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The Cabbie's Tale
The driver of a New Troy yellow cab talks about his most bizarre day.

Cafe Americana
What happens When Lois' favorite uncle falls in love, but is too afraid to let the woman of his dreams knows how he feels? Sound familiar? Somehow, Clark has to keep Lois from playing matchmaker while trying to crack the case of a mysterious jewel robber. How to do that, when their wedding is only two weeks away? All in a day's work for Lois and Clark!

Calamari Dreamin'
Paul-Gabriel Wiener
The challenge: Write a story including a list of random items. The response: Utter nonsense. Read at your own risk.

California Cousin
Marcus L. Rowland
While Lois and Clark are vacationing in Smallville, the Sheriff asks them to help her cousin. Unfortunately there's a lot more to him, and his problem, than meets the eye. Set several years after season 4, crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Call Me Ishma-el
Barbara Pillsbury
A renegade New Kryptonian elder kidnaps Lois and Clark's newborn son.

Calling a Spade, a Spade ...
Glenda M. Hernandez and K. Lerebours
Cassandra Hathaway, with full magical powers restored, attempts to use Lois to make Clark do her bidding. A sequel to "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best ... Medicine."

Calling Clark
Katie Sizer
What if Lois changed her mind about whether to leave a message or not at the end of the episode "Metallo"?

Ultra Lucille
A slight reimagining of a certain scene from the episode "Ordinary People."

Camera Obscura
The Okefenokee swamp holds enough amazing sights to keep Jimmy and his camera busy for hours, but film can't do justice to everything under the sun.

The Campaign
A good friend of Clark's comes up with a plan to get Lois to notice him ... she's going to pretend to be Clark's girlfriend!

Camping Nightmare
Lois and Clark, proud parents of twins, go camping. Nothing is ever as simple as it sounds with our favourite twosome, especially with Kryptonite around. Can Lois save the day?

Camping With Clark
Kathy Brown
Lois isn't thrilled, at first, to go camping with Clark's college friends, but she soon relaxes and enjoys watching Clark get teased about old campus pranks.

Can You Feel the Love Tonight?
Alicia U.
As Lois and Clark prepare for their first official date, they ponder their feelings and come to see how much they already share.

Candid Superman
Katie Green
Clark's in a sticky wicket when a tabloid journalist thinks she has stumbled upon Superman's secret identity.

Can't Fight This Feeling
Erin Klingler
What might have happened the night of Lois and Clark's first official date (in the episode "Lucky Leon") if Lois hadn't chickened out and slammed the door in Clark's face?

Can't Help Lovin' That Superman
Alicia U.
When Lois and Clark see "Showboat" on 'Broadstreet,' it leads to a very interesting dream for Lois.

Can't Live (If Living Is Without You)
Tempus escapes and decides that the alternate world is a better target for his plans. When the alternate Clark is struck down by red Kryptonite, he loses the will to live. Only our Lois can keep him alive long enough for Clark and H.G. Wells to find the one thing that will make his life worth living.

The Cape
Carol M
Lois has known Clark for almost a year when she finds out something completely unexpected about him. The secret, however, dies with her that night.

The Cape of Good Hope
Paul-Gabriel Wiener
The story of a young man coming to terms with the death of his hero.

Caped Fear
Doc. Klein's LabRat
Lois and Clark investigate a series of strange suicides in Metropolis ... but it soon becomes clear that danger is much closer to home than they ever imagined.

Captive Audience
Richards, Wendy and Kaethel
When Lois needs to hear a few home truths about her relationship with Lex Luthor, what better way to get her to listen but to wait until it's impossible for her to escape that painful conversation?

Carbon Copy
Richards, Wendy
Clark's at home minding his own business when a *very* strange visitor lands on his balcony! An adaptation of the episode "Top Copy."

Carbon Copy: A Kaethel Epilogue
After spending their first real date in Paris, Lois and Clark are reluctant to let the evening end and return to the loneliness of their apartments. Will they resist the urge to be together without wasting any more time? Do they even want to resist it? Find out in this epilogue to Wendy Richards' "Carbon Copy."

