of the fourth season? This story shows how the power of family is stronger than being alone.

Lois Lane (with apologies to Sir Paul McCartney)
Lynn S. M.
A filk based on the song "Penny Lane."

Lois Lane's Best Christmas
Lois has everything ready for Christmas Eve, but can she keep her Christmas spirit when no one shows up?

Lois Lane's Diary
Nicole Sullivan
Dear Diary, I think I may actually be in love with Clark, but Superman is still, well, SUPERMAN! I think before Clark and I ride off into the sunset, I will add some complications that will teach me my biggest lessons about life and love yet!

Lois Lane's Diary II: And They Lived...
Nicole Sullivan
Dear Diary, I am in love and things are going great! I really think Clark and I are on our way to a happily ever... wait... he has something he wants to tell me. Well, I'm sure whatever it is, it's just great, like love is!

Lois Learns To Fly
Lara E. Taylor
A romantic poem about a wonderous love.

Lois on the Loose: (Ramblings From the IRC)
Lois gets drunk at a party and tries to get friendly with Clark. (A "graphic sneeze" from the IRC. :-)

Lois, Phone Home
Tank Wilson
In this story, it's Lois who has a secret identity ... one even her husband isn't aware of.

Lois' Return
Chiara Prato
What happened to Alt-Lois when she disappeared in the Congo? Alt-Clark has to help her through a slow recovery from what was obviously a very traumatic experience.

Lois Rules! -- A Story
What if canon Clark actually wrote a Lois Lane Manual for Alt-Clark?

Lois Says
Sarah Wood
A continuation of the episode "And the Answer Is..." in which Lois reveals she has done a little investigating on her own.

A Lois Super Short
Tank Wilson
A wish-fulfilment fic. It's by Tank. Guess what the wish is?

Lois' Choice
Dutcher, J.G.
A story that takes place the night before the events of the episode "And the Answer Is." It was written to answer the author's question of why Clark picked that morning, before breakfast, to try to tell Lois he's Superman.

Lois' New Family Challenge #1 2020
639 words (3Kb)
Clark has a solution for Lois' lonely nights when he is out as Superman.

Lois' Revenge
B.B. Medos
Lois makes a startling discovery when indulging in an "artistic temper tantrum" with photos of Clark and Superman.

Lois' Rules
Jose Antonio Chamorro
Shortly after meeting Superman, Lois discovers his secret. What will Clark do?

Lois' Secret Recipe
Catherine Bruce
There's nothing worse than standing around in the middle of winter in tights when you have no superpowers....

Lois' Surprise (Part 1 of 4)
Clark prepares a beautiful surprise for Lois, as they look forward to the upcoming birth of their children.

Lois's Birthday Surprise
Alisha Kerby
It's Lois' birthday, and she waits for her surprise party ... and waits. Perry couldn't have taken her seriously last year when she said she didn't like these things, could he?

Lois's Cooking Diary
Unknown and Supermom
Who knew recipes don't quite mean what they say? Not Lois Lane.

Lois's Secret
Richard Frantz Jr.
Why does Lois Lane, a sensible adult woman, continually dangle over the jaws of death? Here's one elseworld explanation.

Lois's Slightly Off Day
Mary Potts a.k.a. Queen of the Capes
Flying penguins, Elvis and a llama -- can a day get any more weird? A Scavenger Hunt Challenge Response.

Lois's Sweet Revenge
Lisa REM
A continuation of the episode "And the Answer Is..." in which Lois hatches a plot to make Clark squirm a little for not revealing himself as Superman.

Lois Unbuttoned
The wedding is off. Superman has successfully escaped the kryptonite cage. Lois has successfully escaped marriage to Lex Luthor. Now who is going to free Lois from the 117 buttons holding her into her wedding dress? Is this a job for Clark Kent?

Loising a Grip on Reality: The Effects of ...
Sara Kraft
A humorous "personal account" of a FoLC for whom the world of Lois & Clark is a little too real. The full title is "Losing a Grip on Reality: The Effects of LCWS on the Mind of a FoLC."

