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Vacation, What's a Vacation?
Jennifer Allen
Someone is kidnapping the children of Daily Planet employees -- and that includes the son of Clark and Lois Kent. A continuation of the author's fanfic "Now We Are Complete."

Shayne Terry
Fifteen-year-old Clark runs away from his foster home and has to make it on his own on the streets of Metropolis.

A Valentine Revelation
Ann Sidbrant
It's Valentine's Day, and Clark is absent again. But maybe he has a surprise for Lois?

Valentine's Day: A L&C Story
Lois and Clark, visibly in love, make a striking couple at a Valentine's Day dance -- and Perry congratulates himself on bringing his two reporters together.

Valentine's Day Rules
Gerry Anklewicz
In this sweet Valentine's Day vignette, Jonathan struggles to create the perfect Valentine's Day while following the rules.

Valentine Expectations
Gerry Anklewicz
Lois and Clark have been dating for a short time and of course there are ... Valentine Expectations.

Valentine's Cards
Bob Bartholomew
The Lane sisters have a tradition of shopping for Valentine's Day cards. This year Lois has a story to tell about buying a card the year she dated Lex. Telling that story may lead to progress in a relationship with much more potential.

A Valentine's Rendezvous
Richards, Wendy
This Valentine's Day, Lois has a secret admirer ... and he wants to meet her! The clues suggest her admirer is either Lex Luthor or Superman, but what if it's neither? What if it's another maniac bent on revenge? The eventual meeting proves to be a revelation for all involved -- particularly the reader!

Valentine's Secrets
Valentine's Day had always been special for Clark, even when he'd had no one to celebrate it with. This year, he has Lois...and a few secrets to share. But will she appreciate the surprises he has planned for her?

Valentines Day...Full of Surprises
Shannon Berg
Lois and Clark plan mutual surprises for each other on their first Valentine's Day since the wedding.

Valley of the Shadow
Carol M
In this sequel to the author's "First Night," Lois and Clark deal with the issues that arise from being newlyweds and pregnant all at the same time, especially after discovering Clark really is an alien. Little do they know, how much things are about to change.

Valley of Veils
Louette McInnes
Superman is scheduled to appear in Egypt to help complete a survey of the Valley of the Kings, and Lois and Clark are assigned to the story. Snooping around, Lois thinks she has stumbled onto an assassination plot.

The Vampire Murders
Nan Smith
Lois and Clark investigate a series of strange murders in Metropolis, and the main suspect may be ... a vampire?

Vanishing Act
Nan Smith
The birth of Lois and Clark's first child is sure to be a thrilling event. Especially when it coincides with an important investigation. Part of the author's Dagger series.

Lois deals with the consequences of earlier decisions.

Vatman Forever
Mobile Richard
When Lois and Clark break up after a fight, Superman starts to date Lois. Except this is news to Clark!

Vatman -- Matchmaker Style
This is the tenth story in the Matchmaker Style series. Luthor clones Superman, but Lois can easily tell the difference between her husband and the imposter.

Vaulted Emotions
Catherine Bruce
Confined spaces + Clark + Kryptonite = Fun. (A Ficathon Story)

Veni, Vidi, Vici
Deadly Chakram
With Superman trapped in a deadly Kryptonite cage, Lex Luthor reflects before his impending marriage to Lois Lane.

La verdad desnuda
Mary T.
What happens when a thief steals Superman's suit? Find out in this 1st-2nd season story ¿Qué pasa cuando un ladrón roba el traje de Superman?,averiguelo en esta historia de la 1era y 2da temporada. AStories in Other Languages story.

Shayne Terry
An alternate Clark Kent finds himself flying a planeload of passengers from 1993 Metropolis into real world post-9/11 2008 Washington DC. How will he deal with this new, darker world?

The Very Bad No Good Day
430 words (2Kb)
Lois is having a very bad day. Can Clark help her?

Very Patient Superman
B.B. Medos
A story in which Lois and Clark are taking the time to actually date, Lois doesn't know THE secret, and the happy couple -- finding themselves in a rut -- try to figure a way out of it.

A Very Smallville Christmas
Beth Freeman
The Lanes and the Kents gather together in Smallville for the holidays, where Lois and Clark plan to share some very special news. But Intergang has come to Smallville too, and finds something interesting in a treehouse on the Kent Farm. (Episode # 10 of The Unaired Fifth Season)

Veterans of Foreign Wars
Terry Leatherwood
140,790 words (768Kb)
This is a recapping of the beginning of the partnership between Clark Kent and Lois Lane, told with a radically different backstory for the three main characters in the story. There is a major character death and some other surprises along the way. For the most part, though, the favorite toys go back into the box at the end, barring a few minor scratches.

