Lois and Clark: The Really New Adventures of Superman

By Joy N. Sowell

Rated PG

Submitted February 1999

Summary: It's a bumper week for the Kents. First, a baby left on their doorstep, then they have to handle the raging hormones and budding relationship of Lucy Lane and Jimmy Olsen.

This is the first part of a series on our two favorite characters. (Assuming anyone likes this one). <g> Throughout the series I will try to develop the supporting characters as well. The first installment will pick up where "Family Hour" left off. I enjoyed everyone else's stories regarding the continuation of the series so I tried one myself. This is only my second ever attempt at fiction, so consider yourselves warned. Feedback is welcome. All legal mumbo jumbo and disclaimers apply. Thanks to Samantha who edited this.


Spring 1997

Lois enters the den holding the baby. Everyone smiles with equal amounts of surprise, excitement, and joy. Lois, holding the baby, and Clark smile at the other four adults.

Lois: (Whispering to Clark), I think that it is time my parents *know* after all.

They have tried so hard for so long to keep this secret, but knowing the truth, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, may help answer some questions. He hugs her, gently because she's holding the baby, and whispers that he agrees, and that he loves her. She whispers that she loves him too. They share a tender kiss, breaking it off only as they hear four throats clearing simultaneously.

Clark: It appears that we have a lot to talk about. Lois and I have a secret that we want to share with all of you. (He looks to Martha and Jonathan who smile in understanding and encouragement). I think it is going to be a long night. Lois and I will start some coffee; why don't the four of you make yourselves comfortable in here.

Martha: Nonsense. The three of you should sit down with Sam and Ellen. Jonathan and I will brew some tea. Tomorrow will be a long day, with much to discuss. Some tea will relax everyone, then we can try to get a few hours of sleep. We will want to have clear heads in the morning.

Ellen: What secret?

Lois: Calm down mother. Clark and I will tell you and Daddy everything, but first we need to make it absolutely clear that what we are about to tell you is to be kept in the strictest of confidence. You are not to ever discuss our situation with *anyone* other than myself, Clark, Martha, or Jonathan. It is, quite literally, a matter of life or death.

Ellen: Lois, must you always be so melodramatic? Don't slouch. Sit up straight, and tell us what is going on here.

Sam: (He quickly shoots an admonishing glance at his ex wife before focusing on Lois). Princess, we promise. We really want to know what is going on here.

Clark: (He looks at Lois, she nods and then squeezes his hand in encouragement). Maybe it would be better if I show you. (He removes his glasses and runs his fingers through his hair to slick it back). Sam, Ellen, look at me closely. Do I remind you of anyone?

Sam: I wondered when you were going to tell us.

Ellen: Tell us what? (Looking closer now). No, it's not possible.

Lois: Clark, maybe you should do your spin thingy.

Clark: (Whispering to Lois) I would, except that I'm not wearing anything under this robe.

(She blushes, remembering just *why* he wasn't wearing anything).

Clark: (Out loud now) Watch this.

(He super speeds upstairs and comes back down as Superman. Looking directly at the in laws, he spins back into his robe and Clark persona).

Sam and Ellen: Wow.

Clark: (Speaking to Lois), See Lois, you do have something in common with your parents. (Speaking to the Lanes). That was Lois' reaction the first time she saw me do that as well.

Sam: I'm glad you two finally decided to tell us.

Lois: You knew? When did you find out? How? Why didn't you say something?

Sam: Yes Lois, I knew. I discovered it last Christmas when I treated Superman for his virus. It was obvious to me that you and Superman were more than close friends. I realized that Clark was Superman by the way that his illness affected Martha and Jonathan. I watched you holding onto him in your sleep while he was unconscious. His first word as he regained consciousness was your name. I knew then that whatever bond there is between you two is something very special. I decided that if you wanted me to know, you'd tell me.

Clark: Sam, I want to …

Sam: Clark, son, please call me Dad. You are part of the family now, and I couldn't be prouder of you if you were my son. I've never seen Lois so happy, and I know that you are a large part of that. I know that I have not been a model father. I also know that it is because of you that Lois has begun to trust again, and that she is now back in my life.

Clark: Sam, I mean Dad, first I want to thank you for all you did for me, (putting his arm around Lois), and for us. I was not able to thank you then. I just want you to know that we will never forget what you did for us.

(Martha and Jonathan enter the room with four mugs of hot tea).

Martha: Well, now that we have cleared that up, where did you two get the baby?

Ellen: Yes, where did you get the baby?

Lois: Clark heard something, so we came down here. We were only here a few moments before you came. We found the baby in a blanket like the one Clark had when the Kents found him. (She hands Martha the note). This is the note that we found with him, her, the baby.

Clark: (He X-rays the baby's diaper). Him.

(The doorbell rings. Clark X-rays it. It is H.G. Wells).

Clark: I should have known.

Lois: Who is it honey?

Clark: Mr. Wells.

Lois: Oy.

(He opens the door, and shows Wells inside).

Herb: I see you found C. J. I meant to leave a longer note, but you know how time is of the essence in time travel.

(Lois and Clark grimace at the bad pun, but nod their heads in understanding).

Ellen: Who is this?

Lois: It's H. G. Wells. Clark and I have done a little time traveling with him.

Ellen and Sam: Time travel?

Martha: Not to mention inter-dimensional travel.

Ellen: Why do I get the feeling that you all are still keeping something from me?

Martha: It's a long story dear. Remind me later, and I promise I'll tell you.

Herb: Clark, Lois, C. J. *is* your son. I needed the help of your future selves to correct a problem in the future. It will work out fine, but they needed baby sitters who could appreciate how special a boy he is.

Lois: But why us? I mean the 1997 us?

Herb: Well, since you will be looking after C. J. full time in exactly nine months, your future selves thought it was appropriate. This way you won't miss out on these next few days.

(Lois and Clark look at each other, grinning, totally understanding the implications of Herb's statement).

Clark: Dr. Klein said that it was impossible for us to have children together.

Herb: My dear boy, nothing is impossible. I once told you that your love would be the foundation of Utopia. I am honored to be here to witness the very beginning of Utopia. C. J. will be with you for only a few days, here are his things. (He hands a baby bag to Clark). I'll see you soon. (He leaves).

Lois: I guess we have a lot of planning to do. We're going to have a baby!

Clark: (He gently embraces Lois as she still holds CJ in her arms). I love you so much sweetheart.

Lois: I love you too. (They kiss again, only to hear four throats simultaneously clearing themselves).

(Lois and Clark release each other. Clark gathers C. J. 's stuff together and super speeds it upstairs. He is back downstairs in a few seconds).

Jonathan: Well, I guess we have a big couple of days ahead of us. I suggest we go back to bed and get some sleep. Come on Martha. (Martha stands up with Jonathan). We will see you all tomorrow morning. Goodnight everyone. (They walk over to C.J. and kiss him goodnight).

Everyone: Goodnight.

Ellen: Sam, I think that we should go back to sleep as well. (They get up and follow Martha and Jonathan out of the room).

Lois: He has your eyes Clark.

Clark: Thank you Lois.

Lois: For what?

Clark: Thank you for my life. Lois, you have given me everything that I've ever wanted, a wife, a child, a chance at a normal life. You are the other half of my soul; you complete me.

Lois: Oh Clark. (She kisses him lightly).

Clark: (He breaks the kiss after a moment). I think we should continue this upstairs.

Lois: (She smiles suggestively at him). I agree.

(Clark "quickly" puts the mugs in the dishwasher and carries his family upstairs).

Three days later

(H. G. Wells has just taken C. J. back to the future. Lois and Clark are alone in their townhouse for the first time in three days).

Lois: Clark, I miss him already.

Clark: Me too Lois. Me too. However, we will see him again soon. (He leans over and briefly kisses Lois' abdomen). We have just less than nine months to fix the spare bedroom into a proper nursery.

Lois: Mother is out shopping for baby toys as we speak. FAO Schwartz should have a strong year. I'm glad we talked her out of a Superman motif. That would be way too weird.

Clark: (Chuckling). Now *that* would be weird. Honey, when do you think we should tell Perry and Jimmy that we are expecting? I mean it's not like we could know already under normal circumstances, is it?

Lois: No, it's not. I say let's wait a couple weeks. Lucy is coming out here to attend Metro U for the summer. Daddy promised to pay for her to go if she did well this summer.

Clark: Okay. We will tell Lucy when she arrives, and then tell Perry and Jimmy afterwards.

(Two weeks later. Lucy arrives at the Kents' brownstone. Lois and Clark are having coffee and fresh croissants).

Clark: (He hears someone coming up the stairs, so he scans the front of the house). Lois, Lucy is here.

Lois: I guess we should tell her now.

Clark: Hey, I love you.

Lois: I love you too. (She kisses him quickly). Now, let's go let Lucy in. (They walk hand in hand to the front door and open it just before Lucy knocks).

Lois: Lucy, it's so good to see you. (Lois hugs Lucy briefly).

Lucy: Hi there big sister. Long time no see. How did you know I was here already.

Lois: (She looks to Clark. He grins then nods. Lois then grins from ear to ear). Just call it mother's intuition.

Lucy: Are you saying what I think you're saying? No way.

Lois: Way!

Lucy: Lois that's great. Congratulations you two! (She then hugs her sister and brother in law). Are you sure it's okay for me to stay here until my apartment is ready? I mean with a baby on the way and all, I'll be in the way.

Lois: No, Lucy. You won't be in the way. You are family. Besides, CJ won't be here for a little over eight months.

Lucy: CJ?

Clark: We have a strong feeling that it's a boy. We are going to call him CJ.

Lois: (She turns to smile at Clark). Clark Jerome Kent Jr. (Now she turns back to Lucy). I was telling Martha that the world needs another Clark Kent a few weeks ago. Now that we know we are going to have a baby, it just feels right.

Clark: Lucy, why don't you and Lois go into the kitchen and I'll put your things in the guest room.

(Clark takes Lucy's bags to the guest room, Lois and Lucy go to kitchen. Clark joins them as Lucy and Lois sit down with their coffee).

Clark: Your bags are in your room Lucy. Lois and I will probably grab dinner and eat it back at the Planet before we come home. We hope to finish this story tonight so we can enjoy our weekend.

(Lois and Clark leave the townhouse and head to their Jeep. They arrive at Planet, and walk hand in hand to the elevator. Since it is unusually empty, they make the most of it and share a passionate kiss. As the elevator opens they walk down the ramp, still holding hands, and head to Lois' desk).

Clark: Honey, are you ready to tell Jimmy and Perry?

Lois: Yes. But, we aren't telling everyone else yet, right?

Clark: Right, for now. However, they'll figure it out eventually.

Lois: Okay then. (She looks around for Jimmy. She sees him).

Lois: JIMMY!

Jimmy: Hi ya Lois, CK. How are you two? Do you need any research, coffee, pictures, anything?

Lois: Okay. What do you want?

Jimmy: (He grins). Actually Lois, I was hoping you could set me up with Lucy tonight. I know it's her first night back in Metropolis, and you two have that story to wrap up, so I thought she'd like to have some Chinese and catch a movie.

Lois: Jimmy, I'm sure she'd like that, I'll call her and ask her. But first, Clark and I have to tell you and Perry something. (The three of them walk into Perry's office).

Clark: Hey Chief, do you have a minute? Lois and I need to tell you something, and Jimmy should hear it too.

Chief: Sure. Come on in.

Lois: (Clark closes the door behind them). Chief, Jimmy. Clark and I have an announcement to make. But, we don't want anyone else to know. (She looks at them and they nod).

