Lois & Clark Share the News

By Sarah Wood (102116.3615@compuserve.com) (Sarah4LC@aol.com)

Summary: The morning after Lois accepts Clark's proposal in the park, the glowing couple gives the news to friends and family. A sequel to the fanfic "Lois Says…"

[Author's Note: This story was written before the new season began, and it's pretty much a continuation of "Lois Says…" because in my little L&C universe Lois said yes in the park. I know TPTB are doing their own thing, but hey, that's what fanfic is for, right? My thanks to Laura Peterson, Donna Brown, and Pam Jernigan for proof reading.]

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"She said yes! She said yes! I can't believe it, she's going to marry me!"

Clark Kent could hardly contain his joy and excitement and relief. He was walking home after taking Lois back to her apartment. They had shared a long and increasingly passionate kiss good night, one he had been loathe to break off. He had slowly pulled away from her, their lips clinging together, Lois leaning towards him to prolong the kiss. A bit breathless, her eyes hazy, she had gazed up at him silently. She had given Superman that adoring look many times, but for Clark it was still a new experience. He had dazzled her as himself, she loved him for who he was, not the fancy stunts he was capable of doing.

The rain was still coming down gently, but Clark was oblivious to it. He felt like shouting to the entire city, "Lois Lane loves me!" He broke into a run, needing to release his emotions in some way. He ran faster and faster, enjoying the cool breeze on his face and the pattering of rain. He had never before felt so alive.

Suddenly aware that he was running at super speeds, Clark slowed back to a walk. At this late hour he didn't think anyone had seen him, but he should have been more careful. There was now an even greater reason to guard his secret identity. If Clark was revealed as Superman it would affect Lois's life too, and bring her unwanted attention as well as danger.

Clark wanted very much to call his parents and tell them all about his evening, but he knew that they'd be fast asleep by now. They would, as always, be up early in the morning doing farm chores, so he decided to give them a call before going to work. Perhaps he could take Lois there for dinner tomorrow so they could announce their engagement together. He hoped his mom and dad would be very happy to hear the news. They had been relieved when he finally decided to tell Lois his secret, for they both liked and admired Lois and knew how much their son loved her. He just hoped they wouldn't think he was jumping the gun by getting engaged. After all, his relationship with Lois hadn't been a romantic one for very long.

Arriving home, he changed out of his wet clothes and climbed into bed, but sleep eluded him. He replayed in his mind his proposal in the park, Lois's shining eyes, the embrace they had shared when she said yes, the way her hand had felt in his as they walked back to her place. And, of course, that kiss. He smiled up at the ceiling, remembering the softness of her lips, the sweetness of her mouth, the feel of her tongue entwining with his. They had shared a few kisses before, but none had been as heated as that one. It had been an agony to draw away from her, but he knew it had been necessary for his sanity. She made his head spin and his self-control slip away when she pressed herself against him.

With a sigh, Clark looked at the clock. It was obvious that he wasn't going to be able to get much sleep tonight.


"Hi Mom," Clark said cheerfully into the phone.

"Hi honey. You sound very happy this morning."

"Lois knows," he explained.

He could hear her calling to his dad, "Jonathan, pick up the phone, Lois knows!" in an excited voice, and in a few moments there was a slight click.

"Your mother says you told Lois. How'd it go, son?"

"It went great, Dad, just great," Clark said with a happy sigh. "Actually, I didn't have to tell her, she'd already figured it out."

"Was she angry?" his mom wanted to know.

"Well, she might have been when she first realized it, but she understands why I couldn't tell her sooner, and she knows I wanted to tell her and kept getting interrupted. I think she still feels a bit embarrassed, though."

"She'll get over it, I'm sure," Martha said soothingly.

"She might just need a little time to get used to it," his dad added.

"Can we come over for dinner tonight?"

"Tonight? Well, sure, honey. This must be rather strange for Lois, it might help her to be able to talk to us about it. Why don't you fly over at about six?"

