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A T-shirt Revelation
Lois feels it's time that Clark had one of these, and it's his birthday soon, so it's the perfect present. What will come to light when he wears it?

Tacit Implications
Lois and Clark's relationship could have easily taken a different turn during the first season -- especially while undercover at the honeymoon suite.

Tacit Implications, Part 2
After Lois and Clark got up close and personal at the Lexor, they realise there was something they forgot.... A continuation of the author's story.

TAG! You're It!!
GG Cain
You never know what Lois will suggest when she's bored!

The messages encoded on the globe bring Clark a new worry.

Taking Advantage
GG Cain
Lois is sick in bed with a bad cold, but her husband is the best medicine.

Taking Down a God
Lois is the one tapped to help take down a killer -- Superman.

Taking Down a God -- The Rest of the Story
Lois is the one tapped to help take down a killer -- Superman. But is everything as it seems?

Taking One for the Team - A Challenge Vignette
Tank Wilson
To go undercover in a new religious organization, Lois will have to be initiated by having her long locks shorn in a questionable style. Will getting the story be worth the sacrifice?

Taking Responsibility
Irene Dutch
In this rewrite of the episode "Individual Responsibility," Superman confesses his "real feelings" to Lois -- in front of the bad guys! Can Clark salvage the situation? Or will Lois forever be targeted as "Superman's girl"?

Taking the Shortcut
After the events of the episode "The Green, Green Glow of Home," Lois and Clark leave Smallville and head to the airport to fly back to Metropolis. But Lois takes a shortcut....

A Tale of Two Marthas
Just who is Martha Kent?

Tales From the Krypt
Anne Spear
15-year-old Liz Kent is facing a lot of changes in her life, so she decides it's time to start chronicling her thoughts in a journal. This is a fun, sweet take on the next generation!

Tales from the Krypt 2: Yes, Elizabeth, There is a Santa Claus
Anne Spear
Superman's daughter learns the truth about the magic of Christmas.

Tales of Dystopia: The Beginning
For Queenie's Bizarro May EVIL challenge: Clark and Lois find themselves in a strange predicament with one of their descendants.

Tales of Dystopia: Civil Disobedience
Prelude of sorts to my work in progress "Tales of Dystopia" series. In the early 2400's, things are only going downhill for the world, particularly with the ruling class of Kents. Society is on the brink of civil war. But a house divided cannot stand. What will happen when a Kent decides to go rogue? WHAM warning.

Tales Out of Church
Irene Dutch
Set in the timeframe of the episode "Church of Metropolis," Lois figures out Clark's secret. Now it's Clark's turn to figure out why she's suddenly being so darn nice to him!

The Talk
When Lois finally realizes that Superman is unattainable, but that Clark, her best friend, is right there, ready and willing to be a big part of her life, she decides it's finally time to have The Talk. But will something -- or someone -- else get in the way?

The Talk
Mary Potts
Clark decides it's time to have The Talk with his son.

The Talk, Kryptonian Style
Lynn S. M.
No, this isn't *that* talk. After all, this is a G-rated story. It's the *other* talk... The one only a Kryptonian father will have with his half-Kryptonian son.

Tangled Wisdom
Clark *needs* to talk to Lois, but will she accept what he has to tell her, or is she going to be very angry?

Lynn S.M.
In a tapsalteerie universe...

Tara's Kissing Scene
Tara O'Shea
Hot in pursuit of a story, Lois and Clark hide in a closet -- with romantic results.

Target: Lois Lane
This is a rewrite of the Second Season's episode, "Target: Jimmy Olsen." The A-plot is similar, but not exact to what happened in the show. The B-plot however explores what would have happened had Clark been actively pursuing Lois during this time.

Tarot Truths
Barb Pillsbury
When Lois refuses to take Clark back after events in the episode "When Irish Eyes Are Killing," Clark finds help from an unexpected source.

Bob Bartholomew
It's been nearly six months since Perry forced Lois to partner with Clark Kent. She's still adjusting to working with Mr. Green Jeans, when they are both sent to a seminar covering unusual investigation techniques. One of those methods might provide unexpected insights to some of the men in her life.

A Tasteful Lesson
Nan Smith
When the school ignores a bully who steals Marta's lunch every day, Lois comes up with her own solution.

Tea Totaled
AnnieM and Kathy Brown
When Lois meets Lucy at a bar to celebrate her little sister's birthday, the alcohol starts to flow. And when she invites Clark to join them, so do the hormones.

