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Packing Up Home
A story about the Kent farm told from four different points of view.

Tara Smith
What's so cute about those furry little Pagimon heroes, anyway? Lois finds her answer after a brief and unusual encounter with the little guys.

A Pain in the Side
Jennifer L. Adkins
Crooks burglarizing STAR Labs manage to steal kryptonite and severely injure Clark with some kind of energy weapon. For him to survive, surgeons need to operate -- and in order for them to be able to do that, Lois must track down yet more kryptonite.

Paint Fight
Lois and Clark's plan to paint the bedroom turns into something frisky.

Julie Jordan
A short vignette set after the episode "Strange Visitor." Lois doesn't like Cat Grant paying Clark so much attention.

The Panhandler's Tale
Lynn S. M.
Whatever became of that homeless fellow to whom Clark gave five dollars in the pilot? This story is a response to "The Canterbury Tales Challenge" on

Paradise Lost
Genevieve Clemens and Peabody
When Clark's parents are faced with the possibility of losing the family farm, Superman is challenged to effect a very different kind of a rescue. Lois and Clark journey back to Smallville and, in their efforts to help the Kents, find themselves embroiled in a twenty-year-old mystery. (Episode # 19 of The Unaired Fifth Season)

Paradise Lost... Almost
Tank Wilson
Lois and Clark go to Hawaii to cover a World Peace conference, but Lois's dream vacation takes a life-altering turn during a sightseeing tour.

13,976 words (80Kb)
SHADO is faced with its greatest danger -- a madman who wants Superman dead, even if it means that Earth dies too. Part of the "Planes" series, and follows "The Smallville Connection."

Matt Combes
Rudy Jones is a janitor at S.T.A.R. Labs until he becomes caught in a freak accident and learns he can suck the personality and power out of anyone he touches. (Episode # 8 of The Unaired Fifth Season ).

The Parent Trap
Jose Antonio Chamorro
In this Alt-world story, Lois and Clark's lives are shattered by the consequences of a previous meeting in their teens.

The Parrot in Spandex
Dias, Erica and Alicia U
When Lois and Superman are dating, not all of their dates go super. The good/evil challenge was born. Enjoy!

Nan Smith
This well written rewrite of the second half of the episode "Top Copy" develops a more plausible medical scenario as well as looking more closely at how the threat to Superman's life affected the relationship between Lois and Clark.

Partners, Friends, And...
Nicole Wolke
In this sequel to the author's fanfic "The Other Lois," Clark discovers that there's more to his Lois than a damsel in distress.

Partnership, Friendship & Love...
A poem dedicated to the story of Lois and Clark's relationship...

Pas de Deux
Following the fanfic "Menage a Trois," Lois and Clark go out for a tentative date of dinner and dancing, unaware they are being watched.

The Passing of a Legend
Deadly Chakram
Clark must say goodbye to his friend, his surrogate father and boss, Perry White.

Passing the Test
Tracy Reager
Zara and Ching come to Earth in search of Kal El but, as they carry out their misssion, they find that their personal relationship begins to change.

Passing the Torch
Nicole Sullivan
In this early Season 2 story, Lois and Clark are challenged by the remnants of Bureau 39, an old love, and a blind date.

Past and Present Danger
Craig Byrne and Allison Word
In this sequel to "The Odd Couple," we see the future Tempus created. In this world, Lois and Clark were never partners, Lex Luthor still runs Metropolis, Superman is hated by all, and everyone seems to want to eliminate Lois. (Episode # 12 of The Unaired Fifth Season)

Past Resolutions
Michele Savage
Lori Lemaris, an old flame from Clark's past -- who he thought had died -- turns up in Metropolis.

Patching Things Up
Chris Fawcett
Does Lana really know Clark is Superman? Can a mysterious man actually make an army of Supermen? Read this follow-up to the fanfic "Kissing Booth" to find how Lois and Clark fight the bad guys.

Path to the Congo
Sarah Luddy
Glimpses of the young lives of Lois, Clark, and Lex Luthor show the path that leads them to their inevitable meeting -- in the Congo.

You don't tug on Superman's cape, but he's the nicer of the two superheroes on the planet. Don't even think about messing with Lois Lane!

