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Tie Story
Chris Carr
A late evening, an angry Lois, and the truth about Clark Kent's ties....

Ties That Bind
Christine Carr
On a cold February night in 1936, H.G. Wells receives an unexpected visitor. What will he and Tempus find to talk about?

Till Death Do Us Part
A New Krypton story in which Lois and Clark are married when Zara tells them that she's already married to Kal-El. And there are dire consequences for everyone involved if Clark won't renounce Lois forever. Sequel to the author's "In Sickness and In Health."

Time After Time
Peace Everett
Lois and Clark race through time to defeat Tempus and save their future family. But with one Clark Kent already dead 82 years in the future, will they be in time? Or run out of it? Part 2 of 2. Episode 2 of S5.

Time and Again
Shayne Terry
With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, Lois embarks on a quest to change the past and save Superman.

Time Doesn't Heal
A year after Lois's death, Clark can't take it anymore.

Time Elapsed
Amy Lauters
A tragic turn of events reveals a conspiracy that strikes at the heart of what Lois knew to be true about her life. A sequel to the author's "Night Terrors."

Time Enough to Heal
A sequel to the author's "Time Doesn't Heal." Time does heal, when given enough help from those left behind.

Time Enough For Tears
Julie Stars
One eventful night is all it takes to set things straight between two friends.

The Time Has Come
Lois sits down with her older daughter Rachel to discuss the changes going on in her life. Meanwhile, her younger daughter Anna has a question of her own.

A Time to Adjust
Lara Blasingame
Clark is welcomed home by the pitter-patter of little feet ... er, paws!

Time to Find Lois Lane
Barb Beverly
With the help of H.G. Wells, Alt-Clark attempts to find his soul mate, the Lois Lane of his world.

Time to Love 1 - Weekend in Smallville
Female Hawk
When Lois Lane is dispatched to Smallville, Kansas, she is confident it will not eventuate into anything other than a futile waste of her weekend. Then she meets Clark Kent.

Time to Love 2: First Days in Metropolis
Female Hawk
After returning from her weekend in Smallville, Lois is finding it difficult to get Clark out of her mind. Then Perry's new reporter turns out to be none other than the man from Kansas, and Lois and Clark are thrown into their first story together. This is the second story in the Time to Love series that began with "Weekend in Smallville."

Time to Love 3: Adrift
Female Hawk
After their first date, Lois and Clark come back to her apartment, and things start to heat up. But then there's a knock at the door -- a knock that changes everything.

Time to Love 4: So Many Questions
Female Hawk
Clark has a question he wants to ask Lois. But then Lois discovers that Clark's proposal is only the first of many questions.

A Time to Rebuild
Richards, Wendy
Picking up soon after the episode "Oedipus Wrecks," Lois and Clark work through their painful memories and finally set things right.

Time to Tell
How did Lois realize Clark was Superman from just one touch?

The Time Traveler's Wife
ML Thompson
A journalist who's missing in the Congo, a defective time travel machine and a lonely superhero results in an extraordinary adventure for alternate Clark. Will he obtain his heart's desire or will he destroy his world while endeavoring to do so?

Time Will Heal The Pain?
They said time would heal the pain, but did it really? Warning: deathfic

Time's up, Doc?
Erica Dias
Dr. Friskin tries to help her patient, but time is always up.

Becky Bain
An innocent gift -- or is it? -- leads Lois and Clark to a world where someone kills by slashing.... A compelling Beauty and the Beast crossover.

Timely Return
A revelation vignette.

Timeout in Smallville
Kathy Bell
After that second bump on the head, Lois' memory is almost back, but she still doesn't remember who Clark is. Clark, emotionally drained, spends some down time in Smallville in a scenario that picks up after the episode "Seconds."

Irene Dutch
When Lee (aka Firestorm) is born, Jimmy knows it'll be impossible to pretend he hadn't fallen in love with her older incarnation when they'd been brought together by H.G. Wells. But as we know, nothing can stop two people who are destined for each other from being together, even if it means doing a bit of time traveling themselves. A direct sequel to the author's "Firestorm."

