Jimmy X

By Bob Dickerson (106235.1443@compuserve.com)

Summary: While Jimmy is talking to his pal Clark Kent, lightning strikes his phone. Not only does Jimmy survive the experience, he gets all charged up about it. In fact, you could say he's walking on air.

Note: This is an idea that I have wanted to see for a while. I think that Jimmy is a good character who is woefully underused, so I wrote this! Let me know whether you like it, it's my first fanfic! Please bear in mind that I am English, so some references may be different to Americans, and we are slightly behind in episode broadcasts!


"Come on Lois, the film starts in an hour," Clark said with a smile. He knew that getting Lois away from this story was not going to be easy.

"I'll be with you in a minute," replied Lois without even looking up, "I've nearly finished."

"Lois, you said that almost half an hour ago," pleaded Clark, "Can we *please* just go now?"

Lois reluctantly stopped typing on her computer. "OK, but I'm coming in early in the morning to finish this."

"That's fine, Lois, but please try and remember to keep next weekend free. We're going to Smallville to see my folks, remember?" Clark reminded her. Ever since their wedding they had made a point of seeing Martha and Jonathan at least once a fortnight.

"Forget? I'm looking forward to the break!" joked Lois, "Now come on or we'll never make this movie." This made Clark smile - hadn't their roles been reversed in the last minute?!

Lois and Clark stepped out of the Daily Planet building. A building that had led to their first meeting. A building which had seen their relationship move from nothing to friendship, then to trust and marriage. Lois and Clark both liked working at the Planet, and not only because it meant that they could see each other. They liked the work, the stories were interesting (even if Lois had a nasty habit of nearly getting killed while writing them). Perry was as good a boss as you could wish for, and Jimmy was a good friend also. Clark reminded himself to phone Jimmy after the movie, to arrange times for the soccer game on Sunday. They made their way across to the cinema and paid for two tickets to 'Daylight', the new Stallone movie. ***

As Lois and Clark left the cinema, they were in good spirits. The movie had been quite good, and they had felt good snuggling up to each other. They had bought tickets for the back row. Clark had objected at first, feeling that they would look like teens wanting to neck in the back row. "And what's wrong with that?" Lois had laughed. They were going back to their own apartment. Neither could really believe that they were married and living together after all that had happened. But they were, and neither could be happier.

It was as they entered their street that the rain started. Within a minute, it was pouring down, and there was thunder and lightning in the sky. Clark looked around and saw no- one. A quick burst of super-hearing made doubly sure. He picked Lois up and moved to the door at super-speed. Lois fumbled for her keys and let them in. As they stood dripping in the doorway, Clark used his heat-vision to dry Lois off first and then himself.

"Thanks, Clark, looks like I have a use for you after all!" joked Lois.

"Why thank you, Lois. You know I could always take you back to where we started," These jokes were always how Clark and Lois communicated with each other. Lois moved closer to Clark.

"So, why don't you?"

"I don't know." The couple moved closer still to each other, until their lips met in the middle. Clark lifted Lois up and moved to the sofa, where he gently placed her down and sat on the floor beside her. They continued to kiss for what seemed like an eternity. Clark was about to suggest an early night, when they were interrupted by the phone.

"Clark, ignore it, it's probably Perry or someone," complained Lois.

"Oh no, Jimmy," the thought hit Clark. "Lois, I was meant to phone Jimmy, that's probably him." Before Lois could argue Clark had the receiver to his ear.

"Hello… Oh hi, Jimmy… Yes I know… Yes I'm sorry… We were, er, we went to the cinema and we waited to see if the rain would ease before we left… Yes, we only just got home." Lois giggled. They had been home for about 45 minutes! ***

Outside, while Clark was on the phone to Jimmy, the lightning was forking through the sky with alarming regularity. Margaret Peacock, a neighbour of the Kents looked out of her window, and saw a bolt. "Henry, Henry," she called to her husband, "turn the TV off, and don't use the phone. Those bolts are a bit close for my liking."

At about the same time that Mrs. Peacock made that observation, a lightning bolt struck a telephone pylon just outside their apartment block. "Henry, are you alright?"

