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Uploaded on April 22, 2017

428 words (2Kb)
Tiny TOGOM variant.

Heat Vision
278 words (2Kb)
The value of experience.

Revealing Time
4,882 words (28Kb)
This story is a sequel to the author's "Blooming Time."

Rules of Engagement
467 words (3Kb)
An Antiplot or Untwist.

Silent Night
Deadly Chakram
3,933 words (22Kb)
Sometimes, silence can be deafening. Sometimes, peace can be heartbreaking. And sometimes, the quiet, though precious, can be less welcome than the chaos.

3,546 words (20Kb)
This is set during the first season six months after Clark arrived in Metropolis, which considering the clothes Clark wore might have been late winter or early spring. Now it is summer, during a quiet evening spent with Martha and Jonathan on the farm; no villains, deadlines or sadly Lois. Clark wants to have a serious conversation with his parents. He has an important decision to make.

Uploaded on March 5, 2017

Blooming Time
5,570 words (31Kb)
Another take on the infamous declarations of love from the episode “Barbarians at the Planet.” What if Lois had been more upset by Clark’s avowal of love than she was?

In His Arms
252 words (1Kb)
Lois and Clark reflect on what it feels like to have Lois in his arms. And in the process, they each think they’ve discovered the secret of Superman. A very short story without an A plot in 200 words.

Uploaded on February 27, 2017

Don’t Be Cruel
32,187 words (179Kb)
What if Clark went to Kansas after Lois rejected him in the episode “Barbarians at the Planet” and before Superman went to her apartment? An AU for the Season One finale.

Proposed Ignorance
Deadly Chakram
37,070 words (205Kb)
When Lois decides that Clark is the one for her, she doesn’t leave anything up to chance. But she may know less than she thinks she does.

A Super Meeting
Deadly Chakram
2,843 words (16Kb)
Why did Superman fly across the road? To get to the other Superman, of course!

Uploaded on January 28, 2017

Deadly Chakram
4,434 words (25Kb)
An incident during Clark's youth makes a lasting impression.

The Naming of Cats
Lynn S. M.
1,062 words (6Kb)
Why is it so important to Clark that he name Lois's new cat? An expansion and continuation of the Lois & Clark episode "Lucky Leon."

A Plot Thwarted
1,911 words (11Kb)
Jefferson Cole can't stop talking.

Uploaded on December 28, 2016

Our Happy Ending
Pam Jernigan
3,583 words (19Kb)
Lois has officially disappeared, and Clark is officially homeless... but Lyn and Joe have finally found a way to be together. They face the acid test: will any of her former colleagues see through Lyn's disguise?

Uploaded on December 18, 2016

Foundling -- Matchmaker Style
27,728 words (146Kb)
This is the eighth story in the Matchmaker Style series. Clark finally learns about his origins, but in the process Lex Luthor almost learns too much. In the process of looking for the missing orb, Clark finds and recovers some missing or unknown works of art.

Superman vs. The Evil Dead
Deadly Chakram
7,333 words (41Kb)
An ancient Kandarian curse threatens to destroy Metropolis, forcing the Man of Steel to seek help from the most unlikely of heroes. But will even their combined forces be enough to stop the army of the dead?

Uploaded on November 30, 2016

Susan Young
2,210 words (12Kb)
Cat has a final conversation before leaving Metropolis.

Changing Perspectives
476 words (3Kb)
A brief look at the evolution of Lois's relationship with Clark, as told from Lois' POV.

The End of an Era
Terry Leatherwood
3,349 words (18Kb)
Lex Luthor has been sentenced to be executed for his many and various crimes. What might his last thoughts be?

Ides of Metropolis: Matchmaker Style
34,692 words (186Kb)
Seventh in the Matchmaker Style series. Lois is convinced that Eugene Laderman is innocent of the murder of which he was just convicted. While trying to prove his innocence, Lois and Clark have to save the fledgling internet.

Mission on Fifth Street
4,413 words (24Kb as text
What happened when Clark showed up at the Fifth Street Mission in the episode "All Shook Up"? Who really recognized him at the Mission? Does his secret remain safe when he doesn't remember he has a secret to keep?

Muddying the Waters
886 words (5Kb)
Perry White will never know just how close he was to the scoop of the century.

A Musical Revelation
1,373 words (8Kb)
Just how does a dream and an off-key tune add up to Clark Kent being Superman?

The Rival -- Matchmaker Style
23,125 words (124Kb)
This is the ninth story in the Matchmaker Style series. Lois finds herself having to work with her old college roommate and best friend, Linda King. She doesn't have to worry about Clark because they tell Linda about their marriage; however, Linda thinks that Superman is fair game.

Vatman -- Matchmaker Style
27,915 words (149Kb)
This is the tenth story in the Matchmaker Style series. Luthor clones Superman, but Lois can easily tell the difference between her husband and the imposter.

A Week in Paris
35,473 words (196Kb)
Seven months after the events in the episode "The Phoenix," Clark is living a nomadic existence in Europe as a foreign correspondent. But when the world's art treasures start disappearing, Clark must deal with the circumstances that drove him from Metropolis.

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