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Joe Dawis
Deadly Chakram
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Deja Vu
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Working Dinner
What if Lois had been at Clark's apartment when Mayson came over in the episode "Church of Metropolis," and what if Mayson assumed more about Clark and Lois' relationship than was actually going on?


After the Storm
Things get more dangerous for both Lois and Clarks when mad scientist Lex Luthor comes on the scene with a plan to kill Superman.

All I Want for Christmas
When Lois is volunteered to help out the Daily Planet Carolers, both she and Superman get a little more than they bargained for.

Angel Found
A small town judge must decide whether or not Martha and Jonathan Kent get to keep the baby they found abandoned in a field.

The Bakery Redux
Lois has another strange encounter in a mysterious coffee shop.

Between Time and Space
After 42 years, Lois and Clark are finally reunited.

Clearing the Record
In 1996, Perry White, editor of the Daily Planet, makes a visit to Smallville, bringing along a surprise visitor for Martha and Jonathan Kent.

Coffee at the Bakery
Lois and Clark have a strange encounter in a mysterious coffee shop. But who or what is Superman? (Part of the Planes Series)

Cold and Blood
A drabble for the Cold and Blood challenge.

Coming Home
Clark is back from New Krypton, but he's changed.

Corn Festival
A 20 minute challenge with Martha Kent. Martha meets Lois.

Crossing Time
1,565 words (9Kb)
Lois, Clark, and their baby are missing...

Death in the City
What if Clyde Barrow had really shot Clark that night in the club?

Game, Set, Match
Luthor has a game plan to ensure that Lois will be with him forever. Lois, and fate, have other ideas.

Incompatible for Reproduction?
Dr. Klein said they were incompatible -- so why is Clark having food cravings and mood swings? (Part of the Planes Series)

Just a Boy
Young Lois Lane has a chance encounter in a costume store in Kansas City.

Just a Little Help From...
A Christmas ornament prompts a discovery from Lois's past.

Lois and Clark go undercover as Angel and Spike.

Lois and Cl - Kal-El
It's Lois to the rescue when Superman is captured by Bureau 39 -- or is it Clark who was taken?

Lois Lane's Best Christmas
Lois has everything ready for Christmas Eve, but can she keep her Christmas spirit when no one shows up?

Meeting Mister Jones
Years after Clark's death, Lois meets another hero.

More than two years after losing Clark to gangsters' bullets, famous writer Lois Lane suspects her late partner isn't so 'late' at all.

Mother of the Bride
For once, Ellen Lane is there for her daughter on her wedding day.

In the midst of the Nightfall crisis, Inspector Henderson puts the pieces together.

Not Just a Fairy Tale
A companion piece to "Only a Fairy Tale." Spock's curiosity at Clark Kent's story leads him to some interesting discoveries.

Only a Fairy Tale
At a diplomatic function, Captain Kirk is told a fairy tale -- or is it?

13,976 words (80Kb)
SHADO is faced with its greatest danger -- a madman who wants Superman dead, even if it means that Earth dies too. Part of the "Planes" series, and follows "The Smallville Connection."

Plane Storm
When Superman and Lois are thrown into a world where Clark Kent is editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet and married for ten years to his Lois Lane, things get more than a little strange for both sets of Lois and Clark.

Revelations at the Lake
Christmas Eve at the Lane family lake cabin reveals more than one strange thing.

Revelations on a Dropping Ball
After a bizarre "revelation" on Christmas Eve, there're more to come on New Years. (Follows Revelations on the Lake)

The Smallville Connection
There's a 'super'man flying around Metropolis. So what's his connection to General Straker and SHADO?

A Super Life
Lois gets a chance to see what the world would be like if she hadn't been born.

Taking Down a God
Lois is the one tapped to help take down a killer -- Superman.

Taking Down a God -- The Rest of the Story
Lois is the one tapped to help take down a killer -- Superman. But is everything as it seems?

Time Doesn't Heal
A year after Lois's death, Clark can't take it anymore.

Time Enough to Heal
A sequel to the author's "Time Doesn't Heal." Time does heal, when given enough help from those left behind.

TOGOM Drabble
A TOGOM ("That Old Gang of Mine") plot untwist in 50 words.

A Town Called Smallville
4,689 words (27Kb as text)
What if Smallville, KS was like Eureka, OR -- one of the small 'special' towns founded for scientific research?

Perry White has a close encounter he'd rather not recall.

Until the End of Time
An aging Superman gets news he was afraid he would never hear: You're dying.

What Happens in Metropolis...
Only days after Superman's first appearance, Frasier Crane of KACL radio is attending a conference in Metropolis.

What is Lost in the Mists of Time
On a dying planet a lone man tries to remember.

World Turned Upside Down
Lois's world is turned upside down when Luthor takes his dive from the balcony and Clark is found injured in Luthor's cage.

A World Without Superman
As Clark struggles to recover his memories, the world mourns the loss of Superman. But life goes on for the reporting team of Lane and Kent.


Louder Than Words
What would happen if Lois had decided to break her engagement with Lex before the wedding and Luthor retaliated by throwing her in the basement with Superman?

C.M. Dansler

Hawaiian Honeymoon
A vignette from Lois and Clark's tropical island honeymoon.


  Voted Best New Author 2006

An Affair to Remember
When you have no idea who you are, no idea what your life is like. When you can't remember a thing and you're faced with the end of the world... sometimes it's easier to believe in a dream.

An Affair to Remember: Epilogue
A warm and WAFFy addition to the author's "An Affair to Remember."

All the King's Horses
What if? What if Lois had said no in the episode "The House of Luthor" and the cavalry never arrived to save her? What if they'd never tried to arrest Lex? What if he'd never taken a dive off the balcony of the tallest building in Metropolis? What if Lois said no and had to deal with it? What then?

A superhero faces tragedy most every day -- and deals with the consequences. But, sometimes, the choices he has to make go beyond what the world, and fate, should ask of one man.

What does an unemployed, grounded superhero do to fill his time while the Planet is being rebuilt?

The Ghost of Christmas Past
It's Christmas, but not for Lois Lane. How can she possibly contemplate celebrating when she's still grieving for the man she loves? A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and David.

They meant no. He'd never be a father.

Just Her
He couldn't have done anything but take her hand and return her smile and love her in tune with the skipping beat of his heart.

Just Him
Sequel to "Just Her." It'd been about him. The man whose last gentle smile had been for her. WHAM warning.

The More Things Change...
And everything is different, but it's not.

Not of a Hero
She knew she would stay if he needed her. Her friend, who she loved.

The Super Market
The next file was rather slim, and she held little hope as she flicked open the cover. A thin file usually meant nothing worth mention. Response to the "Title Challenge."

Waiting for Her
Clark always said he'd give her forever.

Laura Davies, AKA BrightFeather

All Spotted Up: A Plot Untwist Challenge Vignette
An Untwist of the episode "All Shook Up."

Allfur: A Lois and Clark Fairy Tale
A mélange of well-loved fairy tales interwoven into an original story of Princess Lois' trials before she lived happily ever after with Prince Clark.

Alone in the Night
Late one night, Clark comes to the rescue of one of his children. A vignette set in the Forever and All Eternity universe.

Change of Heart
A challenge fic where the author gives us a different spin on the episode "That Old Gang of Mine."

