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Queen Lois
Mobile Richard
Set after the author's "Life in a Different World," Clark is thrown into a new alternate universe. Perry is retired, the Daily Planet building has moved, Clark Kent has been missing for two years. And Lois is ...???

Queens of Hearts
Glenda M. Hernandez
An old acquaintance of Clark's has transformed herself into a woman of extravagant wealth and hypnotic power. She comes to Metropolis with revenge on her mind.

Quelque Part...
Ce qui aurait dû être le plus beau jour de sa vie se transforme pour Lois en un véritable cauchemar lorsqu'elle découvre que son fiancé est un criminel, qu'il se suicide pour échapper à la police, que Superman est retrouvé dans le coma dans une cage en kryptonite et qu'elle apprend que Clark est porté disparu juste au moment où elle découvre que c'est lui celui qu'elle aime vraiment. Aura-t-elle l'occasion de le lui dire un jour? Une fanfic écrite en français.

The Quest
Chris Mulder and Pam Jernigan
While babysitting, Ellen gave it away. Lois and Clark *need* it, so they go on a search for it ... and you'll never guess what "it" is. ;-)

The Quest for the Lost Scrolls of FoLC-Lore
Mary Potts
In the search for ancient artifacts, one researchers finds things unexpected.

Questions and Answers
Perri Smith
A story that takes place within the episode "And the Answer Is..." After Superman has frozen Lois to take her to the meeting with Jason Mazik, Lois awakens in limbo and has a conversation with H.G. Wells.

A Question of Ethics
A deathfic with a twist ... and then another! This well-written story will have you on the edge of your seat.

A Question of Trust
Months after Lois's disastrous almost-marriage to Luthor, her friendship with Clark is still in jeopardy. Can she learn to trust him again? They're forced to confront each other and their problems when they have to go undercover to protect Superman from an infamous rogue government agency.

Questionable Evidence
Deadly Chakram
On the night of Clark Kent's murder at the hands of the regenerated Clyde Barrow, Inspector Bill Henderson reviews the evidence.

Quick Change
Carla Humbert
How to go from farmboy to superhero in one second or less. Very funny story!

Quick Kisses
Inspired by the HappyGirl's first line challenge. The line? "Kiss me quick." Clark gets more than he bargained for with those three little words.

Quick vs. Quickly
Susan Young
A grammar lesson turns into an active demonstration.

The Quicker-Picker-Upper?
Lara Blasingame
When Clark helps Lois paint her bedroom, she learns that special skills come in handy.

Quiet Night
Pam Jernigan
Being married to Superman has its downsides. But in working through a mild bout of depression, Lois decides that the good outweighs the bad. Written in response (as an antidote, the author says) to the fanfic "Like Pieces of a Puzzle That Don't Quite Fit."

A Quiet Night in Metropolis
This vignette is the final story in my "Visitor" series, which follows *A Wedding in Paris*. Lois has some exciting news to tell Clark, but she wants to do it in a special way.

Quiet Regret
Clark comes over to Lois's apartment one night to reminisce...

Quiz for the Fanfic List
Patti Lodi
A humorous "Cosmo"-type quiz to help you determine what type of fanfic author you are or would be.