Clark: (He smiles at Lois, squeezes her hand, and then turns back to Perry and Jimmy). We're going to have a baby!

Chief: That's great you two. (He shakes Clark's hand and slaps him on the back, then he hugs Lois in an unusual display of affection for his favorite reporter). When? Is it a boy or a girl? Have you thought of any names?

Lois: Well, CJ should be here in about eight months. We have a feeling it will be a boy, so we are going to name him after Clark. (She turns back to Clark who then takes her in his arms and kisses her lips tenderly, Lois then deepens the kiss somewhat and Clark responds in kind).

Chief: All right you two. Enough of that. This is a newspaper, not the honeymoon suite at the Lexor Hotel.

Jimmy: Smooth. Way to go CK. You're the man! Congratulations you two. You are going to be great parents. I'd better get going now. Lois, tell Lucy I'll pick her up at your place at 7:00 tonight.

Lois: Okay. See ya later Jimmy.

Clark: Chief, we'll have our story completed by this evening.

Chief: As soon as it's done, you are free to go.

(They go back out into the newsroom and to their respective desks. Clark's phone rings. His source finally came through with the evidence that they needed. He "quickly" types up the story. He asks Lois over and she walks to his desk. She reads the story over his shoulder, makes a few changes, then they LAN it to Perry. Then they say a few words to Jimmy, leave the Planet and walk towards the Jeep).

Clark: So Ms. Lane, what do you want to do today? After all, we suddenly have the day off.

Lois: Well Mr. Kent, I thought we could visit your parents. I'm going to need a lot of maternal advice in the near future, and Martha is *so* much easier to talk to than mother.

Clark: Sounds good. I'll help my dad until lunch and then we could picnic lunch by the lake.

Lois: Wait, first I need to tell Lucy that Jimmy is coming over.

(They arrive at their house).

Lois: Lucy, we're back early.

Lucy: Hi guys. I thought you said you'd be late tonight.

Lois: We finished up early and Perry is letting us have the rest of the day off. Jimmy will pick you up at 7:00. Superman is going to fly Clark and I to Smallville for the day. See you later tonight.


Lois: (She smiles at her sister). No, Lucy. Calm down. Actually, he asked if you would like to go out and I said that you might enjoy some company. He said he would be here at 7:00. Dress casually. Have fun.

Lucy: Sorry Lois. Have fun you two. Hey, if you want to stay in Smallville longer, that's fine with me. I know Clark would like to spend more time with his folks. I have to get my schedule, find a part time job, and spend some time with mother and daddy. Now go on you two. Have some fun.

Lois: Clark, why don't you pack a bag for us.

Clark: I'm sure mom and dad would love to have us for the weekend. I'll be right back. (He runs upstairs at human speed, packs a bag for them at super speed, and then he runs downstairs at human speed).

Lucy: That was quick.

Lois: We keep a bag packed for undercover assignments at all times.

Clark: Okay we're ready to go. We'll see you on Sunday.

(Lois and Clark hug Lucy good bye and leave to go "find Superman").

(A little while later, Lois and Clark land at his parents' farmhouse in Smallville, Kansas. He looks inside the house to see that Martha and Jonathan are enjoying a coffee break. They walk hand in hand inside the house).

Clark: Hi mom. Hi dad.

Martha: Lois! Clark! It is so good to see you. What brings you here this morning?

Jonathan: Hi. It's good to see you again. (The four Kents share a brief group hug).

Clark: We wrapped up our story early.

Lois: Perry said that we were free to go after we finished our story, so Clark typed it up almost as fast as he could. I'm surprised that the computer did not start smoking.

Martha: (She raises an eyebrow at her son, then smiles). Well, I'm glad to see you two. Clark, your father could really use your help today. Why don't the two of you get to work, and then we will all have a nice picnic by the lake? While you two are outside, I'll teach Lois how to fry chicken, and bake a double chocolate cake.

Clark: That sounds like a plan. What do you say dad?

Jonathan: I say the fence won't repair itself. (They leave while discussing the merits of a new plastic fence material that is flexible, never needs painting, and is durable).

Lois: DOUBLE chocolate?

Martha: Yes, dear. But first, do you want some coffee? It is Decaf.

Lois: That would be great. I guess I'm lucky, but I have not yet experienced any morning sickness. Knock on wood. (She knocks on the table for emphasis).

Martha: (She pours a mug of coffee for Lois). Lois, I am so excited about CJ.

Lois: (She accepts the mug of hot liquid from Martha). Thanks Martha. This smells marvelous. (She takes a sip). Mmmm. Me too Martha. You know, before I met Clark, I never even imagined wanting kids. Now, I can't imagine NOT wanting a family. Clark is going to be such a wonderful father. I just hope I pick up on the parenting thing before I cause too much damage. At least CJ will have the two best grandparents in the world. (She gives Martha's hand a gentle squeeze).

Martha: Lois, you will be a great mother. You are bright, energetic, and you care about people. (Martha then turns to a bit of gentle teasing). Now only if can learn how to NOT BURN water.

Lois: Thanks Martha. Would you like some more coffee? This Decaf is fantastic. Now, about that chocolate cake.

Martha: I thought you would like that particular flavor of coffee. It has artificial chocolate in it. The first thing you need to know is that cooking is a lot like reporting.

Lois: Huh??

Martha: Yes. First, you gather the facts. In this case that would be the recipe and the ingredients. Secondly, you methodically organize the evidence, or add the ingredients in the amounts and order listed in the recipe. Then, viola', dessert is ready in time for the evening addition, er, dinner.

Lois: Martha, you are the best. Okay, where do we start? The recipe, right?

Martha: Right. See, you are a natural. (She gets it out of her recipe box and hands it to Lois). Now, gather all of the facts, or ingredients. (They quickly find all of the necessary ingredients and mixing bowls, pans, spoons, and measuring devices). Now, we preheat the oven, and it will be hot enough by the time that the cake is ready to go in the oven. After we finish frosting the cake, we will fry the chicken and french fries. A salad and some corn on the cob will complete the meal. (Martha grins in jest at her daughter-in-law). Lois, you do know how to toss a salad, don't you.

Lois: (Laughing). I can open a bag of ready-made salad like a champ.

(They prepare the lunch laughing and teasing as they go. By noon, they have packed the lunch in a picnic basket, along with paper plates, napkins, and plastic utensils. They put the basket next to the ice and soda filled cooler. They even had the kitchen cleaned up by the time the guys returned).

Clark: (He crosses the room to his wife and kisses her lightly on the cheek). Hi honey. I guess since the house is still standing and since I did not see any smoke that everyone is okay. Since I know how you are with chocolate, it's probably at least edible.

Lois: Yes, and if you are nice you can even have some.

Jonathan: So, who's up for lunch by the lake?

Everyone: ME!

(Later that evening, 7:00, Metropolis time).

Lucy: (Jimmy rings the doorbell). Coming!! (She steps out into the foyer dressed in her "good" jeans, i.e. no holes, and not too faded, and a Metropolis Polo Club polo shirt. Her hair is pulled into a ponytail with a few tendrils curled at her temples. She catches her reflection in the mirror and smiles to herself. She opens the door and sees Jimmy. He is dressed in his "good" jeans and a polo shirt as well. His happens to have the Daily Planet logo on it, but it is a dark hunter green like Lucy's).

Jimmy: Hi Lucy. You look great.

Lucy: You too. (They then realize that they kinda match and laugh). Great minds think alike.

Jimmy: Yeah, I guess they do. It is a nice night tonight, do you want to walk, or would you rather take Lois' jeep?

Lucy: Lois offered to let us use her jeep?

Jimmy: Yes, she and CK were in such a good mood this morning they would have agreed to just about anything.

Lucy: I think that I'd like to walk. It's a beautiful evening, and I want to enjoy it while I can.

Jimmy: Okay, are you ready?

Lucy: Yes, after you. (She locks up the townhouse as they leave).

(Later that evening, after plenty of Szcechuan Beef with no celery, and Kung Pao Chicken with no mushrooms, a movie, great conversation, and a couple of drinks, they return to Hyperion Avenue).

Jimmy: I am so glad that you agreed to go out with me. I had a wonderful time. I have to admit I was kind of nervous about asking you to go out with me.

Lucy: (Grinning sheepishly). I was hoping you would. When Lois told me to be ready at 7:00, I thought she had made you ask me out, because she knew I wanted you to, and I yelled at her.

Jimmy: So, I promised to wash her jeep every Saturday that the weather man does not predict rain for the entire summer for nothing?

Lucy: You what? Yes, I guess you did, but I wouldn't exactly say for *nothing*. (She leans in and quickly kisses him on the lips and pulls back before he can react properly).

Jimmy: It's worth it. (He then leans in and kisses her, allowing her plenty of time to react properly, which she does).

Lucy: What do you say I help you with the jeep tomorrow? Superman will drop off Lois and Clark on Sunday, and I have the day free.

Jimmy: You don't mind?

Lucy: No, I'd love to. Today was quite productive. I got my schedule, bought my books, and ate lunch with my parents. I even talked to Perry and got a part time job at the Planet in research. Besides, I always wondered why Lois hated washing the car. Of all the domestic chores to despise, playing in the water on a warm day is not one of them. I actually enjoy it.

Jimmy: Me too, but don't tell Lois.

Lucy: Deal. I'll see you around noon then?

Jimmy: Great. You supply the chilled sodas, and I'll supply lunch. We can wash the jeep when we are done.

Lucy: It's a date then.

Jimmy: It's a date. (They kiss goodnight, this time longer and slightly more passionate than before).

Lucy: Goodnight Jimmy.

Jimmy: Goodnight Lucy.

(As Lucy walks upstairs to bed, and as Jimmy walks home, the only thought on their minds is WOW).

(Same time, back in Kansas. Martha and Jonathan have gone to bed, as have Lois and Clark).

Lois: I had a great day sweetheart.

Clark: Me too. It was a perfect day. We told three people that we are going to have a baby, and we finished our work early. I also got to spend time with my beautiful wife and wonderful parents, soak up some sunshine, and breathe some fresh, clean, air.

Lois: I wonder if Lucy and Jimmy had a good time. She has liked him for a long time, but only recently admitted it to me. Jimmy has had a crush on Lucy for even longer, even before all the Bureau 39 trouble.

Clark: I'm sure they had a great time. We can ask them on Sunday. I have an idea on how to make a perfect ending to a perfect day. (He nibbles on her earlobe, and works his way up to her mouth, leaving behind a trail of sweet butterfly kisses along the way.

Lois: Mr. Kent, sometimes you have the best ideas. You know, this is the first time we have spent the night in Smallville since we got married. I think we should make the most of it.

Clark: I like the way you think Ms. Lane. You are the first girl I've ever brought up here.

Lois: I better be the last.

Clark: Definitely. Just remember, this old house has thin walls, and sounds do carry pretty easily.

Lois: (She blushes slightly at the thought of Martha and Jonathan overhearing them, but gets over it quickly). I'll remember that. Besides Clark, we ARE still newlyweds, and I think that your parents would worry if they thought that we WEREN'T making love.

Clark: I agree. Now, where were we? I know. (He kisses her passionately on the lips, and she responds in kind).

Lois: Clark, I've been thinking these last few days.

Clark: Uh-oh.

Lois: Seriously Clark. I think that maybe I should change my last name to Kent. I'd still be Lois Lane for work, but I think that I'd like to be Lois Lane Kent at home.

Clark: Honey, have I told you how much I love you?

Lois: Yes, but you could show me. After all, actions do speak louder than words.