Timing Is Everything
Clark is in a bind. He gave Lois his word that he would show up on time for their dates, but when he finds himself running late, he's prepared for the worst. Not for... this.

Tiny Pieces
A Tank Ending for the episode "And the Answer Is..."

Tis the Sidewalk Season
Tank Wilson
It's Christmas Eve, and Lois and Clark's old friend Mike is there to make sure each of their loved ones has the Christmas spirit.

Deadly Chakram
A year after Nor's defeat, his father comes to exact his revenge on Kal-El. Warning: There will be a little blood.

[title pending]
Sara Kraft
782 words (5Kb)
[insert words here about Bek, blah blah, laughing too hard, blah blah, definitely not working on ficathon as supposed to, etc. Thanks to SuperBek for the encouragement (read: being a terrible influence and great friend)!] and for a quick and thorough GE job!

To a Galaxy Far, Far Away
Erica Dias
Clark comes to a cliffhanger point in his own life. What will he do?

To Be Like Him
Finding out he could shoot lasers out of his eyes was just the first step on a long journey of self-discovery.

To Be Like Me
How would you feel if you had just discovered you could shoot lasers out of your eyes?

To Be or Not To Be - Mrs. Kent
Nancy Lemieux
Lois struggles with one of the biggest decisions of her life. (A continuation of the episode "And the Answer Is ... ")

To Cake or Not to Cake
Betty Huang
To donut or not to donut, that is the question. Here is a very short story to explain the question, "Why does Clark like caked donuts?"

To Catch a Thief
Mary Potts
Harry just might be the unluckiest thief in Metropolis.

To Clark (and Lois) With Love
A birthday gift is the impetus that launches Lois and Clark on a journey of great love and sacrifice as our favorite couple experiences the trials and triumphs of a super pregnancy. Along the way, they give Dr. Klein the shock and surprise of a lifetime.

To Do Lists
Clark has always been good at completing his chores, but there is one thing he has never quite got around to doing…

To Face the Day
Juli Hale
A new face at the Planet turns out to be someone from Lois's past, a man she'd have preferred never to have seen again.

To Have and to Hold
Saara B.
What does Clark do with his wedding ring when changing into the suit?

To Love and to Lose
18,308 words (96Kb)
Clark has been gone for three years. But is he really dead? When Jimmy stumbles upon a picture of Charles King, author of a new bestseller novel, Lois is determined to find out if he might be Clark Kent. And as Lois and Clark finally meet again, they have to deal with a world of hurt and misunderstandings.

To My Love
Jessi Mounts
A beautiful love letter from Clark to Lois.

To See the Future
Wendy Richards, Kaethel and YC
As the Nightfall Asteroid falls to Earth, Lois needs to make a decision on an offer from Lex Luthor.

To Protect and Serve
Tank Wilson
In this elseworlds story, Clark Kent, minus his superpowers, MPD Det. Lois Lane, and student reporter, Lucy Lane, unravel the mystery behind a bogus archeological dig at an abandoned mine site.

To Protect and Serve II - The Return of a Superman
Tank Wilson
In this continuation of the author's elsewhere tale, Clark, still without his powers, teams up with Det. Lois Lane when she and Henderson become victims of blackmail at the hands of Luthor's successors. Add to the mix the appearance of an evil Superman clone who claims to be the real thing.

To the Stars
Elaine M. Gustainis
A sequel to the author's story "By the Light of the Silvery Moon." Lois and Clark need time to get to know each other better, but someone else has other plans... (Part 2 of 3)

To the Stars
Carolyn B. Schnall
Superman disappears from Metropolis and winds up in the future on board the Starship Enterprise. A Lois & Clark/Star Trek: The Next Generation crossover, and a sequel to the author's "From the Stars."

To Wake From a Dream
Mobile Richard
What if Lois were to find out that her favorite superhero was just a man, with needs and imperfections like any other man? Find out in this story as it explores a first-season Lois & Clark relationship.