"Great. We'll see you then!" Clark said good-bye to his parents and put the phone down. He was sure he must be glowing, and he couldn't stop smiling. He was engaged to Lois Lane!


Lois Lane floated out of the elevator and over to her desk. At least, it felt like she was floating. She smiled and said good morning to everyone she passed, leaving startled expressions and gaping mouths in her wake. She slipped into her seat, rested her cheek in one hand, and sighed with a dreamy smile.

Jimmy Olsen, camera in hand as usual, stared at her in open astonishment. Perry White passed by shuffling papers in his hands, but stopped abruptly when he saw his photographer standing around idly.

"Don't you have any work to do, son?" he asked, his soft drawl nowhere in evidence as he went into his "editor mode", his roar not yet at full volume but effective nonetheless.

The young man jumped slightly. "Uh, yes Chief, of course I do, that is, I was just about to…"

"Then shake a leg!"

"Uh, sure thing, Chief," Jimmy responded quickly, and darted off before that roar could grow loud enough to attract any more attention from his co-workers. Perry White stood there a moment longer, wondering why Jimmy so often hung around slacking off, and then he saw Lois.

There was no coffee mug beside her, her computer wasn't turned on yet, her blouse was buttoned unevenly, and she was sitting there with a dreamy look.

"Lane!" he hollered. "My office, now!"

She didn't stir. Everyone was now looking on in avid interest, wondering what had put this look on Lois's face and what the Chief was going to do about it.

"Lois Lane!" He began walking over to her, prepared to shake her if necessary. Was the girl in a trance or something? But hearing her name again brought her back to reality. Lois shook her head slightly, and looked up at her boss with a sweet smile.

"Good morning, Perry, isn't it a beautiful day?"

He glanced out the window to reassure himself that he wasn't the one going insane. "Uh, Lois honey," he said gently, "it's overcast and drizzling."

She sighed. "I know, just like last night." She gazed down at her left hand with a blissful smile.

A huge beaming smile lit Perry's gruff features and softened his sharp eyes when he saw the ring. "Well, congratulations, Lois," he said warmly, giving her a hug.

"Thanks, Perry," she responded after hugging him back. She held her hand out and looked at her engagement ring again. "Isn't it wonderful?"

Whether she was referring to the ring itself or the news of her engagement, Perry wasn't sure, but he agreed that it was wonderful. That glazed look came over her again, and it was his turn to sigh. She wasn't likely to get any work accomplished just now.

Just then the elevator doors opened to admit Clark Kent. There was a bounce to his step, a brightness to his features, and while it wasn't as much of a departure from the norm as Lois's arrival had been, it nonetheless drew attention. All eyes followed him as he approached Lois's desk.

"Hi Chief, great day, isn't it," Clark said cheerfully. He looked down at Lois and his face softened. In a gentle voice he said, "Good morning, Lois. Sleep well?"

"Not a wink," she smiled, suddenly feeling a bit shy.

Perry White caught Clark's hand in his and gave him a hearty handshake. "Congratulations, Clark, it's great news, you kids were meant to be together. Lane and Kent, what a team! Just wait until I tell Alice!" He left them alone together, and roared at the rest of the ogling staff members to get back to work.

"I love you," Clark whispered, giving her a quick kiss, peripherally aware of the surreptitious glances they were getting.

"I love you too," Lois said, still marveling that they were exchanging these words.

"Want to fly to Smallville this evening and have dinner with my parents?"

"Oh, of course, you have to tell them the news!" Lois realized.

"We have to tell them," he corrected her with a grin. "I want my bride-to-be at my side, always."

Melting at the love in his eyes, Lois leaned towards him and kissed him softly. Then, smiling like a Cheshire, she asked, "How am I ever going to get any work done? I can't seem to think straight this morning."

"Or button straight," Clark observed with a teasing smile, gesturing to the front of her blouse. Lois looked down and then started giggling.

