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Naked Truth
A game of cards to while away a boring stakeout turns into a steamy -- and hilarious -- interlude for Lois and Clark.

The Naked Truth
Mary T.
What happens when a thief steals Superman's suit? Find out in this 1st-2nd season story.

The Naked Truth
Lois always knew Clark had a big secret, but she wasn't prepared for this.

The Name
Lois thinks she and Clark have agreed on the name of their sixth child. Little does she know...

The Naming of Cats
Lynn S. M.
1,062 words (6Kb)
Why is it so important to Clark that he name Lois's new cat? An expansion and continuation of the Lois & Clark episode "Lucky Leon."

Nature or Nurture
Gerry Anklewicz
It's only natural that an amazing couple would come to raise an amazing child.

Natural Causes: The Popcorn Kernel
319 words (2Kb)
Everything was perfect. His freedom would be obtained in a matter of hours. Revenge would be sought and he would be the victor. Little did Lex Luthor know it would all come to an end so quickly.

Clark just accidentally revealed his secret to Lois in the worst way possible. A Christmas comedy.

Navigating Denial
When Lois and Clark's son, Perry, realizes he has super-powers, there is only one conclusion he can draw -- his mom had an affair ... with Superman!

Near Wild Heaven - Half a World Away
After he witnesses Lois accepting Lex's proposal in the episode "Barbarians at the Planet," Clark Kent leaves Metropolis, dispirited and lonely, to begin a new life in Paris. Lois, too, is finding life less than blissful. But fate is about to step in and take a hand in turning their lives around...

592 words (3Kb)
He told her to never wear the necklace. She didn't listen. A response to Kerth Challenge #1 for the 2022 Kerth season.

Needing the Man in You
Lana Lang
In this second season vignette, an old rival inadvertently provides a little help for Lois and Clark at a charity event.

The Needs of the Many
Tank Wilson and Wendy Richards
When Lois leaves Metropolis to make Superman's job easier for him, her separation from Clark Kent leads her to question which of the two men she misses more. When a bombing at the Planet leaves her former partner presumed dead, Lois rushes to the scene. A Tank and Wendy challenge.

Georgia Walden
In this continuation of "Alt Shook Up" we discover who was behind Lois's disappearance in the Congo, and see Lex Luthor meet his nemesis.

Jennifer L. Adkins
What if Clark were already married to Lois (but experiencing "technical difficulties") when the New Kryptonians came to fetch him? A story based loosely on spoilers for the episodes "Through a Glass Darkly" and "Big Girls Don't Fly."

Steven Don
An irritable Perry sends Lois to write a story about an orphanage. She could really use Clark's help, not just with the story. In the meanwhile, someone finds out a big secret.

Never Give Anyone Your House Key
Mary Potts
For crying out loud, do none of Lois and Clark's acquaintances ever knock? A sequel to "Never Give In-Laws Your House Key."

Never Give In-Laws Your House Key
Mary Potts
When Lucy gets an eyeful, Lois and Superman get an earful. A response to the one-hour and first-lines challenges.

Never Too Late?
Tank Wilson
It's been over 20 years since Lex Luthor destroyed the Daily Planet and persuaded Lois Lane to marry him. Now a divorced Lois is Editor-in-Chief of a rebuilt Plant, Lex is getting out of prison, and Clark Kent is arriving in Metropolis for the very first time. Are some things meant to be, no matter how long the wait?

Never Forgotten
Jessica Ackerley
Clark and Lois are buying a new house together and decide to check out the neighbourhood. They and Jimmy encounter some weird and sometimes disturbing things along the way, but, in the end, will they survive it? Set in seasons 3-4.

Never Tell Clark
Richard Frantz Jr.
There are all sorts of secrets at the Daily Planet, though secrets are rarely what they seem to be. And Clark always seems to be saying something silly, but don't tell him we noticed.

The Neverending Battle For Sanctuary (The Pilot: Hope)
B. B. Medos
Set in the same L&C universe as the nfic SANCTUARY, this is the prologue installment of a series of regular fanfictions about various stages in Lois & Clark's developing relationship. Specifically, HOPE provides both mysterious background info as well as a different look at the pilot episode of L&C itself.