Lonely Is The Man...
Jon Wolff
Far into the future, Elizabeth Ellington is involved in a car accident while trying to discover the whereabouts of a "secret Superman." After being rescued by a lonely rancher, who's still recovering from the death of his wife years ago, she ends up finding out more than she expected...

Lonely this Christmas?
Richards, Wendy
Christmas is a time for families, for friends and loved ones. But Lois is worried that Superman has nowhere to belong.

Lonesome Tonight?
Intergang holds Clark's cousin Sam hostage, along with Jimmy, in an attempt to keep Superman from foiling a jewel heist. A sequel to the fanfic "Here's Looking at You, Lois and Clark."

The Long and the Short of it Is...
Richards, Wendy
As Lois and Clark's relationship develops, Lois decides that she'd like a haircut. A response to Tank's haircut challenge.

The Long Night
Benjamin McElwain
A meteorite causes a long night of problems for Superman.

The Long Road
Margaret Brignell
Clark gains perspective on life, relationships and himself as he makes his way around the globe, writing travel pieces for the Smallville Post. Clark meets interesting people and manages to stumble into adventure -- but always at the back of his mind is that puzzling break-up with Lana Lang.

The Long Road
Lois's attempt to rebuild her life after Clark's prolonged absence on New Krypton is unexpectedly thwarted when an old wound is reopened.

The Long Road Home
Erin Klingler
In this Elseworlds story, two reporters on opposite coasts are seeking something to fill the void in their lives. Fate draws them together, but their happiness -- and their lives -- are soon threatened when a bicoastal investigation leads them to a formidable enemy. Will their tender new relationship be able to weather the storms ahead?

The Long Road to Utopia
Michael Ring
Lois knows the secret, and Clark has proposed, but she doesn't have time to sit back and enjoy the turn of events. That very night a plot hatched by Lex Luthor is set in motion. His loyal underling, Asabi, kidnaps Superman using kryptonite: the ransom is the release of Luthor from prison. A continuation of the episode "And the Answer Is..."

Long Strange Trip
Alt-Clark never imagined that *his* Lois had been forced into an alternate world by Tempus years ago. Thanks to the benevolent intervention of Herb Wells, Lois returns home, much changed. Years of suffering at the hands of Clark's dark doppelganger -- Lord Kal-El -- have left their mark. Can she ever overcome her trauma to recognize her soulmate wearing the face and form of her tormentor, or will she succeed in destroying his standing amongst humanity definitively?

The Long, Dazed Journey From the Night
Debby Stark
During his showdown with Lex Luthor, Clark receives unexpected help from ... Superman? Help is on the way for Lois, but it may be too late for Punkin Kent. A continuation of the fanfic "I'll Second That," the full title is "The Long, Dazed Journey From the Night, or, Thanks for the Memories." This is the last of the author's five stories written to take the place of the episodes in the five-part arc.

The Longest Road: Belief and Sacrifice
When he's asked to give up everything he loves in order to save a world he doesn't know, Clark realizes that the measure of a person isn't just what they believe, it's what they're willing to sacrifice.

The Longest Road: The Long Road Home
Separated for years and having faced life's most difficult challenges, Lois and Clark have to figure out how to move forward when they can't go back to the way things were. The final part in "The Longest Road" trilogy.

The Longest Road: The Roads They Walked Alone
When faced with the most difficult challenges of their lives, both Lois and Clark learn that the longest roads in life are the ones you must walk alone.

Laura Davies
One rainy afternoon, Lois contemplates her current circumstances. A story set in the S5/S6 continuum of the Forever and All Eternity universe.

Longings of the Heart
Erin Klingler
When Lucy calls to say she's getting married, Lois is determined not to let her sister ruin her life chasing the impractical myth called love. But, sometimes, just when you think it's someone else's life you're fixing, your own life comes sharply into view and surprising revelations ensue.

The Lookalike Agent's Tale
Lynn S. M.
Sammy, the man who ran the lookalike agency in the episode "That Old Gang of Mine," tells of his encounter with Superman. This story is in response to the "Canterbury Tales of Metropolis" challenge.

