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Claimed in the Congo: An Alt-Lois and Clark Adventure
H.G. Wells offers to take Alt-Clark back to find Alt-Lois, who had been lost in the Congo on a story. Their kismet meeting is the start of something wonderful, but they have a few things to learn along the way.

A Clandestine Disclosure
After having Lois slam the door in his face after their first date, Clark gets brave enough to ask for another one. Will this one work out better?

Total Grins
Clark has something important he needs to tell Lois.

Clark 2.0
Lynn S. M.
Clark is angsting over how to tell Jimmy about himself. When Clark rejects all of Lois' serious suggestions, she comes up with a humorous one.

After Clark runs off once again, Lois puts her feelings on paper -- or, more accurately, on the computer screen. Find out just why Jimmy suggested to Clark that a flak jacket might be appropriate attire for the occasion.

Clark ... Who?
Margaret Brignell
Lois Lane is not happy. Not only does her boss ignore her hunches about sabotage in the space program -- he says he can't afford to give her a raise. But somehow he finds it in the budget to hire some new guy, a hack from Nowheresville. Things aren't looking up at home, either, with her sister always harping on Lois' lack of a love life. This is a story that relates the events of the pilot episode ... completely from Lois' perspective.

Clark and Lois: The Alternate Adventures
Audrey Rempel
The Clark Kent of the alternate Earth is feeling pretty low. Not only has the secret of his alien origins become public, but he's lost his fiancee, Lana Lang. Even worse, he's lost Lois Lane to her rightful dimension. In this extrapolation of the episode "Tempus, Anyone?" the alternate Clark makes it his mission to find out what happened to the Lois Lane of his world.

Clark and Lois -- Despair to Hope -- Matchmaker Chronicle Volume 4
This is the second story in the "Clark and Lois arc"; it follows "Lost Years." When Alt Lois was shot by the rebel, there were two possible outcomes: 1) she lived, 2) she died. In this story we return to the Alt canon universe where Lois died. As he tries to cope with her death, a chance remark by a friend reminds Alt Clark that there are many Lois Lanes in the multi-verse. Clinging to this hope, with Herb's help Alt Clark embarks on a series of missions to other universes while the resources of TTEMPO search for a Lois without a Clark.

Clark and Lois -- Hope Realized -- Matchmaker Chronicle Volume 5
After performing his own version of the twelve labors of Hercules, H.G. Wells finally transfers Alt-Clark to a universe where there is a Lois without a Clark, but it is up to Alt-Clark to form a relationship with her. How and why did this Lois lose her Clark? Can Alt-Clark just step into his shoes and take his place?

Clark and Lois -- The Lost Years Matchmaker Chronicle Volume 3
As Alt Clark and Herb are leaving canon Lois and Clark at the end of "Lois and Clarks," Herb offers his services in the search for Alt Lois. Herb moves Alt Clark into the past so that he can unite with Lois as she proceeds with the investigation, but things don't work out exactly as Herb planned.

Clark and Lois -- Two Universes -- Matchmaker Chronicle Volume 7
This is part 4 of the Clark and Lois arc. Alt-Clark and his new Lois are dealing with Luckabee in one universe and Luthor in the other and use what they learn in each universe to help solve the problem in the other. Along the way they save a little girl's life and rescue Jack and Denny from the mean streets.

Clark and Lois -- When Worlds and Universes Collide -- Matchmaker Chronicle Volume 8
When representatives from New Krypton arrive looking for Kal-El -- worlds collide. When the trial-by-combat starts to keep it from being too lopsided, universes collide when Herb brings in auxiliaries from other universes.

Clark and the Beanstalk - a Lois & Clark fairy tale
Meredith Knight
Clark lives on the family farm with Martha, a crippled Jonathan and a mountain of debt. One day, in true fairy-tale tradition, a complete stranger offers him a gift: the plans for a magical device which will take Clark to another universe, where he will find his "heart's desire."

A Clark by Any Other Name
Amy Heins
A simple investigation into a truck crash and a murder leads to several pleasant results -- including a friend for Lois and a deeper relationship between Lois and Clark.

The Clark Came Back
Artiste Sixty-Two
Picking up after the episode "Big Girls Don't Fly," Lois is depressed at the thought of never seeing Clark again.

