Have a Little Faith in Me

By Erica Dias <ericaonline@hotmail.com>

Rated: G

Submitted: May, 2005

Summary: When Lois is about to put a man's reputation in danger, would you still have faith in her?

Author's notes: Hey everybody. Here I am again, bringing another MLTV. I hope you all enjoy it. Thanks to my Editor, LabRat, for helping me with this piece. Sometimes I wonder if they don't get tired of my poor English. <grin>


"I don't think you understand how important this is, Mrs. Kent."

With her arms crossed in front of her body, she tried to be ironic. "First off, it's Lane. Second, I'm sure you're willing to explain."

"Mrs. Kent — " The man ignored her correction. " — every detail is important. Can you imagine how many people could be in danger if a single mistake was made?"

Lois opened her eyes wide and started taking it seriously. As the man kept talking, her right hand was desperately trying to keep up with the man's speech.

The man seemed possessed, walking around in circles. Touching his fingertips, he numbered as many details as he could remember. According to him, it was vital that Lois understand the whole thing or else everything would be ruined.

His career, his reputation… everything would fall apart. However, if she got it right, perhaps he would be known all over the world. He would get the recognition he always wanted. He would be famous.

And rich.

"When should I do it?"

"Tomorrow," he answered.

"That soon? There are just too many people involved. I can't…" she tried to explain.

Impatiently, the man interrupted, "Mrs. Kent…"

"Miss Lane," she corrected.

"You have to trust me."

Lois closed her notebook and left, nodding. "Thank you for your time."


The next night, Lois gathered her workmates and husband, and showed them the result of her work. She saw their faces pale in shock, dreading for the future.

"I'm telling you. Have a little faith in me," she pleaded.

Aggravated by the absense of responses, Lois looked at Clark, demanding some support. "Would you back me up here?"

Scared but not enough to leave his wife in such an embarassing situation, Clark was the first one to stand up for her. He gave the others conclusive proof that Lois knew what she was doing and told them to trust her as much as he did.

Trapped, Perry and Jimmy looked at each other and finally agreed. Perry wasn't sure if that kind of thing had anything to do with Lois or with her reputation, but he decided to give her a chance.

Luckily, he was right.


The next day at the Daily Planet, Lois called her source with a grin on her face. Actually, she only dialed the number and let Clark do the talking this time.

"Mr. DeBouis? Hi, this is Clark Kent, Miss Lane's husband. I just wanted to thank you for teaching her how to cook. The roast beef she prepared yesterday was amazing… Other lessons?" He looked at her. With her approval, he smiled. "Yes, she would love it and so would I. Thanks again, sir. Good bye."

On the other end of the line, the chef put the receiver back into its cradle and mumbled to himself, "Yes! If I could teach Lois Lane how to cook, I'll be famous forever! Glory, here I come!"