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Observational Skills
He was always in the background, always a friend, always loyal, but Luthor's betrayal affected him too. Just what was Jimmy thinking at the end of Season 1, and just how much did he see?

Karin Tessin
A poem about fans' obsession with L&C and dealing with LCWS.

Superman's having some trouble handling his OCD. It's Lois' job to help him get a handle on it. How does she keep things calm? There's a twist!

The Odd Couple
Craig Byrne and Allison Word
In another effort to destroy Utopia, Tempus travels back in time and teams up with Lex Luthor. Before Clark even steps off the bus in Metropolis, Luthor and Tempus begin to manipulate events to keep Lois and Clark from ever meeting. What will Metropolis be like when "Lane and Kent" never team up? (Episode # 11 of The Unaired Fifth Season)

Ode to the Boards
Erica Dias
A little ode to describe the author's appreciation for the Lois & Clark Fanfic boards.

An Ode to Toy Story
Sharon Brown
The episode "Toy Story" as seen through the eyes of an enraptured viewer.

Of a Dying Breed
One of the gang takes a look back as he takes over the top spot.

Of Bombs, Falls & Angel Wings
Mary Lovee Varni
An alternative beginning to Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

Of Elves and Men
Mary Potts
A response to the "Lois Elfs Herself Challenge" on the Fanfic Message Boards.

Of Smelly Rodents and Grey-Haired Women
What would have happened if Clark had been affected by the Space Rats for as long as Lois?

Offending Maggie
Tara Smith
A follow-up to the author's "Writers Block" and a companion piece to her upcoming "Threads of Confusion" (Voyager/L&C crossover). Maggie is back, and upset about all the script changes being forced on her!

Office Tango
Ruth Ellison
Clark has just inherited Perry's office, and Lois takes time off from her busy job to pay him a visit -- and slip in some quality time.

The Office Visit
Tank Wilson
Lex Luthor attempts to solicit the investigative skills of Lois Lane to find out more information about a certain flying strange visitor in Metropolis.

Oh, Baby
Mary Potts
"Clark Kent," Cat Grant announced, causing all of their colleagues to look up, "I'm pregnant. And you're the father."

Oh, Give Me A Home
Jeff Brogden
It's Christmas time, but not all is 'calm and bright' in Smallville. The Kents have a new neighbor, and there are many more changes in store for the family. Episode 11 of S5.

Oh Hover Boy
Johnson, Kristin
Having been married for only a few weeks, Lois finds yet another thing she must get used to about her alien husband.

Oh, Mann!
Karen Ward
What did Jimmy see when he interrupted Lois and Clark's "little interlude" during the episode "Super Mann"? Read on to find out!

Oh, Rats (A Christmas Story)
When a 10-year-old boy finds some Atomic Space Rats in his grandmother's attic, he's not content to leave them in their factory-sealed packaging, and he soon sets off a chain of crazy events.

Oh Well, I Tried
Anne Spear
What if Lois forced Clark to tell her where he was at the end of the episode "The Eyes Have It"? This 30-minute-challenge lets us find out.

Oh, What a Wicked Web We Weave
Jennifer Baker
Superman is accused of having an affair with the wife of Clark Kent! How will Lois and Clark keep the secret?

Old Flame
It seems like there is a bit of unfinished business between Lois and an old flame. Find out if they decide to stoke the embers of a past relationship.

The Old Shell Game
Joel Schuldt
What happens when Clark's powers are switched with those of ... Captain Marvel? Find out in the tenth installment of the author's Saga series.

On My Dreams
Richards, Wendy
Clark's teasing words to Lois in the episode "The Prankster" that if she was married she'd be less likely to be troubled by stalkers come back to him with a vengeance...

On Plot Reuse, or Maybe Four Seasons Were Enough
Lynn S. M.
This story is a projection of what a season five episode might have been like, given the increasing reliance on plot reuse and ever-more-unbelievable plot lines in seasons three and four.

On the Bright Side
Laura Davies
Lois and Clark meet -- Monty Python? This small moment of madness is definitely not to be taken seriously.

On the Long Way Down
166,470 words (906Kb)
Dashing, duplicitous, dangerous--billionaire Clark Kent may have more than one skeleton in his closet and several women on his heels, but he's always been single-minded in his goal: to destroy Lex Luthor. All that changes when he meets Luthor's girl. Torn between revenge and stealing Lois Lane's heart, Clark must decide what means more to him before it all comes crashing down in this anti-verse tale.

On the Other Hand
Metropolis University freshmen Lois Lane and Clark Kent are destined to meet, but are they destined to fall in love? Set in the early twenty-first century, will they end up together or will Utopia have to find another way?