Peace on Earth
Mary Lovee Varni
When Superman is invited to address the international Summit of Peace, will he feel up to the job?

The Pen Is Mightier Than the Heart
After nearly marrying Lex Luthor and alienating her best friend, Lois feels lost and unsure of her own abilities. Attempting to sort out the answers as well as her own heart, Lois throws herself into finishing her novel. Deciding to model her male lead after Clark blurs the line between fiction and reality. Meanwhile a new and deadly drug has appeared in Metropolis -- one that has devastating effects on Superman. Lois must learn to trust herself again in order to help stop this new menace. Can fiction help her to realize the truth?

Pencil It In
2,626 words (15Kb)
Clark gets Lois a gift, but the gift has some unexpected consequences.

The Penfriend
Richards, Wendy
Since high school, Lois has been corresponding with a pen-pal. Is his identity really a mystery to her, though? This wonderful story adds some personal insights into Season 1, but with a much better ending!

The Penfriend: The History
Richards, Wendy
In this companion story to the author's earlier "The Penfriend," we get to see some of Tornado and Scribe's early correspondence with each other.

The People v. Clark Kent
ML Thompson
A day that should have been a dream come true for Lois and Clark turns into a nightmare, forcing Lois and Clark to make some tough decisions. This time will love mean holding on or letting go?

On the night Clark wins his first Kerth, Lois comes to a realization.

The Perfect Costume
Lois needs a date for a costume party. A date that would be able to survive the matchmaking attempts of Ellen Lane. Someone with a skin of steel. Only he couldn't go there as himself, right? But Lois has the perfect costume for him.

The Perfect Gift
As a newly married couple with a mortgage and countless unforeseen expenses, Lois and Clark have put themselves on a tight budget. But the holidays are coming, and each wants to buy the other a *perfect* Christmas present ...

Perfect Illusions
When Jimmy gets involved with new friends over the Internet, the prospect of meeting them excites him. However, things don't go entirely as he planned...

The Perfect Match?
Richards, Wendy
When a new Metropolis dating agency boasts a 75% success rate, Perry decides to send Lois and Clark to pose as potential clients -- but without either of them knowing that their conniving editor has them both on the case. Will they become part of the agency's success rate?

A Perfect Valentine's Day: The Dream Comes True
Raquel Guimaraes
As Valentine's Day approaches, Lois and Clark are faced with the stresses of a slow news cycle and their growing feelings for each other.

A Perfect World
Kendra Prince
Lois seeks solace in Smallville after Clark's departure. And in the "Fortress of Solitude," she finds that Clark's globe gives her a window across the galaxy -- all the way to New Krypton. A story that takes place after the episode "Big Girls Don't Fly."

Perfectly Not Normal
Lois and Clark's eldest daughter, Kaylie, discovers that growing up isn't all that easy. Especially when you have siblings and another one on the way. And even more so, when you find out you're the daughter of Superman.

Peril at Sea
Fauna Rose
The happily married Lois still manages to find trouble wherever she goes. Her life is at risk when she discovers some crooked business dealings on Hobbs Bay.

The Perils of Clark Kent
An IRC Round Robin
A mysterious assassin is in Metropolis, but who is the target? One hint -- it's not Lois for once!

A Permanent Solution
What would happen if Superman's blindness were permanent?

Persephone's Return
Paul-Gabriel Wiener
Jason Mazik wants Lois dead, or he'll kill Clark's parents. Not to worry, though -- Lois has a Plan. So, what is it? Will she survive? What will Clark tell her? And just what goes on in that mind of hers, anyway?

The Persistence of Memory
Some surprising news sends Lois and Clark on a roller coaster of an adventure.

Personal Loyalties
C. Leuch
In this fourth installment of the C. Leuch's new generation series, Metropolis' superheroes are faced with a deadly threat against their family and betrayal as loyalties are tested to the limit.

The Pet Bet
Erin Klingler
In this response to the "Guess the Writer" challenge, Lois attempts to prove she can become domestic by caring for an electronic pet.

Phero-Moan My Lovely
Mary Potts
What if Lois hadn't snapped out of the effects of the pheromone spray when she did?