To Wake From Dreams
Nicole Sullivan
What do you do when the man of your dreams dies before you realize he's the man of your dreams? And what if you are that man... and you're not really dead? A TOGOM ("That Old Gang of Mine") story.

Deadly Chakram
Clark has always taken solace in that space between Earth and the stars, and not just during the most difficult times of his life. Sometimes, he chooses to seek out that perfect isolation to reflect back on all the wonderful things in his life. A companion/flip-side piece to "Alone."

Together Again
Chiara Prato
What would have happened to Clark and Lois' life if no one had stopped Lois from marrying Luthor?

TOGOM Drabble
A TOGOM ("That Old Gang of Mine") plot untwist in 50 words.

T.O.G.o.M. Sort Of, But Not Really.
Tank Wilson
Lois knows a secret. Clark Kent is... not dead. They need to talk.

T.O.G.O.M. Variant 632
Tank Wilson
Clark gets advice from a surprising source in this new twist on an old theme.

TOGOM: Version 487
Tank Wilson
Another wonderful rewrite of the episode "That Old Gang of Mine," just when we thought all possibilities had been explored. But what if this time Clark doesn't find a way to come back from the dead? Can Superman survive without Clark? Can Lois?

TOGOM for 2008
Tank Wilson
It's been four weeks since Clark's "death" at the hands of Clyde Barrow, and still Lois can't get past it. Can Superman help her come to terms with her Clark's death?

T.O.G.O.M. for 2009
Tank Wilson
Fifteen years after the events of "That Old Gang of Mine," Lois faces another loss and is determined not to let history repeat itself.

T.O.G.o.M for 2010
Tank Wilson
There is a surprise twist in this rewrite of "That Old Gang of Mine."

T.O.G.O.M. for 2011
Tank Wilson
Clark is at it again (or Tank is). This time Clark stays dead for quite a while and has to get pretty creative to make his way back to the land of the living. How long is too long for Lois to forgive?

T.O.G.O.M. 2012 -- Moving On
Tank Wilson
Five years after witnessing Clark's death in "That Old Gang of Mine," Lois believes she has come to terms with his death and has established a new life in Los Angeles... until she inadvertently sees him again.

T.O.G.O.M. 2013 -- With a Little Help From Their Friends
Tank Wilson
Lois and Clark get some help from their future friends. A Lois & Clark/Castle Crossover fic.

A TOGOM Vignette - Yet another version
Tank Wilson
Before Clark "dies" in the episode "That Old Gang of Mine," he whispers to Lois that he's okay -- what could he mean?

TOGOM - Without the Angst
Tank Wilson
The title says it all, really! <g>

Tomorrow Never Comes
Mary Potts a.k.a. Queen of the Capes
Something's wrong with Clark ­- but what? Why is he so confused when he wakes up next to Lois? Read on and find out!

Tomorrow's Past
Karen Ward
A story that continues where the series finale, "The Family Hour," leaves off. A baby left in Lois and Clark's house turns out to have family connections. But to keep the child -- and themselves -- safe, Lois and Clark must find a way to cure their Tempus problems for all time. (An updated version of the author's original submission "Another Family Hour.")

Too Hot to Handle
Nan Smith
This is the sequel to "A Tasteful Lesson." The school tries to blame Marta Kent for what happened to Susie Jones.

Too Soon for Love?
Ray Reynolds
In the aftermath of the Wedding Fiasco, Lois is beleaguered by the press, the authorities, and her colleagues. How does she handle the pressure? What does she do when she turns up pregnant?

Tooth and Justice
Mary Potts
In this humorous vignette, Lois ponders the mystery presented by her new dentist, Dr. K. Could he possibly be using his profession as a cover for another, more exciting career?

The Tooth of the Matter
Jonny has a loose tooth problem and nobody will help him with it. What lengths will Lois and Clark's rambunctious kid go to in order to get it out? Written for Deadly Chakram's Fall Ficathon Challenge.

Top Banana
Lois and Clark are ordered to shoot a promotional commercial for the Daily Planet, much to Lois' consternation.

