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Uploaded on May 6, 2019

2,195 words (13Kb)
This story is a brief follow-up to an earlier one called "Summer." It would help reading that fic to understand what takes place here. Just a pleasant autumn Saturday afternoon in Metropolis for Lois and Clark. It is a time to relax and talk about things other than deadlines, headlines and criminals.

An Education in Sports and Secret Keeping
486 words (3Kb)
What happens when someone knows what Lois knows about Clark, but Lois doesn't know that they know that he knows that they know? And why the heck wouldn't Clark tell her? Needlessly complicated for a short little ficlet.

Just the Way You Are
5,576 words (30Kb)
As a young boy, Clark has some adjustments to make that he's not particularly happy with.

A New Dawn
Deadly Chakram
108,973 words (609Kb)
After establishing himself as Superman, Clark Kent continues his mission to help people. But he isn't prepared for what it might cost him.

A Stolen Childhood
Deadly Chakram
9,030 words (50Kb)
No one ever sets out to be a thief.

What Friends Do
Deadly Chakram
7,797 words (44Kb)
After bringing down Lex Luthor, Jack notices that something is wrong with Clark.

You Stepped Out of a Dream
Julie Gastler
1,710 words (8Kb)
The real reason Lois was surprised by Clark asking her out in the episode "The Phoenix."

Uploaded on March 24, 2019

Christmas Wrapping
461 words (3Kb)
Lois basks in the glow of hosting her first Christmas party since marrying Clark.

Delusions of Grandeur
168,381 words (914Kb)
Set during the Season 1 episode "House of Luthor." Clark Kent has been committed for thinking he's Superman. Lex Luthor has tightened his hold on Metropolis. Lois Lane is missing. In order to stop his greatest enemy, Clark must face his own demons to save those he loves.

My Favorite Time of Year
745 words (4Kb)
This story takes place in the universe of "Ghost From the Past" and "My Own Worst Enemy." Lois and Clark share their first Christmas with their son, Jon.

Rules of Marriage
6,271 words (34Kb)
In the next installment of the "Rules" series, Lois and Clark's wedding day is finally here. Everything seems perfect, or does it? (9 of 10)

Uploaded on February 28, 2019

After the Fall
Deadly Chakram
3,427 words (19Kb)
When Lois needs a friend after her almost-wedding to Lex, Clark is right there to support her.

Back to You
723 words (4Kb)
After Lois recovers her memories in the episode "Oepidus Wrecks," she comes to an important decision that will forever change her and Clark's future.

City of (Fallen) Angels
NostalgiaKick and Endelda
33,576 words (189Kb)
While pursuing a lead on The Boss, the world's biggest Boy Scout meets the Devil, who's trying to become a better man. A Lois & Clark/Lucifer crossover. A multiauthored story by NostalgiaKick and Endelda.

Combined Powers
20,882 words (112Kb)
Clark is stuck in Zorro's time. He needs to find his Lois, but while Clark is there, Victoria disappears also. Clark needs to convince Zorro to work together in order to save the women they love more than life itself. Follow Clark (Superman) and Zorro on their adventure. A crossover between *New World Zorro* and *Lois & Clark*. There is no need to be familiar with Lois and Clark!

Dead by the Deadline
Deadly Chakram
1,291 words (7Kb)
For the first time, Clark misses a deadline at work.

Free Falling
C. Leuch
76,787 words (423Kb)
When something causes the Kent family's superpowers to disappear, they suddenly find themselves in sticky situations. They will need to rely on their ingenuity, and have a little help from their friends, to get themselves home safe and get things back to normal. But will they be able to do that before the criminal element realizes what happened?

Missed Deadlines and Forgotten Periods
Deadly Chakram
3,511 words (20Kb)
When Lois misses an important deadline, it drives Clark crazy trying to figure out what it was.

Testing a Theory
45,199 words (249Kb)
Cat Grant is back and she knows a secret...or does she? Taking place after the episode "Sex, Lies and Videotape" in Season 4, Cat Grant goes to hilarious and insane lengths to prove her theory just as Lois and Clark begin to work through the trauma of being under the limelight of the media after the Superman scandal. Can Lois and Clark stop her from discovering Clark's biggest secret? Or will the gossip columnist land the scoop of the lifetime?