Teacher's Pet
Sara Kraft
555 words (3Kb)
Lois seems to be failing class. Clark is the teacher's pet. But don't worry, it's all worth it in the end. Another in the series of Sweet Kid Stories (including the author's "Playing Pretend" and "Family Road Trip").

Teaching Indecency
Laura S.
An undercover investigation leads Lois Lane to play a high school student at Metropolis High. Too bad her fox of an English teacher thinks she's 17. Can a lonely teacher named Clark Kent and a headstrong journalist find love and overcome the odds and deception inherent in such a situation?

Nan Smith
This is the sequel to the author's "Four Days to Nightfall" and begins two days after "Charlie" deflected Nightfall, thereby saving the Earth from destruction. There is no Superman yet, and Clark Kent has just been hired at the Daily Planet...

Tears in Heaven]
Shannon Berg and Lisa Stankiewicz
Christmas is coming and the goose is in the pot. But, something else is stirring in the Kent house; Lois and Clark are fighting to keep their marriage alive. Though Clark is fighting a battle all his own… New Krypton… Will it be a holly jolly holiday for the Kents or will this Christmas be scrooged? A multiauthored story by Shannon Berg and Lisa Stankiewicz.

The Tears of a Clone
Jenni Debbage
A family crisis leads Lois and Clark to sinister occurrences at a local hospital, in a case that every member of the Kent/Lane family is soon mixed up in. The fifth story in the author's "Kent Family" series.

Tears of Joy
Clark plans a romantic evening at home.

Teaser Start
Tara O'Shea
Lois wakes Clark up too soon.

Technology Is Killing Us
Ultra Lucille
Lois and Clark take a moment to ponder how the world turns and times change.

Tell Clark ... That I Love Him ...
Richards, Wendy
In the episode "And the Answer Is ..." Lois volunteers to be frozen in order to help Superman rescue Clark's parents. But is this an easy decision for her? What goes through her mind as she waits for the freezing breath that will render her unconscious?

Tell Me
Katie Sizer
In this 30-minute challenge story set at the end of the episode "The Ides of Metropolis," Lois demands to know what Clark's biggest secret really is.

Telling All the Friends
Megan Sullivan
A continuation of the story "A Little Kent in Their Future." Lois and Clark decide to forego using a doctor for prenatal care and instead settle on their favorite midwife -- Martha.

Tempered by Fire
In this prequel to the author's story "Coming of Age," Lois and Clark face their baby daughter's serious illness. As they focus on their child, their marriage comes increasingly under strain and they must confront the possibility that they may lose each other as well as their child.

Temporary Insanity
When a little disagreement escalates into a full-blown, hurtful argument, Lois and Clark call off their engagement. But they have trouble hanging onto their resolve to be just partners again.

Temporary Insanity (The Children's Version)
ML Thompson
On two different occasions, Clark asks Lois a question that makes her question his sanity.

Tempus: Four Play
Female Hawk
Clark Kent from the parallel universe has a problem -- his Lois is going to marry Tempus. So who better to call on for help than Lois and Clark? Can they help Lois see the true character of Tempus? Can the four of them overcome the time-travelling villain? And will Lois ever see Clark as more than a friend?

Tempus Fugitive Revisited
Kaz from Oz
A thoughtful, intriguing rewrite of the episode "Tempus Fugitive," in which a darker, more sinister Tempus travels back in time to attempt his murderous agenda.

Tempus Junior
Tempus awaits the birth of his son and heir.

A Tempus Twisted Christmas
Lois and Clark are happily married and ready to enjoy the holidays. Only Tempus has decided to try and ruin all the fun....

Ten Excuses Clark Should NOT Tell Lois
Lynn S. M.
Clark has come up with some pretty lame excuses on the show. Here is a top ten list of new excuses he really should NOT try to use on Lois.

Ten Years in the Making
When Clark is shot in "That Old Gang of Mine", he decides to stay dead.

Ten Years Later
Chris Apruzese
Jonathan and Martha get a bird's eye view during a rather heavenly moment.

Tender Conviction
Natascha Kortum
Clark volunteers Lois as the keynote speaker for a large event. Will Lois believe enough in herself to face the challenge or will the jitters win out?

Terces Is Secret Spelled Backwards
Sara Kraft
1,583 words (9Kb)
She didn't really need the excuse that this research was "for a story" to justify the fact that she was going through his computer files. It was for a story. It was. Or had been. Or could be. A Kerth Prompt Challenge Story.