Nan Smith
What if the 2% dose of pheromone didn't affect Clark, but the 100% did? Things might have turned out a little differently than they did in the show.

Pheromone, More Likely
Nan Smith
In this rewrite of the episode "Pheromone, My Lovely," Miranda's spray reveals more than Lois's secret attraction to Clark. Can Lois and Clark discover the real reasons behind what happened in the newsroom?

Pheromone, My Love
Sara Kraft
6,937 words (39Kb)
Clark may not have been affected by Miranda's spray, but that doesn't stop him from letting his emotions get the best of him.

Pheromone, My Lovely -- Matchmaker Style
This is the second story in the Matchmaker Style series. The first was GGGoH -- Matchmaker Style. In this sequel to GGGoH -- Matchmaker Style we explore how "Pheromone My Lovely" could be changed by Lois and Clark already being married.

Phone Call
Jennifer Baker
Clark calls home to explain to his parents why he's late arriving in Smallville for Christmas Eve. A vignette following the episode "Season's Greedings."

Phone Call
Clark hears from his parents that there's someone looking for him at the farm -- someone whose presence could change his life forever. The second in a collection of vignettes based on the same premise as the author's "Unexpected Visitor."

Phone Tag
Pam Jernigan
Poor Jason Mazik. He's all set to blackmail Clark Kent about being Superman... but what on earth is Clark doing that keeps him too busy to take phone calls? Another look at the events in Jude Williams' "It's a Thing He Does at Parties."

Phonecalls From the Edge
Even when Lois and Clark take the day off, their answering machine doesn't. Today was no different, as the married reporters have an interesting set of messages waiting for them when they arrive back home.

Photo Shoot
Carol M.
What would happen if Perry sent his star reporters on a photo shoot with a couple of ambitious photographers?

Photographs and Memories
IRC Round Robin
Lois and Clark reminisce about the past and speculate about their future as they clean out the spare room that will become the nursery.

Picnic Confessions
Mary Potts
An evil, evil story in which confessions are made. Exercise caution.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words
A picture gives Lois a revelation.

Picture Perfect Wedding...What?!?
Laura S
When Martha calls Clark and demands he return home to retrieve an old photo album, both Lois and Clark's curiosities are running high. When they find themselves reliving a wedding that took places twenty-two years before the disastrous clone arc, the pieces fall smack into place.

Pie Isn't All That Easy
Lois and Clark investigate the murder of one of Jimmy's motorcycle buddies. But why does the corpse change positions? And why is a restaurateur from a Metropolis pie shop hanging around the morgue along with a private eye and a mysterious woman? A "Lois and Clark" and "Pushing Daisies" crossover fic.

Pillow Doubletalk
Dave Songer
It's Lois and Clark's wedding night, and Clark has to disappear again! What kind of cheesy excuse can he give Lois this time? :-)

Pillow Revelation
Lois just found out something huge and she's desperate to talk to Clark to tell him exactly how she feels.

Pink or Blue?
Michelle Puthoff
Disney meets Lois and Clark in this little tale.

A Pint of Guinness
Shayne Terry
Lois is in the Guinness Book of World Records, and whoever put her there is going to pay.

A Pirate Affair
Historical alternate universe. When her father, Commodore Lane of the British Navy in the Caribbean, is kidnapped, Lois sets off to rescue him, finding her way onto the Pirate Ship Kandor and falling for the First Mate: Kal.

Pizza, Movie and a Globe
Jose Antonio and Saskia
After dumping Lex, Lois decides to spend the night watching a movie and eating pizza with Clark. What will this night together bring?

Plane Storm
When Superman and Lois are thrown into a world where Clark Kent is editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet and married for ten years to his Lois Lane, things get more than a little strange for both sets of Lois and Clark.

Leatherwood, Terry
Jimmy goes to work one morning, but it's anything but a normal day. A L&C/Airplane!/Doctor Who/Sports Illustrated crossover.

Planet Broadway
Pillsbury, Barb
When the Planet puts on a charity Broadway Talent Show, will true feelings be revealed?

Planet Carnival
All work and no play makes for grouchy reporters. Everyone can use a day off once in a while!

