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The E in Clark
Richard Frantz Jr.
Sometimes it's better to let little things, like spelling, just slide. So what if Clark's name was supposed to be spelled Clarke; if you don't stress over it, it might work out OK.

Earl and Juliana and Lois and Clark
This rewrite of "Bob and Carol and Lois and Clark" rearranges the maniacal tendencies of some of the characters, creating a very different outcome for all involved.

Early Intervention
Female Hawk
A response to Queen of the Capes' challenge to write something "evil, warped, twisted or sinister."

An Early Morning Surprise
Bella and Deandreamer
When Lois goes to Clark's apartment one morning to pick him up for work, she is met by an unusual and disturbing sight -- Clark and her sister, Lucy, in a suspicious state of undress. A story set in second season.

An Early Revelation: Top Copy
Beth Summerson
Top Copy gets the ultimate exclusive they were looking for, and Martha has no laser sculpture to give Clark. How will the world cope?

The Early Snoop Gets the Scoop
Unexpected things happen when Lois and Clark are forced to spend an evening on a stakeout.

The Ears Have It
Sue S.
Superman's blindness results in an "illuminating" talk with Lois.

Earth Guys Don't Stand a Chance
A married Lois and Clark share blissful encounters.

An Earth Shattering Development
After saving Superman's life, Jimmy discovers that he has some "super" qualities of his own.

Earth's Calling
Deadly Chakram
For Jor-El and Lara, sending their defenseless newborn son out into the universe was both the easiest and the hardest decision they'd ever made.

Earth's Greatest Hero
Anne Spear
Metropolis is under martial law with the "Peacekeeper" as its resident superhero. Can a reporter named Lane lead the fight for freedom?

East of the Garden
Sometimes, in life-and-death situations, being a "cherub" with superpowers is not enough. In those times, a *lot* of extra help may be required...

What does an unemployed, grounded superhero do to fill his time while the Planet is being rebuilt?

Echoes of the Past
ML Thompson
Two hundred years in the future, a young man is taunted by recurring dreams about a woman. At the same time, a young woman is tormented by recurring nightmares about dangling over the jaws of death. What does it all mean? Assuming it means anything at all.

Lynn S. M.
What do Superman, pumpkins and light switches have in common, and can Superman help someone he's never even met?

Edge of Darkness
IRC Round Robin
Lois and Clark are under siege at work when Perry goes on an extended vacation and Morgan Edge, the Planet's L.A.Bureau chief, takes charge of the newsroom. Are his bad decisions the product of incompetence or is something more sinister involved?

Edge of Discovery
IRC Round Robin
Another story in the group's Unintentional Season. Morgan Edge decides to delve into Superman's past in hopes of finding a way to destroy him once and for all. Meanwhile Lois and Clark receive some startling news about Lois' pregnancy.

Edge of Metropolis
IRC Round Robin
Another of the group's "Unintentional Season" stories. (To read the others in order, visit either Pam Jernigan's or Anne Ciotola's terrific sites.) Morgan Edge, the renegade editor with Intergang connections who made Lois and Clark miserable a few stories ago, is back. This time he's in charge of a rival news operation that seems bent on undermining Superman any way it can. Meanwhile on the homefront Ellen Lane decides that Lois and Clark can use her *special touch* in setting up the nursery.

Editorial Discretion
Deadly Chakram
Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Planet, world-renowned newspaper, Perry White is in possession of the world's biggest story. But what is newsworthy? And what should be withheld, for both the good of the world, and the privacy of one humble man?

An Education in Sports and Secret Keeping
486 words (3Kb)
What happens when someone knows what Lois knows about Clark, but Lois doesn't know that they know that he knows that they know? And why the heck wouldn't Clark tell her? Needlessly complicated for a short little ficlet.

The Egg
Lois gets a Superman exclusive. Or does she? A response to the April 2013 Comedy Challenge. Set in the middle of Season 1.

Eggcellent Revenge
Deadly Chakram
12,594 words (70Kb)
First, Clark feared he would never become a father. Then, once Lois became pregnant, his fears took a whole new turn.