"What else did I get wrong?" she asked as her fingers nimbly rectified the problem. "Is my hair alright? Do my shoes match?"

"You look perfect," Clark told her honestly. "So what are we working on today?"

With a sigh, Lois turned her thoughts to their work. She turned her computer on and brought up the file she'd been working on last. "I think we need to interview a few more people before we're ready to write this one up."

"So let's go, then," he said cheerfully, holding out his hand. Lane and Kent, true partners in every sense of the word, set to work together.


Taking a lunch break at a cafe, Lois and Clark poured over their notes and discussed the remaining work to be done back at the Daily Planet, piecing the information together into a coherent article. Munching on her sandwich, Lois scribbled away. Clark watched her, unaware of the goofy smile on his face.

Glancing up to ask her partner for some input, Lois suddenly broke into a wide grin. "You're smiling at me," she told him.

"Am I?" he asked lazily, reaching out to stroke her hand tenderly. "I guess it's because I love you, and I can't get over the amazement I feel that you said yes last night."

"It's all a bit sudden, isn't it," she said thoughtfully. "We've only gone on a few dates, and now we're engaged."

"Ah, but we've been friends for a long time, and what about all those movies we watched at my place? Those were like dates."

"Like platonic dates," she agreed. "This… this is different." Her eyes and her voice softened as she gazed into his warm, loving brown eyes, her notes forgotten.

"You don't know how I've longed for this," Clark confessed. "I wanted so much to have a normal life, but I was always afraid that I couldn't. I was afraid you would love Superman and never really see me."

Aware of other people seated nearby, Lois thought carefully before answering. "I was dazzled by Superman, he was an honest-to- goodness Hero, like something from a novel. Flying in his arms was the most romantic thing I'd ever experienced." She flashed him a twinkling smile. "I can't wait to do it again!"

Clark looked a bit uncomfortable. "If anyone saw, the rumors would start flying."

Lois looked disappointed. "I guess you're right. We'll have to be very discreet, won't we." She looked into his eyes as a realization dawned on her. "I'm beginning to see how hard it's been for you. You've had to be so careful, all the time, not to slip up."

"It hasn't been easy," he agreed, "but at least now I have you to share it with." She blushed under his direct stare. "That means a lot to me," he said softly.

"It means a lot to me, that you trust me with this," she told him candidly. "I won't let you down."

His gaze softened with tenderness. "I know you won't, honey."

A little thrill sparkled within her at the endearment. "You know, it's you I love, Clark. I realized that earlier." Suddenly she remembered something. "I told Superman there was someone else!"

Clark made a sheepish expression. "I think he thought you meant Dan Scardino."

"Oh please," Lois said, dismissing that idea. "I only went out with Dan because you kept dashing off for no good reason, except that there was a good reason, I just didn't know it then! All I knew was that, whenever we seemed to draw closer, whenever I was about to tell you something important, you ran off with some silly excuse. I wanted to make you jealous, I wanted to make you see that I wasn't going to just sit there and take that sort of thing. I didn't want to be with Dan, I wanted to be with you."

"Well, I thought you were falling for him, he was always showing up and bringing you presents."

"Clark Kent, I have never loved anyone the way I love you," Lois said seriously, leaning forward across the table. "Not even Superman. Yes, I was impressed by him, I had a crush on him, I was infatuated!" she said, waving a hand in the air. She focused on her partner's face again. "You mean the world to me, Clark. You put up with me in all my moods, you've been there for me, more times than I knew! You've seen me at my worst, and you're still here."

"Don't sound so surprised," Clark said with a smile, touched by her words, astounded by her openness and honesty with him. "You're a very special woman, Lois, and if other men can't appreciate your zest and independence, well, their loss is my gain."

The waiter interrupted the tender moment by clearing the table, and the partners concentrated on their notes again before heading back to their desks to write it up.


Jimmy approached Lois's desk slowly, cautiously. He was hoping that her most unusual cheeriness of that morning was still in force, but with her eyes glued on her screen it was hard for him to be sure.