On the Turn of a Card
Nan Smith
Important events often depend on very tiny choices. In this rewrite of "That Old Gang Of Mine" find out how things might have been if Lois had reacted in a slightly different way at Georgie Hairdo's gambling parlor.

The Once and Future King
Lois and Clark in a different time and place.

Once in a Lifetime
Vincent Pai
When Clark (as Superman) declares his love for Lois at the end of the episode "Pheromone, My Lovely," the response he gets is not quite what he hoped for...

Once Upon a Dream...
Another retelling of Season 2's "Wall of Sound"; this time Clark's a lunkhead and Lois is love-blind. Romantic comedy.

Once Upon a Time
Lynn S. M.
A super-short ficlet in response to the "Kiss Me Quick" first line challenge on the Lois & Clark message board.

Once Upon a (Weird) Birthday
Clark finally gets his birthday party ... but this time, it's not a surprise.

The One
Margaret Brignell
Clark travels the globe, going from one newspaper to the next, always looking for a place where he can fit it in ... and the one who'll make him want to stay -- if she even exists. An exploration of what Clark's life was like before he came to Metropolis.

One Big Happy Family
Renee Charles
After a dozen years of marriage, Lois and Clark are still lovey-dovey, which is an endless source of embarrassment to their children. Things hum along until it seems the kids might blow Superman's cover to Mayson Drake.

One Blinding Moment
A blind Superman asks Lois if he could spend the night at her place. What will she do?

One Defective Bulb
Sue S.
Written for the 2007 Christmas ficathon. Lois goes to replace the light bulb that mysteriously blew out at the marina condo.

One Good Turn: A Haircut Challenge Story
Tank Wilson
Cat Grant, Lois Lane, and petty rivalry are a bad enough combination. Add alcohol to the mix, and you never know what might happen. Well, it's a Tank story, so maybe you do.

One Last Time, I Love You
Gallant, Missy
On his first Valentine's Day alone after Lois's death, Clark receives a comforting delivery.

One Leg at a Time
Lynn S. M.
A letter to the editor of the Daily Planet to express concern over public reaction to Superman.

One Life to Choose
After Lois's reported death, Clark decides to start a new relationship. Are Lois and Clark destined to be together?

One Lifetime
Deadly Chakram
1,597 words (9Kb)
A lifetime of love is more than enough for Clark.

One Man Can Change the World
Gerry Anklewicz
Lois and Clark attend a Passover seder. The ensuing discussion puts a new light on Superman's role.

One Mistake: Part 1
Letitia Logan
The appearance of an old friend causes sparks to fly. Part 1 of a 3-part series.

One Mistake: Part 2
Letitia Logan
Subtitled "It's Over," this story picks up where "One Mistake" left off. Part 2 of a 3-part series.

One Mistake: Part 3
Letitia Logan
After a foolish mistake causes drastic changes in the life of Lois and Clark, a more serious threat enters their lives. Part 3 of a 3-part series, this story is subtitled "Together."

One Morning
Tank Wilson
Who's sleeping in Lois's bed?

One Night
Lois accepts Clark's proposal of marriage but takes it back when she remembers that she loves Superman more.

One Slip
Janet Owens
He's fallen in love with her at first sight... but is she really the right one for him? Is it true love, or just a momentary lapse of reason?

One Small Detail
Female Hawk
A good newsman notices detail.

... One Step Back
Lois and Clark's relationship seems stuck in a holding pattern. Can they ever escape from it?

One Suit, Two Suit, Red Suit, Blue Suit
Caroline Baker
A Lois and Clark poem written in the style of Dr. Suess.

One Super Child Can Change a World
In this alt-world story, a bitter Clark Kent, with the help of Lois Lane, fights a man who would destroy him, as well as the internal demons of his childhood in his struggle to build himself into a superhero and reconstruct his personal life.

One Super Date
Paul-Gabriel Wiener
When Superman asks Lois out on a date, it seems like a dream come true. Over the course of this humorous story, however, she discovers that her dream date may not be the man she thinks...

The One That Got Away
Kathy Brown
Clark takes it hard when he receives bad news about an old friend, which convinces Lois that this woman must have been "the one that got away." A Charity Fanzine story.

One Way Down
Clark discovers his most amazing ability yet.

The One Where Everyone Finds Out
818 words (5Kb)
Clark Kent can't seem to understand how in the world everyone close to him now knows he is Superman...including Ralph. Have Clark's secret-keeping capabilities finally bit the dust or is there something more going on?

The One Where Lois and Clark Make Some New Friends: A Birthday Fic for Annette
Carol M. and Missy G.
Thinking Lois has chosen Dan over him, Clark has moved on... to New York. His new apartment is conveniently close to Central Perk, a popular place to gather. And there, he meets some new friends... A multiauthored story by Carol M. and Missy G.

