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H is for Hubris
Pam Jernigan
Utopian historians agree that Lois and Clark needed time to build their relationship, and H. G. Wells agrees. When a twitch in time throws them together sooner than expected, it nearly wrecks everything -- but luckily for Lois and Clark, H.G. Wells is there to save the day. One way or another.

Had It
1,624 words (9Kb)
What if, when the assassin, Tez, tried to get away by disguising himself as a beautiful blonde and making a scene, Clark wasn't having it? Somewhat crackfic.

Hair Is Where the Hurt Is
Jennifer Eagan-Dixon
A lighthearted "Dean and Teri" fanfic/parody of the episode "Home is Where the Hurt Is."

A Hair-Razing Experience
Lynn S. M.
Clark can give himself a good haircut now, but that wasn't always the case. How did teenage-Clark learn to deal with his newly invulnerable hair?

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
Laura Davies
Lois gets a haircut for very practical reasons. An answer to the great haircut challenge.

Hair Today: Gone Tomorrow
An intro for the episode "Contact" that shows Lois getting her hair cut, then stressing out over what Clark's reaction will be as she races to meet him at the airport.

A Hairy River (non)Revelation
Alicia U.
In this response to the haircut challenge, Lois gets her hair cut in a very unusual way after Superman saves her from almost drowning.

Wanda Detroit
Lois tries to make Clark a birthday cake from scratch... will she succeed?

Nan Smith
The day after the events in the episode "Blackout in Metropolis" is Halloween, and Lois reflects on what the events of the previous day mean. Does anyone, especially Clark, really think of her as a good friend, after the things that have happened in the last year? When she goes to report on the Mayor's Annual Halloween Party, she gets a chance to find out about Clark's friendship for her, and hers for him, in a most unexpected way.

Halloween in Metropolis -- Matchmaker Chronicles Volume 1CD
It's Halloween again and the new superheroes, Kam-El and Ultra Woman 2, are called upon once again to help out, this time in Metropolis.

Halloween in Smallville -- Matchmaker Chronicles Volume 1C - B
This story takes place in the Matchmaker Chronicles canon universe. Lois and Clark have been married for approximately 16 years. They live in Metropolis with their eight children. Jonathan, their eldest, started middle school this year. Jon and his siblings are being rewarded for good grades by going to a Corn Festival type party celebrating Halloween in Smallville.

The Hand of Fate
Phil Atcliffe
A mysterious visitor needs Lois and Clark to go back in time to help some familiar faces. Can they right the wrongs of the past, and save their true soulmates? Episode 6 of S6.

The Hand That Rocks
A devious enemy of Superman makes Clark a danger to everyone he meets -- literally! And that includes Clark's fiancee, Lois...

Happily Ever After
A story told from Lex Luthor's point of view. The sequel to "The Lover After Me."

Happy (Weird) Birthday, Clark!
The author says this story "starts out weird ... and continues into weirdocity." Get ready for a very strange birthday party for Clark!

Happy Anniversary?
IRC Round Robin
Happy Anniversary? is a look at our favorite couple's attempts to have a romantic and *private* celebration of their wedding anniversary and the *little* things that keep getting in their way.

Happy Anniversary, Honey
Erica Dias
He would be late again tonight, but this time for a different reason.

Happy Halloween?
Tank Wilson
Lois has a chilling encounter on Halloween night.

Happy New Ye-
Tank Wilson
Strange things are afoot in Metropolis as the New Year Countdown begins...

Happy New Tears
Richards, Wendy
After a disastrous New Year's Eve party, Lois needs to ask her very best friend a special favour... an intimate favour...

Happy Thoughts
In a scene from early in Season 1, what could Lois need Clark to come to her apartment for? Nothing he could have ever imagined!

Happy Valentine's Day, Clark
Lois finally comes up with the perfect Valentine's Day gift.

Angela Kay Walthall
Thinking she has cracked a burglary scam, Lois interrupts Clark's Christmas preparations and persuades him to sit with her on a stakeout, in her parked car, for hours. It doesn't take long for their attention to drift away from their story and onto each other. Are they ready to start a relationship, or are there still unresolved issues with Superman?

