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Summer Bagwell
Becky Bain
Caroline Baker
Jennifer Baker
Nicola Baker
Lynn Baldwin
Barrow, Joseph
Bob Bartholomew
Chris Bauer
Jenny Becker
Kathy Bell
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Summer Bagwell

A Reason to Love
Clark protects Lois from a prison escapee who has vowed vengeance on her for putting him away.

Becky Bain

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Ad Astra Per Aspera
What if Clark hadn't returned from New Krypton? Lois learns that life goes on, and eventually finds closure... until, one day, the seeming impossible happens.

In a Dark Time
When every woman's worst nightmare comes true for Lois, she and Clark must come together for healing, and learn to accept that for them, everything is now changed.

An innocent gift -- or is it? -- leads Lois and Clark to a world where someone kills by slashing.... A compelling Beauty and the Beast crossover.


Bless You, Dr. Klein
Dr. Klein falls victim to Murphy's Law as he tries to repair the red Kryptonite laser.

Deserving to Know
When Lois saves Clark from Johnny Corben, he feels that there's something she deserves to know.

Deserving to Love
After Griffin's phone call, Lois seeks shelter at Clark's place. A nightmare leads to confessions.

Desperate Times
H.G. Wells is surprised as he finds Tempus in a world that finally seems to have gotten the better of him.

Hurt Before...
Clark Kent had met Lex Luthor during his years in college and is already onto him when he meets his new colleague Lois Lane. Together they investigate the Messenger explosion and Lois is beginning to suspect that Clark Kent has a secret...

...I Knew the Truth
In this continuation to "Hurt Before", Lois is shocked to learn that Lex Luthor is not the only one having a huge secret and exposing Clark could even be the bigger story. Should she keep the secret of the man who saved her life to find out the truth about Lex Luthor?

H.G. Wells is on yet another journey through several universes, trying to save the world. Tired and sick of what she has seen so far, Lois has just one question: Why help all those lunkheads?

When Clark saves a woman from a thug, he certainly doesn't anticipate the nightmare he is going to face afterward. But not only is he stuck in a nightmare, Lois, who has finally worked up her courage to tell Clark that she loves him, has drawn some wrong conclusions. Unfortunately, they add up to a nightmare that she cannot wake up from.

Only in My Dreams
Lois has finally realized that she is in love with her partner -- Clark Kent. Unfortunately, he is giving her the cold shoulder, and Lois has not the slightest idea why. Could Mayson be the one who is responsible for his strange behavior? Maybe going undercover as a married couple to test a hotel will help our favorite couple to resolve their problems.

Santa Conspiracy
Lois is a witch. At least Becca, Clark's little daughter, thinks so. And she knows there has to be a way to save her daddy, because he surely can't get rid of her on his own. In an attempt to help, Becca makes a huge promise to Santa, but is she really prepared to deal with the results? A Christmas special, belonging to "Stony Ways."

Saving Efforts
Clark wants to move -- again. His only problem: how to explain this to his little daughter, Rebecca? He knows she doesn't exactly like moving around so much. Find out how she will react in this prequel to "Stony Ways."

Seven Seconds
When Lois accepts Luthor's proposal, Clark's world is gone for broke. Unfortunately, Lois is clueless as to why Clark can't accept her choice. She desperately wants to know why Clark hates Lex so much. Lois confronts Luthor and gets quite an interesting answer.

Silent Agreements
Lois and Clark have just learned that they cannot have children and both are suffering. When they get to know a young German woman, they learn that someone might be pursuing Superman. After the woman's death they have more questions than answers. Can they be sure that her information is true? Why is a German scientist calling Clark? And why are Clark's parents so depressed?

Simply Because
At the end of "Individual Responsibility", Lois and Clark set up a date. Clark has promised Lois not to run out on her again, but then a disaster forces him to....

Stony Ways
Metropolis is the place where he will settle down, finally. Clark has made this huge promise to his little daughter Rebecca. And as he meets the woman of his life, he is even more willing to keep it. Unfortunately, Lois Lane isn't the easiest person to deal with, and Rebecca doesn't like her at all. A series of arson attacks make it impossible for Clark to stay hidden, and there are more problems to solve than keeping his powers a secret.

