Lois + Clark + Lex = TROUBLE

By Jewels <jewels_luvs_jc@hotmail.com>

Rated PG

Submitted October 1998

Summary: They thought he was dead, but just when Lois and Clark thought they could bury Lex for good — he turns up again. He's determined to have his revenge and Lois, being pregnant, is slightly more vulnerable than usual.


Lois entered her house, surprised to see that her husband Clark Kent wasn't there. 'Somebody must be in trouble,' she thought. She was about to flip on the TV when the phone rang. She stumbled over to it.

"Hello?" she asked.

"Is this Mrs. Lois Kent?" a voice asked.

"Yes it is," Lois answered. She figured it must have been from the doctor's office because she didn't recognize the voice and to sources, she was still known as Lois Lane. She had gone to the doctor after waking up sick several mornings in a row. She had a feeling she knew why but she wanted to be positive.

"This is Dr. Carter's office, confirming the results of your pregnancy test. Congratulations, you are pregnant!" the receptionist said excitedly.

"I am!" Lois exclaimed. "Thank you, thank you so much."

"You will need to make an appointment with Dr Carter so that she can give you more detailed information," the receptionist said.

"I could do it anytime," Lois said. "How about a week from today, July 29, at 2:45 P.M.?" the receptionist asked. Lois quickly jotted it down on paper.

"I'll be there," she said delightedly. She hung up and copied the date and time on the calendar then flopped down on the couch, resting her hands on her stomach. "Now how do we tell Daddy?" she asked her stomach.

The emergency in Florida was over. There had been a bombin a crowded stadium but luckily Superman had found it in the nick of time. He flew to Metropolis, and into the window of his house to see Lois peacefully sleeping on the couch. He around into his Clark clothes and walked over to Lois. He bent down beside her and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. She stirred slightly.

"Lois, honey, I'm home," he told her. Lois opened her eyes and smiled.

"Hi," she said sitting up. "I must have dozed off. So, where were you?"

"There was a bomb in Florida," he said, joining her on the couch and putting one arm around her.

"Is everybody OK?" she asked.

"Yeah, I flew it into space just as it exploded," he said. "So, anything exciting happen here?"

"As a matter of fact," Lois said. "I've had some great news to make our day."

"What?" Clark asked.

"Clark, we're going to have a baby," Lois said grinning from ear to ear.

"You're pregnant?" Clark asked. "Lois, this is wonderful!" He brought her close and kissed her passionately. "I'm so happy."

"I am too," Lois said. "We get to start our own family."

"Who should we call and share the good news with first?" Clark asked.

"Your parents," Lois said. Lois and Clark both grabbed an extension and called Martha and Jonathan's farm house.

"Hello?" Jonathan answered.

"Hi Jonathan," Lois answered.

"Hi Dad," Clark said. "Can you put Mom on one line, too? We have to tell you something."

"Sure," Jonathan said. "Hold on." He covered the mouth of the receiver with one hand. "Martha, pick up the phone. Our favorite son and daughter-in-law have to tell us something." There was a brief pause.

"Hello?" Martha answered.

"OK, are you both there?" Lois asked.

"We sure are," Jonathan said.

"Mom, Dad, Lois and I have some wonderful news to tell you," Clark said happily. He gestured to Lois to tell them.

"I'm pregnant!" Lois exclaimed.

"Pregnant!" Martha repeated.

"That's wonderful!" Jonathan yelled.

"That is wonderful," Martha shouted at the same time. They talked for a while longer before hanging up to call Lucy, Sam, Ellen, Jimmy and Perry. Everyone was ecstatic.

Lois went to bed early that night. She said she was tired from the big day that they had. Clark decided to get in bed with her.

Lex Luthor watched angrily as Clark climbed in bed, got under the covers and wrapped Lois in his arms and turned out the lights.

"Lois, that should be me in that bed with you," he muttered. "Don't worry. Sooner or later, our favorite superhero will be out of both of our lives … FOREVER."

