Lucky Every Once in a While

By Erica Dias aka Mad Dog Lane <>

Rated: PG

Submitted: February, 2006

Summary: When she finds him sleeping, she thinks her luck has changed for good.

Author's notes: Gosh, I missed writing. This is dedicated to my dear friend Jennifer Debbage who literally changed my life for better. Love you loads! Thanks to Labby for nagging on this one. :D I also miss sending you stuff.


The computer screen in front of her was the only thing illuminating the room. It also reminded her of how much work she had to do — how much she did and how much still had to be done. There was no time for fun as the files piled up on her desk.

The place was deserted, and the only other living creature around was the rat she was sure passed quickly through the elevator door. She didn't mind though as all she needed at the moment was to concentrate and get her story done.

She heard a noise, but didn't get distracted by it. She kept writing and only stopped minutes after to yawn and stretch her arms above her head. The whole thing was boring as hell, but she had deadlines to meet.

Deadlines were not something she was fond of. She wished people would appreciate what she was doing and leave her alone to write. 'Achieving perfection takes time,' she thought.

The noise grew louder and only when she could no longer stand it did she go check on it. It was coming from Perry's office, which she was almost sure he'd locked when he left.

Close to the door, tip-toeing slowly, she grasped the door knob and carefully turned it. She then pushed the door open and sneaked her head inside the office. At first, she found nothing, but as she came in, she realized there was someone sleeping on the couch.

Walking as silently as she could, she noticed the man was breathing steadily and was obviously far too tired to wake up at her presence. She came closer and saw his glasses dimly gleaming, reflecting the most microscopic rays of light the dark room could provide.

It was Clark. How he'd got in, she wasn't sure. She touched his shoulder, but obviously he was too tired to wake up.

Whatever the reasons were, he was there. Sleeping peacefully, and unaware of her presence. Should she take the opportunity? Why not? Sleeping with Clark was everything she'd wanted for a long time.

She slowly sat on the couch. Her warm legs beside his didn't seem to affect his sleep. She came closer and kissed his cheek. Again, there was no sign of Clark being disturbed. She decided on a bolder move — she would kiss him.

She started to calmly bend towards him. Feeling the warmth of his lips almost touching hers, she could already savour the moment. Her heart was pounding so fast, and the excitement was overwhelming. But when she was about to finally press her lips to his, the lights were turned on and a hideous figure appeared in front of her.

'What the heck is going on here?' a voice echoed loudly, waking Clark up.

With a startled motion, Clark jumped from the couch. He thought his sight was playing tricks on him. He'd been dreaming about Lois and all of a sudden she was produced in front of his eyes. Though she was definitely wearing a lot more clothes than in his dream.

'What? A girl can't try her luck every once in a while?' Crossing her arms in front of her body, Cat Grant left a very stunned Clark to deal with a very furious Lois.

After that, a 'Well…' was all Cat heard from their conversation.