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Alphabetical by story title (note that the articles a, an and the are disregarded when they appear at the front of the title).

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Zebedee's Sons
Anne Spear
As Lois and Clark investigate the mysterious disappearance of two local teens, they try to come to terms with their own family situation and what it means for their future.

Zed's Order
Deadly Chakram
Bureau Thirty-Nine was not the only agency with an interest in the space craft that crashed in a Kansas field, and the child contained within.

The Zipper
Alicia U.
The simple act of getting ready for a night out poses a difficult question for Lois and Clark.

Zombies Ate My Homework
Paul-Gabriel Wiener
Lois and Clark's daughter gives us a humorous glimpse into the trials of growing up in such a unique family.