We Are One
1,302 words (7Kb)
A little vignette of a father talking to his daughter about being normal and their powers. Based on a song from *Lion King II: Simba's Pride* titled "We are One." There is no need to know the song, but you can find it on YouTube if you are curious.

Who Are You?
Deadly Chakram
2,187 words (12Kb)
Lois ponders who Superman really is after his debut.

Uploaded on December 31, 2018

23,419 words (128Kb)
Set during Season Two's "Resurrection" episode: When Clark Kent discovers Dan Scardino and Lois in a compromising position at her apartment, an emotional confrontation unfolds. Lois and Clark are forced to make a critical decision that will shape both of their futures. Will they be able to see past their own insecurities in order to mend their fragile relationship?

1,818 words (10Kb)
The second piece of the "Shattered" trilogy. We explore what Lois Lane's thoughts were as she waited for Clark Kent to arrive at the movie theater on the heels of Dan Scardino hinting at his interest in her.

Hold On
1,696 words (9Kb)
The final part in the "Shattered" series. Lois and Clark both face up to their faults and have a long-awaited conversation. Set after the episode "Resurrection" in canon.

1,346 words (7Kb)
The first piece of the "Shattered" trilogy. After overhearing Dan Scardino's request for a date and Lois' answer, Clark is forced to make a decision that will forever affect his future with Lois.

Uploaded on November 22, 2018

Any Minute
2,392 words (13Kb)
Time moves differently when you're waiting to meet your daughter. Clark's POV. (Dedicated to my new baby nephew, the Mouselet.)

Fade Into You
4,353 words (24Kb)
Set during the episode "Contact" from Season 3. Lois Lane isn't as easily deterred from having a long-overdue conversation when she shows up on Clark's doorstep after a nightmare of her abduction. Can she make Clark see past his insecurities and move toward a future together?

Pocket Full of Kryptonite
4,933 words (26Kb)
Lois' death takes a toll on everyone who knew her--especially Jimmy Olsen. But just how far will Jimmy go to make Superman pay for Lois' demise? Future fic, Jimmy POV. WHAM warning.

Praying for a Sign
Deadly Chakram
2,212 words (12Kb)
On the day of her wedding, Lois is having second thoughts and asks for a sign to guide her.

Rules of the Game
34,590 words (190Kb)
In the next installment of the "Rules Series," Lois and Clark deal with a nosy Top Copy reporter who's determined to expose Superman's secret identity just as a secret witness is readied to testify against an Intergang assassin. (Part 7 of 10)

Rules of Engagement
27,382 words (151Kb)
In the next installment of the "Rules Series," Lois and Clark balance wedding plans with her mother and the reappearance of a DEA agent as mysterious gifts with threatening notes appear. An investigation into the murder of a doctor leads Lois, Clark and the DEA into a conspiracy theory with the military. (8 of 10)

Stepping Into the Light
Deadly Chakram
57,780 words (322Kb)
After leaving Gotham (and Nightwing) behind, Clark Kent finds himself in Metropolis, and facing his true destiny.

That Night in the Car
1,440 words (8Kb)
Lois makes a surprising discovery during a stakeout one night.

Waiting for a Lady -- Lois and Clark/Forever Crossover
14,820 words (85Kb)
This is a brief follow-up to "Garden of Memories." In that story Clark had mysteriously 'died' shortly before the couple was to celebrate their sixtieth wedding anniversary. What happens now? Lois is well into her eighties and Clark's appearance is that of a man in his prime. How does love -- even one as special as theirs -- breach such an impossible chasm?

Wonder Struck
2,353 words (13Kb)
When a new heroine comes to town, Clark finds himself at a loss for words. But just what does his wife have to say about it?

You Can't Take It With You
1,471 words (8Kb)
Lex Luthor -- billionaire, philanthropist, Superman's greatest nemesis -- dies of natural causes. Introspective.

Uploaded on August 31, 2018

All I Ask
29,517 words (160Kb)
In this "what if" story, Clark doesn't give up so easily after he declares his love for Lois in the park.

April Come He Will
18,118 words (105Kb)
During his world travels, Clark befriends a cinema student in Paris, France. Is their budding friendship strong enough to overcome their separate fears in the aftermath of an unfortunate encounter?

Cat's Corner
3,601 words (21Kb)
Catherine Grant returns to Metropolis after two years away and notices a striking change in Lois Lane.