The next day, Lois and Clark walked into the Daily Planet. By now, everyone knew that Lois was pregnant, even people she hadn't told herself or barely even knew. Lois got her morning cup of coffee and sat down at her desk.

Clark walked over to her. "Lois, I just got somebad news."

"What's up?" she asked looking up at him.

"Lex Luthor never really died. It was another one of his sick scams. He's alive and dangerous. Police tried to capture him and he shot them down. Luckily, they're all doing fine, but that was three days ago, and he was in Canada. Hopefully, right now, he's still in another country," Clark said.

"Clark, you and I both know what Lex wants and how easily he can get it," Lois said standing up. "We'll have to be careful."

'It's too late to be careful,' Lex thought from behind his clever disguise. He had put on a gray wig, a fake beard and mustache, a janitor's outfit, and was pushing around a janitor bin by Lois' desk, hunched over. 'I've already got a great plan that nobody can get in the way of. Just when you think I'm gone, BOOM, I'll be back.'

Six and a half months months later, Lois had entered her seventh month of pregnancy and she and Clark had forgotten about Lex Luthor. After all, he hadn't bothered them in six and a half months. He must be gone. Little did they know, he was around them day and night. It was Saturday morning and Lois was enjoying sleeping in in the cold winter of Metropolis. She had on one of Clark's big sweatshirts and a pair of socks and was snuggled deep under the covers. She felt Clark's big arms around her and felt like she was in heaven. Suddenly an urgent need to go to the bathroom woke her up and she ran there before she had an accident.

"Why do you have to sit on my bladder?" Lois asked, rubbing her stomach as she stumbled back into bed and under the covers. After about an hour, she hadn't been able to fall asleep again and decided to give up. She got out of bed and pulled on her fuzzy, flannel robe and made her way carefully down the stairs. She fixed herself a piece of toast and an egg and quickly ate it. Then, Lois laid down on the couch. "I hope Clark gets up soon. My back is sore."

"I'm coming, sweetie," Clark said, coming down the stairs. He joined her on the couch and rubbed her back.

"What got you up so early?" Lois asked him.

"Lois, do you really think that I can sleep without you beside me?" Clark questioned her.

"What was I thinking?" Lois asked.

"So, what woke you up?" Clark asked her.

"I had to use the bathroom, then I couldn't get comfortable, so I just gave up on sleeping," Lois answered. Clark drew her close.

"I'm sorry," he told her.

About two hours later, Lois and Clark had taken showers and gotten into real clothes.

"Clark, I think I'm going to try and go to sleep again," Lois said. "I'm really tired."

"OK," he said. "If you need anything, just yell."

"I will," Lois promised. She climbed into bed and fell into a deep sleep.

When Lois woke up, she didn't know where she was. Instead of being at home, safe in her bed, she was in an unfamiliar place. She was in a giant room that reminded her of one big jail cell. She thought that she could hear moaning. She opened her eyes and focused in on the sound.

"Lois?" a voice repeated, weakly.

Lois looked around. Her eyes finally fell on Clark. He was sprawled on the floor on the opposite side of the room. "Clark?"

"Lois, are you OK?" Clark asked.

"I think so," Lois said. She got up as carefully as she could. She realized that her stomach did hurt slightly, but she knew she would be OK. She walked quickly over to Clark's side and knelt beside him. "What's wrong?" She held his hand.

"Lois, there's Kryptonite all around us," Clark said weakly.

Lois looked around the room and saw that there was a big chunk of kryptonite in every corner of the room. She also saw that every wall was green. "Honey, is every wall made of Kryptonite?"

"Very good, Lois," Lex said walking down the stairs into the room.

"Lex, what do you want?" Lois asked.

"Well, Lois, I finally realized that you would never love me and I should never try to make you love me because it wouldn't be real love. But I refuse to give up on my other dream. To kill Superman," Lex said with an evil tone of voice. With that, he turned and left.

"Lois, if you can throw the Kryptonite out of the skylight up there on the ceiling, I might could strenghten up enough to get us out of here," Clark said.