Stressful Researches
Dr. Klein finds himself tied up in his lab when he would much rather be researching.

Suicidal Despair?
At the end of Season 1 Clark confesses his love to Lois and gets rejected. But now things are happening a little differently. When Lois asks him to call Superman for her, he gets furious and runs away. He vanishes for a couple of days and Lois starts to worry that he might have done something really, really stupid. Note: Despite the title, this story is not deathfic.

Superman's Laundry
After almost being exposed by Diana Stride, Clark knows that he has to tell Lois his secret in person. But that is not so easy, particularly when people suddenly pay interest to the man who does Superman's laundry.

To Love and to Lose
18,308 words (96Kb)
Clark has been gone for three years. But is he really dead? When Jimmy stumbles upon a picture of Charles King, author of a new bestseller novel, Lois is determined to find out if he might be Clark Kent. And as Lois and Clark finally meet again, they have to deal with a world of hurt and misunderstandings.

Unexpected Consequences
5,394 words (30Kb)
Drunk on red kryptonite, Superman crashed a wedding. Now he has to deal with the consequences, one of them being a massive hangover. Sequel to the author's "Unexpected Side Effects."

Unexpected Side Effects
1,365 words (8Kb)
Superman would never accept Luthor's invitation to the wedding, or would he?

Caroline Baker

An Episode That Might Have ...
A continuation of the episode "And the Answer Is..." in script form.

One Suit, Two Suit, Red Suit, Blue Suit
A Lois and Clark poem written in the style of Dr. Suess.

Jennifer Baker

Because It Just Can't End Like That (TOGOM)
A short but WAFFy continuation of the episode "That Old Gang of Mine." What if Clark hadn't dozed off?

A Between Scene: From Tempus Fugitive
A "missing" scene from the episode Tempus Fugitive, which shows what might have happened between Lois and Clark before H.G. Wells wiped their memories and returned them to the present.

Clark comes home to Lois and a wonderful surprise!

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas + Sequel
Clark gives Lois a very special Christmas in Smallville.

L&C - Files
Deep in the swamps of Texas, the mysterious figure known as "that Zoomway person" calls upon her network of spies to create repercussions felt around the world -- and in Hollywood, too. :-)

New Years
Clark works up his courage to ask Lois to the Daily Planet's New Year's Eve Ball.

Oh, What a Wicked Web We Weave
Superman is accused of having an affair with the wife of Clark Kent! How will Lois and Clark keep the secret?

Phone Call
Clark calls home to explain to his parents why he's late arriving in Smallville for Christmas Eve. A vignette following the episode "Season's Greedings."

The Return of Ultrawoman
Look! Up in the sky! It's Ultrawoman, descending from the clouds to help Superman put out a blaze.

Nicola Baker

Desert Island Blues
Stranded on a desert island by kidnappers, Jimmy and Perry make a startling discovery.

Flying Lessons
Clark, Lois and Jimmy have a little accident, with some interesting consequences.

Landing Lessons
In this sequel to the author's "Flying Lessons," Jimmy has an accident.

Learning the Hard Way
Lois has been kidnapped as bait for Superman, and the villains are waiting with modified Kryptonite. What's a human to do? A sequel to the author's "Flying Lessons" and "Landing Lessons."

Lynn Baldwin

How the Grinch Almost Stole Christmas
A strange villain plots to keep Christmas from Metropolis.

L&C Trivia
A Lois & Clark trivia quiz for FoLCs.

Scardino Takes a Fall
Dan Scardino gets shot, and unless Clark can intervene, Lois will be next.

A Super New Year's Eve
Lois and Clark are invited to Lexcorp's New Years' Eve Ball, the theme of which is "A Super Costume Party: Dress Up as a Superhero." Lois, who's planning to go as Wonder Woman, threatens to ferret out Clark's secret using her Lasso of Truth.

Until We *Meat* Again
When Baby Rage locks Lois and Clark in a meat locker, it gives them an opportunity to talk turkey.

Jack pays a visit to the Daily Planet newsroom, hoping to snag a Superman interview for the Metropolis Free Press. But everybody gets a scoop when it becomes apparent that someone has targeted Lois' friend Allison for murder.