Correcting One's Own Mistakes
An Untwist of the John Doe arc.

Forever and All Eternity: A Christmas Eve Lullaby
Lois and Clark share in a special evening in this Christmas vignette.

Forever and All Eternity: Family
A little stand-alone vignette that goes along with the Forever And All Eternity II: Kismet series.

Forever and All Eternity I: Fate
In this re-write of the New Krypton Arc, Lois and Clark are married with children. What effect will this have on Clark's decision to help Zara?

Forever and All Eternity II: Kismet
Clark has gone with Zara and Ching to protect New Krypton from Nor. What effect will it have on Lois and their children? Will they be safe? A sequel to the author's "Forever And All Eternity I: Fate."

Forever and All Eternity: Christmas With The Kents
A WAFFy Christmas, spent with our favourite couple -- and their family.

Forever and All Eternity: Lullaby
Set in the author's "Forever and All Eternity" universe, Lois and Clark have a discussion about life and love.

A Forever Kissmas Carol
Set in the "Forever and All Eternity" universe, here's a Christmas Eve in the life of the Kent family.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
Lois gets a haircut for very practical reasons. An answer to the great haircut challenge.

Hunter's Moon
A crossover with Forever Knight. Just after dusk, LaCroix goes hunting, with some silly results.

Hunter's Vengeance
Bent on revenge, LaCroix goes out for one more hunt. A sequel to the author's "Hunting Weather."

Hunting Weather
A crossover with Forever Knight and the sequel to the author's "Hunter's Moon." LaCroix goes hunting to obtain a unique vintage.

Innocence Lost
Rachel is still getting used to life with her new family of Lois, Clark and little brother, Jamie, when she witnesses a murder. How will she deal with what she sees and the memories it evokes? Sequel to "Little Girl Lost."

A Kiss Goodbye
Lois and Clark deal with the death of an old friend. A tribute to actor Lane Smith.

The Letter
Have you ever wondered exactly what was in the letter that Clark gave to Lois in the episode "Man of Steel Bars"? What if Lois was determined to find out?

Little Girl Lost
Lois and Clark come to the aid of a desperate little girl and, as they help her with her problems, she helps them solve one of their own.

One rainy afternoon, Lois contemplates her current circumstances. A story set in the S5/S6 continuum of the Forever and All Eternity universe.

On the Bright Side
Lois and Clark meet -- Monty Python? This small moment of madness is definitely not to be taken seriously.

Play With Me
A damp and muddy morning with Lois, Clark and the Kents' farm pigsty.

Pyrometric Critique
Someone is burning down art galleries and stealing the artworks. But when Lois and an old friend investigate, they find he has nefarious plans for them, too.

Lex Luthor Jr. seeks revenge on Lois and Clark. This story is in response to Juliet's challenge on Zoomway's messageboards to write a dark or death fanfic.

A Rose for a New Life
The last in the Rose Vignettes trilogy. Lois has something very important to tell Clark.

A Rose for Superman
Did you ever wonder what happened to the rose that Lois gave Superman in the episode "Wall of Sound"? What if Lois found it in Clark's apartment?

A Rose of a Different Color
This sequel to the author's "A Rose for Superman" shows how Clark leads Lois along to where he hopes their relationship will go.

Slice of Life
Another glimpse inside the life of our favorite family.

A Smallville Interlude
An exhausted Lois and Clark make time for a Smallville getaway in this WAFFy vignette.

Unloaded Weapon: A Plot Untwist Challenge Vignette
An Untwist of the episode "Lethal Weapon."

You Can't Win Them All
A complete Untwist of an entire arc.

Skip Davis

A Different Beginning
What if Clark had made different choices in his love life prior to coming to Metropolis?

Joe Dawis

Dear Kal-El
Lois decides it's time to tell Superman she's dissatisfied with their relationship. She's found someone else.


» Read the Writer's Showcase interview at Annesplace

Code of Honor
In this LnC/JAG crossover, suspicious deaths at a veterans' hospital are investigated by two undercover reporters from the Daily Planet and also by officers from Jag Headquarters. Which team will uncover the truth first?

Epilogue: How Utopia Was Won
In an epilogue to the D. Field's three-part series (ending with Kal-El's Return), one of Lois and Clark's descendents learns some surprising things about his family's history.

Fire at StarLabs: One Rat's Hair-rowing Tail
A tribute to a very special little Rat... A multiauthored story by D. Field and Anne D.

Kal-El's Return
The third and final part in the author's series, sequel to "What If I Never Left Krypton" and "Something To Talk About." Kal must return to New Krypton to prevent wars among his people, but what will that mean to his relationship with Lois?

Lady Loisette & Sir Charles: The Adventures of Soulmates
In this enchanting SoulMates story, Loisette discovers that her betrothed, Baron Tempos, isn't the trustworthy man he appears to be. But no one believes her accusations until a handsome knight named Sir Charles rides into her life and completely changes her world forever.

Something to Talk About
In this sequel to the author's "What If I Never Left Krypton," Clark has decided to stay on earth with Lois, but can they lead a normal life together? An alternate take on the episode "Sex, Lies & Videotape."

What If I Never Left Krypton?
What if Krypton had never blown up? And Kal-El never went to Earth? Would he ever meet his soulmate?

X File Case #1913114
Between Scully's abduction, the XFiles being closed twice, and their other cases, the agents haven't had a chance to investigate Superman. Until now.


Just Like Claude
Can Lois Lane ever learn to trust the Planet's newest reporter, Clark Kent? A story about learning to trust again even after you've been badly hurt.

Lois and Clark Engaged: Part 1 - You Forgot?
Superman is captured by one of his and Lois's old nemeses, and it is only with the help of Lois Lane that he escapes.

Lois and Clark Engaged Part II: Are you sure?
Lois and Clark visit Smallville after the "Superman Charity Auction" and wrestle with their feelings for each other. Part Two in the author's "Lois and Clark Engaged" series.

One Super Child Can Change a World
In this alt-world story, a bitter Clark Kent, with the help of Lois Lane, fights a man who would destroy him, as well as the internal demons of his childhood in his struggle to build himself into a superhero and reconstruct his personal life.

Professional Rivals
When Lois is held hostage and Clark tries to rescue her, the experience triggers many memories for both of them as they look back on their first year together as co-workers at the Daily Planet. But after this terrifying experience will they be able to move forward as they face the next crisis?

Revealing Cruise
After Lois and Clark go on an undercover assignment, they find themselves facing a change in their relationship and much speculation in the newsroom, as well as one unresolved issue.


Sequel to 'Three Grandmothers'
This author was moved to write a sequel to the fanfic "Three Grandmothers." When Clark comes home from New Krypton to find that Lois has married his friend Dale Irig from Smallville, can things ever be put right again?

The Day Off
Clark plans a romantic day out for himself and Lois.

Deadly Chakram

  Nominated Best New Author 2012

After the Fall
3,427 words (19Kb)
When Lois needs a friend after her almost-wedding to Lex, Clark is right there to support her.

Clark has always taken solace in that space between Earth and the stars, especially during the hardest times of his life. A collection of stolen moments in that perfect isolation.

Angel of Death
720 words (4Kb)
Love is blind to everything, and overlooks even the worst faults.

The Assignment
3,598 words (20Kb)
An angel's work is never done. And this new assignment will be the hardest one of Mike's career.