"Yes, love, I'm fine, what's the problem?" ***

Clark dropped the smouldering phone to the floor. "What on earth was that?" he asked aloud.

"What?" Lois came rushing over.

"I was talking to Jimmy and the phone got very hot, and a loud noise came out. It didn't hurt, but I dropped the phone more through shock." Lois picked up the handset.


Clark went over to the window, and looked out. "Well Lois, I would say that the handset is terminally injured. It seems that lightning has hit the telephone lines. Luckily, it won't affect me."

"Well, I hope that no-one else was on the phone when… Oh god, Clark!"

"What?" inquired Clark worriedly.

"Jimmy." ***

Clark carried Lois to Jimmy's apartment as quickly as he dared without wanting to make Jimmy or anyone else suspicious. If Jimmy was conscious and Clark arrived too soon, he might suspect something. As it turned out, that was something they needn't have worried about.

When Lois and Clark arrived at Jimmy's apartment, they found the door locked, but the window was open. Clark floated up to the window and entered. He let Lois in through the door.

"Lois, he's not here."

"He must be. If he got a burst like you did, then he would be unconscious or at least dazed. And why would he go out the window? Oh, Clark, you don't think that someone's taken him, do you?"

"Why would someone take Jimmy? He's got no money, and if they wanted to get to Superman, then they'd have taken one of us." Clark comforted her.

"Don't I know it!" Lois was worried. After all, Jimmy's dad was a spy and people may be using that Jimmy get to him. She suggested this to Clark.

"I still don't think so. Jack has only seen Jimmy twice in the last ten years or so. It's hardly what you'd call a close family."

Clark searched the apartment at super-speed for any signs of a break-in or anything else that might help them. He found nothing, and eventually he decided to check the only option he could think of. He picked up the receiver. It was working.

"Clark, it's past midnight," remarked Lois.

"Uh huh." ***

"What?" boomed the voice on the other end of the line.

"Hi, Boss, it's Clark," the timid voice of the man of steel replied, "sorry to wake you."

"Clark, why are you phoning me at 12:15 at home? This better be good." said Perry in a somewhat calmer voice.

Clark explained the Jimmy problem. Had Perry called and sent him on a job? Did he know where he was? No. Clark assured Perry that he thought everything would be OK, and told him not to come over just yet, he'd phone if anything happened. Perry reluctantly agreed and hung up.

"Hey, wouldn't Jimmy's phone be broken like mine if lightning got here?" asked Lois after Clark had hung up to Perry.

"I never thought of that. I guess it would."

"Superheroes, huh, never think do you?!" Clark kissed Lois lightly, and then moved toward the window. In a quick spin, Clark Kent was gone, and Superman stood in the spot he had occupied.

"That is *still* spooky!" said Lois.

"I'm going to fly over the city, and see if I can see Jimmy."

"No need," the voice came from behind them, where the door was now open, "I'm here."

"Jimmy, where have you been?" asked Lois motherly.

"To see my aunt." replied Jimmy casually.

"Jimmy, don't be stupid, your aunt lives in England. You were speaking to Clark just an hour ago." Lois was confused.

"That's right." Jimmy had a strange look on his face. "I'm going back tomorrow to see the sights."

"Jimmy," Superman was speaking and Jimmy listened intently. Superman was a hero to him. "Are you feeling OK?"

"Superman, you're not going to believe this." ***

After Jimmy had finished his story, Superman made an excuse to leave. Five minutes later, Clark knocked on the door, and Lois let him in.

"So, Jimmy. Let me get this straight in my head." said Lois, "you were speaking to Clark on the phone, and a bolt came out of the receiver and hit you in the head."

"Yeah, I know it sounds…"

"Hang on, let me sort this, cause I'm kind of confused here. So then, you fell over and the lamp fell onto you. And this, solid steel, lamp hit you and broke. I mean, the actual metal, not just the glass."

"Yep, that's right." said Jimmy.

"And then you got up, and realized the phone was dead. So you decided to walk to our apartment when you couldn't reach our phone. And on the way, you fell down your stairs. And then you were flying. And you could control this flying? So in effect, you are just like Superman."