(Martha and Jonathan's room, same time)

Martha: It is so nice to have the kids here. Just think Jonathan, in less than a year our grandson may be visiting us here too.

Jonathan: Oh Martha, that is a wonderful thought.

Martha: It was only a little over thirty years ago that we doubted if we would never have children. Now, we are expecting our first grandchild.

Jonathan: I never doubted in us.

Martha: Oh honey. I love you more now than I did when we first got married, if that is possible.

Jonathan: It is. I know, because I feel the same way.

Martha: Oh Jon. (They share a long, sweet kiss before hearing several low moans from next door). (They stop and smile). What did you say about them never having enough time to make us any grandchildren?

Jonathan: I should have known better. Those two have been through just about everything together. They deserve to be happy. (He kisses her lightly on the lips). Goodnight dear.

Martha: Good night. (They fall asleep in each other's arms, with Martha's head on Jonathan's shoulder).

(The next morning, Lois and Clark come downstairs after Martha and Jonathan have cleaned up from breakfast).

Martha: Good morning you two. Sleep well?

Lois: Yes. Clark's old bed is way more comfortable than mine ever was as a child, at either home.

Clark: Yes, and I slept better than I've ever slept in that room. (He grins at Lois, who grins right back. They actually only slept for a few hours).

Jonathan: (He addresses Clark in a teasing tone). Clark, your mother and I guess it's a bit too late to give you the speech about no girls in your room. I guess it never came up until it didn't really matter. (He starts to chuckle, as does Martha). I don't think you would have wanted to hear it last night anyway.

Lois: That's okay. (She grins at her husband). Otherwise, if you had given him that speech, there would have been a hayloft, tree house, or cloud with our names written all over it. (Clark rolls his eyes at Lois).

Martha: Clark, after all, where do you think the expression "a roll in the hay" came from.

Clark: Mom! Dad! Lois! Pa-leeze!

Lois: Clark, lighten up. Besides, it's not like the clouds are uncharted territory for us.

Clark: (He rolls his eyes). I think I'm going to call Jimmy and see how his date went.

Lois: Okay, but then I'm calling Lucy.

Martha: No, you are not. Lois, you and I are going in to town today. I want to get something special for CJ, and I need your help because I do not know what Ellen has already gotten you. Clark, your dad would appreciate your help on the farm. We will be back in time for dinner. Jonathan, I'll leave the meal up to you and Clark.

(Noon, Metropolis: Jimmy arrives at the Kents' brownstone with barbecue sandwiches, fries, and chocolate ice cream. He is wearing cut off denim shorts and an old tee shirt, worn thin from multiple washings. Lucy answers the door wearing old cutoffs as well, and an old DP tee shirt of Lois' that matches the one Jimmy is wearing).

Lucy: (She laughs when she sees him). We have got to stop dressing alike.

Jimmy: Okay. Next time we go out, we dress up. I promise not to wear a dress if you promise not to wear a suit and tie.

Lucy: Deal.

(They eat lunch while talking about their childhoods, parents, and even Lois and Clark. Then they grab the bucket of car washing goodies that Lucy laid out and start washing the car).

Jimmy: No, Lucy. You do the hood of the jeep first, not the sides.

Lucy: I would, but I can't reach all the way and I can't see any of it.

Jimmy: (Grinning). I'll hold the ladder.

Lucy: (With a touch of sarcasm). You are too kind.

(After they wash the car, Jimmy starts to pack all the stuff away when Lucy suddenly starts a water fight).

Jimmy: Hey, What was that for?

Lucy: I don't know. I just kinda felt like it.

Jimmy: (He shrugs). Okay. Truce?

Lucy: Truce.

Jimmy: (He grins, walks calmly over to Lucy, and starts a tickle fight). NOT! (Lucy starts laughing uncontrollably, and trips over the bucket of suds, soaking her completely).

Lucy: (Laughing, and totally soaked). Olsen, you are going to pay. (She starts to tickle him harder until they both fall down laughing).

Jimmy: Luce, I don't remember when I've had such a fun afternoon.

Lucy: Me neither. Hey, why don't we go inside, clean up, and dry off. I could really go for that ice cream now.

Jimmy: Me too. But, I don't have a change of clothes here.

Lucy: That's okay. I bet Clark won't mind if you borrow a pair of sweat shorts and a tee shirt.

Jimmy: Okay. I'll flip you for the first shower.

Lucy: How about I take a shower, while you get the ice cream and toppings. Then I'll share with you after your shower.

Jimmy: (Teasing). How about we share a shower. (GRIN).

Lucy: No, that is definitely a fourth date activity, not a second date activity.

Jimmy: Fourth date?

Lucy: Yeah. First date, first base. Second date, second base. Third date, third base.

Jimmy: Fourth base, home run?

Lucy: You got it.

Jimmy: Second base, huh.

Lucy: If you are lucky, and IF I get the first shower.

Jimmy: As I was saying, you take a shower, I'll get the ice cream out.

(Ten minutes later the phone rings. Jimmy answers it. It is Lois).

Jimmy: Yes, your Jeep is clean. She is just getting out of the shower; I'll go get her. (He yells to Lucy). LUCE, LOIS IS ON THE PHONE.

Lucy: Hi Lois. How is Smallville?

Lois: I should be asking you how was your shower, considering that Jimmy was there while you were in the shower. But, I let you give me the details later. I just wanted to check in and let you know we will be there after dinner. See ya tomorrow.

Lucy: See ya.

Jimmy: Is she mad?

Lucy: No, actually she just wants details. I started to tell her that I couldn't give her details over the phone because an accurate description would be in violation of FCC obscenity laws governing telephone conversations, just to get a reaction from her. However, she just wanted to let me know that they would be back after dinner tomorrow.

Jimmy: I would pay to see her expression if you said that.

Lucy: A clean towel is on the counter, along with a dry change of clothes. While you take your shower, I'll pick out a movie.

Jimmy: Sounds great. I'll be out in a few minutes. (He was out in less than five minutes).

Lucy: Lethal Weapon or The Princess Bride?

Jimmy: Do they have When Harry Met Sally?

Lucy: Yes. You like that movie? You don't think it's a chick flick?

Jimmy: Yes I like that movie. It is hilarious. No, I don't think that it is a chick flick.

Lucy: Okay then.

(They watched the movie and laughed. Afterwards, they got to second base).

Jimmy: Luce?

Lucy: Yes?

Jimmy: How would you like to go grab a burger at your uncle Mike's? I can stop off at my apartment and put on some clothes that fit, then we can take my motorcycle.

Lucy: Sounds great. I'll go change into some jeans and then we can go.

(Later that night at the townhouse, after dinner, a ride on the carousel at the park, and another make out session).

Jimmy: I had a great time today.

Lucy: Me too. I don't remember ever having so much fun.

Jimmy: Me neither. Would you like to go to Sunday Brunch tomorrow? The food critic told me about a new place that just opened last week?

Lucy: That would be fine, but under one condition.

Jimmy: What?

Lucy: (Grinning). You don't wear a dress, and I won't wear a suit.

Jimmy: Deal. I'll pick you up at 11:00 tomorrow.

Lucy: We'll take the jeep.

Jimmy: (He kisses her gently). Goodnight.

Lucy: (She kisses him one last time). Goodnight.

(As they go to sleep they can only think, WOW).

(That night in Smallville)

Lois: Dinner was wonderful Clark.

Clark: I remembered how much you enjoyed it last time. I even still have our fortunes from the cookies.

Lois: You do?

Clark: (Looking into her eyes). Yep. It was our first time together, and it meant a lot to me.

Lois: (She smiles as she holds his gaze). Me too.

Jonathan: (Remembering the morning's conversation). Uh, maybe we shouldn't have this discussion if it is going to embarrass Clark.

Clark: (Understanding what his parents may be thinking, he decides he should clarify things, before they get out of hand, again). No, dad. It's okay. I got this same meal, to go, the first time Lois and I worked late together.

(The four of them laugh at the misunderstanding).

(The next day, 11:00 a.m. Hyperion Avenue, Metropolis)

(Lucy, wearing a navy blue, sleeveless mini-dress, greets Jimmy who is wearing a gray suit with a white oxford and a navy tie).

Lucy: Hi. Come in Jimmy.

Jimmy: Wow Lucy. You look great.

Lucy: You too.

Jimmy: (He notices Lucy's suitcases by the door). Luce, why are your suitcases by the door?

Lucy: My landlord called. My new apartment is ready. I thought we could drop them off after Brunch. After all, now that I know where you live, I know it's not out of the way.

Jimmy: Where is your new apartment?

Lucy: Next door to yours.

Jimmy: Really?

Lucy: Yeah. We can't help but dress alike, and we have similar criteria for housing, next thing I know you are going to tell me you like hacking into computers too.

Jimmy: You're kidding.

Lucy: Yeah. I don't hack into people's computers.

Jimmy: At least I know I'll like my new neighbor. (He grins at her).

Lucy: Yes. It will be nice to know I can leave a spare key with a neighbor and not come home to an empty apartment.

Jimmy: Well, we have to pass the apartment on the way, so let's drop off your bags, then eat.

Lucy: Okay.

(Two hours later, they return to Lucy's new apartment after Brunch).

Jimmy: Those Belgium waffles were great.

Lucy: Yes, and even better with the chocolate sauce. The prime rib wasn't bad either.

Jimmy: Mmm. The food was wonderful, but the company was even better. (He leans in and kisses her).

Lucy: Third date. (Kiss) Third base. (Kiss)

Jimmy: (Breaking off a passionate kiss, albeit reluctantly). Lucy. We need to talk.

Lucy: What about?

Jimmy: I have wanted to date you for years, but don't you think we are moving a bit fast. I mean I don't want to rush you.

Lucy: Jimmy, you are not rushing me. I remember thinking how cute you were the first time I saw you. Over the years, Lois and Clark have talked about how much of an asset you are at the Planet. I have had more fun over the past couple of days hanging out with you than I ever had in any of my previous relationships.

Jimmy: Lucy, if we aren't careful we could do something one of us regrets later.

Lucy: You don't mean just me, do you.

Jimmy: I … I think I'm falling in love with you. I don't want you to feel uncomfortable, or pressured in any way. So please, tell me what feels right to you. I also don't want to have just a one night stand with you. I haven't exactly had a real relationship before. So, I'm not exactly sure what you expect.

Lucy: (She puts his arms around her waist, her arms around his neck, and kisses him as if her very life depended upon it. Some time later she pulled back just enough to look into his eyes). Jimmy, THIS feels right. The two of us, doing this, being together. I … I'm falling in love with you too. (They kiss again, pouring all of their newly expressed feelings and emotions into it). My previous boyfriends have all been federal disasters on par with some of Lois'. I'm just happy that someone actually cares about *my* feelings.

Jimmy: Well, as your current boyfriend, may I suggest some furniture for your apartment. I mean at least a couch and a kitchen table, and I'm pretty sure you will want a bed. You need at least a small television. How can you survive without 'must see TV' every Thursday?

Lucy: Yes, you may suggest that. Friday, I bought a few things. The delivery people were going to bring them by tomorrow, but when I found out that the apartment was ready, I called them. They should be here (she looks at her watch, and is shocked at the time) any minute. They said 1:30. As your girlfriend, I'll expect your help at the grocery store after they leave.

Jimmy: Shopping isn't usually my forte, however, I am quite good at buying groceries.

(The delivery people arrive and put the furniture where Lucy directs. She inspects it, and then signs the invoice before the delivery guys leave).

Lucy: Okay, let's make a list. Could you run next door and grab a pen, some paper, and a couple of sodas?

Jimmy: I'll be right back.