Top Copy Hits Rock Bottom: A Plot Un-Twist
Paul-Gabriel Wiener
Clark rethinks his priorities in this response to Hazel's plot un-twist challenge.

Top Secret
Julie L. Jekel
A Lois and Clark/Quantum Leap/The X-Files crossover.

The Top Ten Lois & Clark-ified Sayings
Lynn S. M.
Words for superheroes (and others) to live by...

The Top Ten Martha's Mommisms
Lynn S. M.
Ten things Martha might have said to young Clark.

Paul-Gabriel Wiener
A what-if story that has Kal-El landing in a remote jungle of South America, where he is discovered by a tribe descended from the Incas.

Top Six Ways a Superman Can Steal the Blankets
Anna Botsakou
A rather frustrating night for Lois.

Torn Between Two Lovers
Jacqueline Williams
Lois calls a radio show to ask advice on how to tell which man she really loves.

Torn, Dirty Shirt
Carol M.
This story begins with Lois and Clark's kiss at the end of the episode 'Lucky Leon.' What if Mayson isn't the only one to discover Clark's secret?

Total Eclipse of the Superman
M. Anthony Reynolds
Lois, Clark and Jimmy cover a wrestling event and interview a wrestler whose prowess may be due to super powers -- powers that may be even too much for Superman to handle.

Chris Carr
What was Clark thinking while he was trapped in the isolation chamber during the episode "Super Mann"?

Touch and Go
Angee Khan
While Clark is trying to decide when and if to tell Lois his secret, Lois lends a helping hand to a homeless person who's on the run -- an act of kindness that puts both of them in jeopardy.

A Touch From Beyond
Lois withdraws into herself after being involved in a traumatic automobile accident. Her reluctance to be open with Clark puts a strain on their relationship.

Touched by an Angle
IRC Round Robin
Another story in the RR group's "Unintentional Season." In the midst of adjusting to the fact that Lois is having twins, Lois and Clark have to investigate a strange cult that apparently worships Superman as a god.

Tough as Nails
Richard Frantz Jr.
Lois and Clark's daughter is well known as being "tough as nails" on the outside, but few people know the warm human being inside. When history seems to repeat itself, maybe the next generation can learn from the first.

The Tough Road Home
Dicker, Anita
Clark goes to New Krypton with Zara and Ching, and finds out that he is unable to prevent the civil war. The story chronicles some of the changes that occur to Clark while fighting on New Krypton.

The Tower Fell
"Some things just don't happen the way you expect them to, and some things you don't expect to happen at all." A "Lois & Clark" vignette inspired by "Superman Returns."

The Tower of Babble
Paul-Gabriel Wiener
Watch and be amazed as Lois Lane manages to unwittingly babble her way through two scavenger hunt lists!

A Town Called Smallville
4,689 words (27Kb as text)
What if Smallville, KS was like Eureka, OR -- one of the small 'special' towns founded for scientific research?

Trading Places
Irene Dutch
Worlds collide when Perry and others suddenly find themselves switched with their counterparts from the Alt-Universe, an eye-opening experience that affects the characters in both worlds.

The Tragedy of Contact
Poison Ivy
The last scene of the episode "Contact" as Shakespeare might have written it.

The Transfer - A Lois and Clark vignette
Tank Wilson
When Clark receives bad news about his job, Lois has to think quickly for ideas on how to help. But what will she do...?

The Transfer, part 2
Pam Jernigan
A sequel to "The Transfer" by Tank Wilson. Lois and Clark have cleared one hurdle... but now they have another little matter to deal with, and it might just ruin everything.

Michele Savage
Lois and Clark are trapped together under rubble after an earthquake. Clark discovers he can't perform a miraculous save, because any movement might bring the debris down on an injured Lois as well as other survivors.