Hate Myself for Loving You
122,679 words (678Kb)
Mayson Drake leaves the courthouse at the end of the episode "Lucky Leon" in search of Lois and Clark and finds the couple sharing their first kiss. Distraught by her discovery, Mayson takes matters into her own hands.

Hattie Kaplin, Reporter -- Matchmaker Chronicles Volume 1-N
Hattie is now in her twenties and is working at the Daily Planet, on the city desk as an investigative reporter under the editorial direction of the team of Lane and Kent who were promoted to co-editors-in-chief when Perry White retired. This story is a sequel to "After Summer Camp -- Matchmaker Chronicles Volume 1C - A."

Hattie and Mr. X -- Matchmaker Chronicles Volume 1 - P
This story takes place in the Matchmaker Chronicles universe. Hattie Kaplin has had a long-standing relationship with Jon Kent and the entire Kent family; in fact she is almost part of the family. Recently she had been brought in on the family secret that the Kents are in fact the super family.

Hattie and the Main Street Bomber -- Matchmaker Chronicles Volume 1 - O
Have you ever heard a frustrated parent say to a difficult child, "Just wait, someday you'll have children and I hope they do to you what you have been doing to me"? Well, Lois is now editor of the Daily Planet and Hattie Kaplin is on the city desk. Enough said.

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas ... or Not
Gina Blank
In Kansas, teen-age Clark Kent is having a great Christmas. In Metropolis, the holiday just keeps getting worse for Lois Lane and her little sister, Lucy.

Have a Little Faith in Me
Nicole Sullivan
In this rewrite of the episode "House of Luthor," Superman fails to escape the vengeance of Luthor's Kryptonite cage. He realizes a little faith can go a long way.

Have a Little Faith in Me
Erica Dias
When Lois is about to put a man's reputation in danger, would you still have faith in her?

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Jennilyn Lazo
As Lois nears a point where she thinks she can confess her feelings for Clark, she finds that he has asked Mayson Drake to the Planet's Christmas party.

Having my baby
A vignette written to celebrate the birth of a new little FoLC.

Havoc in Metropolis
Meredith Knight
Lois's plans for investigating Congressman Harrington hit an unexpected snag.

Hawaiian Honeymoon
C.M. Dansler
A vignette from Lois and Clark's tropical island honeymoon.

He Came Back
A sequel to the author's "When I Was Twelve." Finding Lois's notebook brings back poignant memories for Clark.

He Didn't Have to Be
Martha and her beau find something unexpected on their drive home one night.

He Said, She Said
Wanda Detroit
Lois and Clark attend a charity ball together. Hear them each tell their side of the story first-hand. Misunderstandings abound!

He's Just Not Clark
Allison Spielzinger
A phone conversation with her sister, Lucy, helps Lois choose between Dan Scardino and Clark. This story is for those FoLCs who wanted to actually SEE Lois get rid of Scardino.

Head Over Feet, the L&C Remix
Will Temby
Alanis Morissette's "Head Over Feet," rewritten with a Lois & Clark slant.

Head Games
Carrie Rene
1,781 words (10Kb)
Lois tries to comfort Clark after Mayson's death in the second season episode "Lucky Leon." Will he let Lois in on his secret? Or will he push her away even more?

A year after a very tragic event, Clark slowly comes to terms with it. Warning: not your happily ever after, not even remotely so!

Somehow, Lois and Clark have to start putting the pieces of their lives back together.

The Healing Time
Richards, Wendy
After her almost-wedding and the death of Luthor, Lois has a hard time finding her equilibrium. This wonderfully written story will take you more realistically through the first few season two episodes.

The Heart of the Matter
What if Lois had spoken to Superman first -- instead of Clark -- after Lex had proposed to her?

Heartache Tonight
German L&C Fanfiction Team
In this alternate beginnings story, Lois Lane and Clark Kent meet accidentally as each is playing an undercover role as part of their separate investigations. Can they see through the deception to each other's true feelings?

Jennifer Baker
Clark comes home to Lois and a wonderful surprise!

379 words (2Kb)
In response to a Fanfiction Challenge asking authors to write a story to go with the last song you heard. My song was "Hearbeat" by Carrie Underwood. A heartbeat can mean so many things to so many people. In particular, a certain reporter at the Daily Planet.