(In the two minutes he was gone Lucy managed to put all her clothes into her new dresser, or hang them in the closet).

Jimmy: Here you go. One Diet Dr. Pepper.

Lucy: Thanks. (She quickly gulped it down). Okay. Now the list. (They made a quick list of must have items until her other things arrive from CA in a few days. At 6:00 they went to the brownstone to wait for Lois and Clark).

Jimmy: Luce, can I ask you a personal question?

Lucy: Sure. Jimmy, if this boyfriend/ girlfriend thing is going to work out, we have to be up front with our feelings. Unless otherwise mentioned, nothing is taboo. Okay?

Jimmy: Okay. How well do you know Superman? I know he was in love with Lois, and vice versa, until she fell in love with CK.

Lucy: I've only seen him briefly, but Lois has told me a lot about him. I know that he is close to both Lois and Clark. Why?

Jimmy: You are going to think that this is like way off base, but did you ever think that maybe Clark is Superman?

Lucy: You're joking. Right? Remember Diana Stride?

Jimmy: No, I'm not joking. I have noticed some strange coincidences lately. When Lois was on trial for murder, a hologram of Perry convinced a court room full of people. Clark could have done something similar to keep the tabloids off his back. Other than that one time, when has anyone seen both Clark and Superman together? Don't say the Tempus press conference, because alternate universes would not surprise me when it comes to Lois and Clark. When Superman went to New Krypton, Clark disappeared. He always runs off and gives lame excuses. He comes back after Superman has saved the day. Clark always knows how to get in touch with Superman. I like to think of myself as a very good friend to both Clark and Superman, and I've noticed him refer to things he said to me that he had said as the other person. The physical resemblance is uncanny. I just thought I should share. That's all.

Lucy: Thanks for sharing. I'll give it some thought, and I'll keep an open eye and an open mind. Now kiss me. (He does. Later, they are alternating between kissing and watching television when they hear a whoosh sound coming from the back yard. They look out the window to see Superman spin into Clark and then kiss Lois passionately. They look at each other in shock, then Jimmy grins).

Jimmy: My reporter's instincts are finally kicking in. Kiss me. (They walk over to the couch and kiss until Lois and Clark enter the room a minute later).

Lois: Clark, you said that they never listen to us. Look at them they are acting just like us.

(Jimmy and Lucy separate when they realize they have an audience, but they do hold hands).

Lucy: So, did you two have a good time in Smallville?

Clark: Yes, as a matter of fact, we did. I guess I don't need to ask if you two had a good weekend.

Jimmy: CK, Lois, I want to sincerely apologize for all those interruptions over the years.

Lois: Well Lucy, in a couple of days you seem to have taught him to respect people's privacy. Where were you two years ago?

Lucy: Lois, you should know better than anyone how falling in love can make you see things differently. It opens your eyes to the things that blinded you in the past.

(Lois looks at Clark and grins sheepishly).

Jimmy: Come on Luce. They look tired. Why don't we go home and give them some privacy.

Lucy: You read my mind. Goodnight you two.

Lois: Go home? As in together? Spill it you two!

Lucy: Calm down Lois. My apartment was ready a day early, so Jimmy helped me move in. After all, he *does* live right next door. The delivery guys have dropped off the furniture. I've picked up a few things at the store. So, you two have your house back to yourselves. Goodnight. I'll see you tomorrow.

Lois: Oh. Okay then. Goodnight.

Clark: Goodnight.

(Jimmy and Lucy leave, Lois and Clark head upstairs).

Jimmy: Lucy, do you think we should tell them we know? If so, how? When? Where?

Lucy: Jimmy, you are starting to sound like my sister. I love her dearly, but hearing you sound like Lois is weird. I mean I always thought of her babbling as annoying. Now, when I hear it from you, it's kinda cute. I think we should tell them. They are probably tired. After all, they did just get back into town. We all need to be at the Planet by 8:00. Why don't we call them in the morning and meet for breakfast to talk before work.

Jimmy: *We* need to be at the Planet by 8:00?

Lucy: Yes, we. My job starts tomorrow.

Jimmy: I thought that Perry was letting you start next week.

Lucy: He was, but he called early this morning to see if I could start early. He said that he thought it would be good for me to get settled before classes start next week. I thought that was a good idea. Besides, if I had the week off Mother would insist on spending some *quality* time with me. Trust me, we don't exactly see eye to eye on the definition of quality.

Jimmy: Sounds like a plan. (They reach their respective apartments). Well, would you like to come in?

Lucy: I'd love to, but if I come in now, I may not want to leave. It will be a long day tomorrow and I'll need my rest.

Jimmy: You're right. It has been an amazing weekend.

Lucy: Yes, it has. Three nights ago, I sat alone at the airport waiting for my flight to Metropolis wondering if I was doing the right thing. Now, I have a job where I can work with great people, a nephew on the way, and a boyfriend that actually wants to get to know me, * for me *, and not just for my body.

Jimmy: Lucy, I have never felt this way about anyone before. I love you, and I don't want to blow it.

Lucy: I love you too. Goodnight. (She kisses him tenderly on the lips).

Jimmy: Goodnight. (He kisses her again and they enter their own apartments).

(The next morning, Jimmy and Lucy show up at Lois and Clark's place as the two of them emerge from a shower).

Clark: Honey, we have company. It's Jimmy and Lucy.

Lois: I wonder what they want? Lucy never gets up before noon if she doesn't have to.

Clark: Well, I know another Lane sister who didn't like early mornings until she found out that not *all* early morning activities are entirely unpleasurable.

Lois: You don't think … ?

Clark: Why don't we just invite them in and find out for ourselves? (Smiling cheerfully, yet a bit suspicious). Come on in you two. What can we do for you this early in the morning?

Lucy and Jimmy: (They follow Lois and Clark, dressed in their bathrobes into the kitchen). Good Morning.

Lucy: (Holding Jimmy's hand for support). We need to talk to you. It's important. We brought donuts for breakfast. We wanted to discuss this before we all went to work this morning. This isn't a conversation that we can have there.

Lois: Lucy, you can tell me anything. I've got dibs on the glazed with chocolate frosting. What do you mean before WE go to work? You got a job at the Planet? That's great!

Lucy: Clark, can't you do something about her babbling? (Clark quickly kisses his wife).

Clark: (Grinning). I'm always happy to help you Lucy.

Lois: Lucy, I may be babbling, but you are stalling. What is so important that it could not wait?

Jimmy: We kind of discovered something this weekend. We weren't being nosy, honest. But, we do want you to know what we discovered.

Lucy: Jimmy has had his suspicions for a while, but you two confirmed them last night.

Lois: Suspicions about what, exactly?

Clark: Why don't you just tell us and we will go from there.

(Lucy and Jimmy take deep breaths and squeeze each other's hand).

Lucy: Last night, before you two came home we were on the couch, you know, kissing and all.

Jimmy: We heard a WHOOSH sound and looked out the window. (He sends L&C a look that seems to say "don't even deny it"). CK, you and Lois have been there for me for years. You are two of my best friends. Your secret is safe with me.

Lucy: Do mother and daddy know? If not, I certainly don't mind helping you keep the secret. Lois, I guess I know now why you forgave him running out on you all those times. Saving a coastal village from a tidal wave is a bit more important than picking up a cheese of the month club shipment.

Jimmy: So CK, it really was you who saved us all those times. Cool. I wish you could have told me, but I understand. Who else knows about this? (Now taking a breath, and a bite out of a donut and offering one to Lucy).

CK: Yes, Ellen and Sam know. So do my parents. But otherwise, no one out side of this room knows. I think Perry may have suspicions, but he has never said anything. You two must understand that this is to be kept strictly confidential. I do not want Lois or CJ to become targets because of their relationship to Superman. Even Dr. Klein doesn't know yet. We plan to tell him later in the pregnancy unless anything out of the ordinary comes up first.

Jimmy: So CK, did you use your x-ray vision to check on the baby? Is that how you found out it's a boy?

Clark: No. That's not how we found out we are having a boy.

Lucy: Lois, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't a month to early to determine anything anyway? I know women were 6-8 weeks along before they realized that they may even be pregnant. You have always been so observant about everything, that I'm not too shocked you realized it so soon. But, I also know you. You are not telling us something.

Jimmy: Does it have anything to do with an alternate universe perhaps?

Lois: (Whispering to Clark). Do you think we should tell them the whole story?

Clark: (Whispering back to Lois). I think we can tell them at least as much as we told your parents.

Lois: You two had better sit down for this one. (She gives them a five minute run down on CJ's appearance several weeks back). You must understand that you two can never discuss this with anyone else. Martha and Jonathan, and mother and daddy know this, but we don't want to discuss it unless there is a need to. Understood?

Jimmy: Yep. Lois, you know that I would never do anything to cause you to doubt trusting me.

Lucy: Lois, you are my only sister. I won't do anything to put you in danger.

Clark: I'm glad we talked. Jimmy, you've been the brother I never had. Lucy, you are Lois' sister. You guys are family. (He hears something). I've got to go. (He points at his ear). Someone's in trouble. (He spins into the suit).

Lucy: WOW!

Jimmy: Cool!

Clark: What is it with you Lane women? That was Lois' and Ellen's remark as well. (He kisses Lois goodbye, and whispers that he loves her. She smiles at him and whispers that she loves him too). I'll see you all at the Planet later. (He leaves through their open window).

Lois: (Pointing to the coffee and coffee pot behind Lucy). Why don't you two make it while I get dressed? Lucy you know where everything is. I'll be back in ten minutes. (She leaves to go up to the master bedroom).

Lucy: So, how do you like your coffee? (She pours the water into the carafe, and measures the coffee into the filter).

Jimmy: Black. And you?

Lucy: Like I like my men, strong but with a sweet side.

Jimmy: Huh?

Lucy: Strong coffee, none of that watered down stuff. One packet of sweet and low, no milk.

Jimmy: I'll remember that. What will your hours be like at the Planet?

Lucy: Perry said that I could work around my school schedule, and that I could work as many hours as I wanted, but could average only 29 a week. He said that when I get my schedule, we will work it out. This week, he wants me to work mornings and afternoons.

Jimmy: Great. We will get to spend a lot of time together that way.

Lucy: Jimmy, I kinda wanted to talk to you about that. I really want this to work out between us, so I think that it would be best if we aren't too obvious at work. I don't want to get you into trouble with Perry, and I do want to make a good first impression.

Jimmy: Okay. It will be hard, but you are right. Lois and Clark get away with a lot when it comes to that, but I don't think that we would, at least not at first. Just promise me one thing.

Lucy: What?

Jimmy: That you will be careful around the guys. Ralph, for instance, would hit on a vacuum cleaner if it wore a skirt.

Lucy: (Teasing). I'll tell you what. I won't date anyone else at the office, if you don't.

Jimmy: (Seriously). How about if neither of us dates anyone else, at the office or otherwise.

Lucy: Deal. (They seal it with a kiss. Lois walks in and clears her throat causing them to separate and grin sheepishly).

Jimmy: Lois, umm, the coffee is ready.

Lois: I see. Jimmy I meant for you to make the coffee, not my sister.

Lucy: LOIS!! Since when did you start talking like that?

Lois: Senior year in high school, only now, you are old enough to hear it.

Jimmy: (Blushing slightly, and pouring three mugs of coffee). Lois, one sweet and low, and one non dairy, low fat creamer. Lois, I don't mean to be nosy, but is it okay for you to drink coffee?

Lois: Thanks Jimmy. This is decaf, so it's okay. (Whispering to Lucy-He's a keeper). Let's go. You two can even ride in the Jeep.