A Planet Valentine Story
Nancy Merckle
Lois and Clark discover the meaning of Valentine's Day after Perry assigns them to a holiday piece.

Platanthera Lactarius
The Cybercerpent
It's been a bizarre week in Metropolis, full of blackmail, intrigue and lots of plant life. As Jimmy battles with a deadly infection, Lois and Clark battle with their consciences.

Sue S.
This occurs after the episode "Contact" in a universe where "When Irish Eyes Are Killing" and "Just Say Noah" never happened. There were so many issues for Lois and Clark to work through after the "break-up" that just got swept under the rug.

Play Some Mountain Music
Leatherwood, Terry
When Clark goes undercover at the Metro Club, he meets a beautiful brunette musician who intrigues him beyond the parameters of his investigation. But when he finds out that she's not quite who she claims to be, he decides to investigate Lois Lane in greater depth. An alternate beginning to the greatest love story in fiction.

Play With Me
Laura Davies
A damp and muddy morning with Lois, Clark and the Kents' farm pigsty.

Playing by Heart
This fourth and final story in the "Playing" series is full of love and holiday cheer as Lois and Clark visit Smallville for Christmas.

Playing for Keeps
The third story in the Playing series finds Lois and Clark back in Metropolis dealing with a shocking revelation, office gossip and Lois' fears. But Clark is determined to work through all their issues: this time they're not just playing, they're playing for keeps.

Playing Pretend
Sara Kraft
997 words (6Kb)
Clark witnesses a sweet moment between Lois and their daughter.

Playing the Part
When Lois suddenly needs a pretend boyfriend, there's only one man she can think of who's perfect for the part.

Playing to Win
Lois and Clark discover they must continue the charade they began in the fanfic "Playing the Part," when they run into Paul at a conference in Washington, DC. But is it really a game anymore?

Playing to Win
Deadly Chakram
3,673 words (20Kb)
Being cooped up in the Lexor while on an undercover assignment leads to some friendly competition and a kiss. But was that kiss real, or was it a ruse? They've been playing this game almost since the moment they met. And now Lois is playing to win the game.

The Plea
Allison K Forbes
Tired of taking a back seat to Dan Scardino, Clark decides to tell Lois once and for all how he feels about her.

Plenty To Be Thankful For
IRC Round Robin
Lois and Clark host Thanksgiving Dinner at their house.

A Plot Thwarted
1,911 words (11Kb)
Jefferson Cole can't stop talking.

PML Oh Boy...!
Tank Wilson and Wendy Richards
In the episode "Pheromone, My Lovely," Clark was not affected by the pheromone compound. But what if he had been?

Pocket Lint
Richards, Wendy
Clark Kent is pocket lint. Want to know why? Well, let Lois tell you all about it...

Pocket Full of Kryptonite
4,933 words (26Kb)
Lois' death takes a toll on everyone who knew her--especially Jimmy Olsen. But just how far will Jimmy go to make Superman pay for Lois' demise? Future fic, Jimmy POV. WHAM warning.

Mendoza, Maria TB
This collection of poems looks at Lois and Clark's lives from several different perspectives.

Shayne Terry
Who is Lois's secret admirer?

Point of No Return
Too tired with Clark taking one step forward and two steps backwards where their relationship is concerned, Lois decides to take action and confront him immediately, and force him to acknowledge the dawning romance between them. But as with every decision, putting it into practice turns out to be a lot more intimidating than she'd planned.

Point System
Carol M
When Lois and Clark considered adoption as a possible alternative, they had to undergo an evaluation from the county office. Lois has some choice things to say about County Worker Bailey's completed evaluation.

Wendy Richards
The day after unknowingly drinking a Kryptonite-laced glass of wine, a feverish Clark staggers into the Daily Planet. A disgruntled Lois takes him back to his apartment and ends up taking care of him...

Poisoned Legacy
Jenni Debbage
When a couple of villains from Lois and Clark's past arrive in Metropolis, it spells disaster for two of the Kent children. Can their family and friends save Joel and Clara? The seventh story in the author's "Kent Family" series.

POOF! The Magic Baby
Paul-Gabriel Wiener

A VERY brief (less than 1 Kb) gagfic about the mysterious baby from "The Family Hour."