A succession of yes's from Jimmy accompanied this monologue from Lois.

"Wow!" that was Clark.

"I remember that story that you guys wrote a couple of years back. Some guy got struck by lightning while Superman was touching him and he got his powers. But what I can't figure is how I got them. OK, so the lightning's there, but how can I have Superman's powers? I was on the phone to Clark." Jimmy's last question sent a worried glance between Lois and Clark. Clark didn't know what to say.

"Maybe the bolt hit Superman on the way down?" added Lois.

"Wouldn't he have mentioned that just now?"

"Oh yeah, he probably would." spoke Lois. "Damn" she added under her breath.

"Why, damn?" asked Jimmy.

"Oh superhearing. I hate that." ***

Lois sat on the sofa with Clark. It was 4:15 now, and they had arrived home from Jimmy's about an hour ago. Clark was considering telling Jimmy the truth, but Lois thought that it might be a mistake. Jimmy was acting as though he was already some sort of Superman's assistant. Unfortunately, Jimmy had always quietly worshipped Superman, and now he had a good excuse to be up there with him. Clark had convinced Jimmy to keep it quiet for now. He had a test in mind, before Jimmy went anywhere. Tomorrow, Lois and Jimmy would go to S.T.A.R. Labs and expose Jimmy to some kryptonite. As he was not from Krypton, but his powers were, Clark was unsure whether it would affect him.

"Lois, I think it would be best if I told Jimmy. Now that he has these powers, he could catch me changing at any time. He could pop round and see through the window when I'm ironing my cape, or in my secret closet, or even just reading without my glasses on."

"I see your point, but surely we can keep this secret from Jimmy?"

"Lois, Jimmy's phone calls always come at the worst time. Can you imagine it, now he can get here in about a second?"

"Oh dear." Even in the circumstances, Lois and Clark found themselves laughing out loud.

"I'll tell him tomorrow." Clark floated up to the ceiling, he kissed Lois from there.

"Clark Kent, that is the weirdest thing!"

Outside, Jimmy looked through Clarks window in amazement. Clark is standing on the ceiling! How can that be. Unless… Oh, it's all falling into place now. On the phone to Clark. Lightning. Superman's powers. Clark on the ceiling. Jimmy flew back to his apartment.

"C.K. is Superman. Wow! I work with Superman. C.K. is an alien. Weird!" Jimmy went to sleep with a broad grin across his face. ***

The next morning, the Daily Planet was busy. Lois went in early and finished her article, and Clark went and got their usual weekly update from Bobby Bigmouth. It took him three cheeseburgers and four bags of fries to finish, but Clark was pleased that he'd heard nothing about Jimmy. At least, nothing that he'd mentioned. Clark left and returned to work, and met with Lois and Jimmy.

"Hey, Lois, Jimmy, I need to speak to you." Jimmy smiled at this. "What's funny, Jimmy?" Clark was worried.

"Hey, Clark," said Jimmy casually, "calm down, you're getting *super*-stressed there."

Another look shot between Lois and Clark. The three of them headed into the store-room.

"Jimmy, listen," Clark started, "I know how you got your powers…"

"From you."

"Eh, what, how?" Lois stammered.

"OK, C.K., so how did you keep this from me?" asked Jimmy, "I mean, you, Superman, my best friend is an alien!"

"Jimmy, keep your voice down."

Clark arranged to meet Jimmy that evening to tell him all about his powers, his origin and how he arrived here, why he was Superman, and everything Jimmy asked. ***

The high-pitched voice belonging to the voluptuous blonde was hard to mistake. A gorgeous woman, who sounded like she had the IQ of a small child sat over a *large* desk on the phone. "So is it ready?… No, I need it now… Jonny, you don't want to annoy me… That's better… Yes, as small as you can make it… Thank you." She hung up the phone. A small dog was on her lap, "Well, Pookie, we can get to him through that annoying reporter friend of his now. We won't even be near him when he goes!" ***

Jimmy slept at Clark and Lois's apartment that night. Lois woke needing a drink in the middle of the night, and was surprised to see Clark floating above the bed. This always happened when things were on his mind. She walked out to the kitchen to get a glass of water. As she turned, something was approaching her slowly. She screamed.