(They arrive at the Daily Planet and see Perry as the step off the elevator).

Perry: Good morning. Lucy, I'll see you in my office to take care of some paperwork. By the way, where is Clark?

Jimmy: (In a very low voice to Perry, that only he, Lucy and Lois could hear). He had to pick up something for the baby.

Perry: (In an equally low voice). Aw, that boy is going to be a great father.

Lois: Well, *I* have work to do. (She walks over to her desk to check her e-mail, voice mail, and messages).

Perry: Lucy, let me welcome you to the Planet. Jimmy, the paperwork will only take a few minutes. Why don't you show Lucy around when we are done. Here is a list of the names of people on whom we need background information. You two can work on these after you've shown her around. Why don't you bring me a donut and a cup of coffee, and then I'll turn her over to you.

(A few minutes later, Jimmy hands over Perry's breakfast, and Perry hands over Lucy).

Jimmy: We'll get right on it Chief.

Lucy: Thanks again Mr. White.

Perry: Lucy, this is the Daily Planet, not Congress. You can call me Chief.

Jimmy: Today, Lucy. These names won't run themselves through the computer.

(They enter the elevator. It is unusually empty. After the doors close, he kisses her).

Jimmy: I've been wanting to do that all morning. It is the first time we've been alone.

Lucy: That's okay. Perry was telling me that we are going to be research partners when he doesn't need you to take photographs of something. He said that Lois and Clark are likely to get a Pulitzer for the John Doe expose'. He also said that your work has also shown a lot of improvement, and a lot of promise. That's why he wants you to teach me everything you know. But, you can't tell Lois and Clark yet. He wants it to be a surprise, the Pulitzer I mean. Not the improvement in your work.

Jimmy: (He kisses her to stop her babbling). Well, I guess you and Lois do have a thing or two in common.

(The elevator door opens).

Clark: Hi you two.

Jimmy: Hey, CK! (As Clark approaches so he can speak in a hushed voice). I told the chief that you had to get something for CJ when he asked why you weren't here. I thought I'd let you know so you could respond if he asks you about it later.

Clark: Thanks Jimmy. You're the best.

Jimmy: Anytime CK. Now Lucy, about that tour. (Clark heads up to the newsroom, and Jimmy and Lucy tour the building. Later they go back to the newsroom where they run the information that Perry requested).

Lucy: (She knocks on Perry's door before entering). Here you go Chief. What else can I do?

(Lois storms in before he can speak).

Lois: Chief, I just got a tip about a scandal at Met U. Evidently, some of the professors don't have the credentials that they claim to have. Although I don't know what it is yet, I have a feeling that this story goes deeper.

Perry: Lois, why don't you give the names to Lucy and Jimmy. You two run the records and see if you can find anything. Lois, you and Clark can go undercover over there if something turns up. Speaking of Clark … (Clark enters the room).

Clark: Some one mention my name?

Perry: Where have you been all morning son?

Clark: Well, (He looks to make sure no one else is listening), I saw the cutest Bills baseball cap in a newborn size the other day, so I stopped by this morning to buy it. I couldn't resist. On my way back I ran into Superman. I just LANed you the story.

Perry: Good work.

Lois: Jimmy, why don't you and Lucy join us for lunch at the student center at Met U? Bring your research, and we can compare notes.

Lucy: Sounds great. See you around noon. (She and Jimmy run background information on the people Lois gave them).

Lois: Clark, let's go. (They enter the elevator to go down to the lobby. It is full so she waits until they get to the jeep to ask him about this morning). So, how did it go this morning?

Clark: Fine, it was a burglary. No one got hurt, I caught the guys, and delivered them to the police. (He turns and kisses her passionately). I've been wanting to do that since we got out of the shower this morning.

Lois: Me too. (She kisses him back). Well, we'd better get going now.

Clark: I'm glad that Jimmy and Lucy know. It was really great for him to cover for me like that this morning. I was nervous that he knew, but he seems to be handling it well.

Lois: It was a better cover than either of us have ever come up with. That scares me a little. I'm used to Lucy scaring me, but with both of them, together, it's down right frightening. Thankfully, they are on OUR side.

Clark: So, what is our latest story?

Lois: College professors using false credentials. I'll explain it on the way. (They leave the parking garage as she explains).

(Later that day, the four meet for lunch and go over their notes. L&C give more information to Lucy and Jimmy to research, and Jimmy and Lucy give L&C the results of their findings thus far).

Lois: I'm getting a feeling about this.

Clark: Me too. I think we should investigate it.

Lucy: Since I am a student now, I will be able to blend right in without causing too much suspicion. However, Lois you are well known in Metropolis, especially on this campus. You are one of the most famous alumni. How do you plan to blend in?

Lois: I have a plan.

Jimmy: Uh-oh.

Lois: Jimmy, in light of your good work on this research, I'll ignore that remark. Clark and I are pretty good at disguises and going under cover. We'll pose as professors. It is a large campus. We won't be teaching Journalism, so we shouldn't raise any suspicions. Clark, you can teach in the Modern Foreign Languages department. One Spanish professor is on sabbatical, and there are two more professors taking maternity leave next week. One teaches Italian, and the other Chinese. You have that great multi-lingual talent, so may as well use it.

Clark: Okay, but what will YOU teach?

Lois: I'm a step ahead of you buddy. You are teaching one of three foreign languages, and I'm teaching one of two possible economics classes.

Jimmy: Lois? Since when do you know anything about economics?

Lois: I took a few classes in college.

Clark: (Proudly). She minored in International Affairs and Economics.

Lois: I really liked those subjects, and they fit well with my Journalism major. I will either teach Comparative Economic Systems or Environmental Resource Economics. (They were two of my favorites in college <vbg>).

Jimmy: Smooth. You two never cease to surprise me.

(Later that evening, at Lucy's apartment)

Lucy: Jimmy, the moving company just called. My stuff will be here soon. Would you mind getting us some dinner? I don't exactly have a plethora of cooking utensils, and we had sandwiches at lunch.

Jimmy: No problem.

Lucy: Thanks! (She kisses him, hard on the lips).

Jimmy: Anytime Lucy, anytime. (He goes off in search of the nearest restaurant with decent take out).

Lucy: (After he leaves, she calls Lois). Hi Clark. Is Lois there?

Clark: She's out with your folks. She should be back in less than an hour. Can I help you?

Lucy: Well, it's kinda personal.

Clark: I told you my biggest secret this morning. What could you possibly have to top that?

Lucy: You're right. I know that you and Jimmy are close. Are you sure you feel comfortable talking about this?

Clark: Luce, you ARE my sister now. If you would rather, I can come over. It'll only take a sec.

Lucy: No, that's fine. Jimmy's coming back in a few minutes to help with my stuff. You know my history with men isn't all that great. I mean it really rivals Lois' record. I was just wondering what guys really expect. I mean decent guys, not scuz bags or cyborgs.

Clark: I can't speak for Jimmy, but I do know that any guy worth being with, is worth waiting for. I do know Jimmy, and I know that he hasn't bragged once about any conquests. (Slight pause). For what it's worth, I waited until I met Lois.

Lucy: Clark, that's sweet, really. But, that's not what I meant. I mean this IS the nineties and I was wondering about etiquette. Do I offer to pay for things sometimes, or is that insulting? Does he really want me to call him, or is that a line? Do I surprise him with breakfast occasionally, or is that too close to being suffocating? Since we are only dating each other, do I assume a standing date on Friday and Saturday nights, or not? For instance, would he be hurt if I made plans to go out with friends from class on a Saturday night? Would he assume that we would get together? Clark? You still there?

Clark: Yeah, I'm here. A bit embarrassed, but here.

Lucy: Clark, you are my brother now; there is no need to feel embarrassed. Besides, I kind of figured that about you anyway. You obviously loved Lois from day one, but you didn't do anything about it. That is not the behavior of a "love 'em and leave 'em" kind of guy.

Clark: Thanks Luce. Okay. You really need to ask Jimmy these questions, but I'll give you my humble opinion.

Lucy: That's all I ask.

Clark: You can offer to pay after the third date. If he lets you, then offer every now and then. You could suggest taking turns. If not, he'll let you know if and when you can. You could suggest sharing a ride to work every morning since you live next door. If you do that, then the occasional coffee and bagel would not be "suffocating", but very sweet. I've brought coffee to Lois, at work, just about every morning since we've been partners. As far as the standing date thing goes, that is up to the two of you. Lois and I had only been on one real DATE, date, without interruptions, before I proposed the first time. Some couples assume, some don't. It really depends upon the people involved.

Lucy: Before you proposed the first time?

Clark: It's a long story. I'll let Lois tell it to you.

Lucy: Thanks Clark. You've been very helpful.

Clark: Do you want Lois to call you when she gets in?

Lucy: No, that's okay. I'll call her later tonight if it isn't too late, or see her at work tomorrow. You two have fun tonight. The delivery guy is here now. Bye.

Clark: Bye.

(The delivery guy arrives 10 minutes before Jimmy arrives with dinner).

Lucy: Hi Jimmy. (Brief kiss). What did you get for dinner?

Jimmy: Mexican. I know of this little place that has the BEST fajitas. Every thing is in its own container, so we can make them like we want them.

Lucy: Do you like margaritas?

Jimmy: Yes, as long as they aren't too strong.

Lucy: I unpacked the blender first. I have a bottle of mixer and a small bottle of tequila. I also have a freezer full of ice.

Jimmy: Well, since neither of us needs to drive anywhere tonight, that sounds great.

(They enjoy their drinks and their dinner. They unpack all of Lucy's stuff. Jimmy hooks up her television and stereo, while she puts her kitchen things in their respective cabinets. Then they relax on the couch with their drinks).

Lucy: I'm glad you came over tonight Jimmy. I had fun.

Jimmy: Me too. (He leans in and kisses her).

Lucy: Do you want to ride with me over to the planet tomorrow morning?

Jimmy: Sure, what time do you want to leave?

Lucy: We need to be there by 8:00, so how about we leave at 7:30?

Jimmy: Sounds good. (He takes their two empty glasses to the kitchen, rinses them out, and puts them in the dishwasher).

Lucy: You brought dinner, you don't have to do the dishes too.

Jimmy: Luce, it's no big deal. I like doing things for you. Tomorrow I'll bring us something for dinner.

Lucy: No, I'll cook us something. It's my turn. You don't have to always have to do everything.

Jimmy: You mean you don't expect me to? When he was around, before he worked for the NIA, my dad NEVER let my mom pay for anything, or do anything for him. He said that it was the man's responsibility to provide.

Lucy: Those were different times. That is not what I expect.

Jimmy: What DO you expect?

Lucy: I expect for us to share. Share our feelings, like now, and for us to take turns paying for dates. I want to know how you feel about a few things. Do you assume that we have a standing date for Friday and Saturday? Or, do you assume that we don't unless we make specific plans?

Jimmy: I'm glad we are having this discussion. I was wondering the same thing. How about if we assume a date on Saturdays and holidays. For other days, we will make plans in advance. Does that sound okay?

Lucy: That sounds great. I talked with Clark and he said that I should talk to you. But, he did give me some good advice.

Jimmy: CK is a great guy. I'm glad he and Lois finally got together. He has wanted to be with her since day one.

Lucy: Lois talks in her sleep when she has an especially good dream. One night while she was asleep she admitted that she loved Clark. I couldn't call her on it though because she would have been mad at me for eavesdropping. I heard her scream, so I came in to her room. When I realized WHY she was screaming Clark's name, I left. I couldn't ask her about it without blushing anyway. She stopped writing her novel when they finally got together. I guess that she did not need to write about unrequited love anymore.