She noticed him lurking nearby and looked up expectantly. "Got something, Jimmy?"

"Well, not exactly." After a long pause and an impatient prompting, he made his confession. "I contacted the University like you asked me to, but they want to talk to you personally." He winced slightly, anticipating an outburst about being more ingenious, about how busy she was.

Lois pondered his information for a moment. "Well, thanks for trying, Jimmy." He looked at her in surprise. That was it? No lecture? No irritation? He wasn't sure whether to feel relieved or worried. "Was there anything else?" she asked pleasantly.

"Are you feeling okay?"

"Never better," she replied with a glow in her eyes. She reached out and patted his arm. "It's been a wonderful day."

He didn't notice the flash of light reflected from the ring, he was looking into her eyes with concern, wondering if perhaps she was having a bad reaction to some medication. Clark came to stand beside his partner, print-out in hand. "Hi Jimmy."

"CK, has she been like this all day?" Jimmy asked softly.

Clark nodded. "Since last night."

Jimmy's eyes widened in amazement and his jaw dropped as he jumped to the wrong conclusion. "You mean… you two… Finally!" He clapped Clark's shoulder in a congratulatory manner.

"That's right," Lois said dreamily, admiring the beautiful ring again. "We're getting married."

Jimmy's expression went through a remarkable series of changes, from joviality to disbelief to surprise to uncertainty. "Well, uh… That's great news. I had no idea… I mean, we all thought you might… but then Scardino kept coming around… Congratulations," he said quickly when he saw a glint in Clark's eyes. "So, when's the Big Day?"

"We haven't discussed the details yet," Clark said.

"I guess Superman's going to be pretty upset."

Lois looked up sharply, shot a glance at Clark, and frowned when it appeared that he was leaving it up to her to address that issue. "I, well, I spoke to Superman about it a while ago, I think he knows how much I love Clark. He said we were lucky to have each other." She turned to stare at Clark, as those words took on a new meaning for her.

"So maybe he'll come to the wedding, be your Best Man," Jimmy suggested, nudging Clark with a grin. Lois raised her eyebrows at that impossible idea and grinned at her partner, waiting to hear his response.

"I don't know, Jimmy, I don't think he would want our wedding to turn into a media circus. Besides, I was kind of hoping you'd be my Best Man."

Jimmy reddened as he accepted the honor. His head filling with thoughts of renting a tuxedo and having to make a toast to the bride and groom, he wandered off to the darkroom. Clark and Lois smiled at each other, linking their hands together.

"So, partner, how's our story coming along?" he asked softly.

Lois allowed herself one more moment of being lost in his eyes before she cleared her head and turned once more to her monitor. Lois checked her reflection for the third time, chastising herself for being nervous even as she fiddled with the unfamiliar ring on her left hand. "It's just dinner," she mumbled as she paced around her apartment. "We've had dinner before. I like Martha and Jonathan, they seem to like me, Clark thinks they'll be very happy about this, so there's nothing to be nervous about. Clark! Come on!" She glared at the door, as though her force of will alone could make Clark appear there.

She checked her watch for the fifth time. Clark had said he would pick her up at six, and it was one minute after six now. Suddenly a possibility occurred to her, and Lois sank to the sofa with a moan. "Please, don't be saving the universe tonight, Clark," she pleaded. The ridiculous words brought a grin to her face. "Clark Kent, reporter. Universe saving a specialty." She shook her head, wondering how long it would take for this novelty to wear off. "I suppose one of these days it'll seem quite natural. He'll get that odd look on his face and I'll say, 'Go ahead, honey, I'll come up with some sort of cover for you, but on your way back could you please pick up some Chinese food? From Beijing? Thanks, hon, see you in a couple of minutes.' I can see a few advantages to this sort of thing," she said cheerfully.

Just then a tapping sound came from behind her, and Lois spun around, automatically slipping into a defensive posture. Superman was hovering outside her closed window, arms folded across his chest and a bemused smile on his face. Feeling thoroughly foolish, Lois straightened up and went to unlock the window.