Just Save Someone
5,727 words (32Kb)
What is a lone Time Lord to do when an asteroid the size of Metropolis heads for his favorite planet? Save someone, of course! A Doctor Who/Lois & Clark Crossover.

Splitting Hairs
Deadly Chakram
2,494 words (14Kb)
Clark rejoices over the fact that he wasn't recognized at his first rescue as Superman, and prepares to give Lois the very first Superman interview.

Star Struck
Deadly Chakram
7,241 words (41Kb)
A visit to the museum gives a young Clark Kent a lot to ponder.

Uploaded on July 31, 2018

In Too Deep
4,456 words (25Kb)
After the late night stakeout in the episode "Target Jimmy Olsen," Clark Kent does some soul-searching and has a long overdue conversation with a certain reporter. Is it too late to mend what's already been broken?

Like a Wrecking Ball
1,683 words (9Kb)
In the conclusion to "In Too Deep," Clark Kent finally summons up the courage to tell Lois Lane everything on their long-awaited date.

The Press Conference
1,172 words (6Kb)
Jon Kent reflects on how the world has changed after his father's revelation to the world. This story picks up after "Throne of Lies."

Walk Away
502 words (3Kb)
What do you do when the one you care about most wants someone else? A response to an introspective challenge.

Uploaded on June 24, 2018

Alive and Kickin'
775 words (4Kb)
This brief story tells of a very different beginning for Aykira Milan and Lex Luthor.

Stand Up and Be Counted
Terry Leatherwood
68,186 words (367Kb)
After Franklin Stern buys the Daily Planet, he has Perry fire Lois because she completely missed the story of Lex Luthor. But his real reason is to send Lois undercover with Clark to investigate Intergang.

The Throne of Lies
843 words (5Kb)
Eighty years of good deeds comes to an end when good intentions and an old myth cause everyone to question what Superman is hiding. This is in response to the "Liar's Bridge" challenge.

Uploaded on May 31, 2018

Angel of Death
Deadly Chakram
720 words (4Kb)
Love is blind to everything, and overlooks even the worst faults.

No One's Day
Deadly Chakram
6,140 words (33Kb)
For some, Mother's Day brings sorrow, not joy.

Rules of Guilt
32,868 words (182Kb)
In the next installment of the *"Rules"* series, Lois and Clark work with Mayson Drake to stop Jimmy from being framed for murder. After a close brush with death, Mayson's federal investigation into Resurrection, a drug being used to help break prisoners out of prison brings a DEA Agent, Dan Scardino to town...who seems smitten with Lois as she ponders over a certain question from Clark. (6 of 10)

Rules of Love
27,721 words (154Kb)
In the next installment of the "Rules Series," Clark prepares a special evening for him and Lois. Sheldon Bender, Nigel St. John, and Gretchen Kelly all reappear in Metropolis. Lois is confronted with a very alive Lex Luthor who's set his sights on reclaiming everything he once had...including her. (5 of 10)

Uploaded on April 30, 2018

Embracing the Darkness
Deadly Chakram
61,039 words (339Kb)
Sometimes, life forces us to take a lot of detours before we finally find the path we are meant to take.

Get It Right
404 words (2Kb)
It's Lois and Clark's wedding day and someone close to them has a lot of thoughts on the subject.

343 words (2Kb)
Clark plans a surprise date for Lois. A Valentine's Day fic. So I thought it'd be appropriate to have a date fic for Valentine's Day. This is pure fluff. No plot whatsoever. I hope everyone enjoys.

I Want You to Want Me
Deadly Chakram
2,792 words (15Kb)
When Lex Luthor sets his sights on something he wants, he doesn't let anything get in his way.

Moving the Body
Deadly Chakram
2,535 words (14Kb)
When a story falls into Lois' lap, she's powerless to resist going after it. But she may be in for more than she bargained for.

Second Chance
3,140 words (18Kb)
On their sixtieth anniversary, Lois and Clark are given an unexpected offer.

Uploaded on March 5, 2018

379 words (2Kb)
In response to a Fanfiction Challenge asking authors to write a story to go with the last song you heard. My song was "Hearbeat" by Carrie Underwood. A heartbeat can mean so many things to so many people. In particular, a certain reporter at the Daily Planet.

