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Galactically Stupid - The Whole Story
ML Thompson
A series of deleted scenes from Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman that prove that Lois isn't really galactically stupid where Superman is concerned.

Gale Force Winds
Irene Dutch
This sequel to the author's "Firestorm," "Starfire and Sunstorm" and "Solar Eclipse" is a next generation story focusing on Vicky Kent.

The Game
Alisha Knight
In this diversion from the second-season episodes "A Bolt from the Blue," "Metallo" and "The Eyes Have It," Clark lets it slip to Lois that she knows his real identity -- and even works with her! So Lois challenges Superman that she'd be able to learn his true identity if he gave her a few little clues. How good at this game will she be?

Game Night -- Matchmaker Chronicle Volume 1C -- C
After their Halloween adventure Jon Kent invites his best friend Hattie Kaplin over for a game night. Hattie doesn't know it, but she comes close to figuring out the family secret after watching a movie with Jon and Lara.

Game, Set, Match
Luthor has a game plan to ensure that Lois will be with him forever. Lois, and fate, have other ideas.

Games People Play
When Clark invites Lois to a college basketball game, is it any surprise that sports bring out her competitive side? But this time, there's more on the line than just the score.

Games People Play
Nan Smith
In the sequel to "Lessons," Lane and Kent set out to discover the real reason for Luthor's hidden bunker under Metropolis. What they find is a danger to Earth as great as that of the Nightfall asteroid.

Gang of Four - Africa Screams
Round Robin
The mysterious Nigerian princess from Clark's past shows up in Metropolis, making Lois more than a little jealous.

Garden of Memories
Fifty-nine years have passed since Lois and Clark exchanged wedding vows at the end of "Stranger In our Midst." Now alone, but still determined to live out the rest of her years productively and surrounded by her family, Lois contemplates life without Clark. But as is usual with this couple, nothing is ever as it seems...

Gateway - Infinity Plus One
Philip Mogul
Descendents of Lois and Clark journey between different dimensions (island universes) and are marooned in a parallel cosmos. The civilization they eventually encounter on their world of isolation is comparable to their home planet of 12,000 years ago. On this new planet, they further discover an isochronal Lois Lane Kent, her husband, Clark, and their children -- all with super abilities.

The Gauntlet
Little Tornado
What if when Lois challenged him, Clark had verbally let her know that he had taken it on? A semi-rewrite of one of the scenes of the Pilot episode.

] Gawain and the Black Knight
Deja Vu
Everyone knows Princess Loisette is a brat. But somehow, things start to change when she meets the stableboy Clarkent.

Geek Humor
Lynn S. M.
If you understand this story, you are probably a geek...

Anne P.
Lois and Clark investigate a murder involving a very unlikely killer. The engaged couple also embark on some "firsts."

Gender Bender
When dealing with alien species, some of the most obvious assumptions might be dead wrong.

Gender Bender
Shayne Terry
In a world where the sexes are reversed, will Louis survive the Congo? Will Clara ever be inspired to become Superwoman?

Gestation -- Human and Kryptonian
Lois and Clark deal with the early days of pregnancy.

Get It Right
404 words (2Kb)
It's Lois and Clark's wedding day and someone close to them has a lot of thoughts on the subject.

Get the Story!
Lois has just met the astounding Superman. And she's going to get the story on him, oh yes! Even her little sister Lucy coming into town won't stop her from getting the story, right?

Getting a Grip
Croctden Dee
After Clark reveals his secret to Lois, she tries to come to terms with what this new knowledge means to her and how it will affect their future lives together.

Getting Away From It All
Pam Jernigan
Clark realizes his abrupt exits are taking a toll on Lois. A romantic revelation story.

Getting Even
Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson
Clark Kent's worst nightmare is sitting outside his front door, waiting to be read. Bending to pick up his morning paper, he realizes Lois Lane just wrote the scoop of the century -- and he's the subject. A T&W challenge.

Getting It Together
At a turning point in their relationship (coinciding with the end of the second season), Lois and Clark experience a range of emotions on a night out, especially after Lois learns Clark has a secret.

