A Lois and Clark Wedding

By Karin Tessin (aka Volley) (kjt@tardis.svsu.edu)

Summary: A poem of Lois and Clark's wedding.

Here's a new poem. I would like to thank Teri who gave me the idea for this poem. It's my favorite. All disclaimers are used here. Remember I would really care for any kind of comments what so ever.


For Lois and Clark
The day finally came
For them to be together
And nothing will ever be the same

Lois looks gorgeous
In the dress and veil
Clark's in the tux
But looking a little pale

The music starts
The doors come apart
There stands Lois
With love in her heart

Here she comes
And Clark's heart jumps a beat
With the love
That nobody can defeat

They've been through good
And also through bad
From insane killers
To scientists that were mad

They look at each other
Eyes full of love
They say their I do's
In the presence of God above

The world knows
And so do they
That they are together
On this joyous day