By Celeste Inwood <>

Rated: PG13

Submitted: December, 2007

Summary: This explains the close bond Lois and Clark have through love and their unborn child.

Love, Passion, bliss and lust.

I wrote this on a Tuesday night at 7:39PM 21 of August 2007.


Lois Lane Kent sat on the bed she shared with Clark. She missed him dearly and had a special surprise planned for tonight. Lois, being in the ninth month of her pregnancy, was longing to see her husband more than ever. She had pink rose petals scattered on the bed, the heater and, to complete her desire-like surprise, a beautiful nightgown of pink silk which relaxed her bump but gave her a curvier outline with a more sexy appeal.

Lois carefully dimmed the lights, leaving only the lamps on and candles. She heard the door opening; she quickly felt a sudden somersault in her stomach as if her baby was sensing how nervous she was feeling. Quickly, Lois scanned the room, looking at her bedroom.

"Perfect," she whispered, turning out the lights so there was just a glimmer of light in the room. Lois shut the door as she heard footsteps.

"Lois?" Clark called, entering the spacious living-room as Lois emerged looking divine in silk!

"Hey, honey," she chirped sweetly, kissing him gently on the cheek.

"Hey," he whispered back, glancing at her outfit a little inquisitively.


"Dinner is taken care of, Clark," Lois replied rapidly as she led him to the table where two tall glasses were filled with champagne. Beside them, plates were heaped with large portions of Clark's favorite meal: Chinese.

"Lois, wow, I mean I don't know what to say."

"You don't have to say anything, babe," Lois replied as he sat down, pleased.

"Okay, if you are sure, sweetie."

"I am, Clark, because, tonight, forget about work, just think about us and the baby," Lois explained as Clark smiled, putting his hand near hers.

"Okay, Clark, I got us a movie...." Lois trailed off, giving Clark a soft kiss as he kissed her back just as passionately and softly.

"Lois...." Clark swallowed, smiling. "I love you."

"I love you too, Clark," Lois replied. She put the movie on and sat on the lounge next to Clark.

'No sudden rescues, interruptions...this is...nice!' Lois thought as the movie started. It was a mushy, romantic, intriguing movie that sent them head over heels every time they watched it. Especially on their first date or was it anniversary...?

Lois sighed. She loved Clark so much. Then their song played with a mellow beat. It was the romantic, mushy song written for this hot-blooded, romantic movie.

{*Wanna take your hand

Want you to understand

Want to kiss your lips

Want to feel your seductive wish*}

{*Feel your hand touching my skin

Feeling your desires from within

It's love, love, love

Kisses down my neck

My heart beckons

To the touch

I crave so much...*}

By this time, Clark and Lois couldn't hold back their love any longer. They began kissing on the couch, feeling their temperatures rise, the kisses taking over the feeling, the pull of their love.

Clark slid his hands up her dress, pulling it over her head to reveal her bra and black underwear. Lost in the moment of bliss, anticipation, and lust, they kept kissing. Lost in it all.

Lois kissed Clark up his neck. The quiet moans of pleasure which followed the trail of their kisses showed how much they loved each other. Lois and Clark loved each other so much that nothing could tear them apart at THIS very moment.

Lois smiled as Clark grabbed her and carried her into her bedroom. He let her gracefully fall on the bed as he continued kissing down her top. Lois smiled, unbuttoning Clark's shirt. It landed on the floor.

Clark undid Lois' bra and kissed her neck further down. Clark smiled as Lois smiled back, so lost in the moment. Clark slowly kissed her back as she tingled, feeling so good all over.

Clark felt himself shiver, too, when Lois touched him. He was so happy and immersed, feeling thrilled at this amazing, passionate connection between two starry-eyed lovers who were obviously crazy about each other.

Lois flipped her head back, her brown hair falling in loose messy waves as Clark ran his hands through it, making her feel safe and special in her own right. They had the most honest relationship ever known. They loved each other so. They always thought about each other's personal journeys and how they were feeling, as opposed to themselves.

Lois beamed, feeling satisfied by the emotion she was feeling. Sometimes she would wonder if Clark was ever going to be different, being Superman, but what she realized was that he was more human when they were engaged in their sex lives and love life than he was when he was being Superman.

Clark sat up as Lois sighed sweetly.

"What's wrong?" he asked, murmuring in her ear. She felt his warm breath on her ear.

"Everything is perfect, Clark. It couldn't be better," she replied softly, kissing him back as her breathing increased along with his.

Lois carefully stripped to nothing as Clark did the same. The thing was, Lois thought, that there was something about being completely naked in front of the person you was, well, invigorating. Lois loved how warm she felt inside. The baby was slowly prodding her stomach and Clark's warm chest was rested against her side. She felt tickled as he kissed her stomach tenderly and they finally knew, as labored breathing and pleasurable breathing surrounded their atmosphere, that they were lustfully in love. How it was meant to be...