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J is for Jet Set
Pam Jernigan
Sparks fly as Lois and Clark begin their new relationship, but a nice quiet trip to Smallville turns out to pose quite unexpected challenges. The third story (following "I is for Illusions") in the author's "Alphabet Series."

Jamaica Moonlight
Annemijn van de Kraats
Lois learns some pertinent information regarding her partner while on an undercover assignment in Jamaica.

Clark's request for a picture of Lois gives her a hint of his feelings for her. A pre-relationship, "first season" story.

The Jeep
Tara Smith
Lois finds herself in sudden need of a new Jeep, but how will she decide on a color?

Jeep-Ers Creepers
David Miller
What starts as a stakeout in the city ends on a back road, far away from Metropolis, with a confession from Clark.

Jerome's Wedding
Lynn S. M.
Lois and Clark are married and have two sons, Jerome and Todd, the latter of whom is severely affected by autism. This story recounts Jerome's wedding as seen through Todd's eyes. This is the fourth story in the author's next-gen series. The first three stories, in chronological plot order, are "The Diagnosis," "The Not-So-Great-Escape," and "Echolalia."

The Jet
Cathy McCaskill
Superman encounters an opponent he cannot defeat.

Jigsaw 1: Everything Fits
Heather K. Ward
Working late one night, Perry begins to piece together a puzzle.

Jimmy Figures It Out
While Lois is away on a story, Jimmy and Clark get together to watch a football game -- and then Jimmy starts pumping Clark for information on his hero, Superman.

Jimmy Learns a Secret
Lois gets drunk dialed.

Jimmy Olsen Blues
Jon B. Knutson
Lois talks Clark into helping her set up Jimmy with another Planet employee.

Jimmy X
Bob Dickerson
While Jimmy is talking to his pal Clark Kent, lightning strikes his phone. Not only does Jimmy survive the experience, he gets all charged up about it. In fact, you could say he's walking on air.

Set in Season 4. Lois and Clark play games.

A Job Well Done
In this fluffy vignette, Lois tries to restore Clark's emotional balance after a difficult night for Superman. But love and support work both ways it seems.

Jogging Wanda's Memory: A Plot Un-Twist
Paul-Gabriel Wiener
In this response to Hazel's Plot Un-twist Challenge, Clark goes clubbing, hits on the woman of his dreams, and manages to pick her up

Join 'Em
Kari Urberg
A continuation of Zoomway's fanfic "If You Can't Beat 'Em," in which Lois, already in a seemingly perfect relationship with Superman, finds herself dangerously attracted to her partner, Clark.

John and Lois and Clark and Joan
Blaise Pascal
An alternate beginnings story that uses both heavenly and earthly intervention to get our two favorite reporters together.

The Joke
Sheryl Olson
A short humor piece in which Lois jumps to an interesting conclusion after catching Clark wearing nothing but a towel.

Jolly St. Clark
This story is the missing Christmas episode from Season 1.

Jon's Surprise (Part 2 of 4)
In this continuation of the fanfic "Lois' Surprise," Jon searches for an explanation for his apparent uniqueness. Most of the answers he comes up are either too terrible or impossible. However, there is one person who may hold the solution... Superman.

Journey's End
Lori McElhaney
An injured Clark returns from New Krypton to find that Lois has also suffered some changes.

The Journey of New Krypton
Lois and Clark ponder their separation during Clark's visit to and return from New Krypton.

Joyeux Noel
Joy Sowell
When Lois' Christmas plans fall through, Clark invites Lois to spend Christmas with him and his parents in Smallville. A sweet, WAFFy Christmas tale.

Juliet and Romeo
Katie Green
A mix of Romeo and Juliet, Lois & Clark's pilot, and the episode "The Rival."

The July 4th Costume Party
Lynn S. M.
Someone shows up oddly dressed at The Daily Planet's costume party. Just what is the costume supposed to be?

Jungle Love
Chrys (Chaabreh) Apruzese
In this Alt-Universe tale, Alt Clark travels to the Congo to locate Alt Lois Lane, lost for nearly a decade as a refugee from the civil unrest in that war-ridden country. Now that there is a chance that they might finally be together, can they escape the dangers that conspire to keep Lois from ever returning to the United States alive?

Junkyard Wars Crossover
Richard Frantz Jr.
A humorous vignette about Lois, Jimmy and Superman as contestants on the TV show Junkyard Wars.

