By Elizabeth Dickinson <lizdickinson3203@yahoo.com>

Rated: PG

Submitted: March, 2005

Summary: Unexpected things always happen when Lois is on the scene. Lois is having a bad hair day when she has a chance meeting with an old boyfriend. And what is so unexpected? you ask. Well, you'll just have to read to find out.


Lois had just been out on an assignment and her hair couldn't have looked any worse than it did at that time, but she needed to get some things from the grocery store to prepare for dinner the next day. It was Friday night and Clark was coming over for dinner on Saturday, as he had been every week since the two started dating, which Lois still couldn't believe. Of course, Clark would be doing most of the cooking, but Lois planned on helping a little. The only reason she continued with this weekly dinner is because she loved the after dinner movie and cuddling.

As Lois was picking out vegetables for the salad, she heard an unfamiliar voice saying, "Lois! Lois Lane! Is that you?!?" As she turned around, she couldn't believe what she was seeing. Could that really be her old high school boyfriend, John? Gosh, he had changed; he was on the high school football team and used to wear blue jeans and a sweatshirt everyday with his letterman jacket, and his hair at his shoulders. Now he was wearing a tight black shirt, khakis, and he had spiked blonde hair.

Finally Lois spoke, "John?" and after he nodded, she continued with, "Wow, you look great!"

"As do you, my dear, but you look like you've had a long stressful day," John responded. "So how's everything? Where are you working? Married yet? Children?"

"I'm the star reporter for the Daily Planet, and half of the best team in town. Not married and no children, but I am dating an incredibly great guy."

"Come on. Report the facts, Miss Star Reporter. I need names."

"The guy would be my partner, Clark."

"That's sweet; you met at work. I read your stuff. You two are great. That article you wrote on the high school coach that physically assaulted his athletes was well-worded."

"Thanks, so what about you? What's going on with you?"

"Well, I've been happily married now for a year."

"That's great. Maybe we should double date sometime," Lois said without thinking… Did she actually just invite her ex on a date with her and Clark? Well, it'd be okay, he's married.

"Lois, that'd be great. I'd really like you to meet Jake. You'd love him."

"Oh, you've got a son?" Lois said, not expecting the response John was about to give her.

"No, no, no. I'm gay, honey. Jake is my husband." With that John started laughing, and Lois joined in shortly. "You didn't know, did you?"

"I'm in shock, John. You were such a ladies' man in high school. What happened?"

"I went to college at Met. U and took some cosmetology courses for the 'easy A' and also that way I could meet some women, but between dating the entire class and playing football but hating it, I realized I was gay. So, I quit the team and followed my new found dream of owning my own hair salon."

"Wow! That's great," Lois said, still in shock.

"Yeah, thanks. You look like you could use a new hairstyle. Take my card and give me a call. I'll be opening my own salon in a month and I'll even throw in a discount just for you."

They said their good-byes, and Lois continued shopping. Finally happy with her shopping trip she headed out to her car.


A few months later…

Lois walked into the dimly lit lobby of the newest hair salon in town, Snip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah. 'What a name!' Lois thought. The place had been open for about three months, but she was always happy with her regular place — Harmony Hair Care. However, with the economy in such bad shape many of her "regular" places had closed, including Harmony Hair Care.

Lois never considered Snip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah until last week. She had been looking over some old research papers for a story and happened upon a business card for Snip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah that John had given her. She figured there would be no harm in at least trying.

John greeted Lois from behind the counter, "Lois! I was so happy when you called. I thought you forgot about this place, but obviously you didn't. So, I set you up with the best hair stylist I've got, Jake."

Lois smiled and said, "You don't do hair?"

John said, "Well, I do, but you deserve the best, and this way, you can meet Jake." with a wink. "Now, follow me, I believe he's ready for you."

Lois followed John down the aisle made by chairs on either side. There were at least 15 different stylists there, and as many empty chairs. Lois thought about asking John if there were others, but decided against it.

Jake was a tall, thin man with brown hair that seemed to mock John's style. He was wearing a pink shirt and black pants. Lois smiled and said, "Jake, it's a pleasure to meet you."

Jake smiled back and replied with, "And it's a pleasure to meet you too. What would you like done today?"

"I don't really know, I'm kind of bored with this hairdo," Lois said.

"Good, because I was bored with it about 3 minutes ago. So, this is what I see for you: short and red."

"Red? I don't know about that. I mean, I've always had dark brown hair."

"Then it's time for a change. Now, sit down, and let me work my magic."

Lois sat in the chair, hoping that her hair would still be her favorite part of her body after this little experiment. She trusted Jake for some reason though, so she started to calm down. Jake was telling a story about how John had surprised him for their six month anniversary with a trip to Paris, and Lois drifted off and started listening to the other hair dressers and clients.

One woman was obviously a schoolteacher, complaining about the budget problem and all the dismissals of "perfectly fine teachers." Another woman had just come back from Florida. One of the hair stylists was looking forward to attending the Kentucky Derby for the first time in her life. Lois was amused by all this conversation around her.