The Card
11,064 words (61Kb)
At the end of the second-season episode "Tempus Fugitive," right before they return to their time and their memories are wiped, Lois writes herself a note on the back of Perry's birthday card so she won't forget that Clark is Superman.... But what if Clark hadn't spotted it? And what if Lois had actually been the one to see it instead?

The Card
Carol M.
In another response to Wendy's 30-minute Episode Extension Challenge, Lois puts the pieces together, literally, when she finds the card that Clark tore up in the episode "Tempus Fugitive." Will she believe what she finds?

Care for a Drink, Mr. Bond?
Part 1 of a crossover story between Lois and Clark and James Bond. Will James Bond compete with Clark for Lois's affections?

Carpe Diem
Julie Stars
Clark and Lois make up in the episode "Whine, Whine, Whine," but something is still in the middle.

Carry Tiger to Mountain
Debby Stark
When old enemies weaken Superman with kryptonite, capture Lois and threaten Metropolis with a bomb, Clark finds he must call upon the T'ai Chi teachings instilled in him years ago by a wise Chinese teacher.

Car Wash
GG Cain
Lois plays with fire---and water---when Clark finds her washing the car.

The Case of the Disappearing Clark
Carol M
When Clark goes missing from an assignment, it's up to Lois, Perry and Jimmy to track him down. But they may be in for more discoveries than they bargained for.

The Case of the Flying Man
Lynn S. M.
When Tempus meets Jack the Ripper, it is the end of Utopia. An L&C / Sherlock Holmes crossover.

The Cat and the Trap
Tank Wilson
Cat sets a trap for Lois to try to prove just what lengths Lois will go to in order to attract the Man of Steel.

The Cat In The Hat Comes Back
Nancy Merckle
Cat Grant is back in town. Unfortunately, so is a cat burglar who steals ... cats? Episode 8 of S5.

Cat's Corner
3,601 words (21Kb)
Catherine Grant returns to Metropolis after two years away and notices a striking change in Lois Lane.

Cat's Letter
Michael Williams
What ever did happen to Cat Grant? In this funny letter to Lois, Cat tells all -- and can't resist yanking Lois' chain a bit.

A Cat's Life
Melissa Dore
A slice of Lois Lane's life as seen through the eyes of her wily and wise cat, Elroy. Very clever!

Tara Smith
Metropolis is plagued by super rats, and even Superman can't control them. Looks like a job for ... super cats?

Sam Jackson
When Lois is upset by her coworkers, she knows where to go to cheer up. Clark turns her fury into something else...

In this IRC Round Robin, a furry friend saves the day, and Clark lets the "cat" out of the bag regarding a certain secret. Will Clark avoid a catastrophe?

Catch a Falling Star
Beth Washington
A serial killer is murdering women in Metropolis, and not even Superman can catch up with him. Meanwhile, Star is having strange dreams. Can Lois and Clark figure out the truth before anyone else is killed? (Episode # 7 of The Unaired Fifth Season)

Catch of a Lifetime
Wanda Detroit
Clark decides to share one of his favorite pastimes with Lois. Will she catch anything?

Jennifer Eagan-Dixon
An episode-format story dealing with what might happen if Jimmy were to catch the just-married Lois in a compromising position -- with Superman!

Mary Potts a.k.a. Queen of the Capes
Jimmy makes an unexpected visit to Hyperion Avenue. What will he discover?

Caught in the Act
Carrie Rene
427 words (2Kb)
A little story with no real storyline, just Lois getting caught doing something fun.

Cause and Effect
ML Thompson
When Clark and Lois meet up four years prior to their initial meeting at the Daily Planet, sparks fly. Will Lois' distrust in Clark ruin a great relationship, or will terrorists destroy them before they even get started?

A Cautionary Tale
Tank Wilson
Clark has some sound advice for Lois - and everyone else - in this vignette.

A Certain Kansan
When tickets to a fundraiser drop in Lois' lap, there's only one person she wants to go with. A 2008 Holiday Ficathon story.

A Certain Kryptonian
What happened after Lois and Clark left the fundraiser in the author's "A Certain Kansan"?

A Certain Point of View
The backstory and events of the episode "Tempus, Anyone?" as told from a "certain point of view."