The One Thing I've Kept...
Mary Potts
When a man has truly lost everything, what's left for him to keep?

Only a Dream
Jennilyn Lazo
After their wedding, Lois and Clark have a dream of a reception.

Only a Fairy Tale
At a diplomatic function, Captain Kirk is told a fairy tale -- or is it?

Only Human
Erica Dias
Truth hits her and a decision has to be taken. One that will change her entire life.

Only in My Dreams
Lois has finally realized that she is in love with her partner -- Clark Kent. Unfortunately, he is giving her the cold shoulder, and Lois has not the slightest idea why. Could Mayson be the one who is responsible for his strange behavior? Maybe going undercover as a married couple to test a hotel will help our favorite couple to resolve their problems.

The Only One
In this WAFFy vignette, Lois's jealousy over Mayson is getting to Clark, so he decides to do something about it.

Only Superman
Richards, Wendy
After Clark saves her life in Al Capone's gambling den, Lois has to come to terms with a shocking discovery.

Only When I Sleep
Richards, Wendy
Lois realises that she'll lose her best friend if she marries Lex.

Only Yesterday
Richards, Wendy
Lois writes a painful letter to Clark. Story 1 in the Yesterday Series.

Only You: If Only
Margaret Brignell
From the author who has brought us several excellent fanfics about Clark's pre-Metropolis days comes a companion story -- the story of the Alternate Universe's Clark's childhood.

Only You: Promise
Margaret Brignell
What was the Alternate Universe Clark's life like before joining the Daily Planet? The second part in the author's "Only You" series, and a continuation of part one, "Only You: If Only."

Only You: Recall
Margaret Brignell
The Clark Kent of the Alternate Universe starts work at the Daily Planet. Will life in Metropolis with Lana be enough for him? Or will a visitor show him what he's been missing? This is the third part in the author's "Only You" series, and a continuation of Part 2, "Only You: Promise."

Only You: Reality
Margaret Brignell
Part 4 of the author's wonderful ongoing Only You series. While Lois is attempting to regain her life (and her memory) due to her time in the Congo, a vengeful Lana Lang slanders Superman and his "relationship" with Lois. But can a relationship between the two actually begin??

Only You: Fantasy
Margaret Brignell
The final installment in the "Only You" series. Lois and Clark struggle to find themselves and each other. But will Metropolis allow them?

Oolong Tea
One emotional night, after she's cried through "An Affair to Remember," Lois receives a visit from Superman. She decides it's finally time to break the news to him about her feelings for Clark.

Tank Wilson
Lucy is visiting, and well, oops...

Rain Elizabeth Day
Lois and Clark are both vying for spots on an important military press conference -- but a drug test is required. Clark's in a jam unless Lois can come through with her offer to donate a sample. Shouldn't be any harm in that, right?

Oops: The Destruction of Utopia

220Kb ML Thompson
Lois and Clark leap into their past -- a perfect chance to make things right. There's only one little problem: if they change anything, Utopia could be destroyed. Will they figure things out in time or is this the end of Lois and Clark?

Oops, Did I Forget to Mention...?
Tank Wilson and Wendy Richards
Lois and Clark are married, and are thinking about having a family. Unfortunately, Clark's Kryptonian physiology causes a slight hiccup in this process, one which Zara and Ching completely forgot to warn him about... The seventh in a series of collaborations by these two writers.

Operation: Cupid
Deadly Chakram
Valentine's Day can be depressing when you are single. Luckily for Lois, Clark is determined to change her mind about that.

Operation: Magical Place
Eboni Briscoe
Perry and Sam make plans to give Lois, Clark, Jimmy and Lucy a romantic get-away.

Ordinary Like This: An L&C vignette
Betsy R.
An angry Clark reveals more than he planned, and his actions force Lois to face a few facts she'd rather avoid in this season one vignette.

Ordinary Lovers
A familiar conversation takes an unfamiliar turn. Two extraordinary people discuss their ordinary worries.

An Ordinary Man
Richards, Wendy
When Lois and Superman are taken hostage by Nigel St. John and then left to die, they soon discover more about each other -- and themselves -- than they ever expected.

The Ordinary Man
Superman callously rejected Lois' love when she offered her heart and more to him during the episode "Barbarians at the Planet." But what happened next? And more specifically, what could have happened if Lois hadn't accepted his snide remarks lying down?

Ordinary People
Mary Wallace
Jimmy Olsen feels nobody gives him any respect at the Daily Planet, so he's going to try for a job at the Star as a cub reporter. Pursuing an idea for a Superman interview, Jimmy finds himself in a scrape with gangsters.