Eight Oh Three
Rhen Brink
Clark can't believe he actually gave Lois the go-ahead to date Dan Scardino. What was he thinking? But more important is what Lois is thinking as Scardino takes her out on the town.

Eine Klein Nachtmusik
Nancy Lemieux
A dangerous Superman hate-group rears its head in Metropolis. But that's not what's sending Lois and Clark scrambling to find a drugstore. Episode 10 of S5.

Election Day
That Writer Guy
It's Election Day and the people have spoken. The fate of the world has been decided, and things may never be the same again...

The Electrified Bride
Allison Forbes
In the episode "Swear to God, This Time We're Not Kidding," Clark was able to talk Myrtle Beech out of trying to hurt anyone else, thereby saving Lois, and their wedding. But what would have happened if Myrtle hadn't listened to reason? Find out in this tearjerker, a deathfic response to the 30-minute challenge.

The Elevator
Lois finds an original way to combat Clark's fears.

Email From Jimmy
Lois gets an email saying Jimmy's in trouble and needs cash fast. Response to Framework4's Awful Vacation challenge.

Embraced by Love
A short, tender fanfic in which Lois and Clark have a parental chat with their daughter about boys, girls, love and sex.

Embracing the Darkness
Deadly Chakram
61,039 words (339Kb)
Sometimes, life forces us to take a lot of detours before we finally find the path we are meant to take.

Emotional Corners
IRC Round Robin
Another story in the Unintentional Season. Amid preparations for the upcoming Merriwether Awards, Lois comes down with a bad cold and has to stay at home and rest. Clark gets a *super* workout as he tries to preserve his secret as well as Lois's sanity when Ellen Lane decides to give her "baby girl" a little TLC.

15,709 words (90Kb)
The events in this story take place some 25 years after the author's "Alive and Kickin" and five years before Clark Kent arrives in Metropolis. Lex Luthor is no longer an ambitious youth fighting his way off the streets, but a man of considerable influence and consequence. Now in possession of a fabulous fortune, the world lays at his feet and anything he desires is obtainable. But after his greatest triumph, nothing brings him joy. Something, or perhaps, someone, is missing....

Emptiness in Harmony
When her parents offer her the option of spending her summer vacation in Smallville, 14-year-old Catie Kent jumps at the chance to get away from her super family. As far as Catie is concerned, there's nothing at all good about being *super*.

En Dance
Curious to see what a mysterious redhead is doing with Clark, Lois finds herself at a local dance studio and is about to have the dance of her life.

Encounter in the Park
Mary Potts
A continuation of the author's "Encounter in the Woods."

Encounter in the Woods
Mary Potts
A young and distraught Clark Kent meets someone very interesting in the woods one day.

Encountering Talent
Bob Bartholomew
A young woman is on vacation in Metropolis with a friend. When she suffers a purse grabbing, she is helped by Lois and Clark. This woman has some special talents that provide insights into our favorite couple.

The End
Elizabeth Penter
What might the last episode of Lois & Clark be like had the show run for 8 seasons? This aurthor gives her suggestion.

The End of an Era
Terry Leatherwood
Lex Luthor has been sentenced to be executed for his many and various crimes. What might his last thoughts be?

The End of the Beginning
On the anniversary of Superman's death, Jim Olsen reminisces about his friends with the only people who would understand. Chapter 4 in the series Jon Kent: The Adventures of a New Superman. Serious tearjerker warning!

The End of the Matter
Leatherwood, Terry
Alternate ending for Tank Wilson's "A Future Reborn." You probably shouldn't read this unless you've read Tank's two trilogies, because it won't make much sense.

The End of the Planet?
Megan Sullivan
The Daily Planet's investors are threatening to pull out. Lois and Clark, along with the rest of the Planet staff, have one week to strut their best stuff in order to save their jobs.

The End of the Road
Leatherwood, Terry
Clark and Lois continue to develop their friendship while each of them denies any romantic attachment to the other, all while Lois' relationship with Lex Luthor and Clark's relationship with Rebecca Connors continue to develop unevenly. The third story in the author's "Road" trilogy.