At the Eleventh Hour
2,173 words (13Kb)
With Superman missing and Nightfall drawing ever closer, a desperate Lois Lane recruits some extra help in finding the hero.

Bad Reputation
2,202 words (12Kb)
Not everyone cares to have a spotless reputation.

Battle Scars
An alternate universe story in which Clark went to New Krypton with Zara and Ching to fight for peace but was captured by Nor. Now he is home again, but he bears scars in body and mind. Torture warning.

Behind Every (Super) Man...
They say that behind every great man, there is an even greater woman. That is doubly true for the Man of Steel.

In a parallel universe, Clark Kent strives to find his place in the world.

Bet on It
2,041 words (12Kb)
When you're expecting a child, sometimes the people around you get just as excited as you are.

Born to Fly
1,244 words (7Kb)
Learning to swim can be absolutely magical.

Borrowed Happiness
5,505 words (31Kb)
Nothing ever seems to last the way it should.

Clark's Heart
The Man of Steel faces a health crisis unlike anything he's ever faced before, and it may just kill him.

Clarkus Maximus
Tempus is at it again! This time, he's abducted Lois and Clark and left them in ancient Greece. With H.G. Wells nowhere in sight, they must turn to Xena: Warrior Princess for help. But what happens when Clark is captured by gladiator traders?

Contractually Bound
They say that the first year of marriage is the hardest. No statement is ever truer than when Kal-El, Prince of Krypton, is forced into a marriage that he never knew about. But it may just be the best thing that has ever happened to him, if he only lets it be. An alternate universe story.

Dead by the Deadline
1,291 words (7Kb)
For the first time, Clark misses a deadline at work.

A Delicates Situation
8,813 words (49Kb)
When Lois finds another woman's clothing in Clark's apartment, he has some explaining to do...

Devil Take the Hindmost
1,949 words (11Kb)
For some, the idea of looking out for themselves comes as their only nature.

A Doctor's Oath
Dr. Sam Lane has been called to save Superman's life when the hero is stricken with a mysterious Kryptonian illness. Sam starts to realize that there is more to Lois and Superman's friendship than meets the eye. A re-write and extension of the episode, "Home Is Where The Hurt Is."

Dying to Fit In
2,731 words (15Kb)
When the aging process hits, you do what you must to keep it at bay.

Earth's Calling
For Jor-El and Lara, sending their defenseless newborn son out into the universe was both the easiest and the hardest decision they'd ever made.

Editorial Discretion
Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Planet, world-renowned newspaper, Perry White is in possession of the world's biggest story. But what is newsworthy? And what should be withheld, for both the good of the world, and the privacy of one humble man?

Eggcellent Revenge
12,594 words (70Kb)
First, Clark feared he would never become a father. Then, once Lois became pregnant, his fears took a whole new turn.

Embracing the Darkness
61,039 words (339Kb)
Sometimes, life forces us to take a lot of detours before we finally find the path we are meant to take.

132,480 words (739Kb)
As Lois Lane prepares to marry Lex Luthor, Clark Kent goes missing without a trace. Lois becomes consumed with finding her missing best friend, but the way back home proves to be far more complicated than anything she could have prepared for.

Every Breath You Take
1,014 words (5Kb)
When love becomes an obsession, things get creepy fast.

A Farmer's Tale
Once upon a time, in a faraway land, a simple peasant fell in love with a nobleman's daughter.

4,434 words (25Kb)
An incident during Clark's youth makes a lasting impression.

First Responder
Often, Superman is the first one on the scene of a crime, an accident, a disaster. Clark spends some time processing that fact as he adjusts to the idea of being a hero.

The Forbidden Necklace
1,032 words (6Kb)
He told her to never wear the necklace.

Forgiveness (Clark's POV)
After witnessing the death of Lex Luthor (and being unable to do anything to save him), Clark's conflicted feelings lead him to his old childhood priest.

Forgiveness (Father Paul's POV)
Father Paul Thistle receives the surprise of a lifetime when Superman seeks him out to try and sort through his conflicted feelings about the death of Lex Luthor.

1,572 words (9Kb)
Unbeknownst to Clark, his little one-on-one baseball game is witnessed...

Guilty Until Proven Innocent
Alone in her jail cell, on trial for a murder she didn't commit, Lois reflects.

House Call
14,413 words (81Kb)
When Dr. Sam Lane is called upon to help Superman when he falls ill, he calls for reinforcements.

How Lex Luthor Stole Christmas
A retelling of "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" with a Superman twist!

Hunt in a Red October
A brutal murder in Centennial Park brings Clark Kent face to face with Dexter Morgan. But when Clark's disappearing act catches Dexter's eye, the killer is sure that the reporter is hiding something, and that he may just be the next kill to satisfy the Dark Passenger.

I Want You to Want Me
2,792 words (15Kb)
When Lex Luthor sets his sights on something he wants, he doesn't let anything get in his way.

I Won't Say 'I Told You So'
3,054 words (17Kb)
Sometimes, it's best to hold your tongue...even if you're dying to say that you were right all along.

I'll Keep Your Secrets
Lois has discovered that Clark is, in fact, Superman. Clark tries to make amends. Set during and after "We Have a Lot To Talk About."

I'm Not That Girl (Lois)
1,776 words (10Kb)
A freshly rebuffed Lois mourns the relationship she'll never have with Superman.

I'm Not That Girl (Mayson)
2,639 words (14Kb)
After being abandoned at her lunch date with Clark Kent, Mayson Drake begins to realize that his heart never resided with her.

A chance encounter between two strangers leads to Clark's worst nightmare.

An Incredible Movie Experience
Going to the movies with your family is supposed to be relaxing, but for Clark Kent, things can be a little different.

An Incredible Sequel
12,749 words (72Kb)
A family outing to the movies is anything but relaxing for the Kent family.

Injustice For All
After the execution of Lois Lane-Kent for a crime she didn't commit, things spiral out of control for the Man of Steel.

It Can't Be Unseen
918 words (5Kb)
Sometimes, a hero can see more than he wishes to. And sometimes, it can be more than he can bear.

Just a Man
After being almost too late to save Lois, Clark goes to talk to her while she recovers in the hospital. But Lois has a trick or two up her sleeve, which may just save Clark from making the biggest mistake of his life. Sequel to "Nobody's Hero."

Just Say My Name, Clark
When Lois shows up at Clark's door with an ultimatum, Clark decides that it is time to reveal his secret to her. Companion piece to "Just Say My Name, Lois." Name challenge story.

Just Say My Name, Lois
After ditching Lois four times in one afternoon, it's time for Clark to tell her his secret. Companion piece to "Just Say My Name, Clark." Name challenge story.

Krypton's Legacy
With Krypton dying, Jor-El and his family escape to a little planet called Earth. But even with all of Jor-El's planning, he could not have anticipated what comes after.

The Last Son of El
Clark and Lois face a future without children. Each has their own thoughts on the matter.

Late Night at the Daily Planet
The Daily Planet's Internet servers have connected with our world! Jimmy stumbles across some fanfiction about them. How will everyone react?

The Lemonade Stand
A hot summer day leads Clark to a lemonade stand, where his life is forever changed.

Like a Brother
9,889 words (55Kb)
Lois has a question for Superman, but his answer isn't what she expected.