My Own Worst Enemy
136,484 words (751Kb)
In the conclusion to the author's "Ghost From the Past," Lois and Clark confront Sam Lane about his knowledge of Clark's identity. Intergang begins to move in and their latest weapon is none other than Johnny Corbin -- powered by Black Kryptonite! How will Clark be able to defeat an enemy that's hidden inside himself? (Part 2 of 2)

13,976 words (80Kb)
SHADO is faced with its greatest danger -- a madman who wants Superman dead, even if it means that Earth dies too. Part of the "Planes" series, and follows "The Smallville Connection."

Uploaded on January 22, 2018

The Body for It
19,021 words (106Kb)
The Daily Planet staff attend a very important fancy dress party with a superhero theme. Some people look good in spandex, some don't!

Rules of Battle
14,814 words (81Kb)
In this installment of "Rules Series," Lois and Clark deal with the headaches of family when Lucy Lane shows up back in Metropolis with her newest boyfriend, Johnny Corbin. After finding out about Corbin's criminal past, Lois does everything she can to pull her sister away from the petty thief, but he may be more dangerous than either she or Clark realize. (3 of 10)

Rules of Family
8,036 words (44Kb)
In this installment of the "Rules Series," Lois and Clark celebrate their first Christmas together as a couple. After stopping Winslow Schott from turning the city of Metropolis into a mob of greedy children, the couple share Christmas Eve with Lois' mother and Christmas morning in Smallville with the Kents. (4 of 10)

Uploaded on December 31, 2017

Guy Rule Number One
27,906 words (154Kb)
What if Lois Lane overheard a conversation about the "Guy Rule" and made one too many assumptions about Clark's relationship with Superman? Set during the episode "Operation Blackout" and after "Church of Metropolis."

Hitting Close to Home
Lynn S. M.
2,069 words (11Kb)
Lois is able to defend herself against the worst Metropolis can throw at her, but what can she do when her attacker is her own son?

Matchmakers Files -- An Unusual Proposal
94,019 words (504Kb)
What if Lois had grown up in Canada? What if she was in America on an expired Visa and INS wanted to deport her? Thanks to the machinations of Tempus, that is the situation Lois finds herself in. How can she avoid deportation? There are very few ways -- one is to marry an American citizen...

Rules of Trust
36,702 words (203Kb)
In the next installment of the "Rules Series," Lois and Clark have their date and more than just feelings are revealed. As they navigate through the next step in their relationship, criminals appear to have risen from the dead and are committing crimes across Metropolis. Can Lois and Clark stop them? (2 of 10)

Uploaded on November 12, 2017

213,214 words (1,179Kb)
In the aftermath of the episode "Fly Hard," Clark issues a warning to Lois about Lex as he finds himself at odds with her over his archenemy. Unable to see any other way to make her see the truth, he decides to tell her the truth in hopes that it'll keep her out of Lex's grasp. When Lois learns the truth both she and Clark are forced to juggle the ups and downs of their budding relationship while trying to find the connection between "The Boss" and every story they've covered over the past year.

When Churches Come Crashing Down
157,879 words (883Kb)
In the conclusion to the author's "Winner Takes All" Lois and Clark are left to deal with the aftermath of the Daily Planet explosion and everything they lost that day. As they deal with their grief, a new head of Intergang begins to make a play for power just as a new face appears in Metropolis.

Uploaded on October 29, 2017

500 Miles
Carrie Rene
697 words (4Kb)
A little story with no real storyline, just Clark getting caught.

2,795 words (16Kb)
Lois is aging, but Clark is not. All it takes is one comment to put the Man of Steel on the defensive. How can their family deal with the difficulties of Clark's paranoia?

Boring (AFS #40)
414 words (2Kb)
After overhearing Lois and Sarah's conversation about his and Lois's relationship, Clark begins to question everything. Part 40 in the author's "At First Sight" series.

Breaking Point (AFS #41)
409 words (2Kb)
Reeling from his exposure to Red Kryptonite and trying to cope his broken relationship with Lois, Clark comes to terms with his own limits of the mind and heart. Part 41 in the author's "At First Sight" series.

9,126 words (50Kb)
Every new year can play a part in shaping who you are. The triumphs and trials of the different New Year's moments for Lois and Clark.

The Fellowship of the Fanfic
Terry Leatherwood
2,598 words (17Kb)
Terry's muses are at it again, and this time they're working together on a very special tale. Humorous crossover with Lord of the Rings, starring most of the major L&C characters.

