Lois and Clark Meet Back to the Future: Part I

By LNCTNAOS@aol.com

Summary: Tempus kidnaps Lois, taking her to the future, and H.G. Wells arrives to help Clark begin to save the day.

This idea just popped into my head one day a couple of years ago. Single *'s mean emphasis, & double *'s mean thoughts.


Chapter I

It is '96, and Lois and Clark are happily engaged. Clark has just gotten back from New Krypton and they have started talking seriously about a *real* wedding this time — in the near future. (No clones, shrinking, Dr. "call me 'Max' Deters," Agent "call me 'Daniel'" Scardinos, no *nothing* — just a good clean wedding and honeymoon :) Somewhere around September.)

It has been a very uncharacteristic day in Metropolis — there has been no need for Superman all day. Lois, Perry, and Jimmy are at the Daily Planet reveling in the peace and quiet. Clark, on the other hand, is not pleased. As always, he has one ear tuned to the outside world and one ear tuned to what is going on around him.

Lois soon notices this and walks over to him and stands in front of his desk. "What's wrong, Clark?" she asks.

He looks up at her. "Huh? Oh, nothing," he shrugs. "It's just that —" he looks out the window.

"Have you noticed what's been happening lately?" He turns to her again. "I've never felt this useless in *ages.* No big stories to write." He lowers his voice. "No need for Superman within hundreds of miles from here. It's like all the criminal elements of this city have left!"

She looks at him. "Isn't that a good thing?" she asks.

"Well … *yeah,*" he says awkwardly. "But I would like to feel that I'm wanted *somewhere.*"

Lois gets a sparkle in her eyes. "You are needed," she smiles wickedly. "But," getting serious now. "I can't believe … all the years we've known each other … you've been on the go, I've been on the go. We *never* have time for each other, and now when we do, you complain?!"

She walks up behind him and puts both hands seductively across his chest. "If you're feeling useless," she purrs erotically into his ear. "I know what would make you feel a little more useful."

He turns to her and places his arms around her waist. "Oh, really now," he smiles. "Just what would you have in mind?"

She takes a hold of his hand and pulls him out of his chair. "You'll see ," she says with that same sparkle in her eyes. He lets her pull him out of the chair and be guided to the elevators. "Chief!" Lois hollers. "Clark and I'll be back in a while!"

The Chief just waves as he is obviously preoccupied with looking at some photos that Jimmy, cub photographer, has taken. Lois and Clark walk into the elevator, giggling. As the elevator doors close, you can see them kissing passionately.

Perry looks through some of the photos that Jimmy has given him. Every once and a while he nods his head in appreciation. "Jimmy," he whispers to himself. "These are go—" But then he stops dead in his tracks. "Jimmy! Get over here!" he bellows. He looks none too happy and a little shocked.

"Uh-oh," Jimmy groans. "Better see what he wants." He puts down what he is doing and runs over to Perry. "Yeah, Chief?" he asks tentatively. "You wanted to see me?"

"Yes!" Perry yells for everyone to hear (and everyone does hear — you can see heads turning to listen). "I want to know … " he says quieting down a bit, " … what is the meaning of these photos?!" He holds out the photos for Jimmy to see.

"Oh, boy," Jimmy groans as he looks at the photos in question. The photos look good — up to a certain point. After that, they become — personal. "Umm … Chief," Jimmy looks uneasy. "Let me expl—"

"No explanations, Jimmy," Perry says softening his voice a bit more. "I understand," he pats Jimmy's shoulder. "Just … " he smiles. "Next time … " he starts to laugh out loud. "Develop them separately, ok?"

Perry gives the incriminating photos back to Jimmy and turns around to speak to the rest of the crowd who seem to have congregated around them. "What's with everyone?! Don't we have a newspaper to get out?" Everyone turns around back to their work. "I *thought* so," he whispers.

He goes back to his desk. "It's good to be me," he smiles to himself. He turns around. "Oh, Jimmy."

"Yes, Chief," Jimmy turns around to face him, ready to hear the worst.

"When you get the rest of the *right* photos, bring them to me will ya?" he turns around to his office and continues his walk back.

"Sure, Chief," Jimmy says to his retreating back, still holding the pictures. He sighs. ** *That* was a close one**. He then puts the pictures into his pocket. **I'll look at *these* later**, he thinks.

"Remember, Jimmy," Perry turns around again before going into his office. "I was young once myself."


Meanwhile … outside the office, Lois and Clark have gotten themselves into something. Actually, they are walking in a park not far from the office, and talking about Clark's preoccupation as of late. They have just stopped at a kiosk and are ordering food.

"So … Clark," Lois looks at him as they walk. Placing a chip in her mouth, she asks, "Why do you feel like you're useless? What gave you that idea? Remember your friends — Perry, Jimmy? Remember your family — your mother, father, *me*? Not to mention," she lowers her voice. "*All* the people who look up to you as Superman."

"Well," he shrugs. "That's just it! I've spent all my life saving people who were in need, and now … no one is in need! It's like … I feel — useless." He turns to Lois. "I mean, you're great. My parents are great. But … I've just spent all my life helping people who were in need, that when they aren't in need anymore … I feel … "

Lois stops. "I'm in need," she whispers gently into his ear. She turns to him and starts kissing him in the middle of the sidewalk.

"Oh, *please* people!" says a voice from behind. "Cut it out!" They turn to see someone in a silver jumpsuit holding a gun toward them. "Hello," Tempus says when he figures he has got their attention. He turns to Clark. "Nice to see you again — Superman. Oh and Miss 'Galactically Stupid,'" he says turning to Lois. "How are we today?"