Heartbeats and Other Sounds
Just some random thoughts on super hearing.

Hearts and Diamonds
Shayne Terry
As the son of Lois and Clark faces a dark future, he struggles to become a new kind of hero. In the meantime, he finds a mysterious woman and discovers they have more in common than he ever could have dreamed.

Hearts Divided
Pam Jernigan
In this Elseworlds story, Lieutenant L.J. Lane of the U.S. Army goes undercover at the Metro Club and meets Kal, an amazingly handsome and charming stranger, who turns out to be much more than she expected.

Hearts United
Pam Jernigan
In a universe where Superman is a fictional character and everybody knows he's really Clark Kent, it's tricky for Lois to turn Kal-El of New Krypton into a superhero with a secret identity... even with a little help from their friends. But the Nightfall asteroid and Bureau 39 soon combine to make that the least of their worries. The sequel to "Hearts Divided."

Heat Vision
278 words (2Kb)
The value of experience.

Raquel Guimaraes
Lois and Clark receive some very bad news. A reflection on human tragedy.

Heaven's Prisoners
An elseworld story that shows how Clark, consumed with guilt, handles a personal tragedy. Can Lois bridge the gap between them and thaw the wall of ice Clark has built around himself? Is either one willing to try again? The author calls the story a "PG-rated version of an experiment which I felt the urgent need to explore ever since I saw 'Contact' [the third-season LnC episode] last year."

Hee Hee Hee Whoo Whoo Whoo
Deena J. Cross
Lois is having a baby -- and finds that it's hard to schedule childbirth around breaking stories.

The Heir
A weary, battle-scarred Clark returns from New Krypton with a heavy heart and some shattering news for Lois. A story that picks up from the episode "Big Girls Don't Fly."

Half of the Lane and Kent partnership falls seriously ill with a mysterious ailment. Something seems to be killing Superman!

Hell Hath No Fury ...
Shawn V.
Lois makes creative use of her partner to get back at Lex ... but does she have an ulterior motive for her method of revenge?

Help Me Remember
Sarah A.
Lois asks Clark to tell her about the day they met.

Help Not Wanted
The SHARP organization's leader is up for early parole. Superman is making bizarre rescues. The police are baffled by a series of strange kidnappings. It makes for a busy newsroom at the Planet. Will Lois and Clark find time to plan another baby? And the bigger question, will they be able to have one? A story set shortly after the events in the acclaimed "Season 6" aka "S6."

Help Superman
Louette McInnes
Lois and Clark discuss the ARGH (er, the arc of episodes beginning with "I Now Pronounce You"), incredulous at their behavior.

Her Choice
The murder of Mayson Drake leads to Lois finding out the big secret Clark's been hiding from her, and the revelation just might mean the end of their fragile new romantic relationship. A rewrite of the end of the episodes "Lucky Leon" and "Resurrection."

Her Reason
Sarah A.
An article by Lois on the reason why she chose to become a writer.

Her Wedding Day
A wedding day is supposed to be a happy occurrence for everyone involved. Only, what about the one person who's not?

Here's Looking at You, Lois and Clark
Clark's young cousin, Sam, who sings in a band, comes to Metropolis for a gig. Jimmy is smitten by Sam and goes along with her plan to give Lois and Clark an engagement party.

Here We Go Again
Metropolis is still reeling from the return of its hero, but right now Jon Kent has other things on his mind: like the beautiful new research assistant at the Planet! A sequel to the author's fanfic "Awakenings" and part two in the 'Jon Kent: The Adventures of a New Superman' series.

Here We Go Again ...
1,538 words (9Kb)
This is my answer to the Queen of the Capes' Opening Line challenge. The events from "Honeymoon in Metropolis" were used as a springboard for this fic. Many thanks to MikeM for being my beta!

Nan Smith
The latest in the author's "Dagger" series; Lois and Clark's son, CJ, is beginning to develop some abilities he didn't expect.

A Hero's Heart
Tank Wilson
Watching his wife sleep, Clark muses on the true meaning of heroism.

A Hero's Journey
Chris Mulder
Ching and the Lady Zara return to earth with the body of Lord Kal-El.