The New Adventures of Ultra Woman
Clint Chan Tack
Ultra Woman's adventures weren't limited to what we saw on the screen. This story tells us more.

The New Adventures of Zooperman
1,123 words (6Kb)
Lois and Clark spend an afternoon at the Metropolis Zoo.

The New Bed
Audrey Rempel
Clark can't sleep; there's this bed spring that keeps poking him in the back. Unfortunately, since Lois mostly sleeps on *him*, she isn't very sympathetic to his problem.

A New Beginning
A "what if" story about Clark's early life in Smallville, where his closest friend is Lois Lane. Just as Clark is sorting through the emotional turmoil of adolescence and the problems facing his family, his life suddenly becomes more complicated by a man seeking revenge, as well as some unusual skills which Clark himself seems to be developing.

New Beginnings
Katie Green
Just before Lois' New Year's Eve party, her sister, Lucy, discovers Clark's secret and tries to force him into a revelation.

New Beginnings
An early years story in which Clark gains an adoptive brother ... named Jimmy.

New Beginnings
A rewrite of the pilot episode with a twist. A new beginning for Lois Lane and Clark Kent... or is it?

New Beginnings
Julie Stars
This short vignette is a continuation of the episode "Whine, Whine, Whine" that takes place a few days after. Lois is shocked to find out that something she hoped wouldn't happen... has happened.

New Birth
Jenni Debbage
Lois and Clark investigate a series of child abductions that leads them to a new confrontation with the New Kryptonians -- and endangers the life of their first-born child. The first story in the author's "Kent Family" series.

A New Dawn
Deadly Chakram
108,973 words (609Kb)
After establishing himself as Superman, Clark Kent continues his mission to help people. But he isn't prepared for what it might cost him.

A New Discovery
Anonymous (various)
A clever poem, in the style and meter of Hiawatha, that tells of Superwatha ("Faster than a speeding arrow!"), who came to earth many moons ago.

New Faces; New Years
Lois examines her past and future as she rings in the new year.

A New Friend
Lois wants to say yes to Clark's proposal, but she knows she needs to figure out what he's hiding from her first. Meanwhile, a woman calling herself "Supergirl" requests Superman's help in the Underworld, a city below the streets of Metropolis. A continuation of the episode "And the Answer Is ..." that also includes some DC Comics' post-Crisis elements.

New Lives
In this Elseworld story, where Jimmy and Clark are adopted brothers, Jimmy meets up with his past. Can Clark save him before it's too late? This is the sequel to "New Beginnings."

New Meanings
Letitia Logan
Lois and Clark, married five years, are still struggling to have a child and dealing with the pain of the agonizing process.

New Phone, Who Dis?
Deadly Chakram
5,123 words (29Kb)
An unknown number. An unexpected text. And a day Clark Kent won't soon forget.

New Resolve: A Toast to Time and Innocence
Sammi Burleigh
A chance meeting in the grocery store restores hope to a despondent Clark and an unhappy Lois months after their separate lives have been shattered.

A New Year Resolution
Clark makes a life-altering decision on New Year's Eve. But will it have the effect he expects?

New Year's Eve Season 1
Carrie Rene
1,294 words (7Kb)
Summary: What would things have been like during New Year’s Eve in Season 1 between our favorite couple before they were a couple?

New Year's Eve Season 2
Carrie Rene
731 words (4Kb)
How will Lois and Clark celebrate New Year's Eve after their first Christmas spent together?

New Year's Eve Season 3
Carrie Rene
1,678 words (9Kb)
How do Lois and Clark spend New Year’s Eve in Season 3?

New Year's Eve Season 4
Carrie Rene
809 words (4Kb)
Lois and Clark try to spend their first New Year as a married couple together.

New Year's Season 5
Carrie Rene
922 words (5Kb)
How would Lois and Clark have celebrated New Year's Eve if there had been a fifth season?

New Year's Eve
Nan Smith
In this vignette, which follows the author's "Best Laid Plans," Lois spends a New Year's Eve with the Kents in Smallville.