In a flash, Clark was there. "What…"

"Jimmy!" Lois whimpered.

Jimmy looked shocked. He had been floating in his sleep too, and had moved away from the bed and towards the kitchen. Lois' scream had awakened him and he had crashed to the floor with a loud bang.

"What happened there?" Jimmy asked sleepily.

"It's a long story!" replied Clark. ***

Upon arrival in Smallville, Clark and Lois led Jimmy to his parents house. Martha and Jonathan sat in the living room watching the news on the TV.

"Hi Mom. Hi Dad," called Clark.

"Hi Clark!" his parents chimed in unison.

"Jimmy!" noticed Jonathan, "how did you get here? Did you take the plane?"

"Well Dad," Clark added, "we did all fly…" ***

Martha had the sewing machine out again. She thought that she had finished designing costumes for superheroes a few years ago!

"Hey mom, you could start a living out of that!" said Lois, as if reading her mind.

Martha had agreed that Jimmy should have a disguise as well, if he was to have these powers. And at the moment, there was no option as to him not having them! Jimmy had hovered above the floor all the while that they had talked. It was quite unnerving really. He seemed really pleased. The strange thing was, he was more pleased that Clark was Superman than he was about his own powers.

"So Jimmy," spoke Martha, "what are you going to be called?"

"Oh, I, err, hadn't really thought about it yet," answered Jimmy truthfully.

"Superboy?" suggested Lois.

"Boy? Lois, I am *not* a boy. How about SuperJim?"

"Jimmy! The whole idea of a disguise is that people don't know who you are. That's why I'm not called 'Clark Kent Man'!"

"Oh yeah!" They all laughed along.

Lois spoke up, "How about calling yourself just a letter? It would be mysterious."

"Yeah, that would really get the girls interested."

"Oh, oh." laughed Lois. "I'm off now, 'cause Clark's about to give the "superheroes-don't-use-their-powers-to-get- women" speech!"

And sure enough, he did. ***

Later that night, after everyone was asleep, Clark lay awake. A worried look spread across his face. He gently pulled himself out from under the covers and crept to the door. He gave Lois a tender kiss on the way out and she grunted appreciatively. This made Clark shiver. Amazing. He could stand in the Arctic naked if he wanted to, which he didn't, but a small noise from this one woman could turn him to jelly.

Clark entered his parents' room quietly, and shook his mom. Both of his parents awoke. Clark marvelled that, after this many years of marriage, they were so perfectly in tune with each other. He lifted a finger to his mouth in a gesture which said, 'keep quiet'. On a small pad, Clark wrote them a note: 'I need to speak to you about Jimmy. Can't speak here. Superhearing. Come with me.' Martha and Jonathan got up slowly, so as to make as little noise as possible. Clark went and got them the biggest coats in the house. He floated them to the door, and then picked up his father. "Back in a minute," he mouthed to Martha. And true to his word, Clark was back within a minute, and he lifted his mother. ***

Lois was woken by a noise in her room. She opened one eye slightly.

"How does this guy get from Metropolis to Smallville so fast?" a large man whispered. There were two of them surrounding their wardrobe.

"Probably gets his mate, *Superman* to fly him here!" said the other. They both laughed. Suddenly, in a blur of red, the two men were bound and caught at the end of the bed.

"Oh, hi, Lois, sorry to wake you."

'That's not Clark', Lois thought. She was still very sleepy. As she moved her head up, she saw a small man in a red suit at the end of the bed. 'It's not Christmas, is it?' He had a yellow cape, and a black mask across his eyes. "Ji… Oh, er, thank you, whoever you are."

"What the hell are you?" asked one of the men.

"I am…" Jimmy spoke aloofly, "justice. I am X."

Lois laughed and laid back on her bed. Jimmy lifted the two men and flew out of the window. About five minutes later, he returned.

"So, Lois, what did you think?" Jimmy was jubilant.