Terms of Endearment
Clark trusted Lois with his secret, but can Lois trust Clark with her heart? Both deal with the repercussions of his revelation in this sequel to "Terms of Estrangement."

Terms of Estrangement
Lois struggles to distance herself from Clark after her disastrous almost-wedding to Lex Luthor. Angst ensues.

The Terracotta Soldier
Amanda Leach
Lois and Clark receive a surprise gift. Meanwhile, their neighbours are treated to an interesting spectacle.

A Terrible Mistake
Tenth in the "At First Sight"series, set at the end of "Pheromone My Lovely."

Terrible Teen Paranormal Romance Story: L&C Style
Annie B
This story was created using a Mad Libs-style story generator called the Awful Teen Paranormal Romance Generator.

A lot is riding on an amnesiac Clark Kent.

Testing a Theory
45,199 words (249Kb)
Cat Grant is back and she knows a secret...or does she? Taking place after the episode "Sex, Lies and Videotape" in Season 4, Cat Grant goes to hilarious and insane lengths to prove her theory just as Lois and Clark begin to work through the trauma of being under the limelight of the media after the Superman scandal. Can Lois and Clark stop her from discovering Clark's biggest secret? Or will the gossip columnist land the scoop of the lifetime?

Testing Grounds
A revelation possibility set during the episode "Top Copy."

Thank You
Nirvana Kliese
Now that she's given Dan Scardino the boot, Lois is determined to fix her relationship with Clark. And the first task on the list is to make Clark tell her what it is that compels him to bolt at awkward times. An alternate ending to the episode "Whine Whine Whine."

Thanks for Saving Me. I Owe You...One?
Erica Dias
When the rescue comes from...who???

Clark had left for New Krypton, and as time passed by, the hope of his return grew dimmer. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Lois tried to organize a dinner to show her appreciation of the people still with her and in remembrance of Clark who was far away.

Thanksgiving 2015 -- Matchmaker Chronicles Vol 1 CG1
This is the first part of a prologue to a longer NextGen story to be written in this series and deals with the events around Thanksgiving 2015.

Thanksgiving Games: A Ficathon Story
Lynn S. M.
When Lois spends Thanksgiving with Clark and his parents, she realizes two things: What a Thanksgiving should be like, and that she wants more than just a friendship with Clark. Will their Thanksgiving together help move things along?

Thanksgiving Hunger
Abigail Jolie
Lois and Clark spend Thanksgiving in Smallville.

Thanksgiving in Smallville -- Matchmaker Chronicles Volume 1CE
It's Thanksgiving and the Kent family is gathering in Smallville for a big dinner when the celebration is interrupted by an earthquake in California. Kam-El and Ultra Woman 2 get to help out and some special people are rescued.

That Blind Sister of Mine
Tank Wilson
In this rewrite of TOGOM (the episode "That Old Gang of Mine"), Lucy arrives at Lois' apartment

That Charming Smallville Hospitality
Laura S
When 17-year-old Lois Lane finds herself stranded, alone in Nowheresville, commonly referred to as Smallville, Kansas, she is taken in by a kindly farmer, his wife and their lonely, 18-year-old son. And she absolutely can't wait to get back to the city... right?

That Chocolate Feeling
Lori McElhaney
Maternal feelings sprout in Lois when she and Clark are charged with the care of a baby. Will temporary parenthood keep them from getting the scoop on a city gone insane? And will Lois forgive Clark for challenging her to swear off chocolate during the same week Metropolitan Candies announces the biggest chocolate giveaway ever?

That Christmas Night
Mary Lovee Varni
Lois ponders the meaning of Christmas in her apartment amidst the dinner and decorations we see at the end of the episode "Season's Greedings." Will Lois celebrate the holidays alone this year? Or will some unexpected visitors help her understand the true Christmas spirit?

That Clark of Mine
Jana Lippe
A story that begins in the middle of the second-season episode "That Old Gang of Mine," just after Clark is shot by a gangster and "dies." Perry gives Lois a shoulder to cry on, and she confesses a secret.

That Dear Clark of Mine
Katie Sizer
In this adaptation of the episode "That Old Gang of Mine," Lois takes a leap for love -- in front of the bullet intended for Clark. The aftermath that follows proves to be a difficult path for both Lois and Clark to follow.

That Extra Hour
This fic was a response to ccmalo's challenge to write a fic about what Lois and Clark do during the extra hour when we set our clocks back.

That Forgotten Journal
1,894 words (10Kb)
On the eve of their fifth wedding anniversary, Lois finds an old journal that Clark kept when he was a kid.