A New Year's Revulsion
Deadly Chakram
3,374 (19Kb)
Having the person you love by your side can make even the most revolting of places slightly more bearable.

New Year's Surprise
Gretchen Nathe
A short vignette about a New Year's Eve surprise, six years into the lives of Lois & Clark.

New Year's Wishes
New Year's Eve is a time for reflection, looking back and looking forward, a time for hope, dreams and wishes. And sometimes, just sometimes, on the beat before midnight, the wishes your heart most desires might just come true...

New Years
Jennifer Baker
Clark works up his courage to ask Lois to the Daily Planet's New Year's Eve Ball.

The Newlywed Game
Nan Smith
What if Miranda's 100% pheromone perfume had affected Superman? And what if he'd accidentally passed along a little of the pheromone to Lois Lane during their kiss at the airport? What happens after they discover that they are married and it is three days later?

The Newlywed Show
Alicia U.
Lois and Clark on The Newlywed Game? Bring on the prizes!

News Girls Do Fly
In this alt-world story, Lois's cousin, Erin, comes to Metropolis from France in search of a story on Superman. Little does she know that her cousin Lois has the whole scoop on the Man of Steel, or that the man of *her* dreams is waiting for her in Metropolis.

The story that never should have been told is told, and Lois and Clark, along with the world, are left shattered in its wake.

Newsworthy - An Elseworld Tale
Philip Mogul
A Kent family saga: When Linda King discovers "the secret," she threatens to publish an expose unless Clark agrees to marry her. Clark's decision will be a catalyst to a chain of events that will determine the fate of the world.

Newton's Law
Newton's Law #1: Inertia -- An object in motion will stay in motion. An object at rest stays at rest. But what happens when a mind in motion meets a body at rest, especially when the mind and body belong to Lois Lane?

The Next Day: A Not So Merry Christmas
Tank Wilson
After the "Season's Greedings" episode, Lois hears that a plane with a stop in Wichita has crashed, and she fears the worst.

The Next Generation
Beth Freeman
Tempus kidnaps Lois and Clark's future children, bringing them back 15 years to the present. The kids escape, seeking out the younger versions of their parents for help.

The Next League Meeting
Mary Potts
The sequel to the author's "Bat Conference." Clark is stunned when the league tells him they know his secret!

The Next Step
An IRC Round Robin Fanfic
At the end of the episode "Whine, Whine, Whine", Lois and Clark are ready to take the next step in their relationship. It might have gone something like this. By Zoomway, ChrisM, CKgroupie, ChrisnDor, Eraygun, PeaceEv, chrispat, Mackteach and CiotolaAM.

The Next Step
Sue S.
Lois feels she has a genuine gripe and has trouble forgiving Clark for his constant disappearing. This takes place right after the episode "Whine, Whine, Whine."

A Night Alone
Crystal Wimmer
What really happened the night Lois rushed to Clark's apartment for protection from Dr. Trevino? This story helps us fill in the gaps in the episode from season one "The Witness."

A Night at the Office
Nan Smith
An alternate version of the episode "Fly Hard." Timing is everything, they say, and if the timing had been just a little different, Lois Lane might have learned a lot more than just what it was like to be a hostage.

A Night at the Planet
Gretchen Nathe
A short little ditty about what happens when Clark works late and Lois gets impatient.

A Night at the Metropolis Sewage Reclamation Facility
This is an extension to the episode "Neverending Battle." Lois Lane gets sent on a wild goose chase.

Night Errant
Meredith Knight
Exhausted after a prolonged spell of Superman duty, Clark makes the mistake of falling asleep in Lois's living room. Events spiral rapidly out of control, ably assisted by Lex Luthor and Lois's old rival, Linda King.

A Night for Healing
Why didn't Clark reaffirm his love for Lois after she said "I don't" to Lex? This well-written, emotional story gives us some insight ... and hints of the romance to come.

Night Sky, Bright Star
Nicole Sullivan
Ten-year-olds Lois and Clark live in two very different worlds, and one night, at bedtime, they have similar experiences that show why they are so different, and how those differences brought them together.