Clark Equals Superman?
What if Lois *had* seen the note on the front of the card at the end of Tempus Fugitive? And what if her message wasn't quite as clear as she had thought it was?

Clark Flew Home
Katie Green
A story that details what might have happened after the ending scene of the episode "Metallo," when Superman brushed off Lois and told her that she and Clark were lucky to have each other.

Clark Gable He's Not
Lauren M
A night watching one of her favorite movies leaves Lois with some interesting thoughts.

Clark Gets Some Visitors
Tank Wilson
While Lois is waiting for Clark at his apartment, she is surprised by who visits Clark.

Clark Kent's So-Called Life
Renee Charles
A what-if story that explores what might have happened if Clark had settled down with Mayson Drake.

Clark Kent, the Red-Caped Kryptonian
Emily M. Hanson
A response to the Christmas Filk Challenge on the Fanfic Messageboards.

Clark Kent, This Is Your Life
Carla Humbert
A look at what might have been, in an alternate reality, between Clark and Mrs. Kent.

Clark Kent, This Is Your Life
Mixed-up Clarks. One Lana. Two Loises. Add in a couple of universes, a pair of scientists, and you get one big mess. Will everyone find their way home? Read on and find out.

Clark Kent 101 -- A Handbook
A handbook for an alt-Lois to understand her alt-Clark better.

Clark Kent vs. Superman
Lois, Clark, and Superman make for an interesting love triangle, but what if there was another Superman? Could she be in love with one of them? Two of them? Maybe when the dust settles she finds her heart belonging to a certain mild-mannered reporter? (Not an Alt-Clark story)

Clark Kent's Biggest Secret (But Not That One!)
Laura S.
Clark Kent has a secret and Lois Lane is determined to figure it out. So one apartment break-in later, she's got her answer -- right? A continuation based on the last scene of the episode "The Ides of Metropolis."

The Clark Letters
A series of dialogues between FoLCs and our esteemed hero Clark Kent -- together with a few interruptions from his wife, Lois Lane. Amalgamated from a conversation on Zoomway's message boards.

Clark Pops the Question
Nancy Merckle
On the anniversary of their "almost first date," Clark nervously prepares to ask Lois to marry him.

Clark Stays Over
Melissa Dore
When Clark's apartment house burns down, Lois invites him to stay at her place ... and discovers that her feelings toward Clark are more than friendly. She asks Superman to protect Clark -- and also to secretly help her find the arsonist.

Clark Tells Lois the Truth
Michael Williams
A short revelation scenario.

Clark Uncaged
CC Aiken
In the conclusion to the Un-series, starting with "Lois Unbuttoned" and continued with "Superman Undone," Clark Kent contemplates taking off his glasses and showing Lois the "real" him. But will the truth really set him free?

Clark With Children
Philip Mogul
This Elsewhere Tale waxes philosophical in its exploration of good vs. evil. We see Clark as a new age Renaissance Man, battling the insidious iniquity of the nefarious Lex Luthor. The story is written in the same genre as the author's "Two From Beyond," but it is a complete story in itself, taking place in its own unique universe.

A Clark Within Her Heart
Gina Blank
Zara and Ching return to Earth with bad news for Lois. A continuation of the episode "Big Girls Don't Fly."

Clark's Bedtime Stories
Erin Klingler
When Lois climbs into bed beside her husband one night, she's surprised to see a huge stack of papers beside him. Apparently, Clark's found a wonderful, fascinating Internet site called ''.

Clark's Birthday
Katie Green
Lois has to choose between her cousin's baby shower or a date with Clark on his birthday.

Clark's Card
Lynn S. M.
On his first anniversary married to Lois, Clark writes her a card.

Clark's Chocolate-Covered Eyes
Alicia U.
Some FoLC fanfic traditions are given new life in this tongue-in-cheek vignette.

Clark's Dead. Not Dead. Dead.
Alicia U.
After Clark is shot by Clyde Barrow, did he die? Is he alive? Or is he really dead? Only Lois can tell in this ToGoM ("That Old Gang of Mine") spoof.

Clark's Decision
Joseph Barrow
Clark Kent agonizes over a decision about a promotion. What does he tell Perry ... and why?

Clark's Heart
Deadly Chakram
The Man of Steel faces a health crisis unlike anything he's ever faced before, and it may just kill him.