Heroes Helping Heroes
April Flager
A crossover with "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Buffy leaves Sunnydale, only to end up in the city of Metropolis, where she befriends the reporting team of Lois Lane and Clark Kent. And just when all she wants to do is forget what she left behind, she finds herself faced with a rash of mysterious murders, and a guy in blue tights...

Hers Today, Mine Tomorrow and Forever
Lois Lane Wanna Be
In this short scene during Season 2, Lois babbles to the one person who always listens, no matter what.

Hey, Mom
Alicia U.
In this prequel to the author's story "DuckyMan," Lois turns to Clark's mother for some advice.

Hey, Sailor!
Mary Potts
While following a man under surveillance into a costume shop, Clark finds his interest turns to buying something for Lois.

Hickory Mxyery Dock
IRC Round Robin
Lois and Clark find their world has been turned upside-down when Mr. Mxyzptlk, fifth-dimensional master of magic, snappy dresser, and all-around pain in the posterior, returns.

Hide and Seek
Wanda Detroit
Lois Lane learns first-hand what it is like to be victimized. When targeted and assaulted by a serial rapist, an unlikely hero comes to her rescue. But where is Superman during her most difficult battle? And who will pick up the pieces of Lois' shattered trust? Will she ever feel safe again?

Hide and Seek
When Lois goes on a date with Dan Scardino, Clark realizes that it is time to take action.

Hidden Treasures
Lara Blasingame
When billions of dollars' worth of rare artifacts are stolen from the Metropolis Museum, Lois and Clark investigate the possible culprits as well as their blossoming relationship.

Hide in Plain Sight
An amusing scene in which Clark and Lois play hide-and-seek with their young son.

Hiding in the Shadows
Irene Dutch
In this sequel to "Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt," Marty is forced to deal with the aftermath of a horrible ordeal. Can the love of those around her help her through it?

The High Cost of Having a Life
Tank Wilson and Wendy Richards
Lois gives Clark one last chance. If he runs out during this date, their relationship is over. A Tank and Wendy challenge fic.

A High Moment
Mendoza, Maria TB
Ever wonder how Clark learned he could float?

High Tide
Sue S.
What if Lois and Clark had made up someplace that wasn't so musty and owned by a killer?

HiM for Missy
Marnie Rowe
HiM (the first-season "Honeymoon in Metropolis") is a favorite episode of many folcs and like many out there has been rewritten many different ways. Thankfully the writers of the series gave us many episodes that we can exploit to our own ends.

HiM: The Video
Erin Klingler
Whatever happened to the video that the bellboy made of Clark carrying Lois over the threshold of the Lexor hotel when they posed as newlyweds in the episode "Honeymoon in Metropolis"? This story delves into Lois' thoughts about her stay with Clark in the honeymoon suite and explains what became of the video. A Charity Fanzine story.

A tiny episode addition to "Tempus Anyone?"

His Body Above Her
After events in the episode "And the Answer Is?" take a slightly different turn than the ones on the show, Lois does some late-night pondering.

His Mothers' Love
Janine Mika
Martha finds a message to her from Clark's other mom, Lara.

His Reason
Sarah A.
A sequel to "Her Reason," where we get to read the reason why and how Clark became a writer.

History Repeats Itself
Robert O'Connor
A sequel to the author's "Lex Luthor...Clone Of Steel," this sees a super-powered Luthor clone returning from the grave to begin his war on Metropolis with his own personal clone army.

Hit and Run
Clark helps Lois recover from a hit-and-run. Lois remembers that it was no accident -- the driver looked familiar -- but she can't remember who was behind the wheel.

Hitting Close to Home
Lynn S. M.
2,069 words (11Kb)
Lois is able to defend herself against the worst Metropolis can throw at her, but what can she do when her attacker is her own son?

Hold On
1,696 words (9Kb)
The final part in the "Shattered" series. Lois and Clark both face up to their faults and have a long-awaited conversation. Set after the episode "Resurrection" in canon.

Holiday Baking
Carrie Rene
1,112 words (6Kb)
Lois' attempt at baking during the episode "Season's Greedings." Ever wonder how Lois was going to make everything for dinner? With one little oven, how did she get everything done in time?