Getting Nowhere
Catherine Bruce
It was love at first sight!

Getting to Know Me
Caryn Dunsmore
A self-analysis questionnaire from Lucy makes Lois confront her feelings for that special man in her life.

Getting to Know Us
Caryn Dunsmore
Lois is shocked to discover that Clark had received her answers to Lucy's survey. What will her reaction be to his responses? This is the third story in the author's "Getting To Know..." series.

Getting to Know You
Caryn Dunsmore
When checking his email, Clark is surprised to find an attachment from Lois. Is his relationship with Lois about to change? A sequel to the author's "Getting To Know Me."

Getting To Know You
Nan Smith
This rewrite of the episode "Top Copy" follows the author's "Mystery." Lois learns more about her "super" partner as the two of them deal with Diana Stride's attempt to kill a government witness -- and them as well.

A supernatural figure haunts Lois and Clark in both their waking and sleeping hours.

The Ghost and Kirshner
Shawn V.
Clark is back from New Krypton, but not quite himself. An imp from the fifth dimension -- a huge Beatles fan -- pops in with an offer to make things right again, but first Lois and Clark must perform a little task for him.

Ghost Arrival
Shawn V.
Clark returns to Lois from New Krypton, but in a form neither of them would ever have expected.

Ghost From the Past
137,255 words (760Kb)
When the man she loves vanishes, Lois must mend the pieces of her broken heart on her own. Five years later she comes face to face with the man she thought had died, but has no recollection of the past. When secrets are revealed how will they forgive one another?

The Ghost of Christmas Future
Susan Young
Tempus travels through time as he teaches himself a Dickens-inspired tale.

The Ghost of Christmas Past]
Wendy Richards and David
It's Christmas, but not for Lois Lane. How can she possibly contemplate celebrating when she's still grieving for the man she loves? A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and David.

A Gift for Life
StopQuitDont and Jenni Debbage
When Clark is diagnosed with terminal cancer, Lois suggests a radical plan to save his life. But can their friendship survive the new challenges?

A Gift From Shetland
Chris Carr
A story about growing up and growing old, and what happens when superstition meets Superman.

The Gift of Christmas
The holiday season is once again upon Lois. She's determined to make it one to remember. But what if it doesn't go as planned?

Gift of the Magami
David Schock and Lady Tesser
It's the year 2050 and Lois has been dead for twenty years. Clark has remarried but that only leads to new problems. A Superman story set in a new universe and a crossover between the D.C.U. (comics universe) and Anime. Strongly based on the 1986 Anime movie Project A-ko.

The Gift of Words
Female Hawk
It's Lois's birthday -- and everyone has forgotten. Or have they? A story set in season two.

The Gifts
Lynn S. M.
Lois and Clark find the perfect Christmas presents for each other ... Or do they?

Gimme Shelter
Sue S.
An alternate version of the couch scene in "The Prankster." Lois receives a threatening call from Kyle Griffin and seeks shelter with her best friend.

The Girl Next Door
Janet Owens
Lois Lane has a secret that dates back to the earliest days of her childhood; a secret she's kept all her life. Now a prize-winning reporter for the prestigious Daily Planet newspaper, her safe but solitary existence is shaken up by the arrival of a disturbingly handsome man.

Girls Don't Make Passes
Mary Potts a.k.a. Queen of the Capes
"Lana Lang? Shallow?! Naaah!" A response to the "Glasses" challenge on the message boards.

The Give-Away
Molly P. Flynn
McTropolis is including Superman action figures in its Kiddie Kafeteria meals. The first of the set, dubbed "Lois Lane, Girl Reporter," has Lois fit to chew nails. She's not thrilled with her character's "action" either. Very funny story!

Giving Up and Giving In
Nicole Sullivan
Lois sees that something is different about Clark. And it might be just what she needs to realize what is right in front of her. A WAFFY vignette.

Mary Potts
Superman's having vision problems? Why doesn't he just wear glasses?

Glimpses of Tomorrow
Erin Klingler
For the millionth time, Clark finds himself discouraged and wondering why he has to be so different. Will a glimpse of tomorrow give him the strength to go on?