Clark's Idea: A Plot Untwist Challenge Vignette
Clark and Lois find some better things to do than fight crime in this Plot Untwist Challenge vignette.

Clark's Lament: A Filk
Lynn S. M.
A filk to be sung to the tune of "The Man on the Flying Trapeze."

Clark's Pet Peeve
Paul-Gabriel Wiener
Coming home from a date with Lois, Clark is surprised to find another woman waiting for him. A "Guess the Author" challenge story.

Clark's Response
B.B. Medos
In this sequel to the story "Lois' Revenge," Clark shows his frito. :-)

Clark's Secret
Alicia U.
On a visit to Smallville, Clark is embarrassed when his mother reveals some childhood secrets to Lois.

Clarkus Maximus
Deadly Chakram
Tempus is at it again! This time, he's abducted Lois and Clark and left them in ancient Greece. With H.G. Wells nowhere in sight, they must turn to Xena: Warrior Princess for help. But what happens when Clark is captured by gladiator traders?

A Clean Break
Mary Potts
Classic heroines never really disappear, as proven in this fun vignette.

Clearing the Air
1,697 words (9Kb)
After the events of the episode "Fly Hard," Lois Lane has a few words for a certain partner of hers in private. (Part of the "Muddying the Waters" series)

Clearing the Record
In 1996, Perry White, editor of the Daily Planet, makes a visit to Smallville, bringing along a surprise visitor for Martha and Jonathan Kent.

A Clone by Any Other Name
Tank Wilson
If Lois' clone had survived, what might she have turned to in order to make a separate life for herself? This little throwaway vignette offers one possibility.

Close Encounters of the Chocolate Kind
Michele Savage
A story in which Lois and Clark watch an action movie, eat chocolate ice cream, and battle over a bottle of chocolate syrup.

Closer Contact: A Plot Untwist Challenge Story
Clark's traditional liking for Lois inadvertently gets her out of a sticky situation in this Plot Untwist Challenge vignette.

A Closet Encounter
Meredith Knight
What will happen when Lois and Clark find themselves stuck in a closet during their latest investigation?

Cloud Nine
Janet Owens
Clark has moved to Metropolis, and has the job of his dreams at the Daily Planet. He's also met the woman of his dreams. But that has caused an unexpected side effect...

Cloud on My Tongue
Rachel T.
The player: Lana Lang. The battlefield: Metropolis, New Troy. The prize: Clark Kent. The competition: Lois Lane, his fiance. The rules: None.

Cloudyeyes Meets Superman
Katie Green
A poem in which Superman meets up with another flying entity.

Code of Honor
In this LnC/JAG crossover, suspicious deaths at a veterans' hospital are investigated by two undercover reporters from the Daily Planet and also by officers from Jag Headquarters. Which team will uncover the truth first?

Coffee at the Bakery
Lois and Clark have a strange encounter in a mysterious coffee shop. But who or what is Superman? (Part of the Planes Series)

Coffee or Tea: That is the Question
Alicia U.
Lois knows best, at least when it comes to which beverage to choose.

Coffee With Clark
Sara Kraft
2,714 words (15Kb
What if Lois had second thoughts about slamming the door in Clark's face... right after she'd done it instead of the following night? Is there any way to un-slam a door? A "Lucky Leon" episode fix-it scene!

Coin Toss
Just why did Clark leave Borneo? And how did he end up in Metropolis?

Cold and Blood
A drabble for the Cold and Blood challenge.

Cold and Blood
He desperately wants to save her, but she won't be saved. Is it really too late? A response to Queen of the Capes' opening line challenge.

Cold and Blood
Cold and Blood, a short drabble to the challenge lines.

Cold and Blood
Kathy Brown
Written for the "Cold and Blood" opening line challenge.

Cold Feet
Lois gets cold feet the eve of her wedding and turns to her best friend.

Cold Fire
An action-based story with "guest appearances" from a familiar superhero, Spiderman, and a couple of probably-familiar villains too. Peter Parker and Jimmy Olsen team up to solve a mystery in Metropolis, with an able assist from Lois, Clark, and of course, the big guy in the blue suit.

Cold Lake
Lois Lane will do whatever it takes to get an interview with Superman -- even if it means following him to the most unusual places.