Nan Smith
Years in the future, a talented journalism student meets the new superhero in Metropolis. What she doesn't know is that he's been waiting for her, because true love never dies.

Home 4A: A Valentine Vignette
Nan Smith
Part of the author's "Home" series. A charming vignette. Clark arrives home to find a sobbing Lori.

Home II: Beginnings
Nan Smith
Lori Lyons, a 21-year-old woman with the soul of Lois Lane, starts work at the Daily Planet News Service, and quickly finds herself enmeshed in a web of intrigue and treachery as terrorists try to sabotage the starship which her brother is to captain. Fortunately, Lori has friends and allies, including her disturbingly attractive co-worker Clark Kent -- and Superman and his family! A sequel to the vignette "Home."

Home III: Memories
Nan Smith
The third in the author's Home series. Lori and Clark grow closer together as they report on the theft of the Westhaven diamonds. But will Clark be able to tell Lori about his past before it's too late?

Home IV: Honeymoon
Nan Smith
The fourth in the author's "Home" series. Lori and Clark investigate campus drug murders while settling into their new marriage.

Home V: Obsession
Nan Smith
In this continuation of the author's Home series, Lori and Clark are on the trail of a serial killer, who may, in fact, be an old friend of Lori's. As in typical Lois style, the intrepid Lori becomes the killer's next mark. Are they getting a bit too close to their story?

Home: A Christmas Story
Nan Smith
In this continuation of the author's "Home" series, Clark and Lori have their hands full, juggling relatives, food and burglars.

Home: Circle of Fate
Nan Smith
Thinking that Lori will be an easier target than Lois, Tempus attempts to destroy Utopia by kidnapping Lori from her time. However, he made a slight miscalculation...

Home: An Evening to Remember
Nan Smith
This is part of the "Home" series, following "Home: Family Party," and rounds off the story of Velma Chow and Oliver Brent. Oliver proposes but will a chance occurrence destroy the future they are planning?

Home: Family Party
Nan Smith
At the Kent family's barbecue, Velma Chow feels a little out of place. But Police Inspector Oliver Brent has his own ideas about Velma and her future relationship to his family.

Home: Murder by Earthlight
Nan Smith
When a robbery on Earth threatens the reputation and career of Marilyn Olsen, Lori and Clark find themselves involved in an unexpectedly dangerous murder investigation -- on the Moon.

Home: New Year's Wishes
Nan Smith
There is reason to celebrate in this family vignette, and there are a few surprises for Lori, too.

Home: On The Fourth Day of Christmas
Nan Smith
In this continuation of the author's "Home" series, Uma Kent has plans for Clark. Will she succeed? At the same time Lori and Clark have an announcement to make.

Home: Vendetta
Nan Smith
Gaia's Children return in an effort to punish Lori and Clark for their role in exposing the cult's attempt to destroy the first starship. Can Clark find Lori before they harm his wife -- and before their baby is born?

Home for Christmas
Richards, Wendy
Clark invites Lois home to Smallville for Christmas in this 2nd season story. Could the timing finally be right for something more than friendship?

Home for the Holidays
Catherine Bruce
It's the night of the Kents' annual Infamous Christmas Gala in Smallville, but Clark can think of nothing but Metropolis -- and the feisty reporter he left there for the holidays. What's a love-sick Kryptonian to do?

Home Is Where My Lois Is
Gina Blank
A story that takes place just after the episode "Big Girls Don't Fly." Lois is staying at the Kents' in Smallville when she receives a message from Clark.

Home is Where the Hero Is
A rewrite of the episode "Home Is Where The Hurt Is." Superman is sick and Sam Lane realizes that his daughter loves two different men -- Clark Kent and Superman. Or does she? (Because come on, how can he not put two and two together???)

Home Is Where the Heart Is
Ann Sidbrant
Prophetic dream or terrifying reality? When Clark's secret is exposed, he runs; and when Lois follows to find him, she finds herself caught up in a living nightmare.

Nan Smith
Set in the Alt-Universe, this is the sequel to "How I Spent My Christmas Vacation." Upon her return from the Congo, Alt-Lois takes it upon herself to set some boundaries for the Press in a world where everyone knows that Clark Kent is Superman.