Look, But Don't Touch
Lois and Superman learn the meaning of sexual tension when they are trapped in a collapsed mine shaft with Jimmy Olsen and injured miners. Superman has to slowly chisel away at the walls, while bracing the ceiling, in order to prevent a complete collapse. Meanwhile, Perry wonders why Clark Kent, Lois' fiance, has been missing for days.

Looking In
Lynn S. M.
What could a clumsy nine-year-old boy possibly have in common with Superman?

Lori and Clark: The New New Adventures of Superman: Matchmaker Chronicles Volume 6
In this story we explore the origins of the baby from the episode "The Family Hour." We will examine how he came to be with Lois and Clark and why. We will see what happened while they had him and the trials and tribulations of new parenthood. We will also see what happened with his real parents and why they had to give him up.

Losing Clark
Lois never thought she'd lose Clark. But Mayson Drake might just change that.

Losing Lois
An evil scientist who was devoted to Lex Luthor blames Lois Lane for his idol's downfall and eventual death. So he decides to make her pay -- by kidnapping her and killing her clone ... to make friends and family think she is dead.

Lost and Found
Jeff Brogden
In this Elseworlds story, Lois gets stranded in a blizzard near Smallville, Kansas, and is rescued by a handsome young stranger who, little does she know, is about to change her life forever.

Lost and Found
Anne Spear
There's nothing like almost losing a secretly-loved one to snap two very stubborn views into focus...

Lost Boy
anonymous5658 and Julie Slisz
Lois and Clark are devastated when their son is abducted by a crazed scientist. However, it becomes a race against the clock when Lois and Clark are infected with a deadly Kryptonite-laced virus. Will Lois and Clark find their son in time to save him -- and themselves?

Lost in Time
ML Thompson
Alt-Lois has been having the same bad dream all her life. While trying to understand it, she makes a startling discovery. Will she figure out the truth? Or will her destiny forever be denied to her?

Lost Innocence
Clark takes news of Lois' engagement to Lex very hard. Can he ever forgive Lois? Will he even have a chance? Will Lois find out who she really loves before it's too late?

Lost Love
Paul-Gabriel Wiener
An old man rotting away in prison reminisces about his life. But who is he? Sometimes, telling the good guys from the bad guys can be surprisingly difficult.

Lost Without You
As Lois and Clark try to resume their friendship after the episode the House of Luthor, they get into a big fight, where they both say some harsh things. Can it be solved in time for the soul mates?

Louder Than Words
What would happen if Lois had decided to break her engagement with Lex before the wedding and Luthor retaliated by throwing her in the basement with Superman?

Louisa and Mark: The New Adventures of the Hulk
Mary Potts a.k.a. Queen of the Capes
Clark is dismayed to find his young daughters upset. But what is the problem? And can he fix it?

Mary Potts and Bob Bartholomew
In the canon LnC universe, Clark was in love from day one but had a difficult time reaching the wedding altar. A fun look into a very different universe where that seems to be the least of his challenges. A multiauthored story by Mary Potts and Bob Bartholomew.

Celeste Inwood
This explains the close bond Lois and Clark have through love and their unborn child.

Love and Secrets
What would have happened if Lois had not slammed the door in Clark's face after their first date? This Second Season story explores one scenario.

Love and Soul
Anna Botsakou
In an Alt-past, Lois is Metropolis's princess, and she leaves her home to live with someone she doesn't know... literally.

Love Beyond All Measure
Chris Mulder
While Clark is away on vacation in Smallville, Lois investigates a securities fraud, which results in her being held hostage by the man responsible. He's armed with kryptonite and threatening to kill both Lois and Superman. If Superman can't save her, what will Clark be able to do?

Love Conquers All
Lara-Elaine Koch
An old flame of Lois', who was imprisoned as a result of one of her investigations, returns for revenge, and Lois turns to Clark for help.

Love Delayed-An Elseworld Tale
Philip Mogul
Circumstances prevent Lois and Clark from fulfilling their soulmate union. One circumstance is no less than a threat to the survival of Earth and all its life forms. Amid all the turmoil, will destiny prevail?

