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Perry White has a close encounter he'd rather not recall.

The Ugly Duckling: A Lois and Clark Fairy Tale
Shayne Terry
This adaptation of the classic fairy tale reminds us once again how universal the story of Lois and Clark is.

The Ultimate Drug
In this tongue-in-cheek story, Lois interviews the strangely-named Dr. Folk about an insidious addiction that has no cure.

The Ultimate Mary Sue
Mary Sue moves into her new apartment and receives an unexpected visitor. A comedy in which your wildest dreams might just come true.

The Ultimate Sacrifice
Forbes, Allison K.
The big day has finally arrived. Will Lois and Clark live happily ever after, or will Lois's fears drive Clark to sacrifice everything?

Ultimate Soldier
What might have happened to Clark if the Kents hadn't found him? Find out if circumstances turn a gentle soul into an Ultimate Soldier or an ultimate man.

The Ultimate Tank Ending
Tank Wilson
Just what it says on the tin. An all purpose ending for fanfic, supplied by the master of Tank Endings himself.

Ultra Matum
A gem of a "what if" story where Lois gets the opportunity to really learn what being a superhero is all about. Plus lots of warm moments and fun lovey-dovey stuff that no one does better than Lois and Clark.

Ultra Squirrel
Anne Spear
The Newtrich sisters get more than they bargained for in this plot untwist of the episode "UltraWoman."

Unanswered Prayers
In this sequel to the fanfic "On the Other Hand," Lois and Clark adjust to life without threats hanging over them. In the process, they get more than a glimpse of what might have been if just one little thing had gone differently. A 2008 Nanowrimo fic.

In an alternate ending to Season Three's "Contact," the author describes what might have happened if Lois made sure Clark returned to listen to what she had to say.

Under the Light of a Dead Star
After her near wedding with Luthor, Lois doubts herself, her relationship with Clark, and her relationship with Superman. Maybe a little chat with the superhero could help her....

Under the Sea
Lilly M.
When Lois asks Clark about an unusual object she finds on his bookshelf, he spins the story of where he found it: under the sea, in the city of New Atlantis -- where it was given to him by a mermaid. This humorous story was written in response to Debby Stark's "fiction idea" challenge.

Under the Spotlight
An alt-universe story in which Clark revealed himself to the world at 18 years old and is the most famous man/celebrity in the world. Lois Lane is the most famous/glamorous news discussion/talk-show host. What will happen when Superman is a guest on her show?

Undercover at Bureau 39
Sarah Luddy
Lois, a new reporter at the Daily Planet, has gotten wind of a secret government agency called Bureau 39. When she goes undercover at the agency, where else does she get assigned to but Smallville, Kansas, where a strange meteor shower happened twenty-five years ago... An Alternate Beginnings Story.

An Unearthly Origin
Mary Potts
Jor-El and Lara prepare to send their son away.

Elizabeth Dickinson
Unexpected things always happen when Lois is on the scene. Lois is having a bad hair day when she has a chance meeting with an old boyfriend. And what is so unexpected? you ask. Well, you'll just have to read to find out.

Unexpected Consequences
5,394 words (30Kb)
Drunk on red kryptonite, Superman crashed a wedding. Now he has to deal with the consequences, one of them being a massive hangover. Sequel to the author's "Unexpected Side Effects."

Unexpected Side Effects
1,365 words (8Kb)
Superman would never accept Luthor's invitation to the wedding, or would he?

An Unexpected Valentine
It's Valentine's Day, and Lois's dream date didn't turn out to be as magical as she had planned. Can her unexpected encounter with a handsome stranger change the dull and lonely fate she thinks herself destined for?

Unexpected Visitor
Lois's relationship with Lex prompts Clark to sit her down for an important discussion... But who's that at the door? Find out in the first in a collection of vignettes centered around Clark's unexpected visitor.

An Unexpected Visitor: Part One of the Visitor Trilogy
Lex Luthor had a brief flirtation with Lois, but she saw through his facade and married Clark instead. For that reason and many others, the billionaire was determined to permanently remove Clark from the landscape of his life. But there is someone from Clark's past who *clearly* has a problem with Lex's machinations....

Unexplained Events
Clark is introduced to a new form of Kryptonite in rewrite of the episode "This Old Gang of Mine." Will he and Lois get through the hard times that follow?

Mary Potts
Clark is about to share his secret with Lois... but, first, she has to confess a secret to him!

Macy Kinler
Clark's perfect day is ruined by an unpleasant discovery. But is everything as it seems?"

Macy Kinler
After seeing a movie that hits close to home for Lois, she finds herself alone in her apartment contemplating her relationship with Clark. Is there anything between her and Clark? Does she have someone to lean on or is she truly alone? And was Plato's theory of soul mates misunderstood? Leave it to Lois to add new meaning to a 3000-year-old theory.