The Chair
Forced into a night out by her editor, Perry White, Lois pulls out all the excuses in order to meet a handsome stranger at a nightclub.

The Challenge
Caroline K.
After the events of Season 2's "Chi of Steel," Clark issues a challenge to Lois.

Champagne Truths
Judith Tylke
What if Lois had seen her note to herself after the episode "Tempus Fugitive"? This WAFFy story considers what might have happened.

Champagne Wishes & Clark Dreams
Erin Karper
It's the morning after the night before ... something ... happened. Lois, reeling with a hangover, jumps to conclusions when she finds an apologetic note from Clark.

Chance Meeting
Lola McClellan
Lois and Clark reminisce about their teen years while covering a human interest story on an old museum.

Chances Are
Sara Kraft
Clark has gone to fight the good fight on New Krypton, but he left Lois with a little something to remember him by ... and a lot to think about. A continuation of the episode "Big Girls Don't Fly."

Change of Heart
Being separated from her best friend during her engagement to Lex leads Lois to realize how much an essential part of her life Clark has become. But will she find the courage to confront her unexpected feelings?

Change of Heart
A short scene set in the episode "Contact," after Clark breaks up with Lois.

Change of Heart
Laura Davies
A challenge fic where the author gives us a different spin on the episode "That Old Gang of Mine."

He was a constant in life. No one thought he would die... but then he did.

Changing Perspectives
A brief look at the evolution of Lois's relationship with Clark, as told from Lois' POV.

Chaos Reintegrate
Pam Jernigan
Clark has waited years to hear Lois say she loves him -- but he's not quite sure why she picked this particular moment. Is it too good to be true? The sequel to "Chaos Unspool."

Chaos Revisited
Emily M. Hanson
This is a sequel to the Purple Chaos series. It's a crossover with the Marvel universe featuring Spider-Man and the X-Men. Jimmy goes undercover in the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Magneto gains control of the Sentinels (mutant-hunting robots featured in the X-Men comics). He unleashes them in New York and Metropolis. Can Superman and the Marvel heroes stop them?

Chaos Unspool
Pam Jernigan
In the episode "Tempus, Anyone?" we saw H. G. Wells unlock Lois's hidden memories of the events in "Tempus Fugitive" simply by saying "let the memories unspool." But what if she regained her memories before then ... on a date with Dan Scardino?

Nan Smith
In their latest investigation Lois and Clark go undercover with the assistance of Jimmy, completely unaware of the adversary they are about to face. A sequel to the author's "Vanishing Act."

Lynn S. M.
A game of charades proves awkward for Clark.

The Charity Of Life - Never Forget
Philip Mogul
A Christmas/Hanukkah tale that brings together several Lois and Clark characters, who join in a unified celebration of life.

The Charity's the Thing
Tank Wilson
Lois is summoned by Perry to attend a Charity Fund-raiser. What does this entail?

A Charred Day's Night
Jen D
The most dangerous place in Metropolis isn't Suicide Slum... it's Lois Lane's kitchen.

A Chat With Lois
Tank Wilson
Superman tells Lois he doesn't believe that she would love him if he was "an ordinary man," but this time Lois refuses to accept his answer! Find out what happens next in this rewrite of the end of the episode "Barbarians at the Planet."


Lois is really tired of Clark's ridiculous excuses, but this time she is in for a surprise.

Cheese of the Month
Susan Young
When Clark offers Lois a terrible excuse during a romantic meal, she vows to find out his secret on her own.

Cher Enfant 1: Peek-a-boo, Where Are You?
Celine LC
When Lois and Clark's newborn child mysteriously disappears, it's up to them to find out what happened. The first story of "The Series of Lauren Kent."

"Angels exist. They really do. And sometimes, they are even closer than we think." Especially if you happen to have a six-year-old daughter named Emma Kent.

Chi, Beta
Paul-Gabriel Wiener
A fic in honor of Beta Reader Appreciation Day. A "guardian angel" named Beta is introduced to "Chi of Steel" resulting in a humorous "beta version" of the episode.

The Chicken or the Egg?
Jenny Stosser
How would Superman act if he found himself transported to a world (um, like ours) in which superheroes didn't exist except as in TV shows and comic books? This is a story in which a well-known villain swaps a well-known actor and Superman out of their respective universes -- and each must try to act the part of the other.