Global Heartwarming
Terry Leatherwood
92,700 words (505Kb)
Sequel to the author's "She's." Clark doesn't know how to live in a world without Lois Lane until he meets a woman who has suffered her own devastating loss. Together, she and Clark grieve for their loved ones and grow closer along their journey to find healing.

Go Directly To Jail, Do Not Pass Gun, Do Not Collect Revenge: A Plot Un-Twist
Paul-Gabriel Wiener
Lois reacts a little differently to Elroy Sykes's set-up in this Plot Un-twist Challenge response.

Go for Superman
Superman needs a way for people to contact him. But things tend to backfire on him...

Go for the Brass Ring
Joan Powers
Superhero significant others commiserate about their lives at a support group.

Go Softly Into The Night
A distraught Clark reveals more about himself than he intended.

Go With Me on This One
Lois and Clark are involved in a game of make believe again. But how much of it is really pretend?

A Goddess's Life
Anna Botsakou
In this elseworld story, Sydney AKA Lois Lane must marry Rakati, the king of the Hubatis, in order to become a goddess. However, everything changes when the man in blue suddenly appears.

Godzilla's Home
Susan Young
A child's toy tugs at a guilty heart.

Gofer No More?
Lynn S. M.
The Daily Planet is starting up again under the auspices of Franklin Stern. Will its new birth permit Jimmy to realize his dream of becoming a reporter?

Going Her Way
Lois suffers through two very different mornings.

Going Home
Terry Leatherwood
119,412 words (675Kb)
Clark decides to reveal his secret identity to Lois before he proposes, but Lois feels betrayed and forces him out of Metropolis by threatening to reveal the secret to the world. Clark returns to Smallville to live and work, where he finds Rachel Harris waiting for him with an open heart. Now he must choose between the rural-hearted sheriff who loves him openly and the highly volatile city-bound reporter who may hate his very existence.

Going to the Chapel
Pam Jernigan and Sarah Wood
Two really big things are happening in Lois and Clark's life: their current investigation, which could potentially pull the plug on Intergang -- and their imminent wedding. The happy couple hopes these two events don't interfere with each other.

GoldiLois and the Three Bears
Lynn S. M.
Can Lois find something that's juuuuust right? A response to the Fairy Tales Fiction Challenge.

885 words (5Kb)
In honor of Eddie Jones' passing July 8th, 2019. Clark struggles to come to terms with the reality of his father's death.

Gone in a Flash: An Alternate Adventure of Lois and Clark
Betsy R.
An Elseworld story in which Lois and Clark, and a super-hero known as the Guardian, battle to save their universe against an enemy they know only as Chronos. Will they be in time?

Gone the Rainbow
Catherine Bruce
There are things you live for and then there are things you die for. And then there are things you would do both for.

The Good Kind of Argument
Renee Charles
Lois and Clark have a marital spat.

Good Luck Finding Something
1,252 words (7Kb)
Clark Kent has spent his whole life not quite finding what he's been looking for. But now that he's arrived in Metropolis, landed his dream job at the Planet, and fallen in love at first sight ... now he's having trouble finding someplace to live.

A Good Morning
Kristen Wynne
Lois and Clark meet for an early morning breakfast at his apartment and trade banter about the benefits of heat and x-ray vision.

Good Morning, Beautiful
In this sequel to the author's "Standing at the Edge" and "All Alone," Clark spends some quality time with his son and reflects on his new life and family. Inspired by the Steve Holy song by the same name, this is the final story in the New Krypton series.

Good Samaritan
Superman's life is placed in the hands of a stranger when he's felled landing a plane in Washington D.C. But after a harrowing weekend, it may be hard to tell who is saving whom...

Goodbye to Yesterday
Richards, Wendy
Another friend of Clark's reacts to his "death." Story 4 in the Yesterday Series.

Goodnight Lois, Goodnight Clark
A poem in which the author says "goodnight" to all things "Lois & Clark" (because "goodbye" is too hard).