That Honeymoon Feeling
Meredith Knight
After the pheromone episode, Lois's ego is a little fragile and she's not eager to spend time with Clark in the Honeymoon Suite. However, both the partners manage to surprise each other...

That Little Sister of Mine
Alisha Knight
In this twist on TOGOM (the episode "That Old Gang of Mine"), Lucy lends a hand to help Lois see what Clark really means to her.

That Lois Lane of Mine
What if ... when Dillinger fired his gun in the episode "That Old Gang of Mine," Lois had been shot instead of Clark?

That Night in the Car
1,440 words (8Kb)
Lois makes a surprising discovery during a stakeout one night.

That Ol' Revelation of Mine
Bren Ren
In this TOGOM ("That Old Gang of Mine") rewrite, someone points out the obvious to Lois after Clark is shot, and it doesn't take her brilliant mind long to come to a super conclusion.

That Old Clone of Mine
Lynn S. M.
New twists abound in this episode adaption of "That Old Gang of Mine," and Lois and Clark will have new realities to face because of them. How will they make it through?

That Old Obsession of Mine
Richards, Wendy
Another rewrite of TOGOM (the episode "That Old Gang of Mine") by the TOGOM rewrite master <g>. What more is there to say?

That Old Spoof of Mine
His name is Kent. Clark Kent...and he smokes cigars. This is not your average TOGOM "That Old Gang of Mine" rewrite.

That Old Vat of Mine
Susan Young
Shallowford issued an Episode Mash-Up Challenge of "That Old Gang Of Mine" and "Vatman." Here's my response. :)

That One Great Love
B.B. Medos
Superman moves out of the house and a little further out of Lois' life -- but it's for the best, really.

That One Great Love
Leatherwood, Terry
Clark Kent and Lois Lane were meant to be together. But what if each of them loved someone else before they met? An alternate beginning to this great love story.

That Peanuts Gang of Mine, A Crossover Vignette
Jude Williams
A cute crossover with everyone's favorite comic strip!

That Shocking First Kiss
The author's version of Lois and Clark's first kisss, set between the "almost first date" and the real one.

That Super Man of Mine
Richards, Wendy
What if, after Clark was shot in TOGOM, instead of flying to Smallville, he sought help a little closer to Metropolis?

That Super Son of Mine
Tensions and tempers flare and a 22-year-old mystery is revealed after Wayne Irig witnesses Superman and Martha Kent acting very familiar with one another following the Man of Steel saving his mother from a car wreck.

That the World May Know
Rachel Smith
Speculation runs wild when Superman is found unconscious and wounded -- and disguised in a business suit -- in an alley behind the Daily Planet building.

That Towel
Chrys (Chaabreh) Apruzese
A fantasy fic based on Lois' reaction to seeing Clark clad only in a white towel in the pilot episode. Lois decides to take the next step when she sees him in only a white towel -- again! Is she going to regret her decision?

That's All It Takes
Anna Botsakou
Lois, devastated by Clark's death, decides to buy a pet. A "That Old Gang of Mine" rewrite and a response to the "Can You Guess the Writer?" challenge.

That's One Way to Learn Your ABCs
Natalie Fox
When Sesame Street needs help, who do they call? Superman, of course!

That's the Way It Is
Laura Johnsen
An idea for how on earth Lois and Clark had Danielle! A prequel to the author's previous stories, "An Expected Beginning" and "It's Not Easy Being Mean and Green."

That's Who He Is
Lois's thoughts on Clark in every facet of his life and her conclusion.

Their Love Is Joined by Two Others
Lynn Walker
Lois and Clark try to find the perfect apartment before the baby arrives.

Then Came You
Jeff Brogden
In the alternate dimension, Clark Kent wants to find his world's Lois Lane. There is a piece of him missing that he feels only she can fill. But as he searches for her, he finds himself in a complex relationship with a new Daily Planet employee and the infamous lost Lois Lane herself. (Episode # 20 and # 21 (titled "Two Become One") of The Unaired Fifth Season)

Then There Were Three
Bhavani Rao
A year after Lois and Clark are married, they plan to have the whole family over for Christmas. Lois is puzzled by her persistent flu-like symptoms, but Martha is sure she knows what's causing them.

There and Back Again
Philip Mogul
A Kryptonian history describing several generations of Kryptonians and chronicling the key events leading up to and beyond the demise of the Planet Krypton -- An El family saga.