Futures (AFS #39)
393 words (2Kb)
With his relationship with Lois falling apart, Clark finds hope in a strange place.

Ghost From the Past
137,255 words (760Kb)
When the man she loves vanishes, Lois must mend the pieces of her broken heart on her own. Five years later she comes face to face with the man she thought had died, but has no recollection of the past. When secrets are revealed how will they forgive one another?

Nothing Is Impossible
54,895 words (304Kb)
Alt-Clark has not only given up on finding Lois, he no longer wants to find her. What will happen when he returns to his world following the events of "Lois and Clarks" to find that everything has changed?

Reactions (AFS #43)
376 words (2Kb)
After almost losing Lois Lane, Clark makes an important decision about their relationship.

Relative History
C. Leuch
64,343 words (351Kb)
A simple burglary sends Jonathan Kent back in time to 1997, where he has to balance his desire to help with his fear of messing up his future. It's up to the extended Kent family, and some friends from their superpowered social club, to bring him home, if they can.

Roller Coaster (AFS #42)
393 words (2Kb)
Set during the end of the episode "Whine Whine Whine," Clark Kent reflects on the turmoil of the emotional roller coaster that had become his life with Lois Lane, coming to a decision that would change both of their lives forever.

Slow News Day
2,416 words (13Kb)
After Lois' failed wedding and the death of Lex Luthor, summer in Metropolis has been slow and hot and lazy. Lois can't stand it, so she decides to do something about it. WAFF.

Whine No More
48,251 words (273Kb)
An episode rewrite in which we explore what would happen if Lois and Clark's date at the end of "Individual Responsibility" went a little *too well* and Clark thought he shared a secret but Lois was just as clueless the next morning? Episode Rewrite of Season Two's "Whine Whine Whine."

Winner Takes All
175,575 words (973Kb)
In this Elsewhere story, a different twist is taken in the Pilot. Clark isn't the only one with suspicions about the man of the year, Lex Luthor. Clark's newly formed friendship with Lois Lane goes through its ups and downs as they work together against the many criminals that cross their paths during the beginning of their partnership.

Uploaded on September 3, 2017

1,269 words (7Kb)
After the events of the New Kryptonian takeover, Clark struggles to come to terms with the fallout from Lord Nor's reign in Smallville.

Caught in the Act
Carrie Rene
427 words (2Kb)
A little story with no real storyline, just Lois getting caught doing something fun.

Clearing the Air
1,697 words (9Kb)
After the events of the episode "Fly Hard," Lois Lane has a few words for a certain partner of hers in private. (Part of the "Muddying the Waters" series)

Fresh Eyes
496 words (3Kb)
Lois Lane finds herself looking at her partner and best friend through a different set of eyes after a revelation and a failed wedding.

Last Name (Extended Version)
Thomas Mc
27,006 words (148Kb)
A sequel to the author's story "Birthday Surprise." Martha Ellen Kent wakes up in a strange room in the arms of a strange man and three missing days unaccounted for.

3,527 words (20Kb)
After being forced from his home during the heatwave in Metropolis, Clark Kent finds himself questioning whether to put the red cape back on and serve as Metropolis' hero once again.

Remembering to Fly
3,006 words (16Kb)
An amnesiac Clark Kent is found by Lois Lane during Nightfall. With the Kents unable to make it to Metropolis, it's up to Lois Lane to help him remember who he is. (Set during Season 1)

The Ring
1,054 words (6Kb)
Clark finds himself drawn to a certain item of jewelry over the course of his relationship with Lois Lane.

Sleeping With the Boss
14,878 words (80Kb)
What if Clark Kent had been a little more supportive and Lois a little more trusting during the episode "Stop the Presses"? Would things have ended the same or would they have stopped the Press brothers sooner?

State's Evidence
Terry Leatherwood
72,824 words (388Kb)
Clark and Lois do not meet until Lex Luthor -- Lois' husband of five years -- has been indicted for his various and sundry crimes, and his wife Lois has agreed to testify against him in open court. But it will require Detective Clark Kent's determination and grit, along with his special abilities, to get her to the witness stand alive. An alternative beginning to our favorite couple's relationship.

The Very Bad No Good Day
430 words (2Kb)
Lois is having a very bad day. Can Clark help her?