Jimmy: She has softened a lot since she and CK started to work together.

Lucy: (Trying unsuccessfully to stifle a yawn). I guess it is getting late.

Jimmy: Yes, it is. I'll see you in the morning. Goodnight.

Lucy: Goodnight. (They share a sweet goodnight kiss).

(The next morning Jimmy knocks on Lucy's door five minutes early).

Jimmy: Good morning.

Lucy: Good morning to you too. You are a bit early. I was going to have coffee ready for you.

Jimmy: That's okay, because I wanted to bring it to you. Here, just like you like it.

Lucy: Jimmy, that is so sweet. Thank you. (She gives him a proper good morning kiss to show her appreciation).

Jimmy: If I'd have known that I would get that kind of reaction for coffee, I'd have brought bagels as well.

Lucy: You'd have gotten the same reaction even if you didn't bring coffee.

Jimmy: I'll tell you what. I'll bring the coffee every morning we go over the Planet together, if you are this happy to see me.

Lucy: (Grinning). That sounds like a plan.

(11:30 am, Daily Planet newsroom)

Perry: Jimmy, Lucy, in my office. NOW!

Jimmy: What is it chief?

Perry: (Mimicking Jimmy). What is it chief? (Trying to be gruff, but failing miserably). I'll tell you what. (Now obviously softer). I just wanted to tell you good job on the research yesterday. Lois and Clark will be undercover starting tomorrow at Met U, and you will be their contacts. Jimmy, I've arranged for you to take a class with Clark, and a class with Lucy. The Planet will pay for the tuition, fees, and books. If you get a "B" or better in both classes, you'll get a raise.

Jimmy: Thanks Chief. You don't know how much I appreciate this opportunity.

Perry: You've worked hard son. I want to promote you up the ranks, but the people upstairs are requiring college degrees for everyone without at least 10 years experience, before they get promotions. Besides, as a student, you will be able to be seen without being suspicious.

Jimmy: (Acting casually, even though he already knows the answer). So Lucy, what are you taking?

Lucy: Chief, what are Lois and Clark teaching? Do they know yet?

Perry: Yes. They just found out this morning. Clark is teaching Spanish 101, and Lois is teaching Environmental Resource Economics.

Lucy: Jimmy, it looks like you are going to be very busy this summer. I'm taking Technical Writing and Health Education.

Perry: Lucy, I don't reckon YOU could take Lois' class?

Lucy: Sorry chief. I read some of Lois' textbooks when she was taking a lot of economics, and well, I just didn't get a kick out of currency arbitrage, IS and LM curves, and various forecasting models. I think that I might just SCREAM if I hear the phrase "marginal propensity to consume" one more time in this century.

Perry: Why don't you two go get Jimmy's books and register him for his classes. I remember how long those registration and bookstore lines can be. You can even have the rest of the day off if you promise to start reading those books. Another thing Jimmy, since you are on the Planet's time for class, with an allowance for study time, I expect good grades from you both!

Jimmy: Chief, are you okay?

Perry: Yes, but do it before I change my mind.

Lucy: Thanks Chief!

Jimmy: Thanks!!

(They grab lunch on the way to the university, and luck out on the lines. They don't wait for more than a couple of minutes to register, and they only have a 15-minute wait at the bookstore. Any college student will attest that a 15-minute wait a few days before classes start is a short wait).

Lucy: You have your books, and you've registered. It's only 12:30. Do you want a tour of the campus?

Jimmy: That sounds great. (They walk around for an hour and head back to their apartment building).

Lucy: Okay. In honor of your Spanish class, I'll make tacos tonight. I had like five years of Spanish in high school, so we can start early. We are lucky that our schedules are conducive to working. We both have an 8:00-10:00, and a 10:15-12:15, Monday through Thursday. That gives us afternoons and evenings, and all day on Friday to work, and the weekends as Perry needs us. I think it's so cool that he's including our class hours as work hours.

Jimmy: What about finding time to actually study?

Lucy: The writing class requires effort and time, but should not be difficult. Your Spanish class won't be hard either.

Jimmy: I really want to do well this summer. No one has ever had as much faith in me as Perry does, and I do not want to disappoint him.

Lucy: Jimmy, you could never disappoint anyone. You are too caring and too hard working to do that.

(That evening, after dinner, Lucy and Jimmy are practicing Spanish. Lois and Clark call).

Lucy: Hola.

Lois: Lucy?

Lucy: Hi Lois.

Lois: Clark and I want to get together with you and Jimmy to go over the plans at the university.

Lucy: We're here if you two want to come over right now.

Lois: We won't be interrupting anything will we?

Lucy: Just knock first.

Lois: See ya in a bit.

Lucy: See ya. (She hangs up the phone).

Jimmy: I take it Lois and CK coming over?

Lucy: Yep. I guess we better put your books away. We don't want Clark to think you are like sucking up or anything.

Jimmy: Good point. I'll be right back. (He goes next door and is back by the time Lucy has the dishes in the dishwasher, and has started it up). Luce, you didn't have to clean up by yourself. I was going to help.

Lucy: No problem. Now let's see, what can we do until they get here? I know! (She leans in and kisses him passionately).

Jimmy: Lucy, (kiss) they'll (kiss) be here, (kiss) any minute. (kiss) (Pulling away). It's not like they have to fight traffic. (Grin).

Lucy: You're right. It has been an amazing few days. (Lois and Clark show up as if on cue).

Lois: Hi guys. (She smiles). I hope we weren't interrupting anything.

Lucy: You weren't.

Lois: No, of course not. I asked Clark to check to see if you were both decent, but the boy scout wouldn't do it. He said we should knock on the door because you wouldn't open it unless you were dressed.

Jimmy: Thanks CK.

Lois: (Raising an eyebrow). If this isn't a good time …

Lucy: No, it's as good a time as any. We actually just finished dinner.

Lois: That's why you have dirty dishes on the table??

Jimmy: Not everyone keeps them on the table Lois. Lucy put them in the dishwasher right after you called. Check for yourself. (Lois checks).

Lois: Okay, so you finally learned how to do dishes.

(They talk about work for a while, and then L&C leave).

Jimmy: I'd better go now too. Good night.

Lucy: Good Night. (Long kiss at the front door).

(One week later, Monday morning, 8:00, Lucy's apartment).

Jimmy: Good Morning.

Lucy: (Rolling over, and kissing him lightly on the lips). Yes. It is a VERY good morning.

Jimmy: I never thought it could be like this. I mean the closeness, and the ability to tell you anything. I want to thank you for last night. It meant a lot to me.

Lucy: You don't need to thank me. Last night meant a lot to me too. I'm glad that you felt that you could share your emotions like that.

Jimmy: (Sitting up). I just want to tell you that I love you, Lucy Lane. More than I have ever loved any one else. When I came home yesterday, and saw how those thugs trashed my apartment, my first thought was to check on you. When I saw that you were fine, I felt so relieved. When my dad called to explain everything, I felt so numb. He has never been there for me. I've always loved him because he was my father, and I guess I always will. However, after last night, I no longer respect him. That is something that I never thought I would say.

Lucy: (Tenderly). Jimmy, I'm here for you. Yes, what your dad did was wrong. Believe me, of all people, I can certainly sympathize with feeling betrayed by your parents. He didn't mean to hurt you. He *did* arrange for you to be somewhere else during the break in. He also offered to pay for the damages.

Jimmy: Lucy, those thugs could have gotten the time wrong and come when we were here. They also could have gotten the apartment number wrong, and gone to your place. If they had seen you there, they would have hurt you, or even killed you. I don't think that I could have handled that.

Lucy: Jimmy, things work out for a reason. I'm fine. Like I told you last night, you can stay here as long as you like.

Jimmy: Won't you feel a bit awkward sharing your apartment with your boyfriend? I'm mean we aren't even sleeping together.

Lucy: I slept better last night next to you than I have in ages.

Jimmy: I mean SLEEPING, sleeping together, not just sleeping together.

Lucy: I've had bad experiences before, and I've learned my lesson. I told you last night that I was willing to wait to make love, until you felt ready. I meant that. We have shared more than just the physical experience. When we do decide to take that step, it will be perfect because we will be able to share ourselves with each other completely, emotionally, as well as physically.

Jimmy: (Kissing her gently). You are the best.

Lucy: So are you. Now, we better get ready. We don't want to be late to class.

(They go to class and come back afterwards).

Lucy: So how was Spanish?

Jimmy: Muy Bien.

Lucy: I see Clark was a good teacher.

Jimmy: Si.

Lucy: Okay, what did you learn about the professors?

Jimmy: Clark has a few leads that he wants us to check out for him.

Lucy: I think it's great that we get to be partners for our semester project. We can choose between a presentation of a new idea to revitalize the meal plan, or an expose' on some type of corruption. What do you think we should choose.

Jimmy & Lucy: Corruption!

Jimmy: Do you have any homework in Health?

Lucy: Nope. I did, but I finished it already. Class got out early because the teacher is also the track coach. He is going to be checking out a prospective student this week in California. He gave us our assignments for the week, and let us out an hour early. I finished my last one about five minutes before you met me in our English class.

Jimmy: CK gave us the coolest project for the week. We are to make flash cards of the things that we do, use, and say on a daily basis. Next week we are going to do a five minute oral presentation describing ourselves. We learned some basics today. Senor King is going to be one of the most popular teachers at this school. He actually had Columbian coffee and Peruvian chocolate for us when class started.

Lucy: Well, why don't we stop by the Planet and see Lois and Clark before we go home?

Jimmy: That sounds great. Do you know what name Lois is using? (They walk towards the Planet).

Lucy: Her name is Lauren King. She and Clark decided that it wouldn't hurt their cover for them to be married. A lot of couples both teach, so it isn't unusual. Laura and Charlie King have normal names and backgrounds, so they won't be raising any questions.

(They approach the Planet)

Jimmy: Okay, we are here. Let's see what the chief has for us. Hopefully, it's something we can do from home. I'm hungry and I don't really like pretending that there is nothing going on between us.

Lucy: I'll tell you what. We can drop the charade, starting now. (She kisses him passionately).

Jimmy: But what about the rumors? I know you've had reservations about this getting out into the open.

Lucy: Perry has been pleased as punch in our work. I don't think that if he or any else sees us holding hands, or whatever, he will mind. As long as we do our jobs, and don't make out in the middle of the newsroom in the middle of the day, on company time, on a regular basis, it's really no one else's business but ours. (She grabs his hand and leads him into the Planet lobby, into the elevator, and then out onto the newsroom floor).

Jimmy: Lois and CK are here. Let's go see what they have for us.

Lucy: Hi Lois! How was your first day back at Met U?

Lois: Great! I have a very small class, with only 6 students.

Jimmy: So CK, Lois, do you have anything that you want us to photograph or research?

Clark: (Teasing). You two wouldn't be trying to get out of here early would you?

Jimmy: Hey CK, do you think Superman has any more information on the guys who trashed my place last night?

Clark: No, but your dad called.

Jimmy: So? I DON'T want to talk to him. He practically ignores me for almost a quarter of a century, and then he wants to talk as soon as I stumble onto something.

Lois: Stumble onto something? You aren't holding out on us, are you?

Lucy: Well, I think we need to have this conversation in the conference room. (They go into the conference room, shut the door, and close the blinds). Well, Saturday night we were doing some research on the teacher scandal. One name seemed to sound vaguely familiar to both of us, but we didn't know why. We checked into it. It turns out that one of the environmental science professors is the brother of "Mr. Make-up" himself.

