Lucky to Have Each Other

By Bizarra with Leigh Raglan ( & (

Summary: A story that picks up at the end of the episode "Metallo," when Superman tells Lois that she and Clark are lucky to have each other. Clark shows up almost immediately, bearing chocolate yogurt.

Inspired by the ending of "Metallo," we wished for more.


Lois watched Superman fly out her window. She turned and sat down on her bed, thinking over what he'd just told her. "I'm sure you and Clark will be happy." Clark? Superman knew about her feelings towards Clark? How? She wasn't even sure of her feelings for Clark.

She picked up the phone and dialed. An answering machine picked up. Clark's machine? She hadn't realized she'd dialed his number. It was automatic. She hung the phone up. Curling up, she lay down thinking of Clark and what Superman had said. Had Clark told Superman something? She knew they were close friends. Did Clark feel the same?

The faint knock brought her out of her reverie. Throwing on a longer robe, she ran into the living room.

"Who is it?" She asked as she fumbled with the locks.

"It's me, Clark. I brought you something."

Her heart in her throat, Lois opened the door. He was standing there with a brown bag and grinning that irresistible grin of his. He'd never looked better to her. She smoothed her robe, feeling suddenly self-conscious. She grinned "Clark! What …?"

"Here's your yogurt. It's chocolate." Handing the bag to her Clark walked into the room. "Surprise!"

"Oh, Clark. You're so good to me." Lois said peeking into the bag. "Um, I was just going to fix dinner, would you care to stay?" Lois asked as she put the frozen yogurt into the freezer. Lois opened the fridge to look for something still edible.

Clark having just seen what was in her fridge made a wiser choice. "How about we go out to eat."

"Uh, sure. Just let me throw on some clothes." Lois walked into her bedroom to change.

"Where do you want to go?" Clark yelled to her from the living room. He sat down on the couch to wait for her to change. Picking up the phone book, he flipped to the yellow pages to look for restaurants.

"Isn't there a new Italian place on third?" She answered from the bedroom. "We could try that?"

Clark found the number and called the restaurant to make a reservation.

Lois walked out of the bedroom wearing the dress she'd bought at the Smallville corn festival. Clark looked up and his mouth opened in surprise as he stared at her remembering. Then his face broke into a grin. To Clark, she had never looked lovelier.

"You look…" he shook his head trying to find the right words without going over the top, "uh, just great."

"I haven't worn this in a while. I felt like wearing it tonight," Lois said smiling. Taking Clark's hand, she pulled him off the couch and towards the door. She handed her coat to him and turned so he could help her into it. Then they walked out of the building into the chilly evening.

"It's not that far to the restaurant, why don't we just walk," Clark said as Lois started to open her jeep door.

"Sure. I could use the fresh air."

They started walking silently. Both of them caught up in thought. Lois thinking about Clark, and whether she wanted to get into another relationship with a co-worker. Chiding herself, what is the deal, girl. He's more than a co-worker and you know it. He's the best friend you've ever had and face it you're in love with him.

Clark, in turn thinking about the turn of events and his last visit to Lois as Superman. Finally, it's happening. Lois is beginning to see me instead of that cape. Maybe soon she'll put all the clues together. I've certainly left enough!

Clark's thoughts left him as he realized that Lois had absently taken his hand. He grinned inwardly and gave her hand a slight squeeze.

They came upon a flower vendor, and Clark stopped. Reaching into his pocket for his wallet, Clark said, "I'll take a couple roses."

"Oh, Clark, you don't have to get me flowers. You are taking me out to dinner, that's plenty."

"But, I want to."

"What color, sir." said the vendor, rather impatiently.

Clark smiled, looked at Lois and said, "yel…red."

Lois, realizing the significance, smiled radiantly, and wiped a stray tear as he handed her the roses. She brought them to her nose to smell them. "Thank you, Clark." She gave one of the roses to him. "I want you to have this one."

They walked the rest of the way to the restaurant in silence, Lois clutching the rose tightly to her heart as if it were the most precious gift she'd ever received. Her other hand held on tightly to Clark's as if it was some sort of life-line.

Once seated at the restaurant, they perused the menu. Lois, still holding the rose tightly to her heart said, "I think I'll try the Crab Linguini Alfredo, it sounds really good. My mother used to make it when I was little, I haven't …"

"Lois. Your brook is overflowing again." Clark said, gently reminding her she was babbling.

"Oh, sorry. I'm, um … nerv … um, sorry." She grinned a sheepish grin. "Sorry."

"It's OK, Lois. It's one of the things that makes you … unique." he assured her, and picked up his menu.

"The Linguini sounds good to me, too." He put their menus aside and motioned to a waiter that they were ready to order. When the waiter came, Clark ordered two of the Crab Linguini dinners and a bottle of wine.

"Wine?" Lois asked after the waiter left.

"Sure. We're celebrating the beginning of something here, aren't we?"

"We are?" Lois smiled, and smelled her rose again. "We are."