Love's Embrace

By Amy Sams (

Summary: A poem of Lois and Clark's reunion after he returns from New Krypton.

This Poem is based on the Lois and Clark episode where Clark is on planet Krypton and returns to Lois. I hope you enjoy this dramatic and romantic scene in rhyme. All of the Characters are form ABC network and December 3rd Productions.


Teary eyed gaze, Lois stares at the stars
Left behind, all alone, far from Mars
The sky twinkles, with glitter shining light
A love is separated, but holds on so tight

Hugging her knees, she glances up with a gaze
I'm missin you! I'm missin you! How many days.
How could she ever let him get away
She never got to say, the things she needed to say.

Without Clark Kent, her life's in a pause
This torture, this pain, love is the cause
Will she ever see, his wonderful face again
She has to wait, their can't be any other men

Tears falling down, she was losing control
I can't cry, digging deep within her soul
Life's not worth living without you here with me
She wiped a tear, red and blue did she see?

Across the sky, he called out her name
He was closer and closer, Lois did the same
Tremblin' all over, to exited to speak
Just as handsome as ever, she was no longer weak

Unspoken words, he kisses her so gently
Strong soft hand wipes her tears away
Hugging tight, their love was again embraced
Still no words spoken, they stood there face to face

"I'm back for ever, I'll never leave you anymore"
"I'll love you forever, it's you I'll always adore"
"Is this a dream, am I standing here with you?"
"I'll love you forever, and I hope you already knew"