There Was Me, Then There Was You
Lyla Katz
A twist on the story we all know and love.

There's a Fine, Fine Line
Deadly Chakram
3,492 words (18Kb)
Lois' inner thoughts after Clark dumps her "for her own good."

There's Always Something
Lois and Clark have been married for four years when they discover she's pregnant. While they are trying to come to grips with life-altering changes and cope with the astonishing side effects of a human-kryptonian pregnancy, an unexpected enemy comes out of the woodwork, once again threatening their lives and that of Superman.

There's More Than One Way...
Paul-Gabriel Wiener
A bored first-season Lex puts his soul in the bodies of various animals with disastrous (but hilarious) effects.

There's No Place Like Home
ML Thompson
From coworkers to partners to friends to lovers. But will it happen the same way every time? As Lois and Clark desperately try to find a way to correct the past, they discover there's a thin line between love and hate.

They Really Are in Love!!!
Candace Tackett
Clark and Lois have an argument over Dan Scardino.

Things Go Bang in the Night
Amanda Leach
When Lois and Clark's only daughter, Amy, wakes up in the middle of the night and finds herself in trouble, who will save the family from peril?

Think Before You Speak
Jennifer Allen
A slice of Lois and Clark's life at their fifth wedding anniversary -- heated arguments, happy news, dramatic moments, and WAFFs.

Third Son
Mark Kent is Lois and Clark's "third son," the only one of the three born without super powers. At age 25, he has only just been told that his father is Superman. Clark has asked that Mark go to New Krypton to join his two older brothers in the struggle to bring peace to a society on the brink of a civil war that threatens even Earth.

Nirvana Kliese
A story written as a sequel to the episode "Seconds," assuming Lois got her memory back after that second blow to the head. Someone who is assumed dead makes a return appearance.

This Child Belongs to You
Jenni Debbage
When a baby is left in their dining room, Lois and Clark are afraid it's too good to be true, and set out to determine who left the child and why. Their search turns up some surprising results in this episode adaptation following the end of the episode "Family Hour."

This Doesn't Look Like Kansas...
A young Clark needs a little help finding his way home.

This I'll Defend
Deadly Chakram
Two off-duty soldiers try to make sense of the weird incident that happened on their base during the Metropolis-wide blackout. An "Operation: Blackout" Canterbury tale.

*This* is Dancing
Irene Dutch
Superman is finally showing interest in Lois ... but will a slip of the tongue change everything?

This Is Not a Date
Sara Kraft
10,552 words (58Kb)
Celebrating her latest story success, Lois meets a handsome stranger in a bar, a stranger who has come to Metropolis to interview for his dream job. It's not a date... but could it be fate?

This is Our Story
12,932 words (71Kb)
A chance meeting across a stranger named Jack makes Clark think more about his relationship with Lois just as Lex Luthor finds himself faced with never-ending bad luck that can ruin even the best-laid plans.

This Kiss
Sarah Luddy
Lois's eyes widened. Clark was kissing Mayson? That...that rat! The nerve of him! Of course, it wasn't like *she* wanted to kiss him...but still, he shouldn't be kissing other women. And Mayson! What poor taste.

This Kiss
Alicia U.
In this vignette, Clark catches Lois in a daydream and decides to call her bluff.

This Magic Moment
It's Christmas in Smallville. The snow is falling, the air is filled with expectancy, but what could be better than this "magic moment"?

This Means War ...
A humorous story in which Lois loses at Trivial Pursuit, Clark sings the Flintstones theme song, and pranks are the order of the day at the Daily Planet (with Kyle Griffin nowhere in sight :-).

This Old Heart of Mine
Shayne Terry
Clark realizes his life and love are lost after he's shot during the episode "This Old Gang of Mine."

This Woman & This (Super)Man
McInnis, Erin Dawn
Lois knows -- now will she forgive Clark?

Those Darn Space Rats...
Set during "Seasons Greedings," Clark gets exposed to the Space Rats again as Superman. How mean is he going to be Lois? And will Lois finally learn his secret?

Those Five Magic Words
975 words (5Kb)
Lois and Clark have a relaxing afternoon with family and friends and some news to share.

Those Glasses
Glasses can tell a lot about a person. In this case more than you think.

Thoughts on Facebook
Lynn S. M.
What would the main characters of "Lois & Clark" think of Facebook? A super short written for the 2014 fund-raiser for the Lois & Clark message board.