The Trask at Hand
Craig Byrne and Kat Picson
59 Kb
The son of Bureau 39 agent Jason Trask blames his father's death on Superman. At the same time, Lois and Clark are nominated for the same Kerth Award, which will be awarded on the night of their first anniversary. With surprise appearances by Cat Grant and Oprah Winfrey. (Episode # 2 of The Unaired Fifth Season)

Travel Plans
It's time for a vacation. Finally. But just who is Lois going with?

Treasured Memories
In this deathfic, Lois Lane Kent reflects on the past as her life draws to a close.

Trial And Error
Kim A. Gammello
While working with Clark on a story involving a crooked senator, Lois catches on to the Big Secret.

Trial and Error
Lex Luthor is convicted of his crimes, but he's determined to escape from prison and retake what he thinks is his -- Metropolis...and Lois Lane.

Trial by Empress
Phil Atcliffe
When Lois finds out Clark's secret at a New Year's party, she's upset, to say the least. And so Spaceman Spiff must answer for his "crimes" against The Empress of the Galaxy! Final part of the Snowball Trilogy.

Trials of the Heart
Alicia U.
Nine months into their married life, Clark is having to spend a lot of time as Superman and Lois thinks she has the flu. A major revision of the author's "Better Family Hour" and "Silent Fears."

A Triangle Built for Two
Ann McBride
Clark and Lois simultaneously come to a realization that they need to discuss their relationship. However, an abduction takes their attention away from their personal lives for a while.

A Triangle With Three Sides
An alt-world story: What if Clark decided not to become Superman?

A Tribute to the Truth
A much older Lois Lane comes out of seclusion to write her most important story for the Daily Planet.

Trick or Treat
Doc. Klein's LabRat
Halloween comes at *exactly* the right time in Metropolis.

Trick or Treat: A Halloween Dilemma
A Halloween party at the Daily Planet has Clark Kent going as... Superman?

Trick or Treat: The Littlest Hero
Eight-year-old Lara Kent is a powerful telepath, and she is really excited about Halloween. She decides to dress as the Super Ballerina and while trick-or-treating gets to play hero.

Tricks of the Mind
Anna Botsakou
"Those tricks of the mind are so annoying -- memories of things that have never happened, that nagging feeling that you've forgotten something, and that impression that your partner looks like somebody else you know..."

A Trio of Haircut Challenge Stories
Tank Wilson
Does Lois really look better with short hair? Tank Wilson's responses to the Haircut Challenge.

Breakfast cereal and early-morning cartoons result in an epiphany for Lois. A cute story the author confesses was written as a joke.

Trouble in Paradise
BanAnna and Carol M
In a spate of character generosity, our authors redeem Andrus and H.G. Wells in a Utopia gone awry.

The Trouble With Time Traveling
Deadly Chakram
4,586 words (27Kb)
Those who don't know history are bound to mess up...

The True and Amazing Adventures of Wanda Detroit
Wanda Detroit is my name. I sing for drinks down at the docks. But it wasn't always like this. The opening lines of a great work of literature? You be the judge. For the first time anywhere, the romance novel, written by Lois Lane's own hand, appears in its entirety. Oh, the drama! The passion! The histrionics! It's all here for your perusal.

A True Lies Revelation
Marcia DeCaro
A quiet evening at Clark's apartment, where Lois and Clark are watching a video of the movie "True Lies," leads to declarations and a revelation.

The True Meaning Of Halloween
An unexpected burden might spoil Lois and Clark's planned romantic Halloween night...but sometimes things turn out better than you expected them to.

True Partners
C. Leuch
Clark and Lois discover that soul mates often bond earlier than they might imagine in this waffy vignette.

A True Partnership
Kathy Brown
Returning home in the middle of the night after a rescue, Clark reflects on what a true partnership means in his relationship with Lois. A vignette set several weeks after Lois and Clark's engagement.

Truffles and Tribulations
When silver boxes hold more than just chocolate.

The Trump Card
Nell Lime
What if in that moment where Lois Lane confessed her love to Superman she had a trump card?

Trust Me, I'm a Reporter
What if Superman wasn't recovered sufficiently to fly away at the end of the episode "Madame Ex"? Lois's insistence on looking after him causes Clark some unexpected complications.

