Lois’ New Family Challenge #1 2020

By LadyTpower <ladytpower@yahoo.com>

Submission date: January 2020

Rated: G

Summary: Clark has a solution for Lois’ lonely nights when he is out as Superman.

Story Size: 639 words (3Kb as text)

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Clark had a surprise for Lois. He had caught her watching animal photos on the computer. He could hardly blame her. His job as Superman had taken a lot of their free time. Not only during the day but, more and more, late at night. It was days after Lois had learned that they couldn’t have children together and was rather lonely.

“Clark, where are we going?” Lois asked impatiently, fighting the urge to take off her scarf that covered her eyes.

“Patience, honey, patience. Clark laughed. He had made the decision the moment when a bandit had lunged at Lois and he wasn’t there to help her. Luckily Lois knew Tae Kwan Do but he felt guilty that he had been on the other side of the world helping with the big fires in Australia.

It took Clark, a ten minutes drive to the dog shelter, one of the best dog shelters in Metropolis. It even got an award last year for the best shelter in America. A rather new award so most people didn’t know it existed. He parked his car in front of a large building. The sounds of barking dog’s clearly audible.

“Alright, honey, you can look,” Clark said brightly.

Lois took the scarf from her eyes and was shocked when she knew where they had stopped.

“A dog pound?” She asked hopefully.

“Not any dog pound, Lois. The best dog pound of Metropolis.” Clark smiled, “You get a furry baby from me as a present for your support of Superman and to keep you company when I can’t.”

“Thank you, Clark,” Lois said in her typical high, happy voice and she kissed him lovingly.

“I know which one I want to see.” She said happily while they were waiting for a staff member to help them.

Clark smiled, “Which one?”

“A beautiful, sweet red brindle pitbull terrier with the name Spike. His owner died and he had been waiting for adoption for 3 months, I just want to see if it clicks.” Lois smiled.

A woman with the name of Laura came towards them, “Can I help you?”

“Yes, I called you yesterday about a dog for my wife. She wants to meet Spike.” Clark said politely

The woman nodded, “No problem, follow me.”

The walked through the pound seeing dogs in all colors, big dogs and small ones, until they stopped at a cage with a dog lying in front of the gate of his cage.

Spike perked his ears and tilted his head to the right the moment Lois started talking to the dog. His tale wagging from happiness, this was a family he wanted to go home with.

“Can I pet him?” Lois asked sitting on her knees in front of the cage, smiling at the pet on the other side.

Laura nodded and opened the gate.

Spike now raised his behind, shaking even harder than his tail the moment Lois started stroking his neck and side.

“I want him, Clark!” Lois said happily.

Clark smiled, it had been a while since his wife had been this happy. He nodded to Laura, ‘We’ll take him home.”

Clark had thought about everything, “Can we take him home today?”

“Of course,” Laura smiled.

He gave the red collar to Lois and took a picture while she placed it around the dog’s neck. Sending a tweet into the world saying Welcome to the Kent family Spike. #furbabyForLois

Lois had someone that she cared for. She also was happy when Spike accepted the little miracle CJ that came into their lives weeks later.

Lois Lane felt complete now with her new family.