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Susan Young
The Kryptonian attack on Smallville has repercussions.

100 Meters
Bob Bartholomew
Superman stops by Lois's apartment to see how she's reacting to Clark's death in That Old Gang of Mine. What he sees from a distance causes him to move a little closer.

100 Ways to Kill Superman
A challenge established last year that had an overwhelming response. People on the boards came up with a list of 100 ways to kill Superman.

1000 Words
Wanda Detroit
Not one, not two, but TEN Lois and Clark drabbles! Don't know what a drabble is? Then read on and find out!

Assuming that Lois and Clark had a good date following "Individual Responsibility," she would have felt extremely betrayed by his running off at the carnival the following weekend. But what really happened that night? A 2007 Ficathon story.

Wish you could have seen that date promised at the end of the episode "Individual Responsibility," when Clark promises Lois he'll be there at 7:00, and 7:01, and 7:02 ... ? Here is what it might have been like -- a night out on the town as could only happen to Lois and Clark.

The 12 Days of Christmas
Stacey Wong
The song "The Twelve Days of Christmas," sung Lois & Clark style.

2 Br 2 Bath
Mary Potts
Something about the homes they view are strangely familiar as Lois and Clark house-hunt. But what could it be?

The 2001 Artie Awards: A Kerth Ceremony Summary
A unique and funny perspective on the events of the Kerth Award Ceremony 2001.

2012 Kerth Awards Ceremony Advertisements
These are advertisements submitted to the Kerth Awards Committee to be presented at the 2012 Kerth Awards Ceremony. All stories advertised were eligible for nomination for that year, although they were not necessarily nominees.

2013 Kerth Awards Ceremony Advertisements
These are advertisements presented during the 2013 Kerth Awards ceremony. All stories advertised were eligible for nomination for that year, although they were not necessarily a nominee.

24 Hours
Richards, Wendy
Lois Lane has been poisoned and she and Clark are running out of time to find the antidote. Will Lois live long enough to write her own obituary? The author has cranked up the angst-o-meter to 11 for our intrepid reporters.

Alisha Knight
Twenty-nine marriage proposals? What is Superman to do?

4 X Lex - Almost
Louette McInnes
Lex Luthor is out of prison, thanks to Bill Church, Jr., a lawyer, and a pile of bogus documents. Church's plan is for Luthor to roust Mindy from power at Intergang, but Luthor has plans of his own -- some of them involving Lois Lane. To complicate matters, Clark must deal with an unbalanced Daily Planet employee who has developed an unhealthy obsession for him.

The 40th Noel
Ultra Lucille
It's Christmastime at S.T.A.R. Labs. But Kris Kringle has left Dr. Bernard Klein a rather strange gift.

Marcus L. Rowland
After Lex Luthor dies, Lois begins to receive a LOT of email. 250-word Drabble.

48 Hours Without a Superman
Kathryn Ann Kent
Clark Kent is without his powers for just 48 hours; what could go wrong? Plenty, as we find in this hilarious accounting of the weekend, as described by his young daughter.

50 First Revelations
Matrix and Sue S.
Lois wakes up one morning having memory problems. Is she merely trying to block out a painful experience or is something else behind her mysterious amnesia? (Inspired by the concept of "50 First Dates") A multiauthored story by Matrix and Sue S.

The 54 - Long Goodbye
Terry Leatherwood
2,377 words (13Kb)
A long-time FoLC and prolific fanfic author bids farewell to the fandom via this final story, this swan song from his various muses. This story follows his other muse-centric tales, "When Muses Go Bad" and "Fellowship of the Fanfic."

500 Miles
Carrie Rene
697 words (4Kb)
A little story with no real storyline, just Clark getting caught.