Lois and Clark Meet...Lois and Clark?
6,322 words (36Kb)
After an unexpected interdimensional detour, Lois and Clark come face-to-face with two people who look a lot like themselves.

Make Love, Not Warcraft
Years after Clark leaves Metropolis during the freak heat wave, he and Lois meet up in the most unlikely of places. But will old scars run too deep to fix what is broken between them?

Merry Christmas, Darling
With Clark away on New Krypton, Lois faces the loneliest Christmas of her life. If only a miracle could happen...

Lois' thoughts as she watches Clark on the night of their son's birth.

Missed Deadlines and Forgotten Periods
3,511 words (20Kb)
When Lois misses an important deadline, it drives Clark crazy trying to figure out what it was.

Mixed Messages
Story Size: 1,069 words (6Kb)
Always be aware of your surroundings.

Moving the Body
2,535 words (14Kb)
When a story falls into Lois' lap, she's powerless to resist going after it. But she may be in for more than she bargained for.

A New Dawn
108,973 words (609Kb)
After establishing himself as Superman, Clark Kent continues his mission to help people. But he isn't prepared for what it might cost him.

New Phone, Who Dis?
5,123 words (29Kb)
An unknown number. An unexpected text. And a day Clark Kent won't soon forget.

A New Year's Revulsion
3,374 (19Kb)
Having the person you love by your side can make even the most revolting of places slightly more bearable.

No One Mourns the Wicked
2,405 words (13Kb)
A newly resurrected Lex Luthor contemplates his sullied reputation while he recovers his strength in Dr. Gretchen Kelly's secret lab.

No One's Day
6,140 words (33Kb)
For some, Mother's Day brings sorrow, not joy.

Nobody's Hero
Upset that Lois appears to have chosen Scardino over him, Clark goes flying. But when he is on his way home, a close call causes him to question himself and his resolve. Prequel to "Just A Man."

One Lifetime
1,597 words (9Kb)
A lifetime of love is more than enough for Clark.

Operation: Cupid
Valentine's Day can be depressing when you are single. Luckily for Lois, Clark is determined to change her mind about that.

The Passing of a Legend
Clark must say goodbye to his friend, his surrogate father and boss, Perry White.

Playing to Win
3,673 words (20Kb)
Being cooped up in the Lexor while on an undercover assignment leads to some friendly competition and a kiss. But was that kiss real, or was it a ruse? They've been playing this game almost since the moment they met. And now Lois is playing to win the game.

Prayers Answered
One baby boy in a spaceship, years of tear-filled prayers answered.

Praying for a Sign
2,212 words (12Kb)
On the day of her wedding, Lois is having second thoughts and asks for a sign to guide her.

Proposed Ignorance
37,070 words (205Kb)
When Lois decides that Clark is the one for her, she doesn’t leave anything up to chance. But she may know less than she thinks she does.

Questionable Evidence
On the night of Clark Kent's murder at the hands of the regenerated Clyde Barrow, Inspector Bill Henderson reviews the evidence.

A Reconstructed Life: Memoirs of a Villain
106,883 words (596Kb)
When the Kents fail to be the ones to find Kal-El's spaceship, the boy's entire fate changes.

The Red Bikini
Summer is a time for sun, sand, and surf. But a bikini has the Man of Steel seeing red.

Revenge Is a Dish Best Served in an Instant
6,546 words (37Kb)
Never underestimate the power of a darkened heart.

The S Stands for Scandal
919 words (5Kb)
One photograph can be the start of a PR nightmare.

Secret Identity
2,351 words (14Kb)
When Lois and Clark's oldest child begins to discover his powers, he begins to make some connections in his mind...

Seed of Doubt
Doubts abound after a series of unfortunate events involving Lex Luthor, red Kryptonite, and Miranda's pheromone spray. Can Lois and Clark survive the storm to come?

Silent Night
3,933 words (22Kb)
Sometimes, silence can be deafening. Sometimes, peace can be heartbreaking. And sometimes, the quiet, though precious, can be less welcome than the chaos.

Since Clark Kent Came to Town
Clark's closest friends muse on the last year since Clark arrived in Metropolis. Clark muses on both Clark and Superman's arrival.

Sisterly Advice
2,995 words (17Kb)
After Clark pranks Lois with a trip to the Metropolis Sewage Reclamation Facility, Lucy helps her sister stop being so upset about becoming the butt of the joke.

Skis, Snow, and Secrets
Jimmy invites Lois and Clark for a weekend in the mountains and gets the shock of his life. Hopefully not your typical revelation story.

When a blizzard slams Metropolis and takes the city's power with it, Lois decides that it might be wiser (or at least more fun) to weather the storm with Clark. Will things heat up as the temperature plummets?

Soul Desire
A great evil is loose in Metropolis, seeking to steal Superman's soul in order to bring about the end of the world. The fate of the world -- and Superman -- rests in the hands of four ancient heroes. Sequel to "Clarkus Maximus."

Spark of Discovery
Fireworks are beautiful, but they can be deadly, especially when they are tampered with...

Specimen S
What if Jonathan and Martha Kent were not the ones to find the infant Kal-El? Just how much of life is chance? And how much is fate?

Splitting Hairs
2,494 words (14Kb)
Clark rejoices over the fact that he wasn't recognized at his first rescue as Superman, and prepares to give Lois the very first Superman interview.

Star Struck
7,241 words (41Kb)
A visit to the museum gives a young Clark Kent a lot to ponder.

A Stark Conversation
It was supposed to be a routine press conference...

Stepping Into the Light
57,780 words (322Kb)
After leaving Gotham (and Nightwing) behind, Clark Kent finds himself in Metropolis, and facing his true destiny.

A Stolen Childhood
9,030 words (50Kb)
No one ever sets out to be a thief.

Strange Things
2,583 words (15Kb)
Strange things are happening to a pre-teen Clark Kent.

Strike (Clark's POV)
Metropolis is hosting a celebrity bowling event, but the Man of Steel has a problem -- he's a terrible bowler!

Strike (Lois' POV)
Metropolis is hosting a celebrity bowling event, but the Man of Steel has a problem -- he's a terrible bowler! It all seems very familiar to Lois as she watches. Companion to Clark's POV.

A Super Meeting
2,843 words (16Kb)
Why did Superman fly across the road? To get to the other Superman, of course!

Superman Go
A new gaming fad has swept the world, and even Superman is powerless against it.

Superman vs. The Evil Dead
An ancient Kandarian curse threatens to destroy Metropolis, forcing the Man of Steel to seek help from the most unlikely of heroes. But will even their combined forces be enough to stop the army of the dead?

There's a Fine, Fine Line
3,492 words (18Kb)
Lois' inner thoughts after Clark dumps her "for her own good."

This I'll Defend
Two off-duty soldiers try to make sense of the weird incident that happened on their base during the Metropolis-wide blackout. An "Operation: Blackout" Canterbury tale.

Through My Eyes (Jack Olsen)
3,061 words (16Kb)
No one sees you quite like your family does. Jimmy Olsen reflects on his father, super-spy Jack Olsen.

Through My Eyes (Jor-El)
2,753 words (15Kb)
No one sees you quite like your family does. Clark Kent knows little of his biological father, but he treasures what he does know.

Through My Eyes (Perry White)
2,266 words (12Kb)
No one sees you quite like your family does. Jerry White considers his relationship with his famous father.

