Lois's Birthday Surprise

By Alisha Kerby

Summary: It's Lois' birthday, and she waits for her surprise party … and waits. Perry couldn't have taken her seriously last year when she said she didn't like these things, could he?

This is my first attempt at fanfic, I also have not read all of the other stories yet, so if someone has done something similar I apologize. send any and all comments(good or bad) to: loislaneck@aol.com


Walking into the Daily Planet, Clark Kent quickly scans the area for Lois. Spotting Jimmy Olsen at the coffee machine, Clark motions for Jimmy to meet him at his desk.

JO: Hey, CK, what's up?

CK: Have you seen Lois today?

JO: Yeah she was here earlier, but the Chief sent her out on a story. She should be gone for hours.

CK: Great! Did you get the stuff I wanted?

JO: Yeah. Lois almost caught me trying to sneak it into Perry's office.

CK: Are you sure she doesn't suspect anything?

JO: If she does she's not letting on. I haven't heard her grilling anyone either.

CK: Neither have I. Maybe she learned her lesson last year.


LL: Clark, are you sure you can't go to your parents *next* weekend? I thought we could have a picnic or something.

CK: Lois, I'm sorry. I've already got my tickets and they're non-refundable. Besides my dad really needs my help this weekend.

LL: I guess.

Now Clark was feeling guilty. He didn't know Lois on her last birthday, in fact he had only found out her birthday was Saturday *after* he had told her he was spending the weekend in Smallville. Then he found out that Lois thought the Planet was throwing her a surprise party. But Perry had told him that the year before Lois had said that she really didn't like surprise parties. So Perry didn't plan one.

Clark was in a bind, he didn't want Lois to spend her birthday feeling sorry for herself. But Lois might get suspicious if he stayed in Metropolis. Then he came up with an idea.


(Saturday afternoon)

The sounds of upbeat music filled Lois's apartment as she finished straightening up. Lois was dancing around thinking what she would wear to the *surprise* party tonight. Usually she knew exactly where they were going and how they planned on getting her there. But everyone had been real tight lipped this year and she didn't have an inkling.

Going through her closet she found a red sundress with a flared knee length skirt and crisscrossed back. It was casual enough that she could just throw on some sandals but dressy enough for heels if the situation warranted them.

She thought about calling Clark's apartment, just to see if he really had gone to Smallville. But figured he probably wouldn't answer anyway.

(later that night)

Lois was getting impatient. It was 8:30 already and no one had even called. Suddenly remembering her comments at last year's party she began to feel foolish, then she got angry.

One of the few times I joke around and Perry took me seriously, she thought, and here I am dressed up like a damn fool, waiting for a party that's not going to happen.

Storming into her bedroom to change, Lois noticed that her window was open. But as she went to close it Superman appeared with a dozen red roses in an exquisite vase and a picnic basket full of food.

LL: Superman!?

S: Happy Birthday, Lois.

LL: But how…

S: Clark told me. The Planet hadn't planned a party this year and by the time Perry found out you were expecting one, well there just wasn't enough time to plan one.

LL: Oh, well I'm glad you're here. I was just about to change clothes and drown myself in a gallon of chocolate ice cream.

S: Well, I've got fresh pasta and cream sauce, hot Italian breadsticks and some great wine as an alternative. What do you say?

LL: Who could pass that up? But where did you get food like this at this hour?

S: Italy?



Clark had never seen Lois look so beautiful—and sad—the red dress made her look irresistible. But Clark knew he couldn't go too far. Lois was just starting to get over her *Superman fixation*. But he hadn't wanted her to be alone on her birthday.

They ate slowly, enjoying the excellent food. After they were done, Lois had put on some soft music and asked him to dance.

It took all of his willpower not to give in to Lois's advances. He knew that if he gave in as Superman, Clark would move one step further back in Lois' mind. He'd left after only one dance.

When Clark had asked Lois about her weekend Lois just smiled and said 'fine'. No mention of her birthday or Superman at all.