A Night of Gershwin
Barb Pillsbury
Following the theme of the Lois & Clark Musical Challenge, this rewrite of "Barbarians Of The Planet" is set in the 1930s. Will Lois accept Luthor's proposal?

Night Terrors
Amy Lauters
Are Lois's dreams being controlled by someone else? What's even more perplexing, could the one who is controlling her dreams be a dead man?

A Night to Remember
Patty Macy and Louette McInnes
Three weeks before her wedding, thieves rob Lois' apartment and rough up Lois, who catches them in the act. Clark is worried the thieves will come back, and he makes plans to keep her safe. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor plots.

Night Witness
What if Lois caught Clark floating in his sleep? Find out in this re-imagined version of the Season 1 episode, "Witness."

In the midst of the Nightfall crisis, Inspector Henderson puts the pieces together.

Nightfall Honeymoon
This is basically an episode rewrite of the episode "All Shook Up." What if the Nightfall asteroid showed up while Lois and Clark were on their honeymoon? A romantic comedy. This is a continuation of the author's *Green-Eyed Monster* story and is set in that alt-alt-universe.

The Nightly Ritual
Blaise Pascal
Taking place in a hospital, Lois and Clark, despite their illnesses and their old age, still find ways to share some WAFFy moments together.

Alicia U.
Why would Lois wake up in Clark's bed without any memory of the previous day? Chances are, Miranda's pheromone spray is to blame.

Nightmare in Metropolis
Lois has a close encounter of the chiroptera kind on Halloween night.

Nightmare on Carter Avenue
Jen D
In this short comedy, the author explores what Lois Lane's worst nightmare might be.

Nightmare on Clinton Street
Richards, Wendy
A tragic accident at 344 Clinton Street during the darkest hour forces Lois into an introspection of losing before loving, to find hope rise again on the third day.

Nightmare on Hyperion Avenue
Karen Ward
Jaxon escapes from the Metropolis Asylum for the Criminally Insane, planning on taking revenge on the pesky reporters who put him there. But there's much more to the sinister plot to destroy Lois and Clark than even he knows. This story has many twists and turns, and -- despite some serious subject matter -- it's well-written and definitely worth a read!

Nightmare Over Metropolis
Lori McElhaney
What if the one person who could do the most good for the city ... suddenly became its worst nightmare? Episode 16 of S5.

Nightmare Revelation
Susan Stone
While on a stakeout with Clark, Lois falls asleep and dreams she had married Lex Luthor. In the dream, things go from bad to worse to as horrible as could be imagined.

When Clark saves a woman from a thug, he certainly doesn't anticipate the nightmare he is going to face afterward. But not only is he stuck in a nightmare, Lois, who has finally worked up her courage to tell Clark that she loves him, has drawn some wrong conclusions. Unfortunately, they add up to a nightmare that she cannot wake up from.

"Her eyes were the color of deadly nightshade, so dark and seductive that Clark felt his heartbeat quicken and heard blood rush in his ears." A romantic interlude between our favorite couple set sometime in season three.

Wanda Detroit
Nine separate vignettes come together to form the full story of Lois' pregnancy.

Nine Lives
Marcus L. Rowland
When Lois and Clark investigate a series of decapitation murders, they find evidence of a strange conspiracy that seems to involve a mysterious crime fighter from Gotham City. Crossover with the Highlander TV show and Batman (film and comic versions).

Nine Months
Leslie Cohen
Lois and Clark experience emotional highs, lows and hair-raising moments during Lois' pregnancy.

Nine Months of Life or Death
Lois' life is threatened by her pregnancy, and the only way Clark can save her is to transfer his powers to her.

No Cars Go
Alisha Knight
Clark takes Lois to a special place.

No Excuse
Anna Botsakou
Lois challenges Clark about his disappearances.... will she figure out where he's been?

No Excuse at All
Anna Botsakou
Lois has figured out where Clark went when he disappeared... will she give him a chance to explain? Sequel to "No Excuse."

No Greater Love
A short story of regret, repentance, and forgiveness.

No Harm
Catherine Bruce
Seventy years ago, curiosity almost killed the librarian. Now, it just might kill the reporter, as well.