"Jimmy, you were great," Lois said admiringly. "Superman would be proud".

This was enough for Jimmy. The gopher at the Planet who spent all of his time at work running other people's errands and all of his time at home chasing girls and worshipping Superman. Well, hanging out with Superman now he came to think about it! "Really? Wow, thanks, Lois!"

"What did they want, Jimmy?"

"Well, one of them said 'Did you do it?' and the answer was yes. Apparently, they didn't do *it*, whatever it is, as well as they wanted to though. And they hadn't stolen anything."

"That's strange. Oh well, I'll tell Cl… Where is Clark?" Lois was struck by worry.

"Hang on." Jimmy shot out the door. "Er, Lois…"


"Mr. and Mrs. Kent are gone as well."

Lois and Jimmy stood silently wondering whether it was all connected. Break-in, everyone missing. But how could they have taken Clark? Unless they had… No, not possible. But where was he? And where were his parents? ***

It was early morning in London. Clark and his parents sat in Trafalgar Square talking.

"So Mom, I don't think that I like Jimmy having these powers. I mean, I've grown up with them, I know how to handle them. Jimmy is a responsible guy, but I mean, wouldn't you freak if this happened? He could use the vision powers for things that he shouldn't, if you get my meaning."

"And you don't?" Jonathan said with a grin.

"NO, Dad, I don't!"

"So, Clark, you think that Jimmy will abuse the powers?" Martha's voice of reason spoke up.

"Well, no. Not intentionally anyway."

"Because, you know, a helping hand in Metropolis would be a big help for you, son, and you'd get to spend a lot more time with Lois."

Clark couldn't deny the prospect of more time with Lois was *very* attractive, but he still wasn't sure. "Mom, I can't put Jimmy into that position. I mean, he might hurt someone, or worse still, get hurt himself."

"Clark, why don't you discuss this with Jimmy?"

"Well, I wanted to see what you thought first. I suppose we should get back now? Lois will be awake soon, and I don't want her to think I left her out of this." ***

"You left me out," yelled Lois, "I was worried sick about you. First we find these strange men in the house, and then you're gone…"

"Whoa, Lois. Strange men?"

"Oh yeah, there were two men in our room looking through our wardrobe and Jimmy caught them and took them to the police."

"Jimmy?" Clark was shocked. Jimmy was being a superhero already!

Just as Clark mentioned his name, Jimmy, now dressed in his normal clothes, entered the room. "Thought I heard my name. Did Lois tell you what happened?"

"Yes Jimmy. Thank you for what you did. It was very brave."

"It was nothing. What were they going to do to me? Shoot me?"

"Jimmy, don't get cocky. We don't know that you're invulnerable yet. We need to take you, in your costume, to STAR labs and soon." Clark was reminded that Jimmy may not necessarily have *all* of his powers. After all, they were 4-5 miles away when the transfer happened.

"Well, I'm going to get some sleep, even if you're not. And this is not over Clark Kent." With that Lois stormed off to the bedroom. Jimmy smiled at Clark. 'That's the Jimmy I know,' he thought, as he sheepishly followed Lois. ***

Lois opened her eyes to see Clark sitting on the end of the bed holding his head. He was wearing his jeans and a plain white t-shirt. He was rubbing his temples madly.

"What's the matter with you? Trying to think of how to explain to me about last night? Well, answer me, Kent."

"Lois, I, I don't feel too great. I think I've got a headache." Clark sounded as though he had some unheard of disease, Lois thought. Well, I suppose that a headache is unheard of for Clark.

"Clark, you don't get headaches."

"I know. This is strange, I'm going outside to fly around for a while. That always clears my head when I'm confused."

"Clark, this better not be an excuse to avoid talking to me, because it won't work." Lois was suspicious. Why would Clark say he had a headache though? He knew that it would worry Lois, and that isn't Clark's style. He would move heaven and earth to keep her happy, and she knew it. What could be the matter?