This year the Planet hadn't planned a party either, but several people were in on a plan to make Lois think they had if she asked them. So far… she hadn't said a word. But Clark had something special planned. And *nothing* could go wrong.

LL: Earth to Clark!

Clark had been so deep in thought that he hadn't heard Lois come up to him.

CK: Lois? How long have you been standing there?

LL: Long enough, now come on, we've got to get going.

CK: Where are *we* going, Lois? I thought *you* were on a story.

LL: Well, Perry has a story for *us*, Clark. Let's go.

CK: All right. Fill me in on the details.

LL: Well, it seems there is this big charity function tonight, I haven't heard much about it though. Perry says it's a very *private* function to earn money for a new orphanage. But he really thinks that it is just a plan for Intergang to launder money. Anyway, Perry got me an interview with the head man in charge of planning tonight's party.

CK: And you think he's just going to up and tell you all the evil details? Come on, Lois, get real.

LL: Goll, Clark, what's gotten into you? You've been a grouch all day.

CK: Nothing, Lois, I just don't feel like interviewing some moron who planned a private party, they're not against the law you know.

LL: I'll do all the talking then, but Perry said you should go.

CK: Fine.

(After the interview)

CK: If that guy is part of Intergang then I'm Donald Duck. Lois this thing looks totally aboveboard. He gave you everything you need: a list of planning committee members, the budget for the party, the budget and the plans for the new orphanage, and the guest list for tonight's party, what more could you want. Besides anyone who would just hand over that information wouldn't be hiding anything.

LL: All right already, I get the point. I'll just go write up a little story on how much good this ball is going to do for all the poor orphans of Metropolis.

CK: You do that, Lois.

Back at the Daily Planet Lois is finishing her write up on the Charity Ball. Perry storms out of his office yelling.

PW: Lois! You seen Clark? I've got a crisis on my hands and need someone on it right away!

LL: I haven't seen Clark since we got back from that interview, Chief. What's the crisis?

PW: Someone just called in a report of a robbery down at the pier, one of the warehouses that stores computer components for Quartech. #7 I think.

LL: I'll go, Chief, my story from this morning is done and I could use a little excitement today.

PW: Well…, since we can't find Clark and I don't want you down on that pier alone, I'll send Jimmy with you. But stay out of trouble. You hear?! JIMMY!!

JO: Yeah, Chief?

PW: Go with Lois down to the pier and make sure she stays out of trouble.

JO: Whatever you say, Chief.

(At the pier)

JO: Are you sure we're in the right place, Lois? I don't see any cops around.

LL: I'm sure he said #7 down at the pier, and I'm not leaving till I check it out.

JO: OK then, let's go.

JO: Hey, I left my camera in the Jeep, I'll catch up.

LL: Jimmy?!

Lois cautiously opens the door of #7 and sneaks inside. She is shocked to see a candlelit table set for two. She is even more surprised to see Clark standing by the table with a big smile on his face.

LL: Clark? What…

CK: Happy Birthday, Lois.

LL: But…

CK: I thought I'd try and surprise you. Looks like I did a fairly good job.

LL: But… I… I didn't even bring up my birthday. I mean after last year…

CK: I think that's how I was able to pull it off. And while Perry kept us busy with that story this morning Jimmy was out here getting all this set up.

LL: Ohhh, Jimmy's right b…

CK: Back at the Planet where he belongs, he had his motorcycle hidden out here.

LL: Oh. Clark, this is so sweet. And I had no idea. Really.

CK: I know. Well, the food's getting cold, maybe we should eat.

As Lois sits down at a table with pasta and cream sauce, hot Italian breadsticks and wine, she has a moment of deja vu.

LL: Clark…?

CK: Lois, there is something I've wanted to tell you for a long time. This seemed to be the perfect opportunity. And I thought we could make this your annual birthday dinner.

LL: But, Clark, the food? How did you know?

Clark answered by spinning into Superman.