Endings and Beginnings
Joel Schuldt
The first part in the author's series "Lois and Clark: The Saga Continues." Metropolis is visited by not just one, but two alternate universe Supermen, one good, one evil, but each bent on revenge. Can Clark stop them? And will his world survive, even if he can? (VIOLENCE WARNING: Contains graphic fight scenes.)

Enduring Power
Lady Loisette
The love between Lois and Clark is stronger and more powerful than anything else in this world, or beyond.

The Enemy Within - A Tank and Wendy Challenge
Tank Wilson and Wendy Richards
Kryptonite rears its ugly head again ... But this time its effects may be more than Lois and Clark can handle.

Engagement Bliss
Lois Lane Wanna Be
It's not the ring that makes her engagement, and Lois knew it. This story also makes up for her answer to the question, "Invisible or Fly?"

23,419 words (128Kb)
Set during Season Two's "Resurrection" episode: When Clark Kent discovers Dan Scardino and Lois in a compromising position at her apartment, an emotional confrontation unfolds. Lois and Clark are forced to make a critical decision that will shape both of their futures. Will they be able to see past their own insecurities in order to mend their fragile relationship?

Enter Terra-Man
Jon B. Knutson
Superman deals with an eco-terrorist. Based on Jerry Ordway's story in Superman #46 (second series).

The Envelope
Paul-Gabriel Wiener
Just before disappearing on her yet again, Clark has given Lois permission to open an envelope of "blackmail material" that he had entrusted to her. How will she react to reading Clark's deepest secrets?

Epic (Confusion)
Robert Culpepper
Spider-Man returns to Metropolis on the trail of a deadly criminal genius just as Robin and Batgirl arrive looking for their own villain. Soon everyone is caught up in an epic of confusion that brings Clark face to face with some personal issues, while Jimmy fights for his life. A sequel to the author's fanfic, "The Spider and the Fly(boy)."

Epilogue: How Utopia Was Won
In an epilogue to the Dawn's three-part series (ending with Kal-El's Return), one of Lois and Clark's descendents learns some surprising things about his family's history.

Epilogue: The Eyes Have It
A continuation of the episode "The Eyes Have It" in which Lois makes Clark come clean on those missing days.

Having discovered new depths to her partner at the Corn Festival, Lois begins to wonder just what she might be missing in this reworking of the episode "Green, Green Glow of Home." How might events have progressed if she'd been a little more in touch with her feelings...and desires?

213,214 words (1,179Kb)
In the aftermath of the episode "Fly Hard," Clark issues a warning to Lois about Lex as he finds himself at odds with her over his archenemy. Unable to see any other way to make her see the truth, he decides to tell her the truth in hopes that it'll keep her out of Lex's grasp. When Lois learns the truth both she and Clark are forced to juggle the ups and downs of their budding relationship while trying to find the connection between "The Boss" and every story they've covered over the past year.

An Episode That Might Have ...
Caroline Baker
A continuation of the episode "And the Answer Is..." in script form.

Gilmore, Michelle & Hudzik, Stephanie
When Clark's out of town on Super-business, Lois stumbles into trouble. Will the Daily Planet be writing her epitaph?

Deadly Chakram
132,480 words (739Kb)
As Lois Lane prepares to marry Lex Luthor, Clark Kent goes missing without a trace. Lois becomes consumed with finding her missing best friend, but the way back home proves to be far more complicated than anything she could have prepared for.

Escape From Krypton?
A different look at Lara and Jor-El's reasons for sending Kal-El to Earth.

Escape From New Krypton
ML Thompson
The First Lord of New Krypton, Kal of the House of El, finds himself injured, on a strange planet and in desperate need of help. Will he find it? And how far will Lord Nor go to make sure Kal does not return to New Krypton?

Escape From the Prankster
Richards, Wendy
When Lois goes to Clark's apartment during the episode "The Prankster," they share an emotional, romantic moment. But is Lois prepared for what she learns after their steamy encounter?