Love Disabled
Tank Wilson
Clark returns from New Krypton different in more ways than one. Will Lois and his parents be able to convince him that not everything has to change?

Love Doesn't Cost a Thing
Have you ever stopped to wonder how much love will cost until you find "the one"?

Love Found a Way
Ray Reynolds
3,006 words (16Kb)
This story follows the characters and premise of my story "Love Will Find a Way," a look 15 years into the future.

Love, Loyalty and Luthor: Learning Curves II
Chris Carr
When Nigel St John receives an unexpected job offer, he begins to question his relationship with his employer, Lex Luthor. An alternative look at part of Lois and Clark's first season, set in the universe created in the author's "Learning Curves."

Love Makes Life Worth Living
Texas Jewel
In Lois's last month of pregnancy, Dan Scardino keeps trying to kill her.

Love Me Back to Life
Sara Kraft and lovetvfan
51,643 words (280Kb)
Set right after the episode "Lucky Leon," Clark is left reeling over the fact that his kiss with Lois resulted in his failure to save Mayson Drake's life. Fearing he may never be able to reconcile the two halves of himself, he begins to spiral. As Lois watches her partner come apart, she makes a last-ditch effort to save him by taking him on a road trip for a story investigation that doesn't exist. A multi-authored story by Sara Kraft and lovetvfan.

Love Me Once More ...
In this *alternate* alternate universe story, Lois Lane gets more than she bargained for on her first assignment since returning from the Congo jungle.

Love Me Tender
IRC Round Robin
Lois and Clark and the usual suspects help Perry and Alice celebrate their remarriage, but an unusual side effect of Lois's pregnancy threatens to reveal just how *super* a guy Clark really is. ;)

Love, Mom
Letters from a mother to her son capture her memories and feelings as she watches him grow up and attain his dreams.

Love of a Lifetime
Emerald Shine
Clark tries to find a way to get close to Lois again, and Dan Scardino receives a surprise.

Love Realized
Ray Reynolds
111,980 words (607Kb)
An Elseworlds tale, sequel to the author's "Too Soon for Love," that tracks Lara's journey to find love.

Love Realized, the Next Day
Ray Reynolds
5,581 words (31Kb)
The adventures of our heroes after the honeymoon.

Love Realized -- The Second Wedding
Ray Reynolds
8,168 words (44Kb)
The marriage of Lois and Clark.

Love Remains
Jana L. Officer
Lois tenaciously follows her instincts and her heart in this alternate version of the episode "That Old Gang of Mine." A clue, which is meaningful only to Lois, evokes a mystery concerning Clark's alleged demise.

A Love So Long in the Making
Richards, Wendy
Referred to by the author as a possible sequel to her fanfic "A Ring on his Finger," this story deals with the inevitability of aging as we are taken twenty years into the future of the lives of Lois and Clark and their children, and to their daughter's engagement to ... (you'll never guess who!)

Love Survives
In this sequel to the author's "Smallville Style," Lois and Clark explore what it means to be a couple, and they find more than just a few bumps on the road to happily ever after.

The Love That Risks Nothing
Clark's departure for New Krypton is the beginning of a time of trial for both him and Lois. As they attempt to rebuild their lives, they are challenged by crises on both Earth and New Krypton.

A Love That Was Meant To Be
After a fatal mistake by Clark, Lois and Clark's relationship is thrown into jeopardy. How will their relationship ever survive?

Love the World Away
When Lois is offered a job as a political analyst by a sexy magazine owner, Clark's jealousy gene kicks in -- which annoys Lois. But making up is fun to do, and Lois has their reconciliation all mapped out.

Love Thy Neighbor
Wanda Detroit
In the early months of their marriage, Lois and Clark deal with the changing emotions that come with a surprise pregnancy. Meanwhile, a curious neighbor speculates that Clark Kent may, in fact, be Superman. What will this discovery mean for our favorite couple?

A Love Well Worth the Wait
Lois and Clark, after working together platonically for several years, finally go their separate ways. But things change quickly when a couple of old enemies reappear.