Goodnight Metropolis
They both want to wait up for Clark, but it's late, and Lois Lane Kent finds she must use all her skills in negotiation and misdirection to get her young daughter, Marta (who is just as talented in these areas), ready for bed. A charming "FoLC lullaby."

Shayne Terry
Small towns are infamous for their gossip. Is Clark's "secret" really as secret as he thinks it is?

Got A Way
Richards, Wendy
An alternative take on the ending of the episode "Target: Jimmy Olsen," which assumes that the original script for that episode was actually filmed, and Lois dumped Clark for Dan Scardino. Is all at an end for our favourite couple?

Lois is falling victim to another prankster, but this time it's all in good fun.

Gotham Nights
C. Leuch
In this next installment of the "Dawn of Discovery" series, red kryptonite finds its way to Gotham City, wreaking havok with the resident superheroes, just as a big movie about the Man of Steel is released. Meanwhile, Laura Kent is confronted by growing feelings for her best friend and questions about how he might react if he knew her darkest secrets.

Gotta Love That Chocolate
A supermarket scene that revives the old chocolate vs. Rocky Road debate.

Grandma Lois
Lois deals with her granddaughter learning the family secret.

The Grass is Always Greener...On This Side?
Marnie Rowe
Lois Lane is dissatisfied with elements in her life, fed up and tired. She falls into a restless slumber and, as she sleeps, has some illuminating dreams.

Sometimes even Superman isn't fast enough. #5 in the At First Sight series.

343 words (2Kb)
Clark plans a surprise date for Lois. A Valentine's Day fic. So I thought it'd be appropriate to have a date fic for Valentine's Day. This is pure fluff. No plot whatsoever. I hope everyone enjoys.

The Great Blankie Caper
DocJill and Catherine Bruce
An amusing story in which there is an unusual revelation done by Superman and not Clark, capes are really blankies in disguise, a green chiffon costume is contemplated, pieces of the Suit disappear, and evil geniuses run amok. A multi-authored story by DocJill and Catherine Bruce.

The Great Clarkeny
Mendoza, Maria TB
In this short, humorous story, Lois starts to consider all sorts of far-fetched reasons for Clark's continual disappearing acts.

Great Shades of Elvis
It could be that Perry has said, "Great shades of Elvis!" one time too many, because Elvis has taken to conversing with Perry when no one else is around. Before Perry goes completely around the bend, Lois and Clark must tear themselves away from their cozy new relationship to investigate. Who would want to drive Perry insane, and why? Or has the King just gotten lonesome since he died? A story that picks up where the fanfic "Wheels of Justice" leaves off.

Great Shades of Mayson
Susan Schwartz
A dream involving Mayson helps Lois discover the truth about Clark.

The Greatest Lesson
Sammi Burleigh
What if Lois hadn't known Clark's secret when Tempus kidnapped her to the alternate universe? Would she have been able to figure out the secret on her own, or would she have wound up stranded in the alternate universe without the aid of a Superman? This rewrite of the episode "Tempus, Anyone" gives us a glimpse of what might have happened.

This is an insight into Clark's mind while he is captured in Luthor's kryptonite-cage.

Green Card
Richards, Wendy
Superman has just told Lois Lane that he's from another planet. Unfortunately for Clark, there is a government agency which is quite interested in that information... the INS!

The Green, Green Glow of Home -- Matchmaker Style
What if Sheriff Rachel Harris hadn't been there to shoot Trask when he was about to shoot Clark in the back? What if Sherman hadn't turned on Trask and released Lois. What if Herb had stepped in to help? Let's explore the possibilities.

Green, Green, Glow of Revelation
Sammi Burleigh
What would have happened if everyone had been tied up with Clark in GGGoH? Everyone would have found out his secret, that's what ... Find out more in this fun story.

Green, Green Glow of the Arrow
For some time now, Lois has had suspicions about Clark having another, secret, identity and she's been trying to find out exactly who he is ever since. Will her latest ploy work or will she discover something she wasn't expecting instead?

The Green, Green Haunting of Home
Leatherwood, Terry
Kansas might never be the same for some people after Jason Trask's insanity invaded Smallville. Martha Kent helps Rachel Harris face the aftermath, and in so doing helps herself.