Cold Pasta
Bhavani Rao
A sequel to the fanfic "Sweet Wine." Lois reflects on her previous evening with Clark.

The Cold Shoulder
Leatherwood, Terry
In the episode "And The Answer Is," Lois survives being frozen by Superman with no lasting ill effects. In this alternate ending story, she experiences some severe side effects ... effects which change her relationship with Clark forever.

Collateral Damage
51,454 words (286Kb)
In the conclusion to the "What the Hey" series, Lois and Clark go head to head with a mysterious new enemy as an unknown superhero makes her way to Metropolis. Is everything as it seems or is there more to the story? (Part 3 of 3)

The Collection
A rich heiress wants to add one more prize to her "one-of-a-kind" collection -- Superman

College Tempus
When Tempus goes back in time to destroy Utopia, an unexpected event changes his perspective.

Combined Powers
20,882 words (112Kb)
Clark is stuck in Zorro's time. He needs to find his Lois, but while Clark is there, Victoria disappears also. Clark needs to convince Zorro to work together in order to save the women they love more than life itself. Follow Clark (Superman) and Zorro on their adventure. A crossover between *New World Zorro* and *Lois & Clark*. There is no need to be familiar with Lois and Clark!

Come Back to Me
Forbes, Allison K.
Clark comes home from New Krypton eager to be reunited with Lois, only to find that she is not the same Lois he left behind him some months earlier.

Come Spy With Me
Jimmy's father, Jack, is back, seeking Lois and Clark's help. Someone in the NIA has turned traitor, selling off super-secret weapons, some of them even designed to kill Superman. The group flies off to South America to inspect a weapons cache there.

Comfortable As An Old Shoe
Lara E. Taylor
Shortly before their wedding, Lois worries that she and Clark have never truly let down their guards around each other. Clark's proposed solution? That they spend an evening in ... being truly comfortable.

The Comicbook
Mary Potts
Just what are Superman comics like in Metropolis, anyway?

Coming Home
Clark is back from New Krypton, but he's changed.

Coming of Age
When Superman trades himself for three children held as hostages, he doesn't count on the terrorists figuring out that one of them is Clark Kent's young daughter. Now both Clark and Beth are in danger and things are looking grim. Fortunately, there is another Kent child ready to face his heritage ... and his destiny.

Coming of Age
Lois and Clark meet when they're teenagers. Will they make irreparable mistakes? Or will they eventually come of age?

Coming Out of the Closet
Emily M. Hanson
Twenty-five years after Superman's first appearance, Clark decides he's tired of keeping his secret. But will his decision to come out of the closet meet with interference?

Daniel S. Chen
A take-off on celebrity AT&T commercials with Ma and Pa Kent -- two people who know how to give telephones a real workout.

Commercial Break
Ellen Garnett and Debby Stark
If you didn't have a chance to tune in to the 1998 Kerth Awards Ceremony held on IRC, you missed a good time. But, never fear! Here are the commercial breaks, written with the FoLCs in mind. Get your tongue planted firmly in your cheek and get reading!

Angee Khan
Lois insists on keeping the secret of her pregnancy from her coworkers at the Daily Planet so that she can continue working.

The Company Picnic
Lois takes advantage of a company picnic to do a little flirting with her handsome partner. But will it lead to her learning a secret?

Completely Yours
Lois knows Clark's secret, and they seem to be an item, but Lois notices that Clark is emotionally and physically distancing himself from her. While she agonizes over the problem, Martha calls to lend a sympathetic ear.

Compromises & Reunions
Discussing the constant stream of interruptions that play havoc with their quality time, Lois had jokingly suggested to her fiance that they move in together. Now all they have to do is make room in Clark's apartment for Lois' furniture -- and overcome their shyness and frayed nerves.

Computer Glitch
Shannon Berg and Lisa Stankiewicz
Lois and Clark's adopted teenaged daughters meet Jaxon Xavier in the virtual world. Will the computer wizard succeed in exacting revenge on Lois and Clark?

Computer Whiz's Genius
Lois is trapped in Jaxon's virtual world, with Jimmy and Superman working as fast as they can to rescue her, when Superman gets the surprise of his life. The fifth and final story in a collection of vignettes based on the same premise as the author's "Unexpected Visitor."