Popular Demand
This author gives the episode "Seconds" an alternate humorous ending in which Lois and Clark both have amnesia.

The Portrait
Jude Williams
Lois Lane has been murdered, and Perry White has hired a new reporter, Clark Kent, to write the story of her life and death. Who killed her, and has Clark found the woman of his dreams too late? There is a Spoiler.

A Pound of Flesh
Clark's Superman duties weigh silently on Lois -- more than even he realizes.

Pour la Vie ...
It's the last straw for Clark when Lois again professes that she'd love Superman "even if he was an ordinary guy" ... but have his resulting actions caused an irreparable rift between the duo?

Scott E. Johnston
Jack is back, and Lex Luthor has been paroled. Lex's quest for power -- and revenge upon Superman -- leads him to Jack, whom he suspects of having secret knowledge of Superman.

Power Dreaming
Mrs. Luthor
Clark is transported to a parallel universe in which the baby who rocketed from Krypton grew up to be ... Lex Luthor.

Power of 2
Erin Karper
Lois gives up on Clark and has a talk with Superman.

The Power of Love
Naomi Taub
Clark's thoughts are never far from Lois as he travels to New Krypton and battles Lord Nor. A continuation of the episode "Big Girls Don't Fly."

The Power of Shazam
Craig Byrne
A concept based on the comic book graphic novel "The Power of Shazam," by Jerry Ordway, but which asks the question, "What if the orphan who became Captain Marvel also happened to be Jack's brother?"

Power to Forgive
Sharon L. Gilbert
When Clark returns to Earth after being on New Krypton for a year, how will he adjust to being back? How can he cope with the demons that haunt him? This excellent story explores themes of violence, but never forgets that Lois and Clark have a love which makes them stronger together than when alone.

Practically Married
Lois and Clark are practically married but don't realise it.

Prank You Very Much
When Lois drags Clark in on her April Fools Day plans, Clark may finally have bitten off more than he can chew. What will happen when the jokes go too far? Set late season two.

Pranks at the Planet
Marnie Rowe
On a deserted night at the Planet, Lois decides to play a game with Clark. Does she have a hidden motive? Does it have the desired effect?

Pranks to the Prankster
Kyle Griffin gets a taste of how the other half lives....

The Prankster's Revenge
Tank Wilson
The Prankster is in prison, probably for a long, long time. And that ought to be the end of it, right? ... Right? But it isn't...

Prayers Answered
Deadly Chakram
One baby boy in a spaceship, years of tear-filled prayers answered.

Praying for a Sign
Deadly Chakram
2,212 words (12Kb)
On the day of her wedding, Lois is having second thoughts and asks for a sign to guide her.

Pre-Emptive Strike
Clark comes home to find Lois plucking her eyebrows...but he soon realizes there's more going on than this ordinary activity.

Prelude to a Date
Mendoza, Maria TB
A poem based on Lois's first date with Superman.

Prelude to a Kiss
Jennifer Ayotte
In this pre-revelation story, Lois's subconscious is struggling to understand her relationship with Superman and Clark. She feels an uncanny confusion, but before the answer comes within reach, a nemesis from Lois's past enters the picture.

Prelude To A Kiss: Part 2
Jennifer Ayotte
In an unexpected return, a nemesis from Lois' past is holding her against her will. Meanwhile, Clark has scoured the earth but still can't find Lois. Will our favourite couple ever be reunited? Find out in this sequel to the fanfic "Prelude to a Kiss."

Prelude to an Answer
Pam Jernigan
A continuation of the episode "And the Answer Is..." Lois does arrive at an answer after giving Clark's proposal much thought -- and paying a visit to Dr. Friskin, her therapist.

Prelude To An Auction
Lois set out the bait for the green-eyed monster when she joined the auction in the episode "When Irish Eyes are Killing." Clark took the bite in hopes of getting her out of the auction list, or did he just set himself up further into the trap?

Phil Atcliffe
Lane, Kent and the police are getting ever closer, but will someone else destroy the head of LexCorp before the case can be put together? Series finale, part 2 of 3. Episode 13 of S6.