Virtually Revealed: Jimmy's Story
3,869 words (21Kb)
In the Season 3 episode "Virtually Destroyed," Jimmy sees Clark without his glasses and Superman together. After escaping X, Jimmy is flustered and accidentally calls Superman "CK," to which Superman responds.

Uploaded on July 25, 2017

Mission of Friendship
3,252 words (18Kb)
Lois not following up on Clark's comment at the end of the episode "The Ides of Metropolis" by Deborah Joy LeVine seemed out of character. What if she decided she needed to know his secret now? This story starts after "Ides" and occurs a couple of weeks after the author's "Mission on Fifth Street."

Star Child
3,589 words (19Kb)
This is the first in a series of weird elsewhere fics where the author plays loose and fast with... well... everything. Sam and Ellen Lane are pretty much the last people that would take in a foundling child. But, one night, they do. Sam and Ellen are bound together by a lie that is so much, much bigger than they know.

Uploaded on June 19, 2017

Crossing Time
1,565 words (9Kb)
Lois, Clark, and their baby are missing...

It Can't Be Unseen
Deadly Chakram
918 words (5Kb)
Sometimes, a hero can see more than he wishes to. And sometimes, it can be more than he can bear.

A Town Called Smallville
4,689 words (27Kb as text)
What if Smallville, KS was like Eureka, OR -- one of the small 'special' towns founded for scientific research?

Uploaded on June 8, 2017

The Assignment
Deadly Chakram
3,598 words (20Kb)
An angel's work is never done. And this new assignment will be the hardest one of Mike's career.

Barbarians at the Planet Matchmaker Style
31,651 words (171Kb)
This is the 12th in the series. Clark and Lois have both gone undercover to get the goods on Luthor. Clark is pretending to be dead while Lois is pretending to fall for Luthor's charms. In the meantime, Henderson has Nigel and is getting information from him.

Collateral Damage
51,454 words (286Kb)
In the conclusion to the "What the Hey" series, Lois and Clark go head to head with a mysterious new enemy as an unknown superhero makes her way to Metropolis. Is everything as it seems or is there more to the story? (Part 3 of 3)

Dying to Fit In
Deadly Chakram
2,731 words (15Kb)
When the aging process hits, you do what you must to keep it at bay.

Fallout -- 2016 -- Matchmaker Chronicles Vol 1 CG3
Story Size: 50,692 words (266Kb)
This is the NextGen story that follows up on the events of Thanksgiving and Christmas 2015 and reveals the outcome of the interactions with Bud.

The House of Luthor -- Matchmaker Style
38,716 words (206Kb)
This is the 13th in the Matchmaker Style series and wraps up the set. Clark is pretending to be dead and Lois is pretending to go along with Luthor so that they can get the goods on him.

Through My Eyes (Jack Olsen)
Deadly Chakram
3,061 words (16Kb)
No one sees you quite like your family does. Jimmy Olsen reflects on his father, super-spy Jack Olsen.

Through My Eyes (Jor-El)
Deadly Chakram
2,753 words (15Kb)
No one sees you quite like your family does. Clark Kent knows little of his biological father, but he treasures what he does know.

Through My Eyes (Perry White)
Deadly Chakram
2,266 words (12Kb)
No one sees you quite like your family does. Jerry White considers his relationship with his famous father.

Through My Eyes (Samuel Lane)
Deadly Chakram
1,808 words (10Kb)
No one sees you quite like your family does. Lois Lane reflects on her father as he speaks during a press conference.

Through My Eyes (Superman)
Deadly Chakram
2,652 words (14Kb)
No one sees you quite like your family does. A look at Superman's life through the eyes of his daughter.

Uploaded on April 22, 2017

428 words (2Kb)
Tiny TOGOM variant.

Heat Vision
278 words (2Kb)
The value of experience.

Revealing Time
4,882 words (28Kb)
This story is a sequel to the author's "Blooming Time."

Rules of Engagement
467 words (3Kb)
An Antiplot or Untwist.

Silent Night
Deadly Chakram
3,933 words (22Kb)
Sometimes, silence can be deafening. Sometimes, peace can be heartbreaking. And sometimes, the quiet, though precious, can be less welcome than the chaos.

3,546 words (20Kb)
This is set during the first season six months after Clark arrived in Metropolis, which considering the clothes Clark wore might have been late winter or early spring. Now it is summer, during a quiet evening spent with Martha and Jonathan on the farm; no villains, deadlines or sadly Lois. Clark wants to have a serious conversation with his parents. He has an important decision to make.

