Lois Lane/Ultrawoman, Clark Kent/Superman

By Amy Sams (Rhonda.Sams@Nashville.com )

Summary: A poem based on the episode "Ultrawoman."

The following poem is based on one of my very favorite episodes of Lois and Clark. I hope you enjoy it, all of the characters are from December 3rd productions and ABC network.


Just what happened on that bright and shining day? When Lois accidentally took Clark's powers away. Who would of ever thought it, red Kryptonite? With the speed of light, Lois is out of sight.

An unfortunate accident, with a mis-transferring length. Lois stops a speeding truck with exceptional strength! Her brand new shoes worn down to the ground. She had super hearing, she had super sound.

It's a good thing Lois got the powers instead of the two girls. "Darn!" the villain screams, and pushes back her curls. They created the device to make them like Superman. Fortunate for Lois, but the powers they must carefully ban.

Jonathan and Martha Kent, getting a kick out of it too. She made her a costume, pink, purple and blue. Then off she went, out to solve tough crime. The whole world knew of her; it was only a matter of time.

Then a bomb, about to blow up the office, Lois Lane shows up, pretty good for a novice. Lucky for Superman, who was practically abliss. Then there's Perry and Jimmy, "What's your name, Miss?"

Lois couldn't speak; she knew Perry and Jimmy would know her. Clark, glancing at a sign, ugh…"Ultrawoman, Perry, Sir." For the millionth time Clark came to her rescue. With much more to do, away Lois flew.

Clark is captured by the villains, beaten up and tied. "Where is she when I need her?" Clark just sighed "Who did this to you?" said Lois full of fear. "The ones responsible for this mess," Clark wiped away her tear.

The power is transferred to the villains; boy are they in trouble. Clark gets the device, gives it to Lois, "On the double!" Lois shoots the device, powers transfer back to Clark. There stood the villains alone in the dark.

So the whole mess was solved, everything back the same. Lois forgot all about her super hero fame. "It was fun while it lasted," Lois had to say. They floated in the air; fun was over for the day!