The Thoughts That Bless
Ruth Ellison
After Lois knows the big secret, she assembles an archive of Superman news clippings in her apartment, determined to know "what she should have seen that she didn't see" -- and thereby help build a better future with Clark by better understanding their past.

A Thousand Little Deaths
Lois has discovered that Clark is Superman and their relationship has been a little rocky. But just as Lois is coming to terms with it, an accident has Clark having second thoughts.

Threads of ... Barbecue?
Tara Smith
The cast of the great LnC/Voyager crossover is taking a break between shooting part 1 and part 2. What better way to celebrate than by throwing a barbecue? Someone always has to crash the party, though.

Threads of Confusion
Tara Smith
Lois, Clark and their friends and family are getting ready to celebrate Christmas. Naturally, trouble hunts them down. Meanwhile, the crew of the Starship Voyager run into trouble of their own in their search for supplies. Sequel to the author's "The Black Circle."

Threats for Clark
Chiara Prato
Someone is out to get Clark, but what is making Lois so protective all of a sudden? Could there be more on Lois's mind than friendship?

Three Capes to the Wind
An IRC Round Robin
Take one New Year's Eve party for Metropolis's rich and famous, add a well-meaning experiment by Dr. Klein and mix well. Result: Just another day in the life of Lois and Clark. Written by Zoomway, ChrisM, CKgroupie, ChrisnDor, Eraygun and sharper.

Three Christmases
Snapshots of Lois' Christmases in the first three seasons and how her relationship with a certain Kryptonian evolves. Written for the holiday season 2008/2009 Ficathon.

Three Grandmothers
The moment Lois has been dreading -- when her son realizes he has more sets of grandparents than all his other friends do -- finally arrives, but her husband handles the explanations well.

Three Guess Who's Talking Challenge Responses
Lynn S. M.
These three vignettes are in response to the "Guess Who's Talking" challenge.

The Three Rules
Scarlett Burns
The moment you find out the name of the man who once saved your life can only be eclipsed by finding out that he may also moonlight in tights.

Three Rules
76,924 words (428Kb)
In this elseworld fanfiction, Lois is not as out of touch with her investigative skills when Superman comes on the scene. With the world in peril, how will Superman navigate this new normal as his enemy circles the gates?

The Three Seasons
Karin Tessin
A poem that examines various stages of Lois and Clark's relationship.

Three Squares a Day -- Can't Complain
Someone waxes nostalgic about his job at the Planet. This vignette is a look at that question many FOLC's still ask: Whatever happened to Jack?

Three's a Crowd
Lucy Lane crashes at Lois and Clark's place for a while, and it doesn't take long before her brother-in-law is ready to climb the walls. Very funny story!

Thrill Flight
Miranda Vis
When Lois asks her super boyfriend to take her flying as Clark, she gets more than she bargained for.

The Throne of Lies
843 words (5Kb)
Eighty years of good deeds comes to an end when good intentions and an old myth cause everyone to question what Superman is hiding. This is in response to the "Liar's Bridge" challenge.

Through My Eyes (Jack Olsen)
Deadly Chakram
3,061 words (16Kb)
No one sees you quite like your family does. Jimmy Olsen reflects on his father, super-spy Jack Olsen.

Through My Eyes (Jor-El)
Deadly Chakram
2,753 words (15Kb)
No one sees you quite like your family does. Clark Kent knows little of his biological father, but he treasures what he does know.

Through My Eyes (Perry White)
Deadly Chakram
2,266 words (12Kb)
No one sees you quite like your family does. Jerry White considers his relationship with his famous father.

Through My Eyes (Samuel Lane)
Deadly Chakram
1,808 words (10Kb)
No one sees you quite like your family does. Lois Lane reflects on her father as he speaks during a press conference.

Through My Eyes (Superman)
Deadly Chakram
2,652 words (14Kb)
No one sees you quite like your family does. A look at Superman's life through the eyes of his daughter.

Through the Looking Glass
Kathy Brown
Last year, Mr. Wells implied he would help the other Clark find his Lois. Do you think he ever did? An alternate universe story. Episode 18 of S5.

Through the Window
CC Aiken
Thrown into an alternate universe, Lois Lane wants desperately to get home but also finds a reason to stay, while Clark tries to adjust to a life without her.

Through the Years
Erin Klingler
Lois and Clark celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary surrounded by their loving -- and huge -- brood.

Thugor's Discount Henchmen
Paul-Gabriel Wiener
Ever wonder where all those lackeys come from? Or just who builds all those secret lairs? This advertisement answers those questions, leaving only one -- just where would an ad like this run?