Dad Who Came In From the Cold
A simpler (and much shorter) version of this episode, written for the Plot Un-Twist Challenge.

Dating by Deception
Lois and Clark get a little romantic help from a very unexpected person.

Earl and Juliana and Lois and Clark
This rewrite of "Bob and Carol and Lois and Clark" rearranges the maniacal tendencies of some of the characters, creating a very different outcome for all involved.

I Now Pronounce You...: A Plot Un-Twist
Lois's wedding day doesn't go quite as planned in this tongue-in-cheek response to the Plot Untwist Challenge.

Lois and Clark: The Episodic Adventures of Superman
Is it possible to write a story that weaves all of the episode titles into the plot? Read and find out. See if you can find them all....

Tiny Pieces
A Tank Ending for the episode "And the Answer Is..."

Trouble in Paradise
In a spate of character generosity, our authors redeem Andrus and H.G. Wells in a Utopia gone awry. A multiauthored story by BanAnna and Carol M.

What Clark Really Meant to Say
Clark and Lois have some serious talking to do in this reworking of the freezing scene in hte episode "And the Answer Is."

What Lois Really Meant to Say
This story begins with some of the final lines of House of Luthor, and then rewrites the ones that follow based on the question: What if Clark had let Lois go first?


Back to The Future
Utopia has been disrupted, but by whom? Picking up where "Family Hour" left off, we join Lois and Clark as they learn the secret of the baby's origin. A secret that may put their lives -- and the lives of their descendants -- at grave risk. Part 1 of 2. Episode 1 of S5.

A charity auction and a visit from the Waynes of Gotham City prove only slight distractions for Lois and Clark as each tries to find the perfect gift for their paper anniversary.

The Dance of a Lifetime
While out on the town to celebrate nailing a "Kerth-caliber" story, Lois pulls Clark into a plot to reunite Alice White with Perry.

Perry sends Clark and a very pregnant Lois on a story to Washington. An old friend of Perry's has caught a whiff of scandal that could reveal corruption through all levels of government. The time away together also gives Lois and Clark an opportunity to sort out personal matters. This is the final installment of a trilogy that began with the author's "Beginnings" and continued with "Something in Common."

Something in Common
Lois and Clark fly off to Kansas to share some good news with Martha and Jonathan -- and also to get some advice about something that's been concerning them. They know the Batman's secret, but Batman doesn't know theirs. Should secrets be shared among superheroes ... and their wives? A continuation of the author's fanfic "Beginnings," and the second story in her "Variations on a Theme" trilogy.

Strained Relations
A new baby, demanding jobs, and a part-time role as super-hero are keeping the Lane and Kent household busy. Could this be Jimmy's time to shine? Meanwhile, Lex Luthor is plotting. Part 1 of 2. Episode 1 of S6. A multiauthored story by Barbara and Pam Jernigan.

This Means War ...
A humorous story in which Lois loses at Trivial Pursuit, Clark sings the Flintstones theme song, and pranks are the order of the day at the Daily Planet (with Kyle Griffin nowhere in sight :-).

A Virtue Rewarded
Lois' memory slowly returns as she lies in her hospital bed, and she finds herself attracted to Clark all over again. He takes her to Smallville for some R&R. A WAFFy story that picks up after the episode "Seconds."

Joseph Barrow

All-Star Pickup Game
Superman teams up with another speedy guy to take on a well-known duo in a game of basketball.

Clark's Decision
Clark Kent agonizes over a decision about a promotion. What does he tell Perry ... and why?

Bob Bartholomew

  Nominated Best New Author 2009

100 Meters
Superman stops by Lois's apartment to see how she's reacting to Clark's death in That Old Gang of Mine. What he sees from a distance causes him to move a little closer.

After a Door Slams
Clark decides to confront, rather than ignore, the issue after Lois slams the door in his face at the end of their date in the episode "Lucky Leon."

After Nightfall: The Return of Superman
This sequel to "When the Sky Falls" continues the story of Lois and Clark in the post-Nightfall world. Some old friends reappear, and we discover that more has changed in this world than Lois or Clark had realized.

Always Darkest
For those with no family and few connections, Christmas can be a challenging time. An alt-Clark from a very different universe tries to find a comforting place for this holiday. A prequel to the author's "The Pub."