Through My Eyes (Samuel Lane)
1,808 words (10Kb)
No one sees you quite like your family does. Lois Lane reflects on her father as he speaks during a press conference.

Through My Eyes (Superman)
2,652 words (14Kb)
No one sees you quite like your family does. A look at Superman's life through the eyes of his daughter.

A year after Nor's defeat, his father comes to exact his revenge on Kal-El. Warning: There will be a little blood.

Clark has always taken solace in that space between Earth and the stars, and not just during the most difficult times of his life. Sometimes, he chooses to seek out that perfect isolation to reflect back on all the wonderful things in his life. A companion/flip-side piece to "Alone."

The Trouble With Time Traveling
4,586 words (27Kb)
Those who don't know history are bound to mess up...

The Truth Is...
Secrets are revealed when Lois and Clark are locked in together at a safe-house while the Metropolis PD go after Bad Brain Johnson.

Unlike Any Other (Clark's POV)
Have you ever met someone so unlike any other person that they grab your attention and force you to notice them?

Unlike Any Other (Lois' POV)
Have you ever met someone so unlike any other person that they grab your attention and force you to notice them?

Veni, Vidi, Vici
With Superman trapped in a deadly Kryptonite cage, Lex Luthor reflects before his impending marriage to Lois Lane.

What Friends Do
7,797 words (44Kb)
After bringing down Lex Luthor, Jack notices that something is wrong with Clark.

What Is Eternal?
Some of Clark's thoughts while he was locked in Lex Luthor's Kryptonite cage. Set during the episode "The House of Luthor."

Who Are You?
2,187 words (12Kb)
Lois ponders who Superman really is after his debut.

X-Ray Vision
Clark Kent has a secret, and Lois Lane has just uncovered it.

A forbidden love. A desperate, shared yearning.

Zed's Order
Bureau Thirty-Nine was not the only agency with an interest in the space craft that crashed in a Kansas field, and the child contained within.


An Early Morning Surprise
When Lois goes to Clark's apartment one morning to pick him up for work, she is met by an unusual and disturbing sight -- Clark and her sister, Lucy, in a suspicious state of undress. A story set in second season. A multiauthored story by Deandreamer and Bella.

Earth Guys Don't Stand a Chance
A married Lois and Clark share blissful encounters.

Jenni Debbage

  Nominated Best New Author 1999

» Read the Writer's Showcase interview at Annesplace

A Gift for Life
When Clark is diagnosed with terminal cancer, Lois suggests a radical plan to save his life. But can their friendship survive the new challenges? A multiauthored story by Jenni Debbage and StopQuitDont.

The Forgotten
Lois and her children must face life without Clark and the world must face the future without a Superman when he goes missing in North Korea. Meanwhile, a man awakes in a prison cell and discovers he has no memories -- only hazy dreams of a beautiful woman in between frightening tests and pain. Will Clark be forgotten forever?

The Huntress' Revenge
Lois and Clark's temporary marital troubles, brought on by a surprise second pregnancy, are put on hold when Clark is abducted by three of his old nemeses and must fight for his life with a little help from his friends. The second story in the author's "Kent Family" series.

It's Not the Seconds
In a departure from the author's usual subject matter, this is a rewrite of the third-series episodes "Seconds" and "Forget Me Not."

A Kent Family Christmas Fairy Tale
Having survived Joel and Clara's serious illness, the Kent family is looking forward to a peaceful and happy holiday season. But old foes, a troubled child and a case of puppy love make things more eventful than the family had planned. The eighth story in the Debbage, Jenni's "Kent Family" series.

The Master Race
The disappearance of two of their dear friends leads Lois and Clark, along with their children and the elder Kents, to the British countryside, where they encounter a man whose plan for Superman could put the whole family in danger... The third story in the author's "Kent Family" series.

My Wife the Boss
In this sequel to "The Forgotten," Clark tries to regain his role as husband, father and reporter. Lois also discovers that Clark's return to work, though welcome, brings some need for readjustment on her part, while Matt faces challenges of his own as he takes on the mantle of Superman. Life for all of them is complicated by the escalating crimes of an unknown villain, whose acts of revenge are threatening Metropolis' inhabitants. Can Clark's investigative skills discover the truth in time to rescue his family from deadly jeopardy?

New Birth
Lois and Clark investigate a series of child abductions that leads them to a new confrontation with the New Kryptonians -- and endangers the life of their first-born child. The first story in the author's "Kent Family" series.

Poisoned Legacy
When a couple of villains from Lois and Clark's past arrive in Metropolis, it spells disaster for two of the Kent children. Can their family and friends save Joel and Clara? The seventh story in the author's "Kent Family" series.

Red Sky
The Kents travel to an island paradise in the hopes of a relaxing vacation, but soon find themselves facing the threat of a volcanic eruption ... without the help of Superman. The sixth story in the author's "Kent Family" series.

Suffer the Little Children
Holiday-season stresses of adjusting to new work and family responsibilities pale for Lois and Clark when their children are threatened by the actions of a terrorist group seeking retribution against Americans. Events are complicated by the couple's new friends and the homecoming of newly-wed Jimmy Olsen. The fourth story in the author's "Kent Family" series.

Sure as One and One Is Two
The beginning of Clark's affection for his daughter is revealed in this vignette from the author's Kent Family series.

The Tears of a Clone
A family crisis leads Lois and Clark to sinister occurrences at a local hospital, in a case that every member of the Kent/Lane family is soon mixed up in. The fifth story in the author's "Kent Family" series.

This Child Belongs to You
When a baby is left in their dining room, Lois and Clark are afraid it's too good to be true, and set out to determine who left the child and why. Their search turns up some surprising results in this episode adaptation following the end of the episode "Family Hour."

A Universal Union, Book One
Nineteen-year-old Lois Lane, a student at Metropolis U., is asked by a young man who calls himself Kal-El of the planet Krypton to journey with him across space and become his wife. When Lois accepts and travels to the distant planet, she finds a society at once modern and old-fashioned -- and, of course, plenty of danger and excitement.

Universal Union, Book 2
A tragic incident thrusts Kal and Lois-El into the position of First Lord and Lady, and the newlyweds must face the challenge of adjusting to married life while trying to keep peace on Krypton.

Universal Union Book 3, Part 1
In a continuation of the author's "Universal Union" series, Lois and Kal are faced with new challenges, including charges of treason and a threat to Krypton's security, as they continue their plans to bring new ideas to the society.

Universal Union Book 3, Part 2
In the conclusion of Book 3, when news reaches Krypton that the evil Rad-Nor has attacked Earth, Lois and Kal must devise a plan to stop him -- a matter complicated by Lois' pregnancy and a traitor within the palace.

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?
When journalism student Lois Lane meets Clark Kent at a seminar in Chicago, she's surprised at how deeply they connect. Will Clark's mysterious disappearance prove to her that it's not worth trusting her heart to any man?


  Voted Best New Author 2015

Fictitious Persons
A little girl is found unconscious by the side of a country road in Delaware. When she wakes in the hospital the next morning, she has an impossible story to tell.

Marcia DeCaro

Meeting Buddy
Lois and Clark head to the Kents' anniversary party in Smallville, where Lois meets Clark's old friends and also learns some old secrets.