Trusting Me, Trusting You
Female Hawk
Clark Kent has been trapped in a cell for seven years. Government agent Lois Lane is tormented by grief and traumatic memories. She is assigned to guard the alien prisoner, and together, Lois and Clark find the strength to travel the long journey to healing, trust, love, and freedom.

The Truth About Chats And Sobs
Lois, it seems, can unearth trouble simply by sitting at home. But she and Clark had been needing this talk for some time. A Charity Fanzine story.

The Truth About Clark Kent
Clark Kent is hiding something, and Lois is determined to figure it out.

The Truth About Soul Mates
An alternative explanation to "Soul Mates."

The Truth Is...
Deadly Chakram
Secrets are revealed when Lois and Clark are locked in together at a safe-house while the Metropolis PD go after Bad Brain Johnson.

Truth Is Born of Arguments
Sometimes, strength wasn't about twisting metal with your bare hands, or about lifting spaceships into orbit. It was about saying three small words, knowing that in the past there had been too many lies and too little truth between them. (A TOGOM -- the episode "That Old Gang of Mine" -- vignette.)

Truth, Justice, and Superman's Way
Tank Wilson
Lois Lane's overseas capture by militant rebels forces Clark to face some tough questions. Just how far will Superman go to save the woman he loves, and what consequences will it have for him... and the world?

Truth, Justice, and the Kryptonian Way
Paul-Gabriel Wiener
A story that picks up at the end of "Big Girls Don't Fly" with Clark, Zara and Ching heading toward New Krypton. As the ship hurtles through space at several times the speed of light, Clark tends to his lessons -- especially those important dueling lessons.

Truth, Lies and Smart Kids
2,174 words (12Kb)
Lois finds herself searching for companionship and reaches out to Clark after Amy Valdez is placed with her aunt. What happens when the truth of the encounter with Lex Luthor and Superman behind closed doors makes its way to Lois?

The Truth Lies in Trust
When Lois inadvertently discovers the truth about her partner, loyalty leads her to perpetuate the lie, even before she is certain of just what she is protecting, and what might come of it...

Truth or Dare?
Santana, Natalie
A game to while away the evening leads to some fun and revelations for Clark, Lois, Lucy and Jimmy.

Truth or Dare
Wanda Detroit
In response to the "Truth or Dare" fanfic challenge, Lois and Clark decide to use the game to their own advantages.

Truth or Dare
Nancy V. Sont
Lois and Clark are playing a game of Truth or Dare. Lois reveals something too embarrassing to say, but not until Superman and Clark mess with her mind.

The Truth Revealed
Sara Kraft
The morning after Lois and Clark have finally confessed their love to one another, they get stuck in a Daily Planet elevator. Clark decides the situation makes a great opportunity to confess something else.

Truths That Deceive
Clark loves Lois but wants her back as a friend; Lois thinks she might love Clark but wants him back as a friend. What can fix a premature declaration of love and a rejection? A lie, but one that holds kernels of truth.

Pam Jernigan
Lois may have died in the Congo at the hands of a clever villain, but that won't stop our heroes from getting the best of him. Destiny has decided that Lois and Clark *will* meet and fall in love -- a little thing like death won't be allowed to interfere.

Nan Smith
This is the sequel to "Feathers." Lois continues to watch Clark while trying to determine if her suspicions about him are correct.

Rona V.
In this counter-piece to the author's vignette "Monday," Alt-Clark finally gets to learn where Lois has been all these years.

Turkey Day
Jon B. Knutson
The Kents come to Metropolis for Thanksgiving, and everybody -- including Lois -- gets snowed in at Clark's apartment during a freak snowstorm.

Turn Around
Sheila Harper
An old threat resurfaces in a new form, and Lex Luthor intends to use it to destroy Superman -- if it doesn't shatter Lois and Clark's relationship first. (Part 1 of 3.) Episode 8 of S6.