Clark slowly stood up. He grabbed for the end of the bed, as a black mist threatened to overcome him. If he didn't know better, he would have thought that this was kryptonite. But he didn't hurt as much as normal. Kryptonite usually made every muscle in his body hurt. It felt as though he were being torn apart. But this was *just* a headache. His body was fine, but his head wasn't. He managed to stand, and made his way to the door. He took off and flew around a circle a couple of times. Lois was pleased that he could still manage that. She went to the kitchen, where Martha was serving breakfast.

"Hi, Lois, where's C.K.?" asked Jimmy jovially.

"He's flying outside. He's got a headache."

Martha and Jonathan immediately stopped what they were doing. "Pardon?"

"He's got a headache."

"But, Lois, Clark doesn't get headaches." Martha was visibly worried.

"That's what I said, but he seems to be OK other than that."

As Lois said that there was a terrible crash from outside. "What the hell was that?" Lois said in a loud voice. Before anyone could do anything else, Jimmy had flown out of the door and was moving at super-speed towards the source of the noise - the old barn. As he arrived there, he saw Clark laying at the bottom of the barn. A quick x-ray revealed that he had cracked two ribs and broken his left arm.

"Mrs. Kent! Mr. Kent! Lois!" Jimmy was frantic.

The three of them arrived. "Oh Clark," Lois cried.

Jimmy informed them of the injuries, and after the initial shock, they agreed to let Jimmy take Clark to the hospital. Jimmy flew Clark there, making the quick change into his suit first, and deposited him in the emergency ward, where he was seen to quickly. Jimmy was stunned when the nurse put a needle straight into Clark's arm. This shouldn't be happening! What was going on? Jimmy said that he had to leave, and wished Clark well. Clark merely grunted. He had two reasons to leave. The first was that people were kind of suspicious of a man who could fly and wasn't Superman. The second was that he had to ferry Lois and Clark's parents to the hospital. ***

"So, Mrs. Kent, I have a theory. I think that when Clark's powers came to me, that they might have been drained from him, but slowly. I feel like I'm getting stronger, and Clark is obviously getting weaker."

Martha looked through the window into Clark's room. Lois was holding his hand, but Clark was unconscious. He had been in and out of consciousness since they brought him in. His left arm was in plaster from shoulder to fingers, and Lois was carefully avoiding his ribs, where they were trying to heal. There was a drip in his arm, and this was what made Martha and Jonathan really realise that there was something *terribly* wrong with Clark. He had been changed into a hospital gown, and lay still as can be.

"Mrs. Kent?"

"Well, Jimmy, I suppose that is possible, although why would it happen slowly? When his powers were transferred to Lois, he lost them all at once." Martha was not sure.

"Transferred to Lois?" Jimmy didn't know about this. "Oh, so Lois was Ultra Woman?"

"Oh yes, sorry, Jimmy, I thought you knew."

"Oh my god. Oh no. What an idiot. And I kept on at Lois about how great she was. I told Lois that she was my dream woman. Oh no, C.K. I'm sorry…"

"Jimmy, Jimmy," Jonathan was grinning despite himself, "don't worry yourself. They both understand. But what I do think is that Clark needs his powers back." ***

Mindy Church was pleased with herself. Superman had not been seen in Metropolis for over a week, and she had the final test all lined up. Mark Lawrence, a former Intergang agent, had tried to double cross her. Well, she thought, that will be the last time. This presented her with a great opportunity. "Well now, Mark, let's see if Superman is about, shall we?" They were on the top of the LexLabs building, which was 33 stories high.

"Wait, Mindy, no! We can sort this out." Mark pleaded.

"What do you think, Pookie?" Mindy asked. The small dog didn't flinch. "No." She pushed. ***

Clark had sent Jimmy back to Metropolis while he recovered. He had been in hospital for two days, and he seemed to be recovering quickly.

"Watch over the place for me." were his instructions. Jimmy was sitting in his apartment wondering how he could help his friend when he heard the cry. In a flash, he was changed and out the window. *****

Mark Lawrence was about to hit the floor, and Mindy was happy. "No Superman, No Superman," she repeated over and over. That was until she saw what happened then.

A flash of red, and Mark was floating. What was this? "Thank you Superman," he exclaimed as he breathed heavily.