A True Lies Revelation
A quiet evening at Clark's apartment, where Lois and Clark are watching a video of the movie "True Lies," leads to declarations and a revelation.

Croctdon Dee

Dinner Surprise
Seeking to surprise Clark, Lois gets a surprise of her own. This story immediately predates an early work of mine called "Getting a Grip."

Getting a Grip
After Clark reveals his secret to Lois, she tries to come to terms with what this new knowledge means to her and how it will affect their future lives together.

After pushing Clark into a date with Mayson, Lois comes to regret the decision and schemes to get him back.

Deja Vu

Suffering with amnesia, Clark has been held captive for eleven years. His life is about to make a huge turn around. A rewrite of "The Pilot."

Gawain and the Black Knight
Everyone knows Princess Loisette is a brat. But somehow, things start to change when she meets the stableboy Clarkent.

Some Things Are Meant to Be
A painful experience has made Clark fight his destiny, but he finally allows himself to pursue his dream of being a reporter. Despite his intentions to restrict himself, however, he finds out that some things are meant to be.

A (Super) Brief Paws in the Heroic Life of Clark Kent
During the episode "That Old Gang of Mine," Clark is in for a short but hairy (or, rather, *furry*) adventure.


  Nominated Best New Author 1999

In a Child's Name
The reporters' investigation into an unsolved murder forces them to rethink their definition of "justice." But their involvement in the emotional case could cost them their relationship ... or even their lives. Set directly following the episode "Don't Tug on Superman's Cape," this outstanding story will have you on the edge of your seat.


» Read the Writer's Showcase interview at Annesplace

Heaven's Prisoners
An elseworld story that shows how Clark, consumed with guilt, handles a personal tragedy. Can Lois bridge the gap between them and thaw the wall of ice Clark has built around himself? Is either one willing to try again? The author calls the story a "PG-rated version of an experiment which I felt the urgent need to explore ever since I saw 'Contact' [the third-season LnC episode] last year."

Remember Now What We Forgot
Lois has regained her memory but finds she needs time to sort through the kaleidoscope of emotions that bombard her. Continuity-wise, this story takes place after the episode "Oedipus Wrecks."

Temporary Insanity
When a little disagreement escalates into a full-blown, hurtful argument, Lois and Clark call off their engagement. But they have trouble hanging onto their resolve to be just partners again.

When Friends Become Lovers
Lois and Clark's relationship changes forever after an emotional night spent together. Following directly from the second season episode, "That Old Gang of Mine," this story follows the couple through breathtaking highs and devastating lows as they deal with the highly-charged issues only their romance could produce. A multiauthored story by Demi and Kathy Brown.

Wanda Detroit

1000 Words
Not one, not two, but TEN Lois and Clark drabbles! Don't know what a drabble is? Then read on and find out!

Ace Is The Place!
In this Challenge Response Lois and Clark learn the ins and out of the hardware business as they go undercover to investigate a rash of car bombs. Will "Lola" and "Chuck" find the bomb maker and each other?

Catch of a Lifetime
Clark decides to share one of his favorite pastimes with Lois. Will she catch anything?

Fan Mail
In this 30-minute challenge response, Clark Kent is kind enough to receive Superman's fan mail, because our favorite hero has no mailing address. Will he accidentally expose his partner's dirty laundry?

Lois tries to make Clark a birthday cake from scratch... will she succeed?

He Said, She Said
Lois and Clark attend a charity ball together. Hear them each tell their side of the story first-hand. Misunderstandings abound!

Hide and Seek
Lois Lane learns first-hand what it is like to be victimized. When targeted and assaulted by a serial rapist, an unlikely hero comes to her rescue. But where is Superman during her most difficult battle? And who will pick up the pieces of Lois' shattered trust? Will she ever feel safe again?

Love Thy Neighbor
In the early months of their marriage, Lois and Clark deal with the changing emotions that come with a surprise pregnancy. Meanwhile, a curious neighbor speculates that Clark Kent may, in fact, be Superman. What will this discovery mean for our favorite couple?

Mixed Signals
In this prequel to the author's "He Said, She Said," Lois and Clark reminisce about their love lives... and the moments that changed everything.

Nine separate vignettes come together to form the full story of Lois' pregnancy.

Santa Baby
It's Clark Kent's first Christmas in Metropolis. He attends the Daily Planet's Annual Christmas Gala... but where is Lois? Clark is in for a big surprise!

Some Like It Hot
A down and out Wanda Detroit seeks a relationship but finds nothing more than unrequited love. Then one day a man with glasses enters her life.

Truth or Dare
In response to the "Truth or Dare" fanfic challenge, Lois and Clark decide to use the game to their own advantages.

Felicia Dexter

If You Really Love Her, Let Her Go
Clark makes a desperate decision when he thinks Lois has really chosen Scardino over him.

Erica Dias

Alt of Control...Delete!!!
When Clark is out of control, who deletes him?

Among Zor
A poem that tries to explain the series from A to Z.

Barbarians at the Boards
A protest against authors who write about Lois & Clark.

Do You Want Me To Draw You a Diagram?
Lois tempts Clark with an unexpected proposition. Will he accept it? (A small-little-tiny vignette).

Dying Is Something I Do Not Intend To Do
A letter from the dead comes to haunt the peaceful routine of Lois and Clark. (A micro-little-tiny vignette).

Happy Anniversary, Honey
He would be late again tonight, but this time for a different reason.

Have a Little Faith in Me
When Lois is about to put a man's reputation in danger, would you still have faith in her?

I Only Have Eyes for You
What would have happened if this letter was received? A Micro-Little-Tiny Vignette about a love that wasn't revealed on time.

The Lady of the Ficus
Now that the ficus is gone, how can we live without our 'precious'? Lois and Clark must find it, and bring it back to us! A not-so-micro-little-tiny Christmas vignette.

Like a Father to a Son
When a stepson expresses his feelings for his stepfather, is it what you would expect to hear?

Lucky Every Once in a While
When she finds him sleeping, she thinks her luck has changed for good.

MDL's Date
She is going on date, hoping that nothing goes wrong. But in a micro little tiny vignette, one can never be sure.

MDLBS at Seven. Don't be Late!!!
When MDL meets BS on the internet, will their meeting be what they expected? (A longer micro-little-tiny vignette).

Me? A Brook? P-lease!!!
Does anyone else notice how she babbles?

A MisLaned Family
A small vignette about Lucy, Lois, Ellen and Sam Lane. Now that they are all gathered, could the world survive ever after?

My Father - A Superhero??
When his son finds out, he's everything a father should be.

My God...I Love Irony!
He loves irony and so do I.

No Pain, No Pleasure
Lois is tortured while Clark laughs. Is it just a nightmare?

Ode to the Boards
A little ode to describe the author's appreciation for the Lois & Clark Fanfic boards.

Only Human
Truth hits her and a decision has to be taken. One that will change her entire life.

The Parrot in Spandex
When Lois and Superman are dating, not all of their dates go super. The good/evil challenge was born. Enjoy! A multiauthored story by Erica Dias and Alicia U.

The Super Elvis and The Ultra Liberace
When Super Elvis and the Ultra Liberace meet at a Halloween party. (A Halloween Micro-Little-Tiny Vignette).

Thanks For Saving Me. I Owe You...One?
When the rescue comes from...who???

Time's up, Doc?
Dr. Friskin tries to help her patient, but time is always up.