Unforeseen Consequences
Nan Smith
An old enemy turns up unexpectedly. But this time they're not only after Superman. Part of the author's "Dagger" series.

Julie Gastler
110,408 words (614Kb)
When Lois danced at her anniversary party, she never expected it to be the eye-opening experience it became. Now, Lois finds herself tasked with putting the pieces back together. Will Lois and Clark be able to unravel the truth, move past everything that has happened and reconstruct their lives?

Uninvited Visitor
The great thing about Lois is that she always surprises Clark. Another "Prankster" rewrite.

Unique Individuals
Susan Young
Issues surrounding identity and deepening relationships are at the core of this sequel to "That Old Vat of Mine."

A Universal Union, Book One
Jenni Debbage
Nineteen-year-old Lois Lane, a student at Metropolis U., is asked by a young man who calls himself Kal-El of the planet Krypton to journey with him across space and become his wife. When Lois accepts and travels to the distant planet, she finds a society at once modern and old-fashioned -- and, of course, plenty of danger and excitement.

Universal Union, Book 2
Jenni Debbage
A tragic incident thrusts Kal and Lois-El into the position of First Lord and Lady, and the newlyweds must face the challenge of adjusting to married life while trying to keep peace on Krypton.

Universal Union Book 3, Part 1
Jenni Debbage
In a continuation of the author's "Universal Union" series, Lois and Kal are faced with new challenges, including charges of treason and a threat to Krypton's security, as they continue their plans to bring new ideas to the society.

Universal Union Book 3, Part 2
Jenni Debbage
In the conclusion of Book 3, when news reaches Krypton that the evil Rad-Nor has attacked Earth, Lois and Kal must devise a plan to stop him -- a matter complicated by Lois' pregnancy and a traitor within the palace.

Unknown Emotions
Jeff Brogden
Lois discovers she's pregnant, but there are complications. Clark despairs of them ever having children, and he starts to feel the weight of a world resting on his shoulders.

Unlike Any Other (Clark's POV)
Deadly Chakram
Have you ever met someone so unlike any other person that they grab your attention and force you to notice them?

Unlike Any Other (Lois' POV)
Deadly Chakram
Have you ever met someone so unlike any other person that they grab your attention and force you to notice them?

Unlikely Encounter
In this crossover with Hercules and Iolaus, Iolaus is in a car accident and he is rescued by a teenage Clark Kent.

Unloaded Weapon: A Plot Untwist Challenge Vignette
Laura Davies
An Untwist of the episode "Lethal Weapon."

An Unplayable Lie
Leatherwood, Terry
Lois and Clark decide to take an afternoon off and play a round of golf. But the day quickly becomes less about the game and more about them. A short story set between Season 3 episodes "We Have a Lot to Talk About" and "Ordinary People."

An Unpleasant Afternoon of Viewing
Tank Wilson
Perhaps there's a reason why we can't see into the future...

Unpleasant Memories
Nightmares have plagued the mind of the young Sara Kent. Lois and Clark struggle with the hard decision of telling Sara about where she really came from. Will this revelation pull them apart or bring them closer?

Unprofessional Behaviour
This follows on from "Gratitude" and is set at the end of the episode "I've Got a Crush on You."

Until Death Us Do Part
Lois promises Lucy to have lunch with her on her next day off. However, that simple date ends in tragedy.

Until the End
Catherine Bruce
Alt-Clark comes to assist Lois in the episode "Lois and Clarks." Is that all he has planned?

Until the End of Time
An aging Superman gets news he was afraid he would never hear: You're dying.

Until the Wind Changes
How could she move on without him when he was all she had ever known? A follow-up to the episode "Tempus, Anyone?"

Until We *Meat* Again
Lynn Baldwin
When Baby Rage locks Lois and Clark in a meat locker, it gives them an opportunity to talk turkey.

Until Our Wedding Night
Sara Diaz
Not long before their wedding, Lois and Clark settle in for an evening of "Lethal Weapon" videos and each other. It's cold outside, but getting *hot* in Lois' apartment....

Lynn Baldwin
Jack pays a visit to the Daily Planet newsroom, hoping to snag a Superman interview for the Metropolis Free Press. But everybody gets a scoop when it becomes apparent that someone has targeted Lois' friend Allison for murder.

What could worry a super-hero?

Unusual Talents
Lois discovers that someone unexpected has an unusual talent... Part of Queenie's Pick 3 Challenge. Takes place at the fundraiser in the episode "Whine, Whine, Whine" but instead dropped into Season 1. Enjoy!

Utopia: A Meditation
Paul-Gabriel Wiener
Some thoughts about the "perfect world."