Escape to Freedom
Some of the events from the episodes "Barbarians at the Planet" and "House of Luthor" seen through the eyes of a very unexpected person.

Escaping Trask
Richard Frantz Jr.
Here's a different way for Clark to escape Trask, just when Trask thinks he has everything figured out.

Euphoria makes people behave in strange ways -- even Superman.

The European Adventures of Lois Lane
Lois thinks she's headed on an investigation in the Congo -- but when her plane is mysteriously rescued outside of Paris, she is suddenly on the trail of the story of her life.

In this sequel to the author's earlier "Perfect Illusions," things aren't quite resolved for Jimmy and the others.

Even a Super Heart Can Be Broken
Forbes, Allison K.
Superman reacts badly to some devastating news from Lois. Is it as bad as he thinks? Or has he jumped to the wrong conclusion?

The Evening After a Door Slams
Bob Bartholomew
There has been great progress in Lois and Clark's relationship after a late night after-date talk and an early-morning Superman encounter gone awry. What will happen when they each plan to share their greatest secrets the next evening? A sequel to "The Morning After a Door Slams."

Evening Delight
Pam Jernigan and Chris Mulder
Clark comes home to a pleasant surprise. Set somewhere in Season 6 continuity, between crises.

Ever Heard The Whole Story?
Rachel M.
Ever wondered about some of the experiences Lois had growing up? Lois tells all in "Ever Heard The Whole Story?"

Every Breath You Take
Deadly Chakram
1,014 words (5Kb)
When love becomes an obsession, things get creepy fast.

Every Day's a Holiday When I'm With You
Following "Individual Responsibility," Lois follows her heart and makes her choice while Clark plans a special surprise.

Every Little Detail
When the mayor asks Superman to give a detailed reporting of his activities, it soon becomes clear that a day in the life of a superhero is anything but normal.

Every Loser Wins
Chris Carr
In which we learn why the Kerth award that means most to Lois is one she didn't win.

Every Mother's Nightmare
When Lois and Clark's six-month-old daughter suddenly falls ill, they find that she has suffered a permanent hearing loss that the Man of Steel finds hard to cope with.

Everyone Has an Angel
Betty Huang
A follow-up story to the author's "Sour Blood." Dr. Klein creates a cure for Kryptonite, but there are serious side effects when Clark becomes addicted to the drug.

Everyone Here But Me
Benjamin McElwain
A short story in which Clark contemplates his different identities.

Everything But the Couches
Jen D
When Lois' apartment gets robbed, she can't believe what the criminals *didn't* take!

Everything Happens for a Reason
Sarah A.
Sometimes a bad day could turn into a good one in a moment.

Everything Must Change
Picson, Kathryn
An alternative take on the resolution of the Season 3 cliffhanger: what might have happened if Clark had been gone not for a few days, but a few years?

Everything's Right in the World
Jennifer Allen
Desperate to have a child of their own, Lois and Clark decide to try an unorthodox method of accomplishing that.

When Clark decides to end his relationship with Lois for her own good, she breaks. Deciding that she can't handle working with Clark at the Daily Planet anymore, she sets out to collect stories from all over the world. In doing so, she learns that she can't stop loving Clark. She takes him "everywhere."

Evil Lurks
You never know what's hiding under the surface.

Evil Resurgent
Joel Schuldt
The third segment in the author's "The Saga Continues" series. Lois and Clark return to Earth to find that "Alexander Luthor" has recreated LexCorp ... and that "Lois Lane" and "Clark Kent" have died in a mysterious accident.

Evil Villain Plan #21
How to kidnap Lois Lane and be defeated by Superman ... the badfic way.

The Ex-files
Julie Mack
Someone knows something about Lois Lane that even Lois doesn't know! A villain from her past reappears and Lois receives some information that she can't wait to tell Clark. But, being kidnapped and tied up makes it difficult unless Superman can once again save the day. (Episode # 9 of The Unaired Fifth Season)

Lana Lang is anxious to attend Lois and Clark's wedding, but Lois isn't so anxious for Clark's ex-girlfriend to do that.