"Sorry, not Superman today."

"What the… Who are you?" asked Mark.

"I'm a stand-in. You can call me X. Superman's on holiday, but he'll be back." Jimmy wished he was as confident as his assurance to Mark. "Now, let's get you to the police station where you can tell them exactly what happened.

Mindy Church sat in her office amazed. She had not spoken since she saw what happened from the roof. That all changed now. She picked up a paperweight from the desk and threw it at the mirror on the wall. It smashed to tiny pieces. "That's not fair. It's just not fair. I get rid of Superman, and his cousin or something turns up. It's just not fair." The guards on Mindy Church's door knew not to argue or speak when she was in this sort of mood. They stood quietly. ***


"That's it," said Jimmy, "I'm going to have a front page here." Jimmy returned to the camera with which he had taken a picture of his superhero self. "If Clark can have an interview with Superman, and Lois with Ultra Woman, then I can interview myself."

After Jimmy had developed the picture, he laid it on his table, next to a printed sheet. The large letters at the top said: A NEW SUPERHERO IN TOWN Superman will return says mysterious X by James Olsen ***

"How in Graceland did you land this, Olsen?" said Perry excitedly.

"Well you know, what with Clark and Lois out of town, he asked for me."

"He *asked* for you? You're a photographer, Olsen."

"Oh well, if you don't want it, then I'm sure the Star will pay me a fortune." Jimmy went to snatch the page back.

"Jimmy, loyalty." Perry wanted this interview. "I reckon that we could put this, oh, on the, say, front page."

Jimmy broke out into a massive smile, and grabbed Perry's hand. He shook it hard.

"Ow, ow, Olsen, get off me now." Jimmy smiled as he left. Perry looked at his hand. There was an imprint of Jimmy's hand there. 'This reminds me of Kent's first interview,' he thought absently.


Clark sat up. He felt different. Lois looked at him. "What is it?"

"Lois, I feel better, I feel… whoa!" The needle that had been in Clark's arm popped out and just missed Lois. "Lois, are you OK?"

"Yes, fine, it missed."

"Could you pass me that please?" Lois passed the needle back to Clark. He tried to put it into his arm. It bent. "Lois," said Clark happily, "say hello to Superman." They laughed.

"Mr. Kent, you really shouldn't leave until we check those ribs." said the concerned doctor. "And your arm surely can't have fixed itself this quickly."

"I'm fine. Can I have my clothes please?"

"Well I can't stop you, but I must say that this is against my wishes."

Clark entered the changing room where he was given his clothes. Lois and Martha waited outside the room, Jonathan had gone to get the car.

"It's good to have him back," said Lois. "I was worried that he might have lost the powers for good this time."

"That's OK, Lois, so had we. It was like at the corn festival a couple of years back, when he was exposed to kryptonite for the first time. He lost them for a couple of days then too."

"You don't think… No, it can't be." Lois thought aloud.

"Kryptonite?" Martha inquired, "That's what I thought, but where?"

"I don't know. He's taking a long time in there," Lois knew that Clark was a *quick* dresser. "Doctor, could you please see what my husband's doing in there?"

The doctor poked his head around the door. He entered the room. Lois and Martha waited for Clark to come out.

"NURSE, QUICK," came the shout from the doctor. Martha and Lois ran into the changing room. ***

"I can't believe what I'm seeing," said Jimmy.

"What?" said Clark's parents together. "What can you see?"

"I x-rayed Clark's room and found nothing. But then I thought about those two men the other night." Jimmy explained.

"The burglars," Lois added.

"Apparently not, Lois." Jimmy sounded worried. "I looked in that wardrobe and all of Clark's clothes have been covered in a green dust."

"Kryptonite," everyone said at once.

"But no-one knows that Clark is Superman. Outside of this room that is." Jonathan said.

"No, but everyone knows that they are friends." said Jimmy. "So what if the idea was for Clark to wear these clothes and meet with Superman. He would affect Superman without knowing it, and by the time that he realised, it might be too late."

"Who would do that?" Lois asked.

"Well, I checked up, and those two guys…"


"They used to work at Cost-Mart, directly under Bill Church Snr."


