A Lois and Clark Christmas

By Lyla Katz [lylabrooke503@aol.com[

Rated: G

Submitted: January 2010

Summary: A sweet little Christmas story.

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It was Christmas Eve and Lois and Clark were sitting by the fire. Then Clark heard a cry from a baby. Clark got up and opened the door. There was a baby boy. Clark picked him up.

Lois said, "Oh, my god."

Clark came to sit next to Lois. Clark gave the baby to Lois. Lois said, "Hi, there, little one." The baby opened his eyes and looked around. Lois said, "Clark, what are we going to name him?"

Clark said, "I don't know."

Lois said, "How about CJ? Clark Jerome Kent."

Clark smiled and looked down at his new son. This was the best Christmas ever.


Two years later.

Christmas Eve

CJ was now two years old. CJ said, "Daddy. Daddy. Christmas."

Clark looked at CJ and said, "I know and that's why we have to get you to bed, so that Santa can come."

CJ said, "Santa's coming."

Clark put his son into bed. Clark said, "Happy Birthday, buddy."

CJ said, "Thank you, Daddy. I love you."

Clark said, "I love you, too."

Then Clark left the room. Clark went into the bedroom. Lois looked up at Clark with tears in her eyes.

Clark said, "Please don't cry."

Lois said, "I feel so guilty. CJ can't have a brother or sister."

Clark said, "It's not your fault, it's mine. The fact that we even have CJ is a miracle."

Lois said, "Clark, make love to me."


The next morning, CJ woke up and ran to his parents' room. CJ jumped on the bed and said, "Get up. It's Christmas."

Lois said, "No. Five more minutes."

Clark said, "Come on, sport, let's make breakfast while your mommy sleeps a little more."

CJ said, "Okay, Daddy."

They left the room. Lois put the pillow over her head and groaned. She got up and smiled at the sight in front of her. Clark held CJ in his arms.

CJ said, "Daddy fly."

Clark said, "Okay. Up, up and away." Clark flew him around the room.

Lois laughed as she said, "I'm not sure who's the bigger kid, CJ or daddy."

CJ said, "Presents." He ran to the tree and said, "Santa came."

Lois said, "Guys, sit down. I need to tell you guys something."

Clark went to sit at one end of the couch with CJ in his lap.

Lois said, "Well, CJ, you're going to be a big brother."

CJ smiled and looked up at his daddy's face. Clark said, "I'm going to be a daddy again."

Lois said, "Yes, honey, you are."

Clark got up to hold his wife. Clark said, "I love you."

Lois said, "I love you, too."

CJ said, "Me going to be a big brother."

Lois said, "Yes, baby, you are."

CJ said, "I love you, mommy and daddy."