"What're you doing here?" she asked.

"Hi Lois, did you expect an attack?" he shot back, gliding in to stand beside her.

"I was expecting you to use the front door," she said with a scowl.

Knowing that their privacy was assured now, Clark answered her openly. "If we're going to fly to Smallville, I have to wear the Suit, I can't risk someone seeing me fly without it. And if I'm in the Suit, it would look a bit strange to walk up the stairs."

"More conspicuous, too." Lois nodded as she thought the situation over. "This is going to take a lot of getting used to," she said seriously.

Clark grew worried immediately. "I'm sorry, I…"

"Quit apologizing!" she exclaimed, swatting him lightly. "You know, I think I'm going to have to start leaving that window open again," she added thoughtfully, a sly grin sneaking over her features.

A happy smile lit Clark's eyes as he leaned towards her and kissed her briefly on the lips. "Ready to go?"

"I don't know, do I look okay?" she asked.

"You look beautiful, Lois," he assured her with an amused smile. "Of course, I'm a little biased, being in love with you and all," he couldn't resist adding. She smiled at him, but seemed a bit distracted. "What's the matter?"

"I guess I'm just nervous," she said hesitantly. "I mean, what if your parents think I'm only marrying you because you're Superman? What if they think I'm some sort of hussy for getting engaged to you a year after I almost married Lex? What if they think we're rushing things?"

"Whoa!" Clark said with a laugh, holding a hand up to stem the sudden outpouring of concerns. "I think they'll just be happy for us. Besides," he added, caressing her cheek gently with one strong hand, "all that matters is that we love each other. Right?"

"You're right," she acknowledged with a sweet smile.

"So are you ready to fly with me?" he asked again, a twinkle in his eyes. Knowing how much Lois loved flying with him, and being able to give her that wish, was a fantasy come true for him.

"Let's go," she said eagerly, slipping her arms around his neck as he effortlessly scooped her into his arms. She felt a little thrill at once again flying with Superman, for there had been a time when she had thought those days were over. And yet here she was, being held by Clark and being flown by Superman!

They rose swiftly up into the sky, far away from any prying eyes. "Do you ever worry about airplanes?" Lois asked him curiously.

"No, I can see them coming and avoid them easily."

"And from all the way up here you can hear someone cry out for help?"

"If I'm trying to hear it, yes," he answered, amused that she had begun to interview him without being aware of it.

"How can you tell where Smallville is from so high up?" Lois twisted her head to see the ground far below. "Especially at night! It all looks the same."

"It took a while," Clark confessed with a smile. "There were a lot of times that I missed Kansas altogether and had to go into a gas station and find out where I was. I guess it just took practice, studying maps and the topography of the area, looking out for landmarks. See those lights over there?" He pointed to a distant city. "Well, that's St. Louis."

"Already?" Lois turned her attention to Clark. "I didn't mean to spend the flight asking questions."

"Oh? You were just going to take in the sights?"

"No, silly," she said, giving him another light swat. It occurred to her then that she would never have treated Superman so casually and familiarly before. She had wanted to think that she knew Superman, but this was another reminder that she had never known him very well.

"So what did you have in mind?"

"It's too late, we must be almost there. I'll just have to tell you on our way back to Metropolis," she added teasingly, smiling at him in a suggestive manner.

"I can hardly wait," Clark said happily. He was relieved that Lois was treating him as her partner, even though he was in the Suit, for it was something he had longed for since she first turned her adoring eyes on Superman after rolling her eyes at her partner. It might take her a while to get used to the fact that he, Clark, was her fantasy hero, but it looked like she was off to a good start.

Clark gradually brought them lower until they landed lightly just before the front porch of his parents' farmhouse. The lights were on, and the delicious aroma of a roast carried to them through the open windows.

Clark opened the door, his long cape fluttering behind him, and escorted his fiancee inside. "Mom, Dad, we're here!" he called out.