"OK," Lois said. She walked over and picked up one of the chunks of Kryptonite. It didn't budge. She walked over to the other three pieces. None of them moved. "Clark, they've been built into the floor or something. Maybe I can open the door."

"Lois, I don't want you to hurt you or the baby," Clark said coughing.

"Clark, I don't want you to die on me," Lois said. "I've got to try everything there is to get us out." She walked over to the door and tried to open it. It budged about half an inch. "Clark, the door is opening. I think after a few more tries, I'll be able to get us out."

With that, Lex walked in and would have knocked Lois down if she hadn't moved out of the way so quickly. "Lois, don't hurt yourself to open the door. I'm going to leave the door open when I leave here and you're free to go," he told them.

"Lex, are you serious?" she asked. "Maybe you're not as evil as I thought."

"Maybe I'm not. If you can get that big lug off the floor, your car is here and you're free to go. If you can't get him home before he dies, you're mine," Lex said.

"Believe me," Lois said. "With those as my options, we'll be out of here in five seconds."

"Well, it's been fun seeing you," Lex said. He quickly pulled out a gun and shot Clark two times in the chest. Clark screamed in agony.

"OHHHHH!" he wailed.

"Clark!" Lois yelled rushing over to him.

"Bye bye," Lex said smugly as he left the door open and left the room.

"Clark, honey, I'm going to get you home and take care of you, everything will be OK, I swear," Lois promised him.

"Lois, always remember-I love you," Clark said as he lost conciousness.

"Clark! No! You can't leave me!" Lois wailed.

hen Clark came to, he felt someone holding his hand and softly stroking his arm. He moved.

"Clark?" someone whispered. "Can you hear me?"

"Lois?" Clark mumbled.

"I'm here Clark, are you OK?" she asked. Clark opened his eyes and saw Lois sitting over him crying.

"Lois, what's wrong?" he asked.

"Clark, I'm so happy that you're OK," she said giving him a kiss.

"Honey, how did I get here?" he asked. "What happened?"

"Lex shot you in the chest and I was able to get you up and on the bed, and I cleaned your wounds, and I've been sitting here with you, hoping that you would wake up," she said.

"You were able to do that?" Clark asked. "Lois, you didn't hurt yourself or the baby, did you?"

Lois shook her head. "You and the baby were my top priority." Clark slowly sat up.

"Lois, I love you so much," he said wrapping his arms around her.

"I love you too," Lois said. They kissed.

One and a half months later, Lois was two weeks and three days overdue, very big, and stayed home three days a week (Monday - Friday). It was 2:30 in the morning and Lois woke up to a nagging backache and was really thirsty. She got out of bed and put her hand to her back to try and get the ache out. She carefully made her way downstairs to the kitchen to get a drink of water. She stopped when she heard footsteps and calmed down when she realized that it was just Clark.

"Hey," Clark said wrapping his arms around her. "What's wrong, are you OK?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," Lois said. "I was just thirsty and I have a backache, so I was going to sit on the couch for a second and get a drink of water."

"Are you sure that's all it is?" Clark asked. "You know more about labor than I do."

"No, I probably don't," Lois said. "I've never had a baby, and you've delivered a ton of them."

"Well, I know one thing," Clark said. "I want you to go sit down. I'll get you a drink of water."

"OK," Lois said almost gratefully. She walked over to the couch and flopped back on it. Clark brought her a glass of water and sat beside her. She gulped down the water.

"Lois, are you sure I shouldn't take you to the hospital?" Clark asked, rubbing her back.

"No," Lois said. "I haven't had any pains, I can't be in labor."

"Well, I'm worried about you," Clark said.

"Look, tomorrow's my work day," Lois said. "But if I still feel the backache and I'm still feeling this same way, I'll let you take me to the hospital, no fuss about it."

"Well, that's to good to pass up," Clark said. "OK, that sounds good. Are you ready for bed now, or do you still want to stay out here?"