"That's it." ***

Clark came around. Lois had just entered his room. "Oh, Clark, we've been so worried about you."

"What happened? I was meant to be going home."

"Clark, you've been asleep for four days now." Lois explained how the kryptonite had been put on his clothes and that it had made him weak. When he had slipped in the changing room, he had cut himself and the kryptonite had entered the cut. Once Jimmy realised that was what it was, it had been removed and the recovery had begun.

"Here, I bought you some *new* clothes."

"Thanks, I love you."

"I love you too, farmboy. Now let's bust some bad guys!"

'That is *definitely* the Lois I love,' thought Clark. ***

When Clark arrived at Jimmy's apartment, the place was trashed.

"Jimmy, JIMMY" Clark yelled.

"Yeah, C.K." Jimmy was huddled in the corner, with his eyes shut.

"Jimmy, who did this?"



"Yep. How the hell do you control that heat-vision. I tried to cook my dinner with it and nearly destroyed my kitchen! Then I tried to change into my new jeans, and started a hurricane in the lounge." Clark laughed.

"I'm sorry, Jimmy, but you really shouldn't have these powers."

"I agree, C.K. I can see what you have to go through all the time now, and it makes you all the more brave to me."

"Thanks, but I've grown up with this, and this all happened to me when I first got the powers. I think that I know a way that we can get your powers back to me as well. Last time this happened, Resplendent Man, remember him? Well, STAR labs took Gretchen Kelly's transfer machine to work on. We should be able to use that."

"OK, but, C.K?"


"Can I help you bust Intergang first?"

"Why of course, James!" They both laughed. ***

Mindy Church was planning the heist of a truckload of jewellry when Superman paid her a visit. As she studied the map, she heard a gunshot and then her guard yelling. The double doors at the end of her office burst open and there stood Superman. He strode purposely toward her. She slowly moved around to face him.

"Superman, thank god you're alright." she joked.

"Thanks for your concern, Mrs. Church, but I think that we both know it was you. Don't we?" Superman was not in a mood for messing and Mindy detected that straight away. But, hey, why not have a laugh when you can?

"Why, Supe, why don't we go private, so to speak. I'm sure we would have a great time together?"

"Mrs. Church. You run Intergang and I know it. You tried to make my friend, Clark Kent, kill me and I know it. Now I'm going to have to take you to the police."

"You'll never make it stick, Superman. You have no evidence that I am, in fact, in charge of the largest crime organisation ever seen in Metropolis. And because I am a weak-minded feeble female, who will believe you?"

"This office is evidence, and I know a few people inside Intergang who, when *pushed*, if you know what I mean, will testify."

"And that, Superman, is why I always plan for things like these." Mindy drew a gun.

"Don't people ever learn?!" Superman smiled, "That, Mrs. Church, is a gun. I, Mrs. Church, am invulnerable, remember?"

"And this, Superman, is a bullet. And this bullet, Superman, is made of a certain rock that you know of. It worked for Lex's wife, remember, and today it will work for me. Except that this time there is no Lois here to save you. And you will die here, in a huddled ball, painfully. Bye-bye, Superman." Mindy aimed the gun.


The trigger was pulled. A red blur again, and Jimmy caught the bullet.

"Oh dear, Mrs. Church, you seem to have missed." Jimmy threw the bullet through the roof and into space. Mindy fired five more shots, all of which went the same way as the first.

"Now, if you would be so kind as to escort us to the station, we would be most grateful!" Jimmy and Clark took an arm each, as they led Mindy away.


Two weeks later

Jimmy entered the Planet. There was a new paper framed on the wall. Along with the others, which read:


A Daily Planet Exclusive by Clark Kent



Exclusive by Lois Lane

There was now a new headline. It read simply:


Masked 'X' hailed by Superman

by James Olsen & Clark Kent.

Jimmy admired the paper and smiled at Clark. As Jimmy picked up a wad of paper, he cut his finger.

"Damn, this superhero lark had some perks then!"

Clark, Lois and Jimmy all laughed, as Perry looked on wondrously.