Martha came out of the kitchen, drying her hands on a towel, with Jonathan right behind her. Both of Clark's parents had smiles on their faces that made their eyes twinkle when they saw Superman and Lois standing there. Martha kissed her son fondly, looking into his eyes with deep pride and love. Lois, who had never envisioned Superman having a family, found the scene very touching. Superman had said that his mother made the Suit for him, but only now did it sink in that Martha was that mother. Suddenly she found herself caught up in a strong hug from her future mother-in-law.

"Glad you're here," Jonathan said, also giving Lois a quick embrace.

"Dinner smells great, Mom," Clark said warmly.

"It's almost ready, honey, why don't you change into something more comfortable."

"Good —" whoosh "— idea," Clark said, doing a rapid spin between the words and reverting to Clark Kent, normal guy.

"You mean, the Suit isn't comfortable?" Lois asked him quietly, feeling a little bit bowled over by the number of things she was learning about Superman that she had never suspected before.

"I prefer to wear it only when I have to. It's so… revealing," he clarified with an embarrassed grin, leading the way to the kitchen. "It doesn't hide anything. I feel more comfortable with my arms crossed in front of me."

"So that's why you always stand like that!" Lois exclaimed, her eyes eager and alight. "The classic Superman pose, everyone thinks it's to make you look bigger and stronger and more intimidating, but it's because you're self- conscious!"

Clark was starting to look a little uneasy. "Lois, you're not going to go telling everyone that, are you?"

She gave him an indignant look as she sat down beside him. "Of course not, Clark! Do I look like I work for the National Whisper?"

Martha brought a dish of vegetables to the table, laughing. "Clark was very uncomfortable in the Suit when he first tried it on," she confided to Lois, thrilled to be able to share these things with someone other than her husband. "He didn't want anyone to see his backside in spandex, that's why I made the cape!" Jonathan, who was carving the roast, began to laugh too.

"Mom!" Clark protested. The mortified look on his face made Lois giggle. She had never given any thought to Superman being embarrassed by spandex, it was the only thing she'd ever seen him wear. But picturing Clark putting on the Suit and walking around in it was a slightly different image.

"I'm sorry, honey," his mother said, not looking in the least bit apologetic. She put another dish on the table and sat down, smiling warmly at Lois. "Lois, we're so glad you know. He's wanted to tell you for some time now. If you ever need to talk, you just call me, okay?"

"I will," Lois said quietly, touched by the camaraderie in Martha's eyes. "Thank you, Martha, Jonathan," she added as she smiled at Clark's father.

Jonathan looked serious then. "Remember, Lois, we're the only ones who know, and it's got to stay that way."

"Now, honey, she knows that," Martha said quickly before her son could speak. "She didn't tell everyone about kryptonite, remember?"

Lois felt that she had to say something. "I know that if people found out who Superman was, Clark would never have any peace. He wouldn't be able to do his job at the Planet, and he wouldn't be able to do his job in the Suit. I'm going to do everything I can to make sure it stays a secret."

"I'm sure you'll be a great help," Jonathan said, looking somewhat apologetic. "I just meant that it isn't easy, having to watch every word you say." He served slices of roast beef to everyone.

Dinner was so delicious — especially to the two reporters who had take-out so often — that there was very little talking while they ate. Lois and Clark kept sharing little secret smiles together. Martha watched the couple surreptitiously, and noticed a gleam of light flashing from Lois's left hand. Her suspicions were confirmed! Knowing they would announce their engagement in due course, she tried to hide her excitement while she continued eating.

When dinner was over Clark helped his mom clear the table, and then he washed the dishes at super speed. Lois watched, her mouth hanging open. It hadn't occurred to her that Superman would use his talents to make everyday life easier, for it had never occurred to her that Superman would wash dishes. He had always seemed above and beyond the mundane. She shook her head slightly. This was going to take a lot of getting used to!