A Chief Dilemma
Rachel Smith
For months it has lain forgotten in a box in Perry's office. Tomorrow, when Lois and Clark return from their honeymoon, he's going to invite them into his office and show it to them. Since they're friends of Superman, they'll probably know how to dispose of a piece of kryptonite.

Chief Suspect
IRC Round Robin Fanfic
The mysterious death of a close friend brings out the newshound in Perry again. Meanwhile, Jimmy, teamed with a new partner, and Lois and Clark try to solve the mystery and help out the Chief.

The Child Who Fell From the Sky
Chris Mulder
We all know the story of the destruction of Krypton, and of the solitary journey of its last son. This fanfic examines that well-known tale through the senses and feelings of the baby, Kal-El ... "the child who fell from the sky."

Chip Off the Old Clark
Lois learns something unexpected about the man she's about to marry. Will the news cause a permanent rift or will Lois decide that she can love a "Chip Off The Old Clark"?

Chipped Armor
Jocelyn Brant
This tag-on to the episode "The Rival" follows the events of Clark returning to the Planet, and addresses some issues between our favorite duo which were mentioned in the author's first story, "Fractured Ego."

Lois tries to prove to Clark, with dubious logic, that chocolate really is good for you.

Chocolate Lab
Clark is going to tell Lois his secret tonight. He is. He's finally going to tell her. But Lois has to take care of her neighbor's dog first.

Chocolate or Rocky Road
Michele Savage
A "missing scene" from the episode "Target: Jimmy Olsen" in which Lois weighs the pros and cons of Clark (chocolate) against Dan Scardino (Rocky Road).

The Choice
What made Lois say "I can't" to Lex? What made her say "Lois Lane Kent?" The author puts forth her own theory in this fanfic which takes place amidst "The House of Luthor."

The Choice
Valerie and Amanda
Dr. Klein concludes that it is possible for Superman to impregnate an Earth woman, but it would kill her. Lois decides to take the risk.

The Choice
Tank Wilson
After discovering Clark has been killed on New Krypton, Lois has less than 24 hours to make a decision that will affect the rest of her life.

Richards, Wendy
A vignette set at the end of the episode "Resurrection."

Choices: A Rewrite of 'Stop the Presses'
Crystal Wimmer
The author's alternate take on "Stop the Presses," with the characters as she would have written them in the episode.

Choices and Consequences: Take One
Leatherwood, Terry
Lois must make a choice between her children and her husband, and must live with the consequences of her choice. But are the consequences unalterable, or is someone more sinister working in the shadows?

Choice and Consequences: Take Two
Leatherwood, Terry
Lois makes the other choice between her children and her husband, and must live with the consequences of her choice. But can these consequences be avoided, or is she doomed to live in pain? An immediate companion piece to "Choices and Consequences: Take One."

Choices and Consequences: Resolution
Leatherwood, Terry
The choice has been made. The die is cast. But the results are not in. Can two self-sacrificing, unsung heroes save Lois from the consequences of her choice? A direct sequel to "Choices and Consequences: Take One and Take Two."

A superhero faces tragedy most every day -- and deals with the consequences. But, sometimes, the choices he has to make go beyond what the world, and fate, should ask of one man.

The Choices of Others
Superman's daughter made a choice, and now she must tell her parents about it.

The Chosen
Mary Scibetta
H.G. Brock, a young man in the future Smallville, Kansas, researches his family tree, and discovers more than he ever imagined.

Beth Long
The Planet's newest employee, who is copyperson and all-around gopher, makes it her mission to steer Dan Scardino away from Lois Lane.

Richard Frantz Jr.
On Christmas Eve, Mark Johnson sits down with his family to tell a tale of adventure and magic which features a different sort of hero.

Christmas 2015: Matchmaker Chronicles Vol 1 CG2
This is the second part of the prologue for a longer NextGen story and follows up on the events of Thanksgiving and deals with events around Christmas 2015.

Christmas at Luthor Manor
Lex Luthor pauses for a moment in his holiday celebration to review the irksome reason for the season.