A Concubine's Story
B. Huang
An unfortunate concubine escapes from her master and tries to adjust to human life. Will she adjust or is her fate to be taken back to New Krypton with her cruel master?

The Confession
Emerald Shine
When Lois catches Clark coming out of the shower with his hair slicked back and no glasses on (he's wearing a towel!), well, he's got some major splainin' to do.

The Confession
Richards, Wendy
Lois is in mourning after she watched Clark killed in "That Old Gang Of Mine" ... but a knock on her door gives her the surprise of her life.

Confessions eine schwere Entscheidung
Clark chooses not to meet Lois as Superman anymore, but he has to say good-bye at least....

Conflict of Interest
David Schock
With her husband away on a mission with the Justice League, the only thing standing between Lois Lane and a crazed super-powered Meta human is the one other woman who is in love with her husband -- a woman who has a conflict of interest. A teamup story between Lois and Wonder Woman strongly based on the current DCU (comics universe).

The Confrontation
A continuation of the episode "And the Answer Is..." that has Lois upset with the order in which Clark chose to make his declarations.

A Confused Woman's Feelings
Anna Botsakou
Lois is trying to realize what she's feeling after Clark's proposal. A fic for the BatP/HoL ("Barbarians at the Planet"/"House of Luthor") Challenge.

The Congo Coma
Amnah Johnson
After a year of searching, Alt-Clark finds his Lois. But has he found her in time?

Connected at the Heart
Lois contemplates life without her soulmate.

Connections: An Alternate Story
Carol Malo
In the alternate universe, Clark Kent's struggle to lead a normal life after becoming Superman becomes more complicated when he discovers he's been under surveillance by three separate individuals, each with a different agenda.

480 words (3Kb)
Clark can't ever refuse Lois, even if it means...

Conquered Insecurities
Tempus thinks of a cunning plan to ensure that Clark Kent will never get together with Lois Lane: let Lois find out a certain secret very early in their relationship.

Conscience Loops
This vignette is a rewrite of the argument Lois and Clark had about Mayson in the conference room, in the season II episode "Church of Metropolis." With a twist!

A Conscious Choice
Richards, Wendy
A close call brings Lois and Clark (as Superman) into close quarters, and into an even stickier, steamier situation. Clark makes a choice, and things are soon spiraling out of his control. Will he be able to remedy the situation before it destroys his relationship with Lois?

A Conscious Choice: The Morning After
Richards, Wendy
In this sequel to the author's "A Conscious Choice," Lois and Clark continue their relationship, but struggle over how go public with the news.

Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson
What if, one night, Superman really was too late to help Lois? NB: This is a T&W Challenge Fic, so things *may* not be as bad as they sound!

Nan Smith
Following the author's "The Sting," Marta Kent and Susie Jones face each other in court.

The Consequences of a Stakeout
Lois gets mad at Clark for ruining a story and takes out her anger at him in front of everyone at the Daily Planet. What will Clark do?

Consolation Prize
Richards, Wendy
After Lois has to watch Clark collect his Kerth award, she decides that she needs a little treat...

Alicia U.
What does Lois find when she looks at a conspiracy web site?

Conspiracy Theory
A reporter believes she knows the truth about Superman. Her friend thinks she's crazy. Motion-sickness pills recommended.

Contact Ending
Sarah Wood
An extrapolation of the episode "Contact" that has Lois, who has just been dumped "for her own good," tracking down Clark to give him a piece of her mind.

Lois tries to comfort Clark when they get a phone call informing them of Jonathan Kent's death. Then both try to protect Martha from disturbing news that comes from the coroner's office. A moving story with some surprises.

Contractually Bound
Deadly Chakram
They say that the first year of marriage is the hardest. No statement is ever truer than when Kal-El, Prince of Krypton, is forced into a marriage that he never knew about. But it may just be the best thing that has ever happened to him, if he only lets it be. An alternate universe story.

Shayne Terry
Power isn't everything; sometimes it's all about control.

A Conundrum, or A Night Out
Lynn S. M.
What is unusual about this story?

A Conversation Best Overheard
Lois overhears a conversation between Clark and his parents.

Conversations Between Newlyweds
Jennifer Eagan-Dixon
A few days in the "normal" newlywed life of our favorite couple. :)

Cooking Class
Female Hawk
Lois has a hot date for Valentine's Day. Problem is, she promised him a home-cooked meal.