After the four of them went to the living room and made themselves comfortable, Lois and Clark sitting on the sofa together holding hands, a silence descended over them. "Well, you two look like you have something to tell us," Martha finally said, unwilling to wait any longer.

"We do," Clark said with an enormous smile. He squeezed his fiancee's hand gently. "Last night I asked Lois to marry me, and she said yes!"

"Congratulations!" Martha exclaimed, at last able to express her joy. She came over to embrace both of them again, admiring the ring while Jonathan hugged his son, and then she caught both of Lois's hands in hers. Her eyes were bright with unshed tears as she assured Lois, "We couldn't be happier! We liked you the very first time we met you, and we've been hoping you two… Well, this is just wonderful!"

Lois found herself on the verge of tears too as she and Martha squeezed each others' hands, forming a new and special bond as the two women in Superman's life. Suffused with warmth by her future mother-in-law's response, she accepted a kiss on the cheek from Clark's father and smiled shyly at both of them.

"Welcome to the family, Lois," Jonathan said a bit gruffly. Clark felt happy enough to burst as he gazed at the three people he cared most about. His family.


It was much later when Lois and Clark stepped out onto the front porch of the farmhouse, and the air had grown cool. Gazing up at the stars, Lois wrapped her arms around herself. She was a bit surprised by the way the Kents had welcomed her into the family so warmly, and admitted to herself that her own family was very different. Her parents loved her, she knew, but they were less demonstrative. She considered herself very lucky to have such wonderful future in-laws.

"Are you cold?" Clark asked softly, moving closer to her. She could feel the heat radiating from him.

"Just a little bit," she confessed. "You don't ever get cold, do you."

"No, not really." He put an arm around her, looking up at the twinkling points of light in the night sky. "I wish I knew where to look for Krypton," he said wistfully.

Lois looked at him in surprise. "But Krypton… Of course! We'd still be able to see its light, even though it isn't there anymore. You don't know which…"

"No," Clark said abruptly, not wanting to see the stars anymore. He turned his gaze instead to the woman at his side. "It doesn't matter, this is my home." Lois slipped her arms around him, reveling in his embrace, in the smell and feel of him. Her heart went out to him, for the loneliness and pain she sensed buried deep in his soul.

"Ready to go?" he finally asked. She looked up at him and nodded, feeling excited at the prospect of flying with him again. He stepped back, twirled faster than she could really see, and was standing before her in the Suit once again. Lois couldn't help but gape, amazed at the way he did that.

Clark scooped her gently into his arms and stood there for a moment, trying to adjust to the idea that he could hold Lois like this, as Superman and Clark, without having to pretend to be anyone other than himself. For so long he had tried to keep a distance between them when he was in the Suit, tried to discourage her fantasy romance with a superhero so that she could focus on Clark, her best friend and partner. It was a relief to be able to relax around her, although it felt strange.

Wondering what was going through his mind, Lois slipped her fingers into his hair, stroked his cheek with one finger, still a bit astounded that a pair of glasses and a hairstyle could have fooled her for so long. And yet, even now that she knew, he looked different as Superman. There was something about the look in his eyes when he had the Suit on, the set to his jaw. It must be a heavy responsibility, she thought, to be a superhero, someone that others looked up to and needed. When he was in uniform, he couldn't be Clark, not really.

"I love you," she told him suddenly, with an intensity that surprised even her. His eyes softened, and he kissed her gently on the lips, hesitantly. Despite their long friendship, their many escapades together, and their engagement, the romantic relationship between them was still new territory. Lois let the kiss deepen, exploring the new sensations, losing herself in him. When their lips finally parted, with reluctance, she discovered that they were already flying home.

"This is so amazing," she said with a blissful sigh, enjoying the wind in her hair and the sensation of the two of them, alone together, high above the world.

Clark smiled down at her. "So, what was it you wanted to do while flying?" he asked.

"More of this," she replied, pulling his head towards her again for another long, searing kiss as they flew through the night.