No one could ever call Lois Lane a shopaholic. And when she has to find the perfect gift for Clark, her boyfriend... no, not her boyfriend, not just a friend... In this story Lois has to find the perfect gift, and though it's not easy, it's still fun and sweet.

President Kent
Pam Jernigan
All rise for the President of the United States ... President Kent. A whimsical (and highly improbable) look into Lois and Clark's future. This is the story that started the series.

Presidential Party
Pam Jernigan
A month after the Presidential inauguration, the Kent family members struggle to adjust to their new roles. And Clark finds himself under scrutiny by a Secret Service agent who's also a Superman fan. A continuation of the fanfic "All the President's Men."

The Press Conference
Female Hawk
What if Samantha hadn't dropped her camera and ruined the film in the episode "Sex, Lies and Videotape"?

The Press Conference
1,172 words (6Kb)
Jon Kent reflects on how the world has changed after his father's revelation to the world. This story picks up after "Throne of Lies."

Pretty, Pretty Clark
Laura S.
On a routine trip to Smallville, Lois and Clark have some adventures in babysitting and find out some rather remarkable things about their own feelings toward one another. Ficathon fic.

The Price
Liz O
In the aftermath of September 11, Clark's two personas collide -- what will be the price?

Nan Smith
As Lois figures out the important things in her life, a bomber threatens lives throughout the city. (A continuation of the author's Dagger series.)

The Prisoner
Kaethel and Wendy Richards
A few hours before her wedding to Lex, Lois is trying to ease some of the tension preceding the big event by wandering around the corridors of her future home. But what she finds in a forgotten cellar might compromise her decision to marry her fiance...

Clark Kent is accused of killing Lois Lane! Is that what really happened? Or are they the victims of another one of Lex Luthor's schemes?

Private Grief
Pam Jernigan
A fresh look at Clark's "death" in the episode "That Old Gang of Mine," from a different perspective, and with a twist.

Sarah Gevlin
Lois and Clark talk about US!

The Prodigal Son
Cindy, with Kathy Brown
Clark receives a mysterious package from "Jack". But which Jack sent it? When two Jacks from Lois and Clark's past show up, who's to tell? Episode 7 of S5.

Prodigy's Round Robin - Te Adoro Lois
Round Robin
Clark anticipates a dinner date with Lois that turns out to be a real date. A multiauthored tale written by Renee Charles, Jennifer Secrest, Jennilyn Lazo, Julia Sen, Poison Ivy, Cassie Zistl and Stacie Taylor.

Professional Loyalties
C. Leuch
When she finally meets her son CJ's girlfriend, Lois takes an instant liking to Jenny, most likely because she has Lois's nose for journalism -- and trouble. The two women soon find themselves in over their heads in a local university scandal, and with his dad and brother tending to superhero duties out of the country, it's up to CJ to save his mom and girlfriend. The third story in the author's "Dawn of Discovery" series.

Professional Rivals
When Lois is held hostage and Clark tries to rescue her, the experience triggers many memories for both of them as they look back on their first year together as co-workers at the Daily Planet. But after this terrifying experience will they be able to move forward as they face the next crisis?

Sammi Burleigh
Luthor's plans don't turn out entirely as he expected in this rewrite of the episode "I Now Pronounce You."

Pronounce Away!: An Episode Plot Un-Twist for "I Now Pronounce You ...
Kathy Brown
Lois and Clark have just entered the church when the deacon indicates Lois needs to come with him to sign the wedding license. An episode "plot un-twist" challenge response for "I Now Pronounce You ..."

Sue S.
Lois learns a little something about the Man of Steel. And maybe he learns something about her, too. This occurs within or shortly after the episode "Witness" from the first season.

Proof and Consequences
Sue S.
What's in a name? Lois learns more about the Man of Steel in this Sequel to the author's "Proof." This is set during the first season shortly after the episode "Foundling."

Proof or Dare
Sue S.
Clark continues to flirt with disaster. Third in a series. This probably won't make much sense if you haven't read "Proof" and "Proof and Consequences." This is set sometime between the episodes "Fly Hard" and "Barbarians at the Planet" in the first season.