Cooking Mama
What would happen if Lois tried to cook?

Cooking With the Kents
IRC Teen Round Robin
Lois in the kitchen? When Lois wants to learn to cook, is Clark "superman" enough for the job?

Corn Festival
A 20 minute challenge with Martha Kent. Martha meets Lois.

Corn Festival Consequences
Gossip can be a very dangerous thing. Especially when it gets to Lois Lane...

Correcting One's Own Mistakes
Laura Davies
An Untwist of the John Doe arc.

A Cosmic Kismet-An Elseworld Tale
Philip Mogul
The author explores the mysticism of the soulmate concept and the creation of the incredible Utopian society envisioned by Wells. The effectuation of the Wellian society is fraught with the looming threats of Luthor and Trask on Earth and Nor and reptilian locusts on New Krypton. In tumultuous combat, the Kryptonian family must confront their malevolent foes before a new and astounding world order can be created.

The Costume -- an L&C Vignette
Tank Wilson
The Planet's holding a costume party for charity, and a suspicious Jimmy thinks Clark ought to borrow one of Superman's spare uniforms; it ought to fit him really well -- maybe even as well as if it had been made for him!

The Costume Controversy
Erin Klingler
A chicken costume? Short skirts and fishnet stockings? Lois's undercover outfits have always been on the revealing side, but Mad Dog Lane threatens to emerge when her lounge singer get-up gets her mistaken for...a hooker? Husband Clark tries to talk some sense into her about her undercover wardrobe, but Lois dares the most revealingly-dressed man in Metropolis to convince her otherwise!

Couch Potatoes
Phil Atcliffe
Lois and Clark relax and watch a video together -- "Superman, the Movie"?!? First in an irregular series.

Could Not Ask for More
Sarah Luddy
Lois doesn't understand why Clark is pulling away from their friendship, even if she is marrying Lex. Is there any way she can keep his friendship? And what's this about him being...Superman?

Nan Smith
Lois, Clark and Jimmy race against time when terrorists threaten the United States with a deadly gas which can even affect Superman.

9,126 words (50Kb)
Every new year can play a part in shaping who you are. The triumphs and trials of the different New Year's moments for Lois and Clark.

Countdown: Clark's Story
On New Year's Eve, Clark realizes a few things. A Holiday 2007 Ficathon story.

Countdown: Lois' Story
On New Year's Eve, Lois realizes a few things. A Holiday 2007 Ficathon story. Sequel/Companion to the author's "Countdown: Clark's Story."

Countdown: The Rest of the Story
An odd couple celebrate in Smallville, but what's the rest of the story? A Holiday 2007 Ficathon story.

Counter Clark-Wise
A dejected Clark Kent, who despairs of ever getting Lois Lane to notice him, wakes up one morning in bed beside her. Supposedly, he's been married to her for years. He's in heaven. Meanwhile, a much-married Clark is sent mysteriously five years into his past. He wants back, really bad.

This is an alternate universe story. Here is a chance to peek in on Lois' thoughts just prior to her wedding to Lex Luthor. What if Clark came straight to the wedding ceremony as *himself* rather than Superman? No terrible ordeal suffered within the Green Kryptonite cage and no fearfully contemplative Lois walking down the aisle to Lex eagerly awaiting her.

Counting the Ways
Christine Carr
In this beautiful vignette, Clark reflects on his love for Lois, reeling at the thought that "she had asked him to marry her!"

Clark Kent is dead... blending elements of TOGOM and mixed bits of Superman canon, here's a new twist on an old tale...

Courage Under Fire
Meredith Knight
In this rewrite of the episode "That Old Gang of Mine," Clark changes his mind about running straight home to his parents. When he realizes how devastated Lois is, what will he decide to do?

The third installment in the author's elseworld series begun in "Brothers" and continued in "Luthor's Legacy" that explores what might have happened if someone other than the Kents had found Kal-El.

Crazily in Love With You
Kerri Sismilich
A story that picks up from the end of the episode "Individual Responsibility." Lois and Clark go out on a date, and Clark decides to stick with Lois through the entire evening, ignoring whatever his superhearing brings him.