Love Will Find a Way
Ray Reynolds
48,253 words (259Kb)
Clark has lost the love of his life. Can he find and destroy the evil organization who took her from him and can he find a new life partner? An alternate universe story.

Love Without End, Amen
4,183 words (23Kb)
This story features three fathers who influenced and changed Clark's early life and later his life with Lois. It's in response to the 2019 Father's Day Challenge. It also explains the baby's origins from the series' final episode, "The Family Hour." This story is third in the "Rubber Ducky" series, and is a companion piece to "We're All Alone."

Love's Confusion
Lois and Clark are enjoying an evening of pizza and movies when Lois decides she wants to tell Clark something she has been holding back. Reactions aren't as expected and neither Lois nor Clark knows what exactly to do.

Love's Embrace
Amy Sams
A poem of Lois and Clark's reunion after he returns from New Krypton.

The Lover After Me
As Lois prepares to walk down the aisle on her wedding day, she contemplates her choice of groom and wonders about her feelings for Clark Kent.

Love's Sacrifice - A Death/Darkfic Challenge for Juliet
Tank Wilson
Lois faces up to some difficult choices in this challenge deathfic.

A Lovely Smile
She is mentioned only once, during the series pilot while Clark and Lois glide across the dance floor at the White Orchid Ball. But the Nigerian princess who taught Clark Kent how to dance ballroom-style pops up every now and then in fan fiction. Here's my take ...

The Lovers' Tale
Forbes, Allison K.
Chaucer's take on our favorite lovers.

Kathy Brown
When Lois needs help after being laid up with the flu, it's Clark Kent to the rescue!


Loving Arms
Clark is shown a glimpse of a Lois he rarely sees in this "Prankster" episode rewrite. How can he deal with a partner who is frightened and vulnerable, without letting his own feelings get in the way?

When the only luck they have seems to be bad, Clark and Lois wonder if their expanding family can beat the odds.

Luck and Consequences
Bob Bartholomew
Lois Lane doesn't believe in luck, but someone else looking at her life might describe her as lucky. Her life with Clark seems just about perfect, but their desire for a family may require more than just the normal measure of luck. A tale of Lois and Clark not long after the end of the series that explores the very nature of Superman.

Lucky Every Once in a While
Erica Dias
When she finds him sleeping, she thinks her luck has changed for good.

Lucky Lois
Pam Jernigan
In the episode "Lucky Leon" Lois panics following their "great date," but in this story, Clark doesn't give up so easily.

Lucky Lunkhead
Gallant, Missy
It's the end of Lois and Clark's date, and Clark is seeing Lois home. What a moment for him to choose to be a lunkhead!

A Lucky Strike
Sara Kraft
1,170 words (7Kb)
As the events in the author's "Bowled Over" continue, Lois' luck just keeps improving... enough that even she starts to wonder how she's playing so well. Story 3 in the author's When He Cheats... At Bowling series.

Lucky to Have Each Other
Michele Savage
A story that picks up at the end of the episode "Metallo," when Superman tells Lois that she and Clark are lucky to have each other. Clark shows up almost immediately, bearing chocolate yogurt.

Lucy Lane Is Coming to Town
Nicole Sullivan
Lucy Lane is coming to spend Christmas with Lois, but she still needs to find her sister the perfect gift. Can that perfect gift be something money can't someone tall, dark, and handsome?

Lunch Break
Musings on a lunch break....

Lunkhead, No More
ML Thompson
A rewrite of the end of the episode "Double Jeopardy," when we watched Lois drive off with Luthor while Clark stood on the side of the road, helpless.

H.G. Wells is on yet another journey through several universes, trying to save the world. Tired and sick of what she has seen so far, Lois has just one question: Why help all those lunkheads?

Luthor's Legacy
Wanting to learn more about his roots, Clark travels to Kansas and meets some long-lost relatives. A continuation of the author's elsewhere fanfic, "Brothers."

Luthor's Revenge, Take 2
Tank Wilson
Lex is back -- again -- and determined to make his ex-fiancee and her annoying Boy Scout of a husband pay for everything they've done to him.