Lois and Clark: A Fairy Tale

By Paul-Gabriel Wiener <pgwfolc@netscape.net>

Rated: G

Submitted: February 2002

Summary: A season one story of Lois, Clark, and Lex, told as a fairy tale. A response to Meredith's Lois and Clark Fairy Tale story challenge on Zoom's messageboards.


"Daddy, tell me a bedtime story."

"A bedtime story, huh? How about a fairy tale?"


"Okay, well…

"Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess. She was the most beautiful and wonderful princess in all the land, but an evil spell had been cast on her. The spell made her afraid of love. So, she had built a tower and locked herself inside.

"One day, a handsome prince came along, but this prince had a spell on him, too. He could either be invisible or he could fly. When he was invisible, he could be his real self, but, of course, the princess couldn't see him. When he flew, everyone could see him, but he wasn't a real person.

"The prince fell instantly in love with the princess, but the spell on him confused her. She couldn't let the invisible prince in because she couldn't see him. She wanted to let the flying prince into the tower, but he couldn't come in because he wasn't real.

"Then, an evil wizard came along. He fell in love with the princess, too. So, disguising himself as a prince, he knocked on the tower door. The princess fell for the disguise and went to let the evil wizard into the tower.

"The good prince, though, saw through the disguise. He tried to tell her not to open the door, but he was invisible, so she ignored him. He tried to fly in and stop the wizard, but he wasn't real, so it didn't work. Finally, he turned invisible again and tackled the wizard. The wizard got free, but the princess had seen through the spell. She closed up the tower door again, banishing the wizard.

"When the wizard was gone, the princess realized that he had been knocked over by someone. The invisible prince! She called out to him, and her call broke the spell that made him invisible.

"The prince could now be seen and be real at the same time. The princess fell in love with him, and her love made the tower disappear.

"Together, they built a castle. Since they had built it with love instead of to hold out love, it was a good and strong castle. So, even though many evil wizards and witches tried to attack them, they were always safe together in their castle. Many things happened after that, but eventually they got married and lived happily ever after. The End."

"Daddy, I'm confused."

"I know, son. Just go to sleep for now, okay?"