Shayne Terry
While investigating a football scandal in high school, Lois Lane is helped by Clark Kent, a mysterious boy who has more than one secret of his own. A story that follows the author's "Vagrant."

The Homecoming
Brian Wilson
Now that Clark has returned from New Krypton, his biggest problem is to explain his "disappearance." A sequel to the fanfic "The Return."

The Homecoming
Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson
After ten years on New Krypton, Clark is finally returning home to Lois. But what will he find? A Wendy and Tank Challenge story.

A Homemade Gift
Abigail Jolie
Lois and Clark invite both sets of families to their place for Christmas -- and Lois finds the perfect gift for Clark. A follow-up to the author's fanfic "Thanksgiving Hunger."

Beth Summerson
A Next Gen story where Jon Kent meets an amazing woman while he is patrolling one night. But how can they have a relationship when she doesn't know who he really is? And is it possible that she is hiding something as well?

Honey, I'm Home
Anne Spear
In this prequel to the author's "Tales from the Krypt," Lois helps Clark make an important decision.

Honey, I Spun the Baby
Mr. D8a and Nan Smith
Lois to the rescue, again.

Honeymoon Bliss?
Tank Wilson
Lois and Clark discover they aren't "compatible." An "April Fool's" fanfic about our favorite couple.

Honey Mooners
Zohar Gilboa
Lois and Clark honeymoon in Paris.

Honeymoon in Metropolis -- Matchmaker Style
This is the third in the Matchmaker Style series. Clark and Lois are finally able to get away for a weekend honeymoon at the Lexor, but something happens to interrupt their fun.

Honeymoon in... Vegas
Sue S.
An impromptu trip to Las Vegas for a story takes an unexpected turn.

Honor Thy Mother and Father
John Hughes
Clark recalls the life of his parents and how their love for him will shape the parent he is to become.

Honor Among Thieves
Superman gets a mysterious message to meet someone in a dark alley off Suicide Slum, but the results of the meeting are hardly what he expects.

A trip inside Lt. Ching's head, exploring his feelings for Zara, in a time set before the episode "Through a Glass, Darkly."

A "Horror"ible Evening
Mary Scibetta
There is a Halloween costume party at the Metropolis Opera Hall, but who is the mysterious benefactor behind the party? A "Phantom," of course.

Hot Chocolate and Reading Glasses
Nan Smith
A week after the events in the episode "That Old Gang of Mine," Superman winds up at Lois's without his powers.

A Hot Summer Night
Sarah Wood
Lois and Clark have one of their platonic pizza-and-video "dates" at his apartment during a heatwave -- and his air conditioner has broken. Underdressed for the climate, they find themselves concentrating on each other instead of the movie.

The Hottest Team in Town
Nan Smith
Fourth in the series started by "Four days to Nightfall," and sequel to "Buried Secrets." All of Metropolis is curious about its new superhero, while Lois and Clark are hot on the trail of Metropolis' biggest crime boss. But just who is on their trail?

The Hottest Team in Town
HappyGirl and Female Hawk
Clark Kent has landed his dream job, and, for the first time in his life, he's head over heels in love. There's just one problem. A Tank-and-Wendy-esque challenge by HappyGirl and Female Hawk

House Arrest
Lynn S. M.
Lois' agreement to marry Clark sets in motion a series of unforeseen events culminating in Clark's arrest.

House Call
Deadly Chakram
14,413 words (81Kb)
When Dr. Sam Lane is called upon to help Superman when he falls ill, he calls for reinforcements.

House of Cards
Lois is having doubts about getting married to Luthor. Superman is slowly dying in a Kryptonite cage. Both realize how much the other means to them, but is there any hope of realizing both their dreams... or is it too late?

The House of Luthor -- Matchmaker Style
38,716 words (206Kb)
This is the 13th in the Matchmaker Style series and wraps up the set. Clark is pretending to be dead and Lois is pretending to go along with Luthor so that they can get the goods on him.

The House of Kent
Kathy Brown
At the end of the episode "House of Luthor," Clark insists on taking back his declaration of love. But Lois still has a little more to say on the subject, leaving Clark just as stunned by her words as she is by his. An "Episode Extension Challenge" vignette.