Jimmy: Lois, this goes way deeper than false credentials at a university. Jack said that he has been tailing these guys for a while. We are talking foreign espionage of the worst kind. After all, who would expect that an easy going college professor was in fact, a spy? It's actually a great cover. They have access to a university computer network, the ability to hide in plain sight, and a legitimate paycheck. Just think you guys, what we thought of as an interesting summer story about corrupt professors is actually an international espionage and money laundering ring.

Lucy: Not to mention deforestation of the rain forests as a class project.

Lois & Clark: Jack?

Lucy: Jimmy's father.

Jimmy: No! I mean Jack. He lost all rights as my father when he sent those guys to my apartment to trash the place and to rough me up.

Lucy: Jimmy, honey, look at me. (He does). I know that things are not easy for you now, but he IS still your father. Sometimes, the best revenge is to be the bigger man. He knows that you are upset right now. He is not going to expect you to welcome him with open arms. However, you can use his guilt to our advantage. I know from personal experience that time can heal the wounds caused by parental mistakes. The feelings of guilt that he harbors can be quite useful. (Grin).

Jimmy: Thanks Luce. You're the best. (He hugs her).

Clark: Lois, I think Superman should have a talk with Mr. Olsen.

Lois: Me too. Just make sure that Superman doesn't take too long. I want my husband home in time for dinner. We're having pasta. (Very intense kiss).

Jimmy: Luce, I guess compared to that, (pointing to L&C), that Perry won't mind if he sees us holding hands.

Lucy: Do you think that we should give them some privacy?

Jimmy: Sure. Come on. We can go home and start on those assignments.

Lucy: All right. (They leave the conference room).

Jimmy: What do you want for dinner tonight?

Lucy: Lois mentioned that they are having pasta. I think some spaghetti would be good. I even have the ingredients at home.

Jimmy: Tell you what. I'll make the spaghetti and I'll pick up a bottle of wine. You give our notes to Lois. Tell her more about what we discovered. She and CK can sort it out and get back to us tomorrow. See you soon. (He kisses her goodbye, on the lips, but not like his very life depended upon it).

Perry: Great shades of Elvis. What is it with you Lane women? I pair you up with an innocent guy and next thing I know the action in my newsroom resembles the action at a drive in.

Lucy: Sorry Chief.

Jimmy: (Grinning broadly). Yeah, Chief. Sorry.

Perry: That's okay kids. I remember what it was like to be your age. Just keep it clean okay. Where are Lois and Clark? (Jimmy and Lucy look to the conference room where the shades are still drawn and the door is closed, and they grin). Go on, get out of here. You two have studying to do.

Jimmy: I'm on my way Chief. Bye Luce.

Lucy: I'm going to go over some notes with Lois, and Clark was just about to go find Superman. Jimmy and I think that we may have cracked this case.

Perry: That's great. Now THAT'S what I call teamwork. Well, what's stopping you?

(Lucy hurries back to the client room, knocks, and enters. Lois and Clark are staring at each other).

Lucy: Lois, we need to go over these notes. Clark, didn't you say that you have to find Superman?

Clark: (Grinning at his wife, then his sister-in-law). Okay. See you later. (He leaves via the stairwell).

Lucy: Lois, why is Clark grinning like he just won the lottery?

Lois: (She whispers to Lucy). He heard the baby's heartbeat for the first time. (Now in a normal tone of voice). He is so excited about everything that is happening in our lives.

Lucy: Jimmy and I want the two of you to go over our notes tonight. We'll stop by the Planet about the same time tomorrow. Now, there are a few more things we need to tell you. (She tells Lois about what they had seen and heard that day. Lois tells her about her class. Lucy leaves about 30 minutes later). I'd better go now. We have a lot of work to do. See ya tomorrow.

Lois: See ya Lucy.

(Friday morning, Daily Planet, 7:00)

Jimmy: Well, Lois, CK, what do you think? Can we print this?

Lucy: We have the pictures and the audio tapes here. (She hands a backpack to Lois). We even have a videotape, but it is kinda fuzzy. Maybe you two could see if Superman could watch it?

Lois: Great work you two. I think that is a definite possibility. Clark and I will review everything and write it all up today. It should be ready for the evening edition. Clark, why don't you get us some FRESH croissants, and we can eat breakfast to celebrate.

Clark: (Getting up to leave). I'll be right back. I love you Lois. (He kisses her, then leaves via the stairwell).

Lucy: So Lois, no morning sickness?

Lois: Not yet.

Jimmy: I guess CJ knows how much his mom likes NOT hurling first thing in the morning.

Lois: I guess. I never thought I'd be this excited about becoming a parent. Four years ago if someone told me that I'd be looking forward to being a mom, I'd have had them committed. But the whole idea of being responsible for another little person is unbelievable.

Jimmy: I'm going to get everyone some coffee. (He walks over to the coffee pot and starts a fresh pot. He pours the artificial sweetener and the artificial creamer into Lois' mug, and the sweetener into Lucy's mug. When the coffee is ready he pours three mugs full of regular coffee, and one mug of decaf coffee for Lois, and walks back to Lucy and Lois).

(While Jimmy is at the coffeepot Lois and Lucy have a quick heart to heart).

Lucy: Lois, how did you know that Clark was the one?

Lois: I knew that I loved being with him, and that the thought of a future without him was unfathomable. However, the thought of a future waking up with him every morning seemed like heaven.

Lucy: I know the feeling. Jimmy is so considerate. He never leaves dishes in the sink overnight, he doesn't leave a drink on the coffee table without a coaster, and he has yet to so much as leave the seat up in the bathroom. When he kisses me, the whole world seems to disappear. I love him in a way that I never even knew existed.

Lois: This sounds serious.

Lucy: I think it is. I know that he loves me, but he has yet to try anything. We have slept in the same bed for almost a week, and he never once made a move on me! We haven't even gone past third base.

Lois: Lucy, is that all that is bothering you?

Lucy: ALL?

Lois: Clark and I never even got to third base until we were engaged. He has always held the act of making love sacred. It is not something that he wanted to take lightly. We didn't even sleep together until our wedding night. I still admire him for his patience. Although, he told me that if he knew it was going to be like that he wouldn't have waited thirty years. Lucy, it was definitely worth the wait.

Lucy: You mean you two never even …

Lois: No, and you are not to tell any one I told you that, even Jimmy. Especially, Jimmy.

Lucy: Do you think that is why Jimmy has been so skittish? I mean he is down right eager up to a point, and then he gets all nervous. It's really cute, but it is also frustrating. I don't want to rush him, and I admire his wanting it to be special, but really. You know I actually considered rolling over last night, tying him up, and ravishing him.

Lois: Lucy, have you ever considered tae-kwan-do lessons? They are a great release.

Lucy: So that is how you progressed so rapidly through the belts when you and Clark first met?

Lois: (With a sly grin). You'd better believe it.

Lucy: He's coming over. Shh. Not one word.

Lois: Hey, I am your big sister. I'm glad we had this talk.

Lucy: Me too.

Jimmy: What did I miss?

Lucy: Just girl talk. (He hands them their coffee). Thanks Jimmy. (She kisses him. She then whispers that she loves him).

Jimmy: (Slightly blushing, but grinning). Ditto. (Clark appears with breakfast).

Clark: Here, fresh croissants for everyone.

Lois: (Kissing him in appreciation). Thanks sweetheart.

Clark: Anytime, Lois, anytime.

Lucy: Mmmm. Thanks Clark. These are wonderful.

Jimmy: Yeah CK, these are great.

(They work nonstop until 2:00, when they emerge from the conference room with their article).

Lois: This smells like a Kerth to me.

Jimmy: Do you think it is good enough for our project?

Lois: Jimmy, Lucy, this is GREAT work. Your professor will be proud. You two learned the fundamentals of research, teamwork, writing, revising, writing, revising, and writing. Now, in about three minutes Perry is going to poke his head out the door, say great work you guys, tell an Elvis story, and then tell us all to get back to work. I think that your project could use tomorrow's front page. After all, it will be your names on the by line as well as ours.

Lucy: It's your story Lois, we just helped with the background. That's our job.

Lois: You two did more than just research. You wrote up comprehensive notes, took a few risks breaking into those offices, and taping everything. The byline will read Lane and Kent & Lane and Olsen.

Lucy: Jimmy, what do you think?

Jimmy: I think that I know better than to argue with Lois.

Lois: Lucy, he's a smart boy, definitely a keeper.

(Perry walks into the conference room right on schedule and says what Lois said he would).

Perry: Lucy, Jimmy, can I see you two in my office?

Jimmy: Sure Chief.

(The three go to Perry's office).

Perry: I want to know how your school work is going. You two put a lot of hours into this story. I couldn't be any prouder of either of you, but I do want you two to do well in your classes.

Jimmy: Well, this article basically completes our English project. We will have a mid-term exam, but no final. So we should only have to work like an hour so a day outside of class.

Lucy: Yeah, this was our semester project. It is in lieu of a final exam. We are going to see our professor tonight, so we are going to give it to him then. He is having a cookout and he invited us to come over. If there are any problems, we will have four weeks to make the necessary revisions.

Jimmy: Spanish is going well, CK, I mean Professor King, says that I have a lot of natural ability to pick up languages.

Lucy: My Health class is great. It's a cake walk. The teacher sent us an e-mail that said that we will get out of class early everyday to work on our project. It's a diary of what we eat, and our various activities. The point is to see if we are leading healthy lifestyles, and where we should make changes.

Perry: So everything is working out?

Jimmy: Chief, everything is going great. I won't let you down. I swear.

Perry: Son, I'm not worried. I just want to let you two know that I understand if you need time to study that you can ask me. Lucy, based on the work I've seen so far, we may be able to offer you a full time job after graduation.

Lucy: Thanks Chief! That's great news!

Perry: You've earned it. Now go get me another great story.

(They leave Perry's office happy and proud. They finish the research on the other stories, Jimmy gets a few pictures of some Superman rescues, and shows Lucy how to develop the film. While they are in the darkroom they talk about school, work, and life in general. After the pictures are done, they leave. They get a copy of the DP "hot off the presses", literally).

Lucy: They really are hot when they come off of the presses.

Jimmy: Yeah. I say we put this with our other materials and get to that cookout.

Lucy: Sounds great.

(Later that evening, after the cookout, they are at Lucy's apartment).

Jimmy: Well my dear, this has been an amazing week.

Lucy: It has. I do know of ONE thing that can make it even better. (She starts to nuzzle his neck and earlobe).

Jimmy: Lucy, are you sure? I don't want to be just another federal disaster.

Lucy: Jimmy, trust me, you won't be.

Jimmy: Lucy, I've never actually gone all the way before and I do not want to disappoint you.

Lucy: Honey, that is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me. You won't disappoint me. I promise.

(Insert really good nfic scene here. I can't write that type of scene well enough to do it justice, and it would definitely be out of the realm of PG land).

(Hyperion Avenue, same time)

Clark: Lois, how would you feel about having Jimmy and Lucy over for a cookout tomorrow?

Lois: I think it would be great. They worked so hard on the story this week, and they could really use a break. We could set up that volleyball net in the back yard, and we could play Lane and Kent vs. Lane and Olsen. The losing couple will have to do the dishes.

Clark: I think that is a great idea Mrs. Kent. You know, one good idea deserves another. (He wiggles his eyebrows suggestively , and then carries his wife upstairs).

(Later that evening).

Lois: Well Mr. Kent, you do have some good ideas every now and then.

Clark: I have a great source of inspiration.

Lois: I say we call Lucy and Jimmy now, before they go out for the evening.