After listening to everyone else, Lois turned her attention to Jake and asked, "So, where did you stay? Did you get to do any shopping?" As Jake started another hour-long description, Lois noticed the lady sitting two seats from her. She was the grandmother, and primary care giver, of the 13-year-old boy who shot and killed his mother and father. Lois had been trying to get an interview with this lady for the last month, and she was always "unavailable" or "busy." Being the professional that she was, Lois listened to the conversation the lady next to her was having with her hair stylist, instead of rudely interrupting or coming off too strong. After all, maybe this would help get more information out of her, if she doesn't know that she is sitting beside the best reporter in Metropolis.

Jake had just finished telling Lois of the hat he bought in Paris when he excused himself to go mix the hair dye. Lois looked at the lady beside her and said, "Hi, I'm Lois. It's my first time here. Do you come here often?"

The lady glanced over and said, "Hi Lois, I'm Pamela. I've been coming here since the open. You're going to love it."

"Well, it's not me I'm worried about. I just hope my boyfriend likes it."

Pamela laughed and said, "Dear, if it's the real deal he'd love you if you were bald." With that, both ladies, and Pamela's hairdresser, Natalie, who was Pamela's grand-daughter, laughed.

The three women talked about men for the next five minutes. When Jake returned he joined the conversation. The conversation took many routes including shopping tips, television, and a few recent events. Lois had to leave the conversation when she was being put under the dryer.

After ten minutes of reading about the latest Hollywood hook-ups and break-ups, Lois was moved from the dryer to the sink where Jake washed her hair. Finally, Lois was seated back beside Pamela who was in the middle of a conversation with her grand- daughter and hair stylist. Lois sat down and watched as Jake took the first snip of hair off her head. Jake then began telling Lois about his weekend. But Lois' attention drifted back to Pamela when she heard Natalie say, "So, is it true that Dave didn't kill Aunt Pam and Uncle Mark, grandma?"

"Girl, you know Dave isn't capable of that," replied Pamela.

"Grams, I never thought he did from the beginning, but he confessed," replied the 20-some hairstylist, Natalie.

"Honey, the officer that saw Dave walk in late that night asked where he had been. Dave told him he was out with the football team. The officer and his partner told Dave they knew he killed his parents and that he should confess before something happened to the rest of his family. Then they turned to me and told me if I went to anybody with this information they'd make sure Dave's punishment would be death," said Pamela, almost in tears. After a few moments she looked around to see if anyone was paying attention, and she found everyone involved in their own conversations, including Lois and Jake.


Minutes later…

Lois got up out of the chair. She was amazed with the new hairstyle. She really did look great, not that she didn't before, but her hair was so cute like this. Now, as she was paying John, all she could think about was Clark's reaction. She really wanted him to like it. As she walked out of the little shop, Lois pulled her cell phone out of her purse and pressed speed dial 2.

"Hey, Lois. Where are you?" asked Clark, on the other end of the phone.

"Oh, I've been a little busy this last hour. I've got a surprise for you. Meet me at the corner of Second and Green streets. Oh, yeah, and take the Superman Express," Lois said, as she stood outside the bank located at that corner.

Moments later Clark Kent came rushing up to the corner, from behind the buildings. He walked right past Lois at first, then turned around and spotter her with her new hair-do.

"Lois, I really love your hair," Clark said as he greeted her with an extremely passionate kiss.

"I was hoping you would say that," Lois said, as calmly as she could after such a great kiss.

The couple enjoyed a few more moments like that before Lois told Clark her bigger surprise. Lois said, "Clark, I have to admit something. I figured I could get a new haircut for a new phase in my life."

"A new phase in your life?" Clark asked, confused.

"Yes, I've been thinking…" Lois started, "about your proposal… and if you still want me, I think I'm ready."

Clark could hardly believe what he was hearing. Finally, he gained enough since to say, "Lois, of course I still want you."

"Then Clark, why don't you ask me again," Lois said.

Clark took Lois' hand and they walked a block and a half to the same park where he had proposed the first time. He sat Lois on the same bench, and got down on his knee and said, "Lois Lane, you would make me the happiest man on Earth if you would be my wife. When I'm with you, even if I'm miles from the farm, I feel like I'm at home. I love you. Will you marry me?" Then, out of his coat pocket, Clark pulled out the ring and opened the box.

Lois looked into Clark's big, chocolaty eyes and said, "I'd be a fool to say no to such a wonderful proposal. Yes, Clark Kent, I will marry you."

With that, Clark placed the ring on Lois' finger and the two were in a loving embrace and deep, soul-shattering kiss.


Clark had called Perry at the Planet and let him know that he and Lois wouldn't be in the rest of the day, but promised him a Pulitzer-worthy story to be turned in by the end of the day.

The newly engaged couple was walking the streets of Metropolis enjoying the beautiful day. They stopped only for lunch. After eating, Lois and Clark decided to investigate the story Lois heard in the hair salon that morning. They started by questioning fellow officers about the two officers who handled the case that evening, and ended the day with an interview with Dave, the 13 year old boy being charged with two counts of murder.

Of course, the team of Lane and Kent solved the case, fulfilling their promise to their editor-in-chief, but barely making deadline.