The Green-Eyed Mad Dog
When Lois catches Clark kissing Mayson Drake, she takes immediate action to stop him. Will our favorite duo finally admit their feelings for one another, or will misunderstandings keep them apart?

Green-Eyed Monster
Set in another dimension (but not alt-dimension), Lois works retail while Clark is a delivery man. Can they still find true love? What if canon Tempus visited this Lois and told her that she would fall in love with a 'flying, super strong, super fast Superman' before Superman had yet made his first public appearance? What would she do? A romantic comedy.

Greenest Night
1,361 words (8Kb)
In the aftermath of a long-fought battle on Apokolips, the heroes of the Justice League find themselves in quarantine at S.T.A.R. Labs, where emotions among the league's members are running high.

The Gripe Sheet
Marnie Rowe
Airports, VIPs, bureaucracy, humanity, serious lack of sleep = hilarity?

Grocery List
Mary Potts
A grocery list??? Seriously??? Well, yeah, kind of.

Group 1 - Parts 1 Through 3
Round Robin
Perry orders his star reporters to drum up a story, but nothing seems to be happening in Metropolis, in this round robin called "Hubris and Nemesis." Part 1 is by Ruth Ellison, Part 2 by Michael Reynolds, Part 3 by Rene Gobeyn.

Group 3 - Parts 1 Through 5
Round Robin
A multiauthored tale of the day after the Big Revelation. Part 1 is by Caroline Baker, Part 2 by Diane Elliott, Part 3 by Rhen Brink, Part 4 by Diane Levitan, Part 5 by Cindy Cheung.

Group Therapy
Shayne Terry
Trapped together, several versions of Clark Kent and Superman compare notes, and learn something valuable in the process.

Growing Pains
Ann McBride
This rewrite of the episode "Top Copy" is a sequel to the author's "A Triangle Built for Two" and takes place about three months after "Triangle." It finds Lois and Clark working out a few of the details of their relationship while dealing with the threat that Diana Stride poses to Clark and Superman.

Growing Pains
Crystal Wimmer
A continuation of the author's "Full Circle." Lois gets closer to her and Clark's investigation about missing children than she would have thought, leading to the reappearance of an old enemy. And all of this while looking after their baby, CJ!

Growing Up Super
Sarah Luddy
Emily Kent has it rough. First, her powers are coming in... and they're uncontrollable. Then, she and her brother are sent to Smallville for safety while her parents are on a dangerous assignment, and Emily keeps getting into fights with the school bully. Nobody ever said it was easy being Superman's daughter!

Grown-Up Christmas List
Jana L. Officer
Lois writes her very own Christmas list.

Guardian of Metropolis
Jon B. Knutson
A crimefighter keeps a careful watch on Metropolis -- nope, it's not Superman.

Guess Who's Talking?
Someone's watching Lois ... but who?

A Guest from the Blue
Richards, Wendy
With Lois away on an assignment, Clark is surprised when Lucy shows up on their doorstep. Sensing something is wrong, he invites her to stay, and in the process all three of them learn more about each other -- and themselves.

Tank Wilson
Three years after tragic circumstances, Lois and Clark are still affected. Will they be able to work through their guilt?

Guilt and Longing in Metropolis
Cape Fetish
Clark has a lot to reflect on after the events in the episode "That Old Gang of Mine."

Guilty Until Proven Innocent
ML Thompson
Lois is found guilty by a jury of her peers. Superman is found guilty in the court of public opinion. Will either be vindicated? Or is the world destined to be without both Lois Lane and Superman?

Guilty Until Proven Innocent
Deadly Chakram
Alone in her jail cell, on trial for a murder she didn't commit, Lois reflects.

Guy Rule Number One
27,906 words (154Kb)
What if Lois Lane overheard a conversation about the "Guy Rule" and made one too many assumptions about Clark's relationship with Superman? Set during the episode "Operation Blackout" and after "Church of Metropolis."

Gypsy Clarkie
Marta Olson
Clark must go undercover as a male stripper at a club where female clientele have mysteriously disappeared.