No, In Any Language
A war-hardened Lois returns to Metropolis as a college student and researcher, only to find herself pursued by the well-established, human-interest reporter, Clark.

No More Cloning Around
Olga and Jo
An alien mad scientist, jealous of Kal-El, replaces Clark and the Daily Planet staff with clones.

No One's Day
Deadly Chakram
6,140 words (33Kb)
For some, Mother's Day brings sorrow, not joy.

No One But the Sky
What if Superman hadn't been able to "fix" Clark in the episode "That Old Gang of Mine"? What other ideas could Lois and Clark come up with to keep their partnership alive?

No One Mourns the Wicked
Deadly Chakram
2,405 words (13Kb)
A newly resurrected Lex Luthor contemplates his sullied reputation while he recovers his strength in Dr. Gretchen Kelly's secret lab.

No Ordinary Man
Julie Gibson
Lois tries to prove to Superman that she'd love him "even if he were an ordinary man."

No Pain, No Pleasure
Erica Dias
Lois is tortured while Clark laughs. Is it just a nightmare?

No Place Like Home
Lynn S. M.
This super-short vignette picks up where the series finale left off...or does it?

No Powers
Richard Frantz Jr.
When a descendant of Superman claims to possess no powers, something must be wrong. Right?

No Real Choice
Tank Wilson
In this first season vignette, Lois is placed in a life-threatening situation and has to make a decision about who will live: her or Superman.

No Receipt, No Return
3,173 words (17Kb)
Clark reassures Lois after a crisis of confidence.

Nobody Knows
Artiste Sixty-Two
After Clark leaves for New Krypton, Lois tries to be strong, but finds instead that she's living the words to the Tony Rich Project song "Nobody Knows."

Nobody's Hero
Deadly Chakram
Upset that Lois appears to have chosen Scardino over him, Clark goes flying. But when he is on his way home, a close call causes him to question himself and his resolve. Prequel to "Just A Man."

Shayne Terry
Nightfall comes more than ten years late, and Clark loses his memory of the intervening years. Can he and Lois reunite in a world that's no longer familiar?

A Normal Day
Leatherwood, Terry
Lois and Clark are walking to work when they see something sitting on the sidewalk. They haven't seen whatever this is for so long, they don't quite recognize it. How will they deal with this new development?

Normal's Relative
Not only has Metropolis gone Superman bonkers for a twentieth Anniversary celebration, but fourteen-year-old Kaylie Kent has a crush on one of Metro Jr. High's biggest Superman fans. Sometimes it's really hard for her to pretend she's got a normal life -- especially when continually-emerging superpowers are thrown into the mix. This is the third chapter in the "Kaylie Kent" series.

Northern Lights
Gerry Anklewicz
While Lois and Clark investigate a murder, they team up with a police officer who has an interesting history.

Not-So-Split Decision
Lois checks her mental laundry list and makes a surprising discovery. Or is it truly a surprise?

Not a Day
Lois Lane and Clark Kent meet again after being separated for five years. How is he going to react to another special person in her life?

Not a Day at the Beach
An unexpected visitor to the newsroom wreaks unintentional havoc on Clark's life.

Not a Part of the Stars
Donna Hafner
Clark spent several years after college travelling the globe, never staying in one place for long. This story takes a look at his reasons for wandering and what might have influenced his decision to move to Metropolis.

Not a Revelation Story, Technically
Richard Frantz Jr.
Clark decides it is time to tell Lois his secret, but she has a revelation for him instead.

Not Again?
Shayne Terry
Lois Lane discovers that she's not the only one who suffers the perils of being kidnapped.

Not All Geese Are Wild
Anne Spear
In order to avoid dealing with Clark's death, Lois goes in search of ghosts in this rewrite of "That Old Gang of Mine."

Not Even...
Mr. D8A
Superman is faced with a tough decision.

Not Even Chocolate
Lois inexplicably loses her temper when Clark tries to do something nice for her, and he is at a loss for what he can do to make things better... One-shot. Mid to late season two. Enjoy!

Not Just a Fairy Tale
A companion piece to "Only a Fairy Tale." Spock's curiosity at Clark Kent's story leads him to some interesting discoveries.