Christmas Carol
What do you do when you're alone at Christmas and you've lost your spirit? Listen to a Christmas Carol; it just might change your life.

Christmas Eve
Lois and Clark spend a romantic Christmas Eve alone in their apartment.

Christmas for the Smallest
The Kent family goes Christmas shopping and little Lauren chooses something just right for her. But why?

Christmas in Metropolis
Shayne Terry
Christmas is a time for taking stock of one's life. Lois has a lot to think about on this particular Christmas Eve ... and maybe her life isn't quite as bad as she thinks it is.

Christmas in Metropolis
Nan Smith
A Christmas story in the continuity of the author's "Dagger" series, told from the viewpoint of CJ Kent.

Christmas in Smallville
Katie Green
Clark asks Lois to join him and his parents for a Christmas in Kansas.

Christmas Magic
In an increasingly cynical world, Clark goes out of his way to spread a little magic at Christmas.

Christmas Matchmaker
Raquel Guimaraes
Clark's young cousin Becky comes to Metropolis for the holidays, and she helps Clark and Lois share the magic of Christmas.

A Christmas Miracle
Clark and Lois experience a very special Christmas miracle. A story written for the Christmas Ficathon 2007.

A Christmas Miracle
Christmas had lost its meaning for Lois years ago, and she never really cared until now. This holiday season had been particularly bothersome to Lois, as she had never before missed what others around her had -- someone to share their holiday with. A Christmas story set in Season Two.

The Christmas Song
It's Christmas time and the daughter of Lois and Clark really wants to meet Superman.

Christmas Spirit
Clark tries to infuse Lois with the Christmas Spirit.

A Christmas to Remember
Lois prepares to deliver her baby.

Christmas Traditions
Betsy R.
Poor Clark. He's having some personal... frustrations on Christmas Eve. Can Lois help him work through them? A very short, WAFFy vignette.

A Christmas Wish 1 and 2
Tank Wilson
Two companion vignettes (one happy, one bittersweet) in which Lois is granted one Christmas wish.

A Christmas Wish 3
Tank Wilson
After her memorable Christmas dinner with Clark, Lois gets a visit from Santa Claus and makes a discovery.

Christmas Wishes
Karen Thompkins
Superman grants a child's wish on Christmas Day.

A Christmas Without Clark
Clark has a special mission to undertake in this Christmas vignette. Will it mean he may not make it home in time for Christmas?

Christmas Wrapping
461 words (3Kb)
Lois basks in the glow of hosting her first Christmas party since marrying Clark.

Mr. D8a
Never let it be said that Lois Lane doesn't get her way...

The Circle Game
Jude Williams
Lois celebrates her birthday, blissfully contemplating her perfect life with Clark and her happy family. But Clark is hiding a horrible medical secret, a legacy from an old foe, and their children's marriages are exhibiting signs of unresolved problems. This story explores what might have happened to Superman as the result of Veda Doodsen's youth exchange experiments in the episode "Brutal Youth."

The Circle of Life -- Family Hour part 2
Michele Savage
Lois and Clark find that the circle of life repeats itself when they discover the truth behind the mysterious appearance of the baby in "The Family Hour."

The Circle Squared
Leatherwood, Terry
Clark Kent applies for a job at the Daily Planet, but Perry White doesn't have anything available. So he follows an attractive reporter to an interview and gets involved in Lex Luthor's latest schemes to make money and gain power. But things are not what they might seem...

City by the Sea
Lois has lost her hero, her best friend, and the man she loved... only coming to that realization a little too late. Will she learn to live again despite her loneliness or will she find new direction and purpose in a city by the sea?

City of (Fallen) Angels
NostalgiaKick and Endelda
33,576 words (189Kb)
While pursuing a lead on The Boss, the world's biggest Boy Scout meets the Devil, who's trying to become a better man. A Lois & Clark/Lucifer crossover. A multiauthored story by NostalgiaKick and Endelda.

City Woman ... Country Boy
Mary Scibetta
What would have happened if Clark hadn't gotten the job at the Daily Planet when he first came to Metropolis? This alternate beginning lands Clark on another Metropolis paper, making him and Lois bitter rivals for the top news stories. What will it take to get them to work together?