Jupiter and Mars
Kidnappings in Metropolis are on the rise. And when Jimmy goes missing, Perry gets worried and sends Lois and Clark to find him. In the process, they find out something about each other. A story set near the beginning of the second season.

Jury Duty
IRC Round Robin
Lois tries to fulfill her civic duty ... but it may be more of a trial for Lois than those she is set to judge.

Just a Boy
Young Lois Lane has a chance encounter in a costume store in Kansas City.

Just a Crazy Dream
Mary Potts
Clark has a nightmare and there's a clear disruption in the Force. But at least he and Lois aren't related in this short-but-cutie.

Just a Heartbeat Away
Erin Klingler
Set during the episode "Whine, Whine, Whine," Lois knows she and Clark are at a crossroads in their relationship, and that she needs to make up her mind between him and Dan. But with Clark's behavior so distressing, the decision is a difficult one.

Just a Little Experiment
Richards, Wendy
Lois wants Clark to do her a tiny favour...

Just a Little Help From...
A Christmas ornament prompts a discovery from Lois's past.

Just a Little Note
Virginia R.
Lois discovers a note possibly written by Superman. While hunting down confirmation, she re-evaluates her feelings for Clark.

Just a Little Too Far
Virginia R.
Clark visits Lois in jail after returning from New Krypton. The story is set after Season 3, replaces the beginning of Season 4. (Titled on the Boards as "Just a Little too Far -- Fantasy Ending". The beginning of this story is the same as "Just a Little Too Much".)

Just a Little Too Much
Virginia R.
Clark visits Lois in jail after returning from New Krypton. The story is set after Season 3, replaces the beginning of Season 4. (Titled on the Boards as "Just a Little Too Far -- Grim Reality Ending." The beginning of this story is the same as "Just a Little Too Far.")

Just a Man
Deadly Chakram
After being almost too late to save Lois, Clark goes to talk to her while she recovers in the hospital. But Lois has a trick or two up her sleeve, which may just save Clark from making the biggest mistake of his life. Sequel to "Nobody's Hero."

Just a Normal (Super) Kid
Vincent Pai
After young Jonathan Kent is forced to use his embryonic powers to thwart a high school shooting, the Kents must deal with a world of altered perceptions. Jonathan is forced to deal with unrealistic expectations, adversity, and perhaps worst of all, embarrassment from the public nature of his parents' relationship. Meanwhile, Lois and Clark must find a way to deal with the media and prevent people from treating them differently now that everyone knows that Clark is Superman.

Just a Number
Sam Jackson
It's a showdown! Clark's been "gardening," and wants a kiss, but Lois breaks out the cleaner. Will she clean his clock, will he steal second base--again--or will they calla draw due to interference?

Just a Peek
A chance look offers Lois a peek into Clark's secrets in a vignette from the episode "The Rival."

Just a Ruse
1,745 words (10Kb)
Set after "Over My Head," Lois and Clark find themselves faced with their feelings for one another in a stakeout at the Lexor Hotel undercover as husband and wife.

Just a Touch
1,526 words (8Kb)
What would have happened if Clark had told Lois about Superman before he froze her in the episode "And the Answer Is..."?

Just an Ordinary Day
Lynn S. M.
After the failed attempt on Spencer Spencer's Island, Clark tries again to have an un-super day.

Just Another Day...
Mary Potts a.k.a. Queen of the Capes
It's an ordinary day for Clark Kent. He and his wife are on their way to go interview Superman and ... wait. What?

Just Another Day at Work
Natalie Fox
A dull day at work is brightened by a small encounter in this vignette.

Just Another Day in the Life of Lois and Clark
Lee Thiher
A mysterious woman is out to topple Intergang and a charity function. To take on these equally mammoth projects requires skill, smarts and a little bit of Super-help. But, it's a piece of cake if the key players are the Daily Planet's own Lane & Kent.

Just Another Fortune Cookie
Susan Schwartz
Picking up after the episode "That Old Gang of Mine," Clark presses Lois to continue with what she was talking about when he so conveniently fell asleep in her car.

Just Another Manic Sunday
IRC Round Robin
Lois and Clark's business trip to colorful New Orleans takes a dangerous detour into the realm of the supernatural when Baron Sunday returns with a new plan.