"No, I'm ready for bed," Lois said. Clark put her water glass in the sink and helped her up. They held hands up the stairs and went to bed.

The next day, Lois woke up feeling refreshed. She got up and got in the shower and then woke Clark up with a big kiss.

Clark opened his eyes and smiled. "Hello Lois," he said. "What brought that on?"

"I don't know," Lois said. "Maybe because you look really sexy when you're sleeping … course you're just as sexy awake."

Clark sat up, smiling, and Lois sat on the bed beside him and he wrapped his armsaround her, placing his hands on her stomach. " So, how are you feeling?"

"I feel much better," Lois said.

"I can tell," Clark said. "I guess you'll be going to work, huh?"

"You bet," Lois said. "Somebody's got to keep Lane & Kent together, farmboy."

Clark laughed and got into the shower. As Clark disappeared into the bathroom, Lois got up, but a sharp pain stopped her.

"That couldn't have been a contraction, could it?" she asked herself. "No, probably just a kick." She shrugged it off and got ready for work.

At work, Lois sat down at her desk, and Clark brought her a cup of coffee.

"Thanks," Lois said taking a sip. "So, where are we on this story?"

"We're at a stopping point," Clark said. "Perry gave it to someone else, because everybody knows that you're due any day, and he was afraid that we would get in the middle of it, you would have your baby, and nobody could finish this story."

"Oh," Lois said. "Well, that really makes me mad."

"Lois, don't get upset, it's probably going to end up being the truth and you know it as well as I do," Clark said.

"I know," Lois said. "I don't want to admit it though."

An hour later, Lois got up to get a box of staples out of the storage room. She was stretching up to get the staples when a searing pain went through her body. She clutched her stomach and bent over.

"Ohhhh no," she moaned. She was in the very back of the Daily Planet and knew no one would hear her screaming, and knew she couldn't walk. She didn't know where Clark was either. She decided to try and walk. Lois waited out the contraction and carefully made her way to the main office where Clark should be. She was almost there when a contraction hit again. She rounded the corner, holding on to the rails of the five steps that led down to the main office on the floor of the Planet that she worked at. She screamed in pain.


Everyone in the Daily Planet office stopped when they heard the scream, but didn't know who it was. Clark heard it and had an idea.

"Clark!!!!" Lois screamed again.

Clark ran to where he heard Lois' voice, and saw her hunched over in pain. "Lois!" he said. He helped her straighten up and put a firm arm around her back.

"Clark, I'm in labor," Lois said.

"That's what I figured," Clark said. "I have to get you to the hospital."

"You have to get me there, NOW," Lois said. "We don't have a lot of time."

"Don't worry, Lois, I'll get you there in plenty of time," Clark said. "I'm sorry that I didn't know you were in labor until you already had to walk a long way."

"Don't worry about it," Lois gasped. "Just get me to a hospital."

Clark helped Lois carefully to the car and drove her to the hospital.

Twelve and a half hours later, Lois was ready to deliver.

"Lois, give me a big push," the doctor instructed. "1, 2, 3, push!"

Lois pushed. "Auuuggghhh!" she screamed.

"One more!" the doctor yelled.

"OOOWWWWWWW!" Lois yelled. The baby slid out.

"It's a boy," the doctor yelled. But the pains kept coming. "Lois, I don't think you're done."

"You think!" Lois said through gritted teeth.

"Push one more time!" the doctor yelled as the nurse quickly took away Lois' first son.

"AAAUUUGGGHHHH!" Lois screamed pushing with all her might. That's all it took. The other baby slid out.

"Another boy!" the doctor said. "Congratualtions, you two are the proud parents of identical twin boys." The nurse took the other baby to clean it up. When the babies were clean, they wrapped them in blue blankets.

"Would you each like to hold one of your sons?" the nurse asked.

"Of course," they said. They each held a baby.

"Lois, I'm so proud of you," Clark said.

"I love you," Lois said.

"I love you too," Clark told her.


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