The House of ... Lane
Richards, Wendy
Under the circumstances I don't see how I can ... Superman, blaming himself for driving Lois into Lex's arms, decides to ensure that she finds out the truth about Luthor's criminal activities; an alternative sequel to "Barbarians at the Planet."

House of the Phoenix
Lois asks a question -- and gets more than she bargained for.

The House that Love Built
Allison Forbes
On the eve of their son's graduation from college, Clark takes a trip down memory lane, looking at the life he and Lois have built over twenty years.

How I Spent My Christmas Vacation: An Alt-World Story
Nan Smith
After returning from helping Lois and Clark defeat Tempus, Alt-Clark is visited by Wells again. This time with news of his Lois. An Alt-Universe story.

How I Spent My Christmas Vacation -- One Year Later
Nan Smith
It has been a year since the Clark of the alternate universe found his Lois, and someone is trying to find a way to attack Superman. Can Lois and Clark discover who is behind it in time?

How I Spent My Summer Vacation
C. Leuch
In this charming, must-read sequel to the author's "Dawn of Discovery," Clark's youngest son CJ interns as "Robin" for his dad's friend, Batman, in Gotham City. While there, he learns the ups and downs of being a superhero, dealing with another identity, and trying to hide his secret identity from the new love of his life. How would he have ever guessed that being a superhero could be so complicated?

How It All Started
Janet Owens
The timeless, classic story of how it all started... Or more precisely, how the story would sound if Lois told it in full babble mode. Read at your own risk.

How Lex Luthor Stole Christmas
Deadly Chakram
A retelling of "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" with a Superman twist!

How Not to Build a Library
A couple of shop assistants have some impish fun with a certain book-buying customer.

How the Grinch Almost Stole Christmas
Lynn Baldwin
A strange villain plots to keep Christmas from Metropolis.

How to Change a Lightbulb
931 words (5Kb)
A simple chore leads to an enlightening discovery on an otherwise normal day in the life of young Clark Kent.

How to Live Again
Becci Sielitz
A former gang member, also the daughter of a friend of Perry's, comes to the Daily Planet for help when the gang tries to track her down and kill her.

Hunt in a Red October
Deadly Chakram
A brutal murder in Centennial Park brings Clark Kent face to face with Dexter Morgan. But when Clark's disappearing act catches Dexter's eye, the killer is sure that the reporter is hiding something, and that he may just be the next kill to satisfy the Dark Passenger.

Hunter's Moon
Laura Davies
A crossover with Forever Knight. Just after dusk, LaCroix goes hunting, with some silly results.

Hunter's Vengeance
Bent on revenge, LaCroix goes out for one more hunt. A sequel to the author's "Hunting Weather."

Hunting Weather
Laura Davies
A crossover with Forever Knight and the sequel to the author's "Hunter's Moon." LaCroix goes hunting to obtain a unique vintage.

The Huntress' Revenge
Jenni Debbage
Lois and Clark's temporary marital troubles, brought on by a surprise second pregnancy, are put on hold when Clark is abducted by three of his old nemeses and must fight for his life with a little help from his friends. The second story in the author's "Kent Family" series.

Hurricane -- Matchmaker Chronicles Volume 1B
This story takes place in the Matchmaker Chronicles universe. Lois and Clark have been married for approximately sixteen years. When Superman and Ultra Woman are called to deal with a tropical storm, the kids have an evening at home with Jon, the eldest child, now a teenager, in charge.

Hurricane Clark
Lynn S. M.
A Lois and Clark haiku.

Hurt Before...
Clark Kent had met Lex Luthor during his years in college and is already onto him when he meets his new colleague Lois Lane. Together they investigate the Messenger explosion and Lois is beginning to suspect that Clark Kent has a secret...

Hurting Mayson
Sometimes being Superman means hearing things you shouldn't.

Crystal Wimmer
Mxyzptlk is back and baby Laura is all part of the plan. Now Lois and Clark get to find out much sooner than they'd imagined how it feels to be the parents of a teenager! Episode 5 of S6.

Hysteron Proteron
Lois's late-night stake-outs of Superman proves revealing in this twist on the typical revelation story.