To a Galaxy Far, Far Away
Clark comes to a cliffhanger point in his own life. What will he do?

What If His Phone Never Rang?
If Clark's phone hadn't rung when Mayson was telling him about her feelings, would things be different? A What-if challenge response.

The Silence of the Lamb
The perfect scene with the perfect end. A good/evil challenge between good evil friends.

Sara Diaz

Until Our Wedding Night
Not long before their wedding, Lois and Clark settle in for an evening of "Lethal Weapon" videos and each other. It's cold outside, but getting *hot* in Lois' apartment....

What the Honeymoon Should've Been Like
A different ending to the episode "Soul Mates"; how the author felt Lois and Clark's honeymoon should have happened.

Anita Dicker

The Tough Road Home
Clark goes to New Krypton with Zara and Ching, and finds out that he is unable to prevent the civil war. The story chronicles some of the changes that occur to Clark while fighting on New Krypton.

Bob Dickerson

Jimmy X
While Jimmy is talking to his pal Clark Kent, lightning strikes his phone. Not only does Jimmy survive the experience, he gets all charged up about it. In fact, you could say he's walking on air.

Elizabeth Dickinson

Unexpected things always happen when Lois is on the scene. Lois is having a bad hair day when she has a chance meeting with an old boyfriend. And what is so unexpected? you ask. Well, you'll just have to read to find out.

Gina DiUbaldo

In a Mother's Eyes
Lois runs to Perry for advice when she notices a rapport between Superman and Martha Kent -- it even looked like he called her "mom."

The author's wish for the resolution to Lois' amnesia (after the episode "Seconds").

Doc. Klein's LabRat

» Read the Writer's Showcase interview at Annesplace | 2002 update

Are You Lonesome Tonight...?
The threat of Nightfall looms over the world in this adaptation of the episode "All Shook Up." As time runs out, two people, alone and afraid, take solace in one another, try to find some shred of meaning in their lives ... and find that hope and love are shining constants in even the seemingly most disasterous of times.

Temperatures rise and impulse takes over when Lois and Clark find themselves locked in a garage while on assignment at an Indy meet. But Clark's bliss at the change in their relationship and his hopes for the future are dashed by misunderstanding, conflict and the ghosts of Lois' emotional past. A story set in season one.

Caped Fear
Lois and Clark investigate a series of strange suicides in Metropolis ... but it soon becomes clear that danger is much closer to home than they ever imagined.

Closer Contact: A Plot Untwist Challenge Story
Clark's traditional liking for Lois inadvertently gets her out of a sticky situation in this Plot Untwist Challenge vignette.

Having discovered new depths to her partner at the Corn Festival, Lois begins to wonder just what she might be missing in this reworking of the episode "Green, Green Glow of Home." How might events have progressed if she'd been a little more in touch with her feelings...and desires?

If Tomorrow Comes
Tomorrow doesn't always come as you expect it to. The painful lesson Lois learns in the episode "That Old Gang of Mine" makes her aware of just what her partner means to her. Will she find that seizing the day brings her the rewards she desires?

A Lois and Clark Fairy Tale: Loispunzel and the Prince
A little piece of fairy tale fluff in response to Meredith Knight's 'Write a Lois and Clark fairy tale' challenge on Zoom's messageboards. What's a kingly father to do when his feisty princess daughter has no husband and an evil advisor has designs of his own?

A Lois and Clark Fairy Tale from the Dark Side: The Key
Another in the series of Lois and Clark fairy tales. Loisetta Lane eagerly contemplates marrying her handsome true love. But is he true? And does he love her? And will she survive the marriage at all?

In this replacement for the Wedding Arc, Clark is plunged into a nightmare on his honeymoon night which sends him on a desperate search for his abducted fiancee. Meanwhile, trapped by Luthor, Lois has her own terrifying battles to fight....

Shape of My Heart
Stranded in a snowbound wilderness and caught in the middle of a dangerous situation, Clark and Lois are forced to take refuge in a lakeside cabin. There, they find that relying on each other's strengths in the midst of crisis help them come to a new understanding of just what they mean to each other.

Sugar & Spice
Clark discovers that the effects of Space Rats can be a blessing in disguise ... though not before Lois surprises him in more ways than one.

Super...Bamm!: A Plot Untwist Challenge Vignette
Our triumphantly evil Nazi wannabes find things don't go entirely to plan in this Plot Untwist Challenge vignette.

Trick or Treat
Halloween comes at *exactly* the right time in Metropolis.

When You Can't See the Wood...
Little sisters can be a monumental pain. Even so, Lois Lane isn't about to let some two-bit local hood kidnap hers! And a certain two-bit hood might just come to regret making the mistake of picking up the wrong sister...especially when Superman gets a hold of him.


The Great Blankie Caper
An amusing story in which there is an unusual revelation done by Superman and not Clark, capes are really blankies in disguise, a green chiffon costume is contemplated, pieces of the Suit disappear, and evil geniuses run amok. A multi-authored story by DocJill and Catherine Bruceed.

Nicole Dodson

Lois's Worst Nightmare
Lois experiences a frightening ordeal, when an old enemy targets Clark.


Pour la Vie . . .
It's the last straw for Clark when Lois again professes that she'd love Superman "even if he was an ordinary guy" ... but have his resulting actions caused an irreparable rift between the duo?

Steven Don

An irritable Perry sends Lois to write a story about an orphanage. She could really use Clark's help, not just with the story. In the meanwhile, someone finds out a big secret.

Melissa Dore

A Cat's Life
A slice of Lois Lane's life as seen through the eyes of her wily and wise cat, Elroy. Very clever!

Clark Stays Over
When Clark's apartment house burns down, Lois invites him to stay at her place ... and discovers that her feelings toward Clark are more than friendly. She asks Superman to protect Clark -- and also to secretly help her find the arsonist.

Culinary Delights
A truly delightful story that explains how Lois, legendary for her lack of talent in the kitchen, came to prepare the holiday feast seen at the end of the episode "Season's Greedings."

The Shadow
After Lois is shot in the chest, she has an out-of-body experience in which she is counseled by a kindly apparition.

Stressmas at the Planet
The stress of trying to come up with a good Christmas piece for Perry must be taking its toll on Lois, because she's getting an ulcer. The worst news, though, is that the doctor tells her to avoid coffee and *chocolate*.

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made of
As she cuddles with her cat, Elroy, Lois recalls Clark entertaining the newsroom with his account of Superman vs. the washing machine. Seems Superman isn't so super when it comes to laundry. :-)

Double L

Dr. Goose
Lois is wrapping up her last week at work before her maternity leave. Relaxing? Not when you have a mad-man targeting you and Superman for revenge. Episode 21 of S5.


What will it take for Lois and Clark to work out their differences and end up together?


Better Holiday Memory
A Ficathon response for CarolM. After Lois & Clark defeat Trask, Perry gives them time off for an early Thanksgiving.

Computer Whiz's Genius
Lois is trapped in Jaxon's virtual world, with Jimmy and Superman working as fast as they can to rescue her, when Superman gets the surprise of his life. The fifth and final story in a collection of vignettes based on the same premise as the author's "Unexpected Visitor."

The Eyes Unfettered
What if Perry hadn't interrupted Clark's response to Mayson's invitation in the episode "The Eyes Have it?"

