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IRC Round Robin
Lois and Clark get ready to celebrate the New Year, when suddenly the appearance of a certain little imp ruins things, setting Clark back a few years, and giving him a new challenge. Can he succeed, or will the evil imp take something very precious away from him?

A Yankee in King Arthur's Court
Amanda Leach
A short "who's who" story with a twist.

A Year Ago Today
Kaethel and Wendy Richards
A few weeks after Lois's almost-wedding to Lex, Clark decides it's time to pick up the pieces of their relationship... and maybe build something new.

A Year Without
A run-in with a con artist changes Lois's outlook on things.

Deadly Chakram
A forbidden love. A desperate, shared yearning.

Yellow Fever
ML Thompson
Kryptonite is the only substance which can kill Clark. So why is Lois -- his wife! -- using it against him? Find out why in this dramatic tearjerker.

Yellow for Friendship
Richards, Wendy
Remember when Lois threw Clark's flowers away at the end of the episode "The Prankster"? This vignette considers what could have happened next...

Yes or No?
Lois has a momentous decision to make.

Yes, They're Real
Forbes, Allison K.
Just what *is* it about Lois that's got Clark so excited?

Yesterday, Upon the Stair
CC Malo
The Daily Planet is struggling to rebuild after Luthor's destruction, Lois is trying to regain her credibility as a reporter, and Clark is facing his own demons when a run-of-the-mill robbery triggers a chain of events that changes everything.

Yesterday's News
Lois fears she's "yesterday's news" when Clark becomes distant after their first date. They talk about it ... and this time, Scardino doesn't interrupt.

Yesterday Once More
Richards, Wendy
Clark has found Lois's letter to him. How will he respond? Story 2 in the Yesterday Series.

Yesterday's Mistakes
Kaethel and Wendy Richards
Clark tries to explain to Mayson. Story 5 in the "Yesterday" series.

Yesterday's Rose
Gallant, Missy
In the aftermath of Mayson's death, Lois assumes the faded rose on Clark's bedside table was a gift from the deceased woman. But on confronting Clark about it, Lois learns the rose is the one she, herself, gave to Superman.

Yesterday's Secrets
Richards, Wendy and Kaethel
It's Lois's turn again -- will she forgive Clark? Story 3 in the Yesterday Series.

Yet Each Man Kills
Clemens, Genevieve
When Lois discovers a neighbor is abusing his wife, she gets involved, but will her investigations hit too close to home? This story deals with a problem not even Superman can solve -- spousal abuse. (Episode # 17 ofThe Unaired Fifth Season)

The Yodeler's Song
Virginia R.
Perry White thinks about how he figured out Superman's real identity. This story is set at the beginning of Season 3 after "We Have A Lot To Talk About."

You Are Different
Lynn S. M.
Lois writes a letter to Clark describing how he is different from everyone else.

You Are to Me
McInnis, Erin Dawn
Lois confesses her feelings to Clark.

You Came a Bit Late
Mary Potts a.k.a. Queen of the Capes
What if the New Kryptonians had taken a bit longer coming to Earth?

You Can Dress Them Up
Betsy R.
Clark's always wanted to be a normal guy. In this story, we see that he can be "normal" in a way Martha wishes he weren't...

You Can't Be Everywhere At Once
Clark feels guilty after a devastating car accident leaves Jimmy in a coma. While Lois tries to console him, she and Perry remember their first meetings with Jimmy.

You Can't Take It With You
1,471 words (8Kb)
Lex Luthor -- billionaire, philanthropist, Superman's greatest nemesis -- dies of natural causes. Introspective.

You Can't Win Them All
Laura Davies
A complete Untwist of an entire arc.

You Didn't Notice
Gurganus, Kyla
Lois and Clark are looking over the RSVPs to their wedding invitations when they come across surprising responses from Jack, Lucy and Jimmy Olsen.

You Don't Know Me
Picson, Kathryn
A post-honeymoon conversation between Lois and Clark that the author describes as "one big total WAFF."

You Don't Know Me
Hart, Sarah
This is a poem that features a different look at Superman's life. The poem was inspired by Five For Fighting's Superman song.

You Don't Know Me
Richards, Wendy
Lois swears to Superman that she knows him. He decides to show her that she doesn't. "A Barbarians at the Planet" adaptation.

You Don't Know What Pasta Does To Me!
Oh, boy ... Clark has done the unthinkable -- he's won a bet with Lois! The stakes are an Italian dinner for two, so he's not very happy to be dragged by an annoyed Lois to a pizza joint! But are things what they seem?

You Got Me
3,200 words (18Kb)
In response to the Kerth Challenge #2 I was inspired to write a story based on the song "You Got Me" by Colbie Caillat. Lois explores the source of her frustration with her partner after an argument. Set during the Season 2 episode "Church of Metropolis."

You Learn Something New Every Day
Jimmy learns something new about Superman. (Make that *two* somethings!) The third in a collection of vignettes based on the same premise as the author's "Unexpected Visitor."

You Made Me Love You
Now that she's finally over her Superman infatuation, Lois is embarrassed to have to sing a love song to the hero at a charity ball -- because the committee thought it would be "cute." To complete her humiliation after the serenade, she is invited to chat at Mayson Drake's table.

You Stepped Out of a Dream
Julie Gastler
1,710 words (8Kb)
The real reason Lois was surprised by Clark asking her out in the episode "The Phoenix."

You Were Mine
Tracey and Kaethel
The quiescence of night is favorable for introspection from Lois in this Season 2 vignette -- a little soul-searching that leads her to discover some truths in regard to her rocky relationship with Clark.

You Were My Strength
Kelly Feenstra
A story of the despair that grips Lois, who's left behind after Clark flies off to New Krypton in the episode "Big Girls Don't Fly."

You Will Know Fear
Leatherwood, Terry
Lois is in mortal danger. Superman can't save her, so Clark is flying to the rescue. But will he arrive in time?

You'll Never Walk Alone
Lois, Clark and Jimmy get the shock of their lives. How will they cope?

Young, Eligible and Beautiful
So, Lois should get married to keep the Prankster away from her? Well, who'd want to marry her? A cute vignette from a new author.

Young Lois, Ace Reporter
Her father has her future all decided -- that she'll follow in his footsteps with a career in medicine -- but 19-year-old Lois Lane pines to be a journalist.

Your Little Secret
Shawn V.
Lois, happily engaged to Clark, gets a blast from the past when her ex-lover and still good friend FBI Agent Fox Mulder shows up in Metropolis with his partner Dana Scully. Matchmaking, solid friendships, compromising situations, shocks, misunderstandings, dinner parties, and even some good makeout scenes ensue.

Yours to Discover
Sara Kraft
29,386 words (162Kb)
Clark drags a reluctant Lois along to Canada for a journalism conference. Before they go, Clark works up the courage to ask Lois out on a first date while in Canada and she says yes! When Lois has a sudden change of heart about attending the conference, Clark assumes it's because of their date. But what if Lois has a secret of her own?

Youthful Pondering
Mendoza, Maria TB
Clark and his dad have a discussion about the future.