Ordinary People: Part 2
Kerri Sismilich
What would have happened that night Lois and Clark were stranded on Spencer Spencer's island if the bad guys had never showed up? Here's a little continuation of the episode "Ordinary People." Hint: steamy story.

Ordinary Superheroes
Joy Moony
H.G. Wells pays a visit to our favorite couple, and for once he just wants to talk.

Origins, or, How Jar-Jar Binks Saved Superman
Annie B.
Jar-Jar Binks, the most hated character in "Star Wars," comes to Earth to team up with Lex Luthor in an attempt to fix his shattered galaxy, but Lex has his own agenda. Inspired by Lynn S.M.'s Star Wars/LnC Crossover challenge, and by a comment by Suggs_With_a_Box.

Orphan Dreams
Shayne Terry
An orphan learns of a connection with the Man of Steel.

The Other Lois
Nicole Wolke
Alt-Clark, returning to his own dimension to confront the emptiness of life without Lois, decides to do some research on Lois's disappearance. Could Lex Luthor be involved? Is Lois really dead?

The Other Shoe
Sue S.
Lois and Clark dating? Check. Lois being plucky and resourceful? You betcha. Clark testing the ethical limits of his super abilities? In big and little ways. Flirting? Uh-huh. Kissing? Sure! Action on a couch? Oh, baby, yes. Angst? Bring it! This story has a little bit of everything but an A-plot. Well, okay, maybe there's a tiny hint of one, but it's more decorative than functional.

The Other Woman - Part 1
ML Thompson
What if Tempus never altered the events of the alternate universe? Perry White would be editor of the Daily Planet. Clark Kent would have married Lana Lang. There would be no Superman. Now imagine that Lois Lane returns to Metropolis ... (Part one of a two-part series.)

The Other Woman - Part 2
ML Thompson
What if Tempus never altered the events of the alternate universe? Perry White would be editor of the Daily Planet. Clark Kent would have married Lana Lang. There would be no Superman. Now imagine that Lois Lane returns to Metropolis ... (Part two of a two-part series.)

Our Happy Ending
Pam Jernigan
Lois has officially disappeared, and Clark is officially homeless... but Lyn and Joe have finally found a way to be together. They face the acid test: will any of her former colleagues see through Lyn's disguise?

Our Lady of Ni
There's an art to breaking and entering...and there's an even bigger art to getting caught.

Our Little Dilemma
Pam Jernigan
Everyone knows Clark Kent is Superman. Everyone knows Lois Lane has left town. What Lois and Clark *wish* they knew is a way for them to be together... without everyone knowing. Fifth in the "My" series.

Out From Under the Blue
Marnie Rowe
A rusty nail, a strong gust of wind, a subconsciously significant purchase; these, combined with a pool with high board, all conspire to reveal more than Clark intends....

Out of Control
Gina Blank
Clark surprises his fiancee with a roller-blading date.

Out of Her Element
What happens when Lois is stuck in India, feeling completely out of her element?

Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Tank Wilson and Wendy Richards
An old enemy of Lois and Clark's plots a devastating means of bringing about the return of yet another enemy. Can Lois survive? (Another in the series of Tank and Wendy challenge fic)

Out of Superman's Hands
Andrea Lynn Dunham
After Clark gave a flimsy excuse to run off and save someone as Superman, Lois was involved in a serious car wreck. Clark doesn't know if she'll pull through, and he blames himself for not being there. A story that would have occurred instead of "Whine Whine Whine" in the Lois & Clark universe.

Out of Time
ML Thompson
This is a ghost story wherein Clark Kent haunts his former partner as they try to find out who killed Superman. But once they get closer to the truth, they both become haunted by a new spectre: will they will get a second chance or are they 'Out of Time'?

Outrageous Intentions
Tank Wilson
Starting out with the intimate conversation in the episode "Virtually Destroyed," this fanfic veers off "into a twilight zone of illogic and the absurd." A funny what-if.

Over My Head
3,463 words (19Kb)
What would have happened in the episode "Pheromone My Lovely" had Clark not barged into the bedroom offering himself up to Lois, but rather waited her out to determine how to handle the events that had transpired over the last two days?

Owls Over Metropolis
Marcus L. Rowland
On his eleventh birthday Lois Lane's son is expecting a very important message... An 100-word Harry Potter / Lois & Clark crossover drabble, no spoilers for Harry Potter or Lois and Clark.

Owls Over Metropolis 2: Frog Day Afternoon
Marcus L. Rowland
When Clark notices Lois eating frogs, he jumps to all the wrong conclusions. Sequel to "Owls Over Metropolis."