Turning Point - Coming of Age in Kansas
Louette McInnes
At age 13, Clark is distressed to learn that he is different from other kids. As he grows into his powers, Martha and Jonathan try to help him figure out ways to leash his fantastic abilities.

'Twas the Night before Christmas....
A poem adapted from the classic "A visit from St. Nicholas," in which Lois and Clark have an unexpected visitor. Set in Season 3. Please forgive the slight adjustment of the time frame.

Twas the Week Before Christmas
Dominique Melaragni
Lois and Clark search for the perfect gifts to exchange.

The Twelve Days After Christmas
Anne Spear
Clark's attempts to invoke some Christmas spirit slowly drive Lois insane in this Christmas Carol Challenge Vignette.

The Twelve Pains of Christmas
Alicia U.
Among her cynical thoughts about Christmas, Lois finds one thing to cheer her up.

Twenty Questions
Marnie Rowe
Lois and Clark play a game of Twenty Questions. What will they ask each other about?

Twenty Years
Alicia U.
A man reflects on the past twenty years.

Twilight of Youth
Joel Schuldt
In part eight of the author's Saga series, Ultrawoman and Superman join forces with an alternate dimension version of the superhero to do violent battle with a genocidal superkid, and an egomaniacal alt-Luthor and his son.

Nan Smith
In this sequel to "Pheromone, More Likely," the author takes on Season One's "Vatman" episode. Why is Clark upset that Superman made a rescue in Paris? If Superman entrusts his problem to Lois, can she and Clark figure out who the impostor is? Will Lois reconcile her growing feelings for Clark and the way she's treated him in the past?

A Twist of Fates
Richards, Wendy
Lois can't stand by and let Clark be shot. So she intervenes to save his life -- and gets hit herself by the bullet. Now he's mourning the only woman he will ever love, and she's... watching? Can an alien and a ghost find a way to be together?

Two Faces of Clark
Gerry Anklewicz
When Clark returns from destroying Nightfall, something has happened to him and it's up to Lois to figure out what it is.

Two From Beyond: an Elseworld Tale
Philip Mogul and Carolyn Schnall
An Elseworld tale that tells the story of the last survivors of the doomed planet Krypton, Kal-El and his cousin Ailah-El, their escape from an exploding planet, their lives on Earth and the beginnings of Utopia they create with the help of friends, family and their soulmates -- including a feisty reporter named Lois Lane.

Two of a Kind
Joe Crowe
Lex Luthor teams up with Bruce Wayne, forming a new charity organization to cure the world's ills. But plans falter when Luthor Industries comes under attack, and suspicion is cast upon ... Bruce Wayne. A "first-season" story in script form in which Superman and Batman finally meet cape to cape.

Two of a Kind
Jon B. Knutson
Central City converges on Metropolis -- at least, three of its more well-known citizens do: Barry Allen (aka the Flash); his scientist wife, Tina; and James Jesse, also known as the villainous Trickster. Double trouble ensues as the Trickster teams up with the Prankster, Superman learns he may not be the fastest man alive after all, and old friends Tina and Lois discover they have a lot in common.

Two Plus One
Beth Freeman
After five long years, Clark returns from New Krypton with a most unexpected surprise for Lois. An extrapolation of the episode "Big Girls Don't Fly."

Two Princes
Lara-Elaine Koch
The song "Two Princes," by the Spin Doctors, gets a Lois & Clark makeover.

Two Roses
Lynda Love
After a car accident threatens Lois' life, Clark feels an urgency to share his secret with her.

Two Steps Forward...
Lois and Clark's relationship is like a dance.

Two Terse Tales
Chris Carr
Two twenty-five word fanfics that were written in answer to a challenge Cookie posted on Zoomway's message boards.

Two, Each Their Own
A sequel to the episode "Tempus, Anyone?" that addresses the problem of the alternate Lois. The alternate Clark goes back in time to 1993 in the Congo, finding his rescue plans complicated by Tempus and several other time travelers.

Two Timing Lois?
Adam Labotka
When Lois learns the truth about Clark, she decides to have a little fun by getting some revenge.