Uploaded on March 5, 2017

Blooming Time
5,570 words (31Kb)
Another take on the infamous declarations of love from the episode “Barbarians at the Planet.” What if Lois had been more upset by Clark’s avowal of love than she was?

In His Arms
252 words (1Kb)
Lois and Clark reflect on what it feels like to have Lois in his arms. And in the process, they each think they’ve discovered the secret of Superman. A very short story without an A plot in 200 words.

Uploaded on February 27, 2017

Don’t Be Cruel
32,187 words (179Kb)
What if Clark went to Kansas after Lois rejected him in the episode “Barbarians at the Planet” and before Superman went to her apartment? An AU for the Season One finale.

Proposed Ignorance
Deadly Chakram
37,070 words (205Kb)
When Lois decides that Clark is the one for her, she doesn’t leave anything up to chance. But she may know less than she thinks she does.

A Super Meeting
Deadly Chakram
2,843 words (16Kb)
Why did Superman fly across the road? To get to the other Superman, of course!

Uploaded on January 28, 2017

Deadly Chakram
4,434 words (25Kb)
An incident during Clark's youth makes a lasting impression.

The Naming of Cats
Lynn S. M.
1,062 words (6Kb)
Why is it so important to Clark that he name Lois's new cat? An expansion and continuation of the Lois & Clark episode "Lucky Leon."

A Plot Thwarted
1,911 words (11Kb)
Jefferson Cole can't stop talking.

Uploaded on December 28, 2016

Our Happy Ending
Pam Jernigan
3,583 words (19Kb)
Lois has officially disappeared, and Clark is officially homeless... but Lyn and Joe have finally found a way to be together. They face the acid test: will any of her former colleagues see through Lyn's disguise?

Uploaded on December 18, 2016

Foundling -- Matchmaker Style
27,728 words (146Kb)
This is the eighth story in the Matchmaker Style series. Clark finally learns about his origins, but in the process Lex Luthor almost learns too much. In the process of looking for the missing orb, Clark finds and recovers some missing or unknown works of art.

Superman vs. The Evil Dead
Deadly Chakram
7,333 words (41Kb)
An ancient Kandarian curse threatens to destroy Metropolis, forcing the Man of Steel to seek help from the most unlikely of heroes. But will even their combined forces be enough to stop the army of the dead?

Uploaded on November 30, 2016

Susan Young
2,210 words (12Kb)
Cat has a final conversation before leaving Metropolis.

Changing Perspectives
476 words (3Kb)
A brief look at the evolution of Lois's relationship with Clark, as told from Lois' POV.

The End of an Era
Terry Leatherwood
3,349 words (18Kb)
Lex Luthor has been sentenced to be executed for his many and various crimes. What might his last thoughts be?

Ides of Metropolis: Matchmaker Style
34,692 words (186Kb)
Seventh in the Matchmaker Style series. Lois is convinced that Eugene Laderman is innocent of the murder of which he was just convicted. While trying to prove his innocence, Lois and Clark have to save the fledgling internet.

Mission on Fifth Street
4,413 words (24Kb as text
What happened when Clark showed up at the Fifth Street Mission in the episode "All Shook Up"? Who really recognized him at the Mission? Does his secret remain safe when he doesn't remember he has a secret to keep?

Muddying the Waters
886 words (5Kb)
Perry White will never know just how close he was to the scoop of the century.

A Musical Revelation
1,373 words (8Kb)
Just how does a dream and an off-key tune add up to Clark Kent being Superman?

The Rival -- Matchmaker Style
23,125 words (124Kb)
This is the ninth story in the Matchmaker Style series. Lois finds herself having to work with her old college roommate and best friend, Linda King. She doesn't have to worry about Clark because they tell Linda about their marriage; however, Linda thinks that Superman is fair game.

Vatman -- Matchmaker Style
27,915 words (149Kb)
This is the tenth story in the Matchmaker Style series. Luthor clones Superman, but Lois can easily tell the difference between her husband and the imposter.

A Week in Paris
35,473 words (196Kb)
Seven months after the events in the episode "The Phoenix," Clark is living a nomadic existence in Europe as a foreign correspondent. But when the world's art treasures start disappearing, Clark must deal with the circumstances that drove him from Metropolis.

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