Video Ex
Tank Wilson
A nemesis from the past may have exacted the ultimate revenge, a weapon so enticing and yet so deadly that even Superman has no defense.

The View
Alicia U.
Some views are majestic, some views are spectacular... and some warm the heart, as Clark discovers in this introspective vignette.

View From the Other Side
Alicia U.
Lois Lane takes a moment to reflect about her past before leaving her empty house.

A View of Life's Greatest Gifts
Alicia U.
Clark spends a nice day at home with his daughter, and an interesting conversation takes place. How will Clark explain something as important as adoption to her?

Mayson Drake disturbs Clark -- in more ways than one.

Vignette a la Lois
Ever wondered what was going on in Lois's mind when Clark was first hired? Now's your chance to find out.

Richard Frantz Jr.
Four microfiction (<300 word) stories on the nature of being a villain.

The Villain's Tale
Janet Owens
Sometimes you can put a lot of thought, time, and effort into a new idea, and sometimes your project is successful. But sometimes, all you find out is that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

ML Thompson
Life is not easy if you're a paparazzi who has been discredited in front of the entire world. So... how do you get back on top? By proving you're right, of course.

Virginally Destroyed: A Plot Untwist
Barb Pillsbury
In this little spin from the episode "Virtually Destroyed," Lois has other thoughts on her mind when she learns the truth about Clark's past experiences, or lack thereof.

Virtually Destroyed
Sara Kraft
The reality-challenged FoLC returns. Where has she been for two years? Fifth in the author's series of "journal entries" begun with "Loising a Grip on Reality."

Virtually Destroyed: A Missing Scene
Nicole Wolke
Who led the decision to wait until the wedding night? This "missing scene" offers a theory.

Virtually Fixed
Renee Charles
In the episode "Virtually Destroyed," all Clark could manage to say in response to Lois' confession that all her relationships "ended up in the negative column," especially the one with Lex, was, "Ouch." In this story, he manages to say a lot more.

Virtually Revealed: Jimmy's Story
3,869 words (21Kb)
In the Season 3 episode "Virtually Destroyed," Jimmy sees Clark without his glasses and Superman together. After escaping X, Jimmy is flustered and accidentally calls Superman "CK," to which Superman responds.

A Virtue Rewarded
Lois' memory slowly returns as she lies in her hospital bed, and she finds herself attracted to Clark all over again. He takes her to Smallville for some R&R. A WAFFy story that picks up after the episode "Seconds."

The Vision
Emily M. Hanson
When a psychic vision alerts Jimmy Olsen to the danger his neighbor is in, he, Lois and Clark must find out who is behind the attempted murder before it's too late. Sequel to the author's "Remnants of Chaos."

Vision in Black Armor
Alicia U.
Is it a dream or is it Darth Vader? Clark awakes to find an unexpected presence in his bedroom.

Vision of Destiny
Lois meets an old woman who has some unbelievable things to tell her.

Debby Stark
Exactly why has Clark Kent always worn glasses? This clever tale from Clark's early childhood offers up an explanation.

Visiting Hours
Jon B. Knutson
Superman pays a visit to the Children's Ward of Metropolis General Hospital.

Vital Research
Sarah A.
Lois realizes Jimmy is wearing a bra, but is he the only one?

Vitamins and Minerals
There's no cure for Kryptonite, but one ordinary morning Dr. Klein thinks he might have found something that will at least help.

Voices in My Head
Clark must be losing his mind. He just fought his way through a Kryptonite force field, Lois is telling him that "Sarah" and "David Miller" FLEW away, and to top it off, he's hearing voices in his head? Don't even get him started on the things those voices are telling him.... The fourth in a collection of vignettes based on the same premise as the author's "Unexpected Visitor."

The Volunteer
Lois volunteers for something she later regrets.

A Vulnerable Night in Metropolis
Laura S.
An in-between scene for the episode "Lethal Weapon." After Clark bruised Lois, how did he deal with the guilt? This explores Lois and Clark's reactions to the tense scene.

Eighth in the series started with "At First Sight," this is set at the end of the episode "Green, Green Glow of Home."