Clark: All right. (They call Lucy at her apartment).

(Back at Lucy's apartment, Lucy and Jimmy are on the bed just relaxing).

Lucy: Jimmy, that was amazing. I told you that you had no need to worry.

Jimmy: Is it always like this? I mean I've heard stories, but I had quite frankly just dismissed them as over exaggerations and bragging.

Lucy: No, it's not always like this with everyone. It is for us because we truly love each other. I have been with several men with more experience, but NONE of them made me feel as special, and as good as you did. I love you Jimmy Olsen.

Jimmy: I love you too, Lucy Lane. (They share a very tender kiss. The phone rings. They both groan).

Lucy: (Annoyed). Hello.

Lois: (Cheerfully). Hi Luce. Clark and I wanted to know if you and Jimmy would want to come over for a cookout tomorrow, say around 6:00? We can play volleyball and the loser does the dishes.

Lucy: Sounds like fun Lois, but we are kind of in the middle of something. We'll see ya tomorrow, okay?

Lois: Okay. Bye.

Lucy: Bye.

(Hyperion Avenue, the same evening).

Lois: That was weird.

Clark: What was?

Lois: She didn't want to talk.

Clark: And that would be weird because … ?

Lois: She couldn't wait to have a heart to heart this morning, and now she says that they are in the middle of something. You don't think that they were … ?

Clark: Jimmy? HA! Lucy would have to tie him down first. He has dated a lot of girls, but he has never actually done anything more than make out. He is even less experienced than I was when we first went out.

Lois: He told you that?

Clark: Yes. Actually he told Superman, but since he knows that is me now, he knows that I know. We had a conversation when we were at Star Labs after Dr. Doodsen tried to suck the life out of us. He thanked me again for saving him. I told him that he was my friend and that I was glad to do it. Then he told me that he was glad because he did not want to die before he could go all the way with a woman.

Lois: You know what is funny?

Clark: What?

Lois: When we were about to become toast courtesy of Larry Smiley, Jimmy told me that he dreamed that I would make him a man. I guess it's funny that my sister did just that. (Giggle).

Clark: Now THAT'S ironic.

(Lucy's apartment)

Lucy: Now, where were we? I know! (She starts kissing him).

(Next evening, Hyperion, 5:30)

Lois: Clark, just think. The next thing we assemble won't be a volleyball net, but a crib.

Clark: That's what you think.

Lois: I know that look Kent. Spill it.

Clark: While you were in the shower I assembled the crib. I wanted to finish the nursery, and that was the last thing we needed to do. Our parents have given us all of the things we'll need for the first little bit. I'm sorry honey. I was just so excited I couldn't wait. You and I are going to have a baby soon. I know how hectic our schedules can get. I just want everything for CJ to be just right. I don't want to turn around in seven months to discover that we forgot to do or get something major. I love both of you so much. I want everything to be just perfect.

Lois: Clark, you don't have to apologize for loving your son. I'm thrilled that the nursery is completed. Why didn't you tell me though?

Clark: I was going to surprise you tonight.

Lois: I love you. (She kisses him passionately until Jimmy and Lucy arrive and the doorbell interrupts them).

Lucy: Hi Lois! Hi Clark!

Jimmy: Hi guys! It's a great evening isn't it?

Lois: It was a beautiful afternoon, but the weather channel is calling for late evening thunderstorms. The humidity is like 90 percent. And this heat, don't get me started.

Clark: Mood swings, sheesh. (Lois playfully elbows him in the ribs and he pretends it hurts).

Jimmy: CK, volleyball first or dinner?

Lois & Lucy: Dinner!

Clark: There you go.

(The four friends enjoy a great dinner and a friendly bit of athletic competition. Jimmy and Lucy win. Lois and Clark go to the kitchen to do the dishes, while Jimmy and Lucy retire to the living room to watch television).

Lois: Clark, how come we lost?

Clark: Lucy made me promise not to use any superpowers. Besides, I can clean the kitchen super quick. (He does). There.

Lois: Cute. Real cute. Did Lucy and Jimmy seem really hungry today? I mean more than usual? The last time I ate like she did was on our honeymoon, the day after we got married. (Grin). I think I was right!

Clark: I think you may be right honey. Jimmy could hardly keep his eyes off of her. He was looking at her the way I look at you. (He pulls her close to him. He wraps his arms around her waist and she wraps her arms around his neck).

Lois: I'm always right. Look at that lightning. I love watching these storms. They are full of such power. (Right then a bolt of lightning comes through the open window, hits Clark, and passes through to Lois, who is pressed tightly against him).

Clark: (Concerned). Honey, are you okay?

Lois: Yes, I'm a bit dizzy, but okay. It looks like you saved my life yet again.

Clark: That's what I'm here for.

Lois: Clark, I love you. (She hugs him, tightly).

Clark: Lois, you are hurting me.

(They look at each other, their eyes grow wide with comprehension).

Lois: Oh no, not again.

Clark: (Levitating to ensure that he still has HIS powers). It's a good thing that you kept your Ultra Woman costume.

Lois: Yes, except that it won't fit in another month or two. How do I explain a pregnant super hero?

Clark: I believe you were the one who said that Superman needs a companion, and that you were available.

Lois: Okay, so we make an appearance as Superman and Ultra Woman, announce that we are married, and expecting our first child. That would form too many coincidences between us and our alter egos.

Clark: No problem, we can get mom to help with redesigning the costume somewhat to keep you from showing for awhile. Then when you do start to show we can say that we are looking forward to our baby, and that Ultra Woman is taking maternity leave.

Lois: I guess we have a story to write.

Clark: The Return of Ultra Woman?

Lois: Yep. I guess we should tell Lucy and Jimmy. JIMMY! Clark, he had a huge crush on Ultra Woman.

Clark: I know. My super hearing picked up a lot of his remarks after she left. He has Lucy now, and he has never seemed happier.

Lois: I guess that there is no time like the present huh?

Clark: Nope. (Yelling to the living room). Hey Jimmy, Lucy, come here!

(L&C levitate Jimmy and Lucy enter the room).

Jimmy: Cool trick Lois.

Lois: That's Ultra Woman to you Jimmy. (Grin).

Jimmy: YOU were Ultra Woman? I'm so sorry. I acted so immature.

Lois: I was flattered. We have another secret that you need to keep. We want you two to know, because we may need help with excuses. You two seem to be quite good at it and we appreciate it. Last time a beam of red kryptonite transferred Clark's super powers to me, but this time a bolt of lightning hit him and some how now we both have these powers. It happened before when William Wallace Webster Walldecker became Resplendent Man.

Lucy: That is so cool. My sister is a super hero.

Jimmy: I guess you got the Ultra Woman exclusive the same way CK got those early Superman exclusives huh.

Lois: We are going to write up the story tonight. Jimmy, could you take a few pictures of Ultra Woman and Superman? Then we can rush these to the Planet in time for the morning edition.

Lucy: The Planet will get the scoop of the century. Lois, could Jimmy and I write a story about you and Superman every once in a while? It might keep the suspicions down.

Lois: Sure. (They write the story and Jimmy takes some pictures. They then walk to the Planet to hand the night editor tomorrow's headline).

(Several months later in later in late November, Daily Planet newsroom. Lois and Clark made their announcement to the newsroom when Lois was two months along).

Lois: Ooooo.

Clark: Honey! Is everything okay?

Lois: YES! I think I felt CJ move!

Clark: (Putting his hand on Lois' abdomen). Yes! That's my boy. Lois, I love you. I have so much to be thankful for, and it's all because of you. (He kisses her).

(Conference room, same time).

Lucy: There. (She pulls an article of the printer, then LANs the story to Perry). Another great story by Lane & Olsen. Research partners to writing partners.

Jimmy: Lucy, we have been through a lot together over the past several months. We've written stories together, studied together, and we even lived together for a while when my apartment was trashed. I love you and I was thinking that our byline could read Olsen & Olsen. It does have a nice ring to it. (He pulls a beautiful ring out of his pocket). Will you marry me?

Lucy: YES! (She hugs him and kisses him. He places the ring on her finger. He kisses her again). We have so much to be thankful for this year.

Jimmy: Yes, we do. Do you want to elope, or do you have your heart set on a big wedding?

Lucy: I'd rather elope. Mother will NOT like that. After all of Lois' weddings though, she may enjoy not having to worry about anything. Her and daddy have reconciled, so she isn't anywhere near as bitter as she was. How does Valentine's Day sound?

Jimmy: I was kinda thinking New Year's Day. We can discuss it later. Let's go tell Lois and Clark, and Perry. (They exit the conference room). LOIS! CK! (As L&C look toward Jimmy and Lucy, Lucy shows off her recently adorned ring finger).

Lois: (Hugging her sister and Jimmy). That is wonderful. Congratulations you two. We're so happy for you. (Lois and Clark get a distant look in their eyes). You go Clark. I'll meet you here when you're done. I love you.

Clark: (He kisses his wife goodbye). I love you too.

Jimmy: Bank alarm, terrorists at the airport, five alarm fire, what?

Lois: (Grinning). A run on turkeys at the grocery store up the street. I'm glad that we don't still have to buy groceries for Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday.

Jimmy: Should I go take pictures?

Lois: No, (she listens), it's under control. He should be back in about ten seconds.

Lucy: We are looking forward to Thursday, Lois. We'll announce our engagement then.

Clark: (Coming back in the room). I think that is a great idea. Although you should probably tell Perry now, because he is in a good mood. He just got off the phone with Alice and she is coming too.

Jimmy: (Grabbing Lucy's hand). Hey Chief. Got a sec?

Chief: Sure son, what's up?

Lucy: (Holding up her hand). I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count.

Perry: Congratulations you guys.

Jimmy: Thanks Chief.

Lucy: Only you, Lois, and Clark know. We are going to announce it Thursday.

(January 1998: Jimmy and Lucy have just returned from New York City where they celebrated New Year's Eve in Times Square, and New Year's Day by getting married. They walk into the Daily Planet newsroom early Monday morning. Perry is in his office, and except for Lois and Clark, the newsroom is empty).

Jimmy: Hi guys! You are here pretty early.

Clark: We had a Superman story to file, and Lois wanted to get a start on the day.

Lois: You two seem unusually chipper for a Monday morning. I take it you had a good time in New York?

Lucy: We had the best few days. We ate lunch at the Hard Rock Café, partied in Times Square when the ball dropped, we eloped, we saw a Broadway play, and we even -

Lois: You eloped?

Jimmy: (Standing behind Lucy and wrapping his arms around her). Yeah. Isn't it great!

Lucy: We didn't want to wait. We decided on Thanksgiving that we would get married over New Years. You two are the first to know. We are going to tell Perry next. Is he in a good mood this morning?

Clark: Yes, he and Alice had a great Christmas and he was singing Jailhouse Rock when we came in this morning.

Lois: Well let me be the first to congratulate you two.

Clark: And let me be the second. (Group hug).

Perry: (Coming out of his office). Hey! You kids have a good time in the big apple?

Jimmy: We had the time of our lives Chief. We decided to make it official. (Jimmy and Lucy show off their wedding rings).

Perry: Well Congratulations. Since you all are here, I have some good news too. Alice and I are getting remarried!

Lois: Perry, that's wonderful!

Clark: Well, this is cause for a celebration. (He hears a cry for help). I know of this place that has great breakfast pastries. I'll be right back.

Lois: (Hearing the same, but unable to do anything because of her pregnancy). Anything chocolate would be fine. (Clark leaves and the remaining four continue talking).

Lucy: Have you two set a date yet?

Perry: We were thinking Valentine's Day.


To be continued …