Love Doesn't Cost a Thing

By Cherry <>

Rated: G

Submitted: May 2005

Summary: Have you ever stopped to wonder how much love will cost until you find "the one"?

Many thanks to all of those who commented on this small vignette at the boards <>. Your comments really warmed my hearth. And many, many thanks to LabRat for Betaing this thing. Without her, I'd be stuck pounding my head against the table. Thank you.

Disclaimer: "Lois & Clark" its characters and concepts belongs to DC Comics and Warner Bros; no infringement of copyright is intended by their use in this work of fiction.


Lois was fuming. She was raging mad. The sun was shining and she could hear small, happy children laughing as they played, but all that was lost on her. She stomped past the small children, growling as she went. Almost wishing that she had scared them off.

"Lois?" She heard a voice behind her. "Lois!"

She breathed in deeply as she turned. "Yes, Clark?" she hissed, hoping that she'd scare him off as well.

"How was…" Clark paused, eyeing her angry face. "What did he do?"

<What did he do?> She felt the anger build up inside her. Why did Clark always think that something had gone wrong with her date, if she was mad afterwards? Why did Clark always assume that she'd had an awful date? <Why was Clark always right?!>

"What did he do?" Her voice was shrill. "What makes you think he did something wrong? I might have had a wonderful time. I might be mad because…because my favorite bar of chocolate was sold out, or even because I-"

Clark sighed. "Lois…"

"Fine. The date was awful, all right? Happy now? Do you feel any pleasure now? And on my behalf as well!" She turned to leave.

"Lois… Don't be like that." His voice was soft, pleading.

"Be like what? Just because you don't like the way I behave, that doesn't give you the right to-"

"Lois!" He shook his head. "I just… You know you can tell me. What did he do?" He reached out, enclosing her in a big hug.

"What did he do?" The anger suddenly exploded inside of her, making her burst into sobs. "I really thought he cared, Clark. I really did! He was so nice to me and now it turns out he just went out with me to get to my money and fame. I was his supposed ticket to fame." She sniffed, pounding her firsts into Clark's chest.

"Oh, Lois…" He stroked her hair softly. "How did you find out?"

"I arrived early and I accidentally heard him talking with one of his friends. Oh, Clark. Why is always this way? Is love really worth the cost we have to pay to get it?"

Clark carefully wiped one of Lois' tears away with his thumb. "Lois, love doesn't cost a thing." Clark smiled down at her. "It doesn't cost a thing if you find the right person. The person you know you want to spend the rest of your life with… The person you know you want to spend the rest of your life with, cherishing each other…"

"But how long will it take until I find someone who's willing to love me for nothing at all?" she asked softly. "Just look at me, Clark. I'm a woman in my late twenties with no real family, who's simply all 'job and no personality'. I don't go on dates, Clark! I go on interviews!"


"I'm more high-strung than a violin! I barely touch the ground sometimes; even you said so. I'm a coco-holic and a coffee addict! I have more mood swings than a three year old! I'm Mad Dog Lane, Clark. I'm going to end up all miserable and alone. Kids are going to run past my house, thinking, 'Oh, there lives that strange Mad Dog Lane!' And then, they'll throw rotten apples at my house!"


"I'm never going to find someone, Clark. I won't even be able to buy a pet. You've seen my poor fishes. They die faster than I can buy them. I have to buy new ones every week… Just look at me, Clark! I'm a mess! Where am I going to find someone who's willing to give me unconditional love, Clark?"

"I am."

"See? You can't even name- What did you say?"

Clark chuckled softly. "I am, Lois." He placed a quick kiss on her forehead. "I love you. The whole, high-strung Mad Dog Lane woman."


He smiled softly at her. "I just wanted you to know: My love doesn't cost a thing."