Just Another New Year's Eve
Lois with the flu and the boy in blue as midnight, December 31, approaches.

Just Another Revelation Story
Tank Wilson and Wendy Richards
They're dating, he thinks they're in love, so Clark decides it's finally the perfect time to tell Lois the truth about himself. Unfortunately, this is Lois he's dealing with, and events take a turn he could never have imagined....

Just Another Undercover Assignment
Richards, Wendy
Lois's mother thinks her daughters need a helping hand to find suitable boyfriends. Where can Lois find someone willing to help her evade Ellen Lane's scheming?

Just Good Friends
Richards, Wendy
Clark needs a date for a Smallville wedding, so who better to ask than his very good friend, Lois Lane? And then the games begin.

Just Her
He couldn't have done anything but take her hand and return her smile and love her in tune with the skipping beat of his heart.

Just Him
Sequel to "Just Her." It'd been about him. The man whose last gentle smile had been for her. WHAM warning.

Just Hold Me
What if Clark had run into Lois on his walk over to Lois' in the episode "Ultrawoman"? He never would have run into Lucille and Nell ... Lois and he may have been able to talk about their relationship a little sooner.

Just Like Claude
Can Lois Lane ever learn to trust the Planet's newest reporter, Clark Kent? A story about learning to trust again even after you've been badly hurt.

Just Like That ... ?
Pam Jernigan
What determines a person's identity? Their body ... or their soul? When Lex and Asabi succeed in their plan to put Lex and "Wanda" in new bodies (from the episode "Seconds"), Lois finds out, firsthand. Now all that remains is to convince Clark. (part 1 of 2; the sequel is "Being Lois Lane")

Just One Day Away...
Michael Haney
Different back story, same old Lois and Clark romantic entanglements. This Elseworld tale pays homage to the original story of Superman while putting Clark in the center of a mystery that teams him up with a very distracting fellow reporter. The story starts in Smallville, but moves on into Metropolis where Superman must face Intergang, a rogues' gallery of villains, traumatic memories from the past and, most frightening of all, feelings for Lois Lane, who not only wants the story on Intergang, but also to know more about the mystery that is Clark Kent.

Just One More Word
DJ Robin
The events in the episode "And the Answer Is ..." summarized in rhyme.

Just Push REW
In this response to Hazel's plot untwist challenge, Clark is determined to get Lois back... And if talking doesn't work, then maybe it's time he turns back time.

Just Save Someone
5,727 words (32Kb)
What is a lone Time Lord to do when an asteroid the size of Metropolis heads for his favorite planet? Save someone, of course! A Doctor Who/Lois & Clark Crossover.

Just Say... ???
Jimmy gets a surprise call from Lois.

Just Say ... I Love You
Nan Smith
What would have happened if Lois hadn't thought of getting Star to help read that page they found at Larry Smiley's institute in the episode "Just Say Noah"? Find out in this short and steamy story.

Just Say... Yes
Julie Stars
With unfinished business between them, Clark makes a move to reconcile with Lois during their night at the Smiley Institute Camp Ground.

Just Say My Name, Clark
Deadly Chakram
When Lois shows up at Clark's door with an ultimatum, Clark decides that it is time to reveal his secret to her. Companion piece to "Just Say My Name, Lois." Name challenge story.

Just Say My Name, Lois
Deadly Chakram
After ditching Lois four times in one afternoon, it's time for Clark to tell her his secret. Companion piece to "Just Say My Name, Clark." Name challenge story.

A 'Just So' Bedtime Story
Lynn S. M.
While Clark is off being Superman, Lois tells their children a bedtime story.

Just the Way You Are
5,576 words (30Kb)
As a young boy, Clark has some adjustments to make that he's not particularly happy with.

Just Watchin' TV
Mary Potts
Four kids...One remote...things may get just a tad ugly.

Just Where Is...? or You Wouldn't Believe Me If I Told You
Triple L
Lois and Clark are out on a story, and Clark disappears again. That starts the chain reaction to this story, Just where is ... Clark!

Just You Wait, Lexy Luthor!
This filk, written as entertainment for the 2004 Kerths, celebrates some of the diverse and inventive ways in which fanfic authors have managed to kill Lex Luthor.

Justified Delusion
In this episode extension of "All Shook Up," Clark remembers just why it is he loves Lois so much.