Phone Call
Clark hears from his parents that there's someone looking for him at the farm -- someone whose presence could change his life forever. The second in a collection of vignettes based on the same premise as the author's "Unexpected Visitor."

The Setup
Lois is peeved, and the owner of the First Metropolis Bank owes her a favor. What's a reporter to do?

Three Squares a Day -- Can't Complain
Someone waxes nostalgic about his job at the Planet. This vignette is a look at that question many FOLC's still ask: Whatever happened to Jack?

Unexpected Visitor
Lois's relationship with Lex prompts Clark to sit her down for an important discussion... But who's that at the door? Find out in the first in a collection of vignettes centered around Clark's unexpected visitor.

Vitamins and Minerals
There's no cure for Kryptonite, but one ordinary morning Dr. Klein thinks he might have found something that will at least help.

Voices in My Head
Clark must be losing his mind. He just fought his way through a Kryptonite force field, Lois is telling him that "Sarah" and "David Miller" FLEW away, and to top it off, he's hearing voices in his head? Don't even get him started on the things those voices are telling him.... The fourth in a collection of vignettes based on the same premise as the author's "Unexpected Visitor."

When the Snitch Didn't Snitch
Lois learns that even Bobby Bigmouth can keep a secret.

You Learn Something New Every Day
Jimmy learns something new about Superman. (Make that *two* somethings!) The third in a collection of vignettes based on the same premise as the author's "Unexpected Visitor."


Scardino Causes Trouble Again
Hurt feelings ensue when Clark arrives at Lois' apartment to find Dan Scardino there -- and Lois wearing a bathrobe.

Andrea Lynn Dunham

All in a Day's Work
While investigating a fire at LexCorp Chemical, Lois and Clark stumble upon a plot by Lex Luthor to manufacture synthetic Kryptonite. An incapacitated Clark tries to talk Lois out of continuing the investigation on her own.

First Step Towards a Legendary Partnership
Study and work as hard as she might, 16-year-old Lois Lane just can't seem to win her father's approval. Plus, he thinks her interest in the school newspaper is a waste of time. When she uncovers corruption at his hospital and tries to deliver a scoop to the Daily Planet, maybe he'll think differently.

In Sickness and in Health
Lois collapses during a midnight stint at the Daily Planet, and Clark takes care of her. A post-revelation, pre-engagement vignette.

LnC Short
Clark continues to "run out" on Lois even after she knows his secret, and neither one is sure exactly why. A story that occurs after the episode "Ordinary People," assuming "Contact" never happened.

Out of Superman's Hands
After Clark gave a flimsy excuse to run off and save someone as Superman, Lois was involved in a serious car wreck. Clark doesn't know if she'll pull through, and he blames himself for not being there. A story that would have occurred instead of "Whine Whine Whine" in the Lois & Clark universe.

Revelation Scene
Taking second place to Superman in Lois' affections, Clark subconsciously starts sending out hints about his dual identity.

A Walk in the Park
Lois and Clark take a leisurely stroll through the park -- and not even his being called away can ruin their blissful mood.

Caryn Dunsmore

  Nominated Best New Author 2005

Getting to Know Me
A self-analysis questionnaire from Lucy makes Lois confront her feelings for that special man in her life.

Getting to Know Us
Lois is shocked to discover that Clark had received her answers to Lucy's survey. What will her reaction be to his responses? This is the third story in the author's "Getting To Know..." series.

Getting to Know You
When checking his email, Clark is surprised to find an attachment from Lois. Is his relationship with Lois about to change? A sequel to the author's "Getting To Know Me."

Irene Dutch

  Voted Best New Author 2000

» Read the Writer's Showcase interview at Annesplace

Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt
In this wonderful sequel to "Firestorm" and "Starfire and Sunstorm," Marty Kent finds herself falling in love. But is it a love too good to be true?

Broccoli Dancing
In this charming sequel to the author's "Firestorm," we get a glimpse of Lee's early years, and begin to understand her distrust of Grandfather Clark.

Dream a Little Dream
This was written for the 2006 fundraiser and is a little scene in between the episodes "And the Answer Is" and "We Have a Lot to Talk About."

What if ... one of Lois and Clark's descendants came from the future to help with a minor scientific problem even Dr Klein couldn't solve? This excellent and engrossing story, from a new writer, introduces a new Super-hero.

Gale Force Winds
This sequel to the author's "Firestorm," "Starfire and Sunstorm" and "Solar Eclipse" is a next generation story focusing on Vicky Kent.

Hiding in the Shadows
In this sequel to "Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt," Marty is forced to deal with the aftermath of a horrible ordeal. Can the love of those around her help her through it?

In Cat's Corner
When she discovers the man she has been seeing is engaged, Cat is devastated. But when the man becomes the victim of a brutal murder, she must work, with the help of Lois, Clark and her new friend Joe, to find his killer and solve a mystery that presents a grave danger to the world.

Old sins come back to haunt Lois when Claude suddenly appears on the scene and threatens to destroy Lois and Clark's future. The future of a young man is also interwoven in this introspective study of guilt and forgiveness.

Shaken Not Stirred
What if Lois discovered Clark's secret during the Nightfall Asteroid emergency? A charming relationship-centered story which explores the revelation under entirely different circumstances. This time Lois has an astonishing revelation for Clark.

Solar Eclipse
This story, which is a sequel/prequel to the author's "Firestorm" and "Starfire and Sunstorm," is a next generation story, focusing primarily on Jon Kent as he juggles a plot by the Russian mob, his attraction to his FBI bodyguard, and the secret life of a super-family.

The Spying Game
In this story set immediately following the episode "Wall of Sound," Clark Kent learns that a mix of Lois Lane and high-tech espionage garners interesting results.

Starfire and Sunstorm
This sequel to the author's "Firestorm" chronicles the growing-up years of Lois and Clark's four children.

Strange Visitor Revisited
In this adaptation of several first season episodes, Lois knows and Clark knows she knows. This awareness brings a different perspective to the events which follow, as both Lois and Clark begin a process of reassessment, not just about their changing relationship but also about themselves. A multiauthored story by Irene Dutch and Wendy Richards.

Taking Responsibility
In this rewrite of the episode "Individual Responsibility," Superman confesses his "real feelings" to Lois -- in front of the bad guys! Can Clark salvage the situation? Or will Lois forever be targeted as "Superman's girl"?

Tales Out of Church
Set in the timeframe of the episode "Church of Metropolis," Lois figures out Clark's secret. Now it's Clark's turn to figure out why she's suddenly being so darn nice to him!

*This* is Dancing
Superman is finally showing interest in Lois ... but will a slip of the tongue change everything?

When Lee (aka Firestorm) is born, Jimmy knows it'll be impossible to pretend he hadn't fallen in love with her older incarnation when they'd been brought together by H.G. Wells. But as we know, nothing can stop two people who are destined for each other from being together, even if it means doing a bit of time traveling themselves. A direct sequel to the author's "Firestorm."

Trading Places
Worlds collide when Perry and others suddenly find themselves switched with their counterparts from the Alt-Universe, an eye-opening experience that affects the characters in both worlds.

J.G. Dutcher

Lois' Choice
A story that takes place the night before the events of the episode "And the Answer Is." It was written to answer the author's question of why Clark picked that morning, before breakfast, to try to tell Lois he's Superman.