"Listen, whoever you are," Clark speaks up. "If you think that I'm Superman, you should know that if I *am* him, I could rip you to shreds right here."

"Oh, come *on*!" Tempus screams. "I know *exactly* who you are, duh! And as for 'ripping me to shreds,' I don't think you would, or," he says grinning devilishly. "Could." Tempus brings out a box. "See this box?" he says mentioning it. "I open it, you die — comprende?"

"Let me guess," Lois says. "Kryptonite."

"Duh!" he says in a slightly mocking tone. He turns to Clark. "She's not as galactically stupid as I thought, is she?"

"Listen, whoever yo—"

"Oh, did I forget to introduce myself? Duh!" Tempus asks. "My name is Tempus!" he says with a little bow. "And you're Superman," he says, pointing at Clark. "The one who has ruined my life for the last time! And you," he says pointing at Lois. "Are the *incredibly* stupid one. Couldn't see the truth if it came out and bit you."

"Clark … " Lois turns to face him. "Wha—?"

"Come on you … " Tempus says as he grabs Lois' arm. "We're going for a little ride." Clark makes a move toward her. "Ah, Clark," Tempus says, pointing at the box, "I wouldn't do that." Clark backs off.

"Listen, Tempus," Clark says with a touch of steel in his voice. "If you hurt Lois … "

"Oh, *shut up*!" Tempus screams. "I'm not going to hurt your precious Lois. I'm just going to take her for a little ride." And with that they disappear.

"Where'd … ?" Clark looks around, but cannot find them. He slumps down dejectedly on the sidewalk. **Why me?!** he wonders. **Why always me?!**

"Now, now," says a voice from behind. "I think I know where they've gone."

Clark turns around. "Who … ? Who are you?" he asks. "And how do you know what happened?"

"Number one … I'm H.G. Wells," he bows. "At your services. And, number two … I know what's happened to Miss Lane because this has happened before, remember?" he asks, arching an eyebrow at Clark. "Of course you don't — silly of me. Your memory was erased of the whole encounter. The encounter should have been erased from Tempus' mind as well, but," he frowns, "somehow, it wasn't."

"Ho-ho-hold on!" Clark roars. "Are you telling me that you and this guy — Tempus — are *time* travelers?!"

Wells nods.

"And," Clark continues. "This guy — Tempus — has taken Lois to another *time*?!"

Again, a nod from Wells. **He's not so dumb as we thought after all.**

"I *don't* believe this," Clark shakes his head in frustration. He looks to the heavens. "Do you all *hate* me so much?!" As if in response, it starts to rain.

"Relax, Clark," Wells says, putting a hand on Clark's shoulder to steady him. "We'll get her back."


Tempus and Lois, meanwhile, have reappeared in front of a machine. "Get in."

"What … ?" she asks, as she is being herded toward the machine.

"Oh, this," he says, pointing at the machine. "Is a time machine. Now," he says pointing at her with a gun. "Get in! Or," he smiles, "am I going to have to persuade you?" he asks as he cocks the gun.

"Ok." She puts her hands up in the air and starts moving to the seats. She is not moving fast enough for Tempus, and he fires the gun at the ground. "OK!" she screams once more. She runs and gets into the machine.

He gets in beside her. He binds her hands and feet together. "So you don't go anywhere," he smiles. He gags her mouth. "So you don't talk." He pushes a few buttons. "And … we're off!"

Minutes later … "Enjoying the ride?" he yells to Lois who is bound and gagged beside him. She tries to talk, but cannot. "Oh," Tempus says as if he has just remembered the gag that he placed in Lois' mouth. "I forgot. You're speechless. Duh!" He laughs as he pulls down her gag. He turns back to the front. "Enjoying the ride?" he asks again.

As soon as Tempus pulls the gag from her mouth, she begins to scream. "You should know," she says. "Wherever you take me, he *will* find me."

"Oh," he turns to face her again. "I know he'll try. But," he grins. " Where we're going … " he shrugs. "See, Lois … " he turns back to the controls. "I'm going to finish what I started," she looks confused. "But first … " he gives her a grin that would chill an Eskimo. "I'm going to let you see what you missed. He loved you *so* much, he obviously will not marry another." There is a bump and Tempus says, "Ah, we're here."

"You see, Lois," he says, turning to help her out. "I wanted this to be special for you. So I'm gonna give you two days to meet, greet, wine and dine the Clark from this time before he dies.

You see, Lois," he grins, "I kidnapped you *before* you had a chance to marry Clark. You never had the chance to become Mrs. Lois Lane-Kent-Superman. You never had the chance to have any children — and Clark's getting pretty old now. You see?" his eyes widen. "Without heirs, Clark won't be able to sustain a Utopian society for long. He will have to give up the dream and *die* like the rest of us. And," Tempus looks sorrowfully at Lois. "I'm sorry to say … Clark dies in two days." Tempus giggles.

"Now you be a good little girl," he tells her as if he is talking to a child. "And wait for the end, OK?" He laughs and turns away. "It's been really swell, but I gotta run. I would kill him before two days are up, but … well, it would be so much more fun if you got to see him die and know that there's not a darn thing you can do about it!" He gets into the machine and disappears.

**Oh, God! What do I do now?** She starts to weep.

Seconds later, Tempus comes back. "Oh, what *am* I doing, Duh!?" He get s out of the machine and puts it someplace where it cannot be found. "I want to see this for myself," he says walking over toward Lois. "It'd be a waste of time *just* to be able to rule the world. I came here for a purpose, and so I shall see it through to the," he grins at Lois. "Bitter end."