Proposal Pondering
Kelly K. Lobdell
Lois weighs her alternatives and even makes a special list before coming up with an answer for Clark in this continuation of the episode "And the Answer Is ..."

Proposed Ignorance
Deadly Chakram
37,070 words (205Kb)
When Lois decides that Clark is the one for her, she doesn’t leave anything up to chance. But she may know less than she thinks she does.

Pros and Cons
In pondering the good and bad of Clark Kent, Lois can find lots of cons, but only one pro. But, sometimes, it's the one that makes all the difference....

Proven with a Kiss
I guess I'm just not attracted to you, Lois, states Clark Kent during one scene in the episode "Pheromone, My Lovely." Not surprisingly, Lois Lane takes this statement as a challenge and, in this WAFFy vignette, decides to prove to Clark just how wrong he is.

Carolyn B. Schnall
A mysterious stranger, with her own secret to hide, visits the Daily Planet with surprising news for Clark ... and Superman.

Psychic: Part II
Carolyn B. Schnall
In a follow-up to the author's earlier story, "Psychic," this time Lois and Clark are needed to assist Judith when things turn a little dangerous, as it seems some Kryptonite is still unaccounted for ...

Psychic: Part III
Carolyn B. Schnall
Lois spends a quiet evening with Judy, the psychic whom she and Clark have befriended and who knows Clark's secret. Of course, an evening with Lois Lane can never truly be uneventful.

Psychic: Part IV
Carolyn B. Schnall
Lois and Clark find out how advantageous it can be to have a good friend with psychic powers in this fourth installment of the author's "Psychic" series. This story contains a violence warning.

The Psychic's Tale
Annie B.
Mystique, the psychic from the episode "All Shook Up," tells her story. This story is in response to Virginia R.'s "The Canterbury Tales of Metropolis" challenge.

The Pub
Bob Bartholomew
A young Clark Kent is struggling to get by in a world that never recovered from Nightfall. With no Lois Lane, no Daily Planet and Metropolis in ruins, will he find the inspiration to step up and make a difference?

Puddle Adventures
Lois and Clark have some fluffy fun after it rains.

Puppy-Dog Eyes
Richards, Wendy
After another disastrous date, Lois turns to Clark for support. Will she admit her true feelings and doubts about a relationship with him?

A Purebred Superhero
Paul-Gabriel Wiener
Martha and Jonathan Kent never expected to find a space pod in a field -- and they certainly didn't expect what popped out of it. An amusing takeoff on the Superman legend.

Betrayal and revenge set the stage for an experience our favorite couple will never forget. Will Lois and Clark be able to live through hell on earth and bring those responsible for their misery to justice?

Lois and Clark are about to face an enormous challenge that could have dire consequences on their future life together.

The Purloined Paintings
Lynn S. M.
A month ago, Lois disappeared while chasing a lead on stolen artwork. What happened to her defies belief.

20,799 words (113Kb)
Not all kryptonite is bad, but they all certainly have their side effects.

Purple Chaos
Emily M. Hanson
Someone is unleashing purple gas that is turning people into mutants. Can Superman and Spider-man stop them? Also features an appearance by Rogue from "The X-Men."

Purple For ...?
Clark's got a secret admirer this Valentine's Day who really wants his attention ... wonder who it could be?

Purple Haze
Shawn V.
Clark and Lana get jobs at the Daily Planet and are teamed up with Lois and Claude! Lana and Claude look into a suspicious murder while Lois and Clark try to track down the inside scoop on a new mind-altering drug being developed by STAR Labs. This is an alt-beginnings story full of action and surprises.

The Pursuit of Pleasure
Beth Summerson
Lex Luthor spends a quiet evening at home with his favorite comforts. Well, he tries to.

Pushing Buttons
Sara Kraft
Lois and Clark, trapped in an elevator late at night... Lois is angry... What else could possibly go wrong? Or, perhaps, right?

Puzzle Pieces
Amy Rupp
A Superman costume and a clue involving Double Fudge Crunch Bars lead Lois to discover a new side of Clark.

Pyrometric Critique
Laura Davies
Someone is burning down art galleries and stealing the artworks. But when Lois and an old friend investigate, they find he has nefarious plans for them, too.