Excerpts From the Journal of Lois Lane
Betsy R.
What if Clark hadn't come back from New Krypton right away? What would life have been like for Lois Lane? Here is a story that gives one possible answer to that question...

This story picks up right where "Cut From the Same Cape" left off, just as Lois had found out that Clark is Superman. In order to redeem himself, Clark prepares to give her the exclusive interview she's always dreamt of having...

Exhaustedly Happy
Jennifer Eagan-Dixon
Lois and Clark ponder the answer to that age-old newlywed question -- how much is "normal"?

A small world filled with murky despair. Definitely a job for Superman. If only he'll notice he is desperately needed.

The Exodus
Adam Labotka
Many millennia ago, warring super-beings nearly destroyed their home world. To prevent this from happening again, they decide to leave their planet and go somewhere where they will no longer have such powers. Thus, Krypton is born under the leadership of a war hero and his wife: Kal-El and Liera.

The Exodus II: Earthbound
Adam Labotka
A sequel to the fanfic "The Exodus," this fic follows Jor-El and Lara as they get ready to say a sad farewell to their son, Kal-El.

People rarely look below the surface.

An Expected Beginning
Laura Johnsen
Lois and Clark's daughter shows signs of being a chip off the old block, but will she be up to the responsibility of following in his footsteps?

Expecting The Worst: A T&W Challenge Fic
Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson
In this Wendy and Tank challenge, Lois gets the opportunity to go first at the end of the episode "The House Of Luthor." Their relationship is developing nicely until....

Explaining the Recant
Melinda Rich
A story written to justify Clark's reasons for taking back his vow of love for Lois at the end of the episode "The House of Luthor."

Exploring the West with Lois and Clark
On their honeymoon, Lois and Clark make a pinky swear that they will always make time for each other -- and they keep that promise in some of the best places on earth. This story features the American West from Lake Tahoe to San Francisco.

Jana L. Officer
A strange day at the office leads Clark to reconsider his clothing choices.

The Exquisite Corpse
Various Authors
Who said that fanfic has to make sense? Authors respond to the Surrealist Challenge.

Caroline K.
Dr. Sam Lane's thoughts during the episode "Home is Where the Hurt Is."

An Extraordinary Case of Bad Judgment and Worse Timing
Allison Forbes
Being a superhero doesn't always mean making the wisest choices, as Clark finds out the hard way in this rewrite of the author's very first fanfic.

An Extraordinary Man
Chris Carr
Clark "CJ" Kent graduated from Harvard Law School full of hope and optimism. However, his idealism has been eroded by the ravages of life in Metropolis. Just as he reaches the crisis point, wanting nothing more than to run away from his troubles, fate, in the form of H G Wells, offers CJ a way out. But when CJ learns that he holds the fate of his world in his hands, he is forced to confront the question: does he have what it takes to be a hero?

An Extraordinary Man: Part Two -- Trials and Triumphs
Chris Carr
After spending ten days with Lois and Clark, CJ Kent returns to his own world. The powers he has gained will not last long, and CJ knows that he will have to work fast if he is to save his world's Lois Lane from a gunman, forge an alliance with the prickly reporter, and bring Luthor down before his power reserves run out. Will he manage to do it? And will he find time to fall in love along the way? (Sequel to "An Extraordinary Man")

Extra-Ordinary People (or We *Really* Have a Lot to Talk About)
An IRC Round Robin Fanfic
Lois and Clark discuss what's *really* hampering their relationship in this vignette which takes place just after Ordinary People.

Eye in the Sky
Saori Tanaka
The GPS people know all.

The Eyes Show It All
Emily Jerome
Looking back from the perspective of many years of marriage, Clark reflects on Lois' life.

The Eyes Unfettered
What if Perry hadn't interrupted Clark's response to Mayson's invitation in the episode "The Eyes Have it?"

Eyes Wide Shut
Lois' not-so-calculated risks in the name of a page-one story threaten to tear her away from Clark -- permanently. Clark struggles to balance his love for her with his frustration.