Not of a Hero
She knew she would stay if he needed her. Her friend, who she loved.

Not Quite So Ordinary People
Tank Wilson
This rewrite of "Ordinary People", as the author says, is "strictly for giggles."

The Not-So-Great Escape
Lynn S. M.
For a change, Lois is not the one fleeing. This story is part of a series, but you don't need to read the other stories to understand this one. This story takes place after "The Diagnosis" and before "Echolalia."

Not So Ordinary After All
Betsy R
In a continuation of the author's story "Ordinary Like This," following an angry revelation that takes place at the end of "Barbarians at the Planet," Lois, with a little help from her friends, begins to see through Lex Luthor.

Not the Years But the Moments
Terry Leatherwood
When Clark is shot during the events of the episode "That Old Gang of Mine," Lois decides that loving him is too dangerous and she forces them apart. But when Clark's parents are kidnapped and Clark is ordered to trade Lois' dead body for their safety, she decides to take an active role in their rescue and changes everything between them, including their future together. Set in season two and goes forward from there.

Not Together
Jed Erick Henrie
Lois is determined that Clark shouldn't get away with breaking up their relationship in this addition to the episode "When Irish Eyes Are Killing."

Note to Self...
Paul-Gabriel Wiener
H.G. Wells is all set to go on his first flight in his time machine when he finds a strange letter...

Nothing But a Luthor on the Way
It's bad enough that Lois is marrying Lex Luthor. But what happens when Luthor finds out a secret which Clark would protect with everything he has ... and then tells Lois?

Nothing Is Impossible
54,895 words (304Kb)
Alt-Clark has not only given up on finding Lois, he no longer wants to find her. What will happen when he returns to his world following the events of "Lois and Clarks" to find that everything has changed?

Nothing Lasts Forever
Tired of making excuses for Clark, tired of waiting for Clark, tired of missing Clark, Lois begins to rethink her marriage to Clark.

Nothing to Lose
In the episode "Barbarians at the Planet," Clark worked up the courage to confess his feelings to Lois, only to be turned down by the woman he loved. But what if he'd thrown all caution to the wind and shown the extent of his feelings for her instead of just telling her about them?

Notorious Wedding
Lois learned Clark's secret in my previous fic "Night Witness" and will do anything to save him from the threat of Kryptonite. Even marry Lex Luthor.

Novel Idea
Lois is writing another novel. This one mirroring what's happening in her life. Could real life turn out to be as good as her imagination? (Story takes place immediately following "The Phoenix")

Now, As Before
One winter night, everything changes. Again. A 2007 Ficathon story.

Now, Hold on a Minute Here!
Kathy Brown
When the people of Metropolis find Lois guilty of murder in the episode "The People vs. Lois Lane," Clark is stunned and outraged -- but he's not about to go down without a fight! An "Episode Extension Challenge" comedy vignette.

Now THAT'S What I Call ART!
Mary Potts
The adventures of Kent Twins Lara and Martha continue in this vignette as the girls debate the merits of various art forms.

Now We Are Complete
Jennifer Allen
Lois and Clark celebrate their good news -- the results from Dr. Klein's study of Superman's "compatibility" -- but soon after that Clark lapses into unconsciousness, a delayed effect from exposure to kryptonite.

Nowhere to Run
ML Thompson
The headline in the Daily Planet reads: 'Lois Lane Kidnapped; Clark Kent Prime Suspect.' How did it ever come to this?

Nuclear Families
Robert O'Connor
Set in a world where Lois and Clark get their baby the old-fashioned way (when Lois briefly retrieves her Ultrawoman powers), this story follows the origin of Clark Kent Jr., a.k.a Superman Jr., and is a sequel to the author's previous story, "Inner Demons Unleashed."

Nuclear Option
Nan Smith
In this rewrite of the episode "House of Luthor," Clark helps Lois to come to her own conclusions about Lex.

The Nun's Tale
This story takes place during the episode "Just Say Noah" in Season 3, in which Lois and Superman argue in front of a nun. This is the nun's story and part of the Canterbury Tales of Metropolis Challenge.