Crazy for You
Pam Jernigan
Mind-altering drugs, brushes with death, and a social life for Jimmy ... will Lois and Clark *ever* get to spend an uneventful evening together? An episode in script form.

A divorced, fighting Lois and Clark!? What will it take to create a "happily ever after" for our favorite couple?

Creative Writing
Anna Botsakou
In this poignant vignette, a young woman examines a harsh life lesson and the pain -- and gratitude -- it inspired in both herself and her father.

Creatures of the Night
Joel Schuldt
In part nine of the author's "Saga Series," Lois and Clark find themselves in an alternate dimension controlled by vampires.

Crisis of Faith
On a lonely Christmas Eve, someone finds inspiration when she least expects it.

The Croc Hunter
Carol M
In response to a challenge on the fanfic list, this is the author's idea of what might have happened when Clark found his head caught in the mouth of a crocodile.

Crossing Time
1,565 words (9Kb)
Lois, Clark, and their baby are missing...

Cruise Control
Why are the married Lois and Clark going on a singles' cruise? Trouble in paradise? No (okay, there's always a little friction <g>, just hot on the trail of a killer ... with a little time for romance, too. Guest appearances by Ralph and everyone's favorite DEA agent.

Cry Hard
Katie Sizer
What if - Lois had waited just a few moments too long to get into that ambulance with Lex in the episode "Fly Hard" and stayed with Clark instead? This 30 Minute Episode Extension Challenge Story gives us the chance to find out.

Culinary Delights
Melissa Dore
A truly delightful story that explains how Lois, legendary for her lack of talent in the kitchen, came to prepare the holiday feast seen at the end of the episode "Season's Greedings."

Lois and Clark's relationship seems to be falling apart, and things look grim until a kindly late-night cleaning lady decides to play matchmaker for the two reporters who have befriended her.

Cupid's Crossbow
Rachel Smith
Superman has been attacked, and brought down! Lois and Dr. Klein race to find a cure for his suffering, while a new pair of doctors at the Labs pitch in to help...

Cupid's Drop Box
Sometimes, you have to focus on something else to see what's right in front of you. A Valentine's Day story assignment leads Lois to the Internet and to some surprising discoveries about herself -- and Clark.

A Cure for Lunkheadedness
Tank Wilson
When Clark breaks up with Lois "for her own good," Lois decides to fight for what she wants.

The Cure For What Ails You
Matt Schiller
72 Kb
Taking up where the episode "Family Hour" left off, Lois and Clark travel to the future where three different groups claim the baby as theirs. (Episode # 1 of The Unaired Fifth Season)

Curiosity Killed the Reporter
ML Thompson
Lois' overdeveloped sense of curiosity finally gets the best of her, sending both Clark Kent and Lex Luthor on a desperate search to find out what happened to her.

Curiosity... The Continuing Saga
ML Thompson
This story picks up where "Curiosity Killed The Reporter" left off. Our new couple, still fresh from admitting that more exists between them than either had been willing to admit, discover an asteroid is apparently plunging towards the Earth. Will the world, Superman or their new love survive this challenge?

Karen Thompkins
Lois notices something odd during the episode "Strange Visitor." How will she react to her newfound knowledge?

Curse of Om-Ha-Tep
Jon B. Knutson
Famous archaeologist Lewis Lang and his daughter, Lana, come to Metropolis with an Egyptian mummy and artifacts in tow -- perhaps even a curse. And one of the women in Clark's life confronts him with a secret.

Julie Gastler
2,476 words (14Kb)
A relaxing morning becomes anything but in this response to Val's Mother's Day Challenge. Lois's daughter, Kara, wants to make Mother's Day special by surprising her with breakfast in bed.

A Cut Above
Tank Wilson
This time, Lois almost goes too far to get the story.

A Cut Above the Rest
Have you ever wondered just why Lois suddenly changed her hairstyle? Was it her decision, or was it an accident? Here's a look at what might have happened. A story set in season 3 just after the episode "Ordinary People."

Cut From the Same Cape
In this third installment in the author's "Clark Kent is Batman... NOT!" series, Lois finally figures out who Clark really is.

Cyber Link
When Lois learns that Clark hangs out on a journalists' chat forum on the IRC, she logs on incognito to ask for help on a story. As her questions turn increasingly personal, Clark comes up with answers she doesn't expect.