No Pain, No Pleasure

By Erica Dias <>

Rated: G

Submitted: June, 2005

Summary: Lois is tortured while Clark laughs. Is it just a nightmare?

Author's notes: Thanks Nancy V. Sont for BRing this for me and thanks to my editor Larissa Kaye for putting up with me. Dedicated to my friends Karla and Fran.


Clark looked at his wife. Two men were carrying her forcefully. She seemed scared, but Clark didn't move an inch despite her cries for help.

"Clark, please I beg you!" Lois shouted, hysterically.

She saw him, immobile. Instead of doing something to help her, he waved and smiled as if he didn't care. His image faded out as she was forced into another room.

Her wrists were tied and she couldn't move. She could shout though. She could call for Superman. Well, it wouldn't help much if her husband was there and didn't move a muscle to do anything. Why would she call for his super figure if he had made it clear that this time he wouldn't help? Had she been that cruel to him? Had she made him suffer so much that he now wanted revenge?

Clark watched them torture her. He seemed to be smiling while she was there crying and suffering. It all seemed like a big nightmare, but unfortunately her worst dream had come true ­ Clark, the man she loved, the mad she had sworn her heart to… stood in front of her, laughing.

He was laughing so loud and hard that tears came to his eyes. It seemed like his stomach was hurting — as he laid a hand on it — but probably not as much as those monsters were hurting her.

Lois couldn't see. Things went blurry and in a matter of seconds, she passed out. The echoes of her husband's cruel laughs were still on her mind when she woke up the next day.

With her wrists and hands free, she almost jumped out of the bed. Was it a dream? Was it all a nightmare? Clark was lying beside her on the bed. It must have been a bad dream.

She was sweating. Climbing out of bed, she went to the bathroom to wash her face. When she saw her reflection in the mirror, she felt like screaming, but she couldn't.

She touched her face, not believing it belonged to her. It was ugly, deformed. She ran to the bedroom and shook Clark's arm to wake him up. Instead of freaking out, he just laughed at her.

*Laughing? Laughing at Lois Lane? How dare he? How could he do that to her?*

She tried to say something, but she couldn't.

That was it, the final touch of cruelty. "Lois, honey, I bet that root canal treatment will finally teach you not to eat those double crunch chocolate bars anymore," he said, kissing her and leaving her to suffer alone.