You Can't Win Them All: A Plot Un-Twist Challenge Vignette

By Laura Davies aka. Bratling <>

Rated: G

Submitted: May 2003

Summary: A complete Untwist of an entire arc.

We were given a challenge on Zoom's boards to take any episode and negate it by undoing the reason for the A-Plot.

All Standard Disclaimers Apply


Ching sat in the coffee shop, holding the remote. He glared darkly at the happy couple as they walked into the front lobby of the Daily Planet, chattering gaily about their upcoming wedding.

He waited until they entered the elevator and headed upstairs before pressing the correct button on the remote control. As the newscaster on the television in front of him began his spiel, the space station Prometheus began it's downward spiral into the atmosphere where it would become a charcoal briquette.

Unfortunately for Ching, he had accidentally programmed the device wrong. So the space station descended far too fast for Superman to catch it and exploded as it hit the ground.

A very dejected Superman flew back to the Daily Planet and into the arms of his fiancee. Lois comforted Clark and reminded him that sometimes he just couldn't save everyone.

Meanwhile, Ching, in a fit of temper, crushed the remote into dust, leaving no evidence of his deed behind. He sighed heavily and rested his head in his hands. Kal-El had failed the first test — the Council of Elders would not be pleased. It looked as though they would have to solve their problems with Nor without the benefit of having Kal-El as First Lord. He heaved a large sigh again before he stood up and walked out the door, never to be seen on Earth again.