And the Truth Will Set You...
If Clark really loved Lois as much as he claimed, he should have known that marriage to Lex would make her miserable. He might have risked his ultimate secret to give her a chance to know the truth about her fiance -- even at the cost of his own future.

If Clark had gone to see Lois as Superman after he was thought killed in "That Old Gang of Mine," what might have happened if Clark decided to tell Lois the truth? A continuation of the author's "100 Meters."

Encountering Talent
A young woman is on vacation in Metropolis with a friend. When she suffers a purse grabbing, she is helped by Lois and Clark. This woman has some special talents that provide insights into our favorite couple.

The Evening After a Door Slams
There has been great progress in Lois and Clark's relationship after a late night after-date talk and an early-morning Superman encounter gone awry. What will happen when they each plan to share their greatest secrets the next evening? A sequel to "The Morning After a Door Slams."

First Flights
Lois Lane has had several memorable "firsts" relating to flying. Set in the universe of the author's fanfic "Luck and Consequence."

Flying Easy
A late night return to the Planet by Lois after the evening of "Fly Hard" leads to an unexpected meeting on the roof.

The LnC fanfic writer Mary Potts created a wonderful funny short, titled "Phero-Moan My Lovely," that considered what might have happened if Lois had not recovered from the pheromone that she was exposed to in the episode "Pheromone, My Lovely." This story explores the same concept and considers what might have happened in the time immediately following that episode if the effect of the pheromone on Lois had persisted.

Lex's Best Day
As Lex is preparing for his wedding to Lois, he takes some time to have an unexpectedly frank and open discussion about the future with a stranger from out of town.

Like Father, Like Daughter
Lois showed a lot of concern for Superman when he almost died in the Season 3 episode "Home Is Where the Hurt Is." What might have happened if Lois's parents had been watching her more carefully than she realized? A 2009 holiday fanfic.

Lois Lane Meets Clark Kent
Lois Lane has reached a roadblock in her pursuit of a story about gunrunners based in the Congo. While deciding her next move, she has a chance encounter with a world famous photographer -- Clark Kent. Part 1 of the "Lois Lane Meets..." series.

Lois Lane Meets Superman
It's 1993 and Lois Lane has managed to sneak aboard the EPRAD colonization module and is waiting for launch. On the surface everything looks like the story we know so well. But appearances can be deceiving.

In the canon LnC universe, Clark was in love from day one but had a difficult time reaching the wedding altar. A fun look into a very different universe where that seems to be the least of his challenges. A multiauthored story by Mary Potts and Bob Bartholomew.

Luck and Consequences
Lois Lane doesn't believe in luck, but someone else looking at her life might describe her as lucky. Her life with Clark seems just about perfect, but their desire for a family may require more than just the normal measure of luck. A tale of Lois and Clark not long after the end of the series that explores the very nature of Superman.

In this post-season-four story, Clark has been on New Krypton helping Zara and Ching stabilize their government. While he was there, he had the opportunity to develop his Kryptonian telepathic abilities. Now that he's strong enough to communicate with Lois all the way from New Krypton, what will happen when he returns home? A humorous look at the famous mind-wipe kiss from the movie "Superman II."

The Morning After a Door Slams
In the episode "Lucky Leon," what might have happened if Clark had convinced Lois to talk after the door was slammed at the end of their date? If they got their feelings out in the open, what might happen the next day? A sequel to "After a Door Slams."

An elderly Lois Lane Kent gets an amazing offer from a visitor with the ability to alter time and space.

The Pub
A young Clark Kent is struggling to get by in a world that never recovered from Nightfall. With no Lois Lane, no Daily Planet and Metropolis in ruins, will he find the inspiration to step up and make a difference?

The Return of Ultra Woman
As a result of the incidents that occurred in "Luck and Consequences," Lois has recovered the powers that she had as Ultra Woman. However, now it's several years later and she has a daughter to consider. What will she do?

The song, "Something to Talk About," written by Shirley Eikhard and performed by Bonnie Raitt, tells a story of how a rumor can cause a potential couple to recognize a relationship that is right in front of them. What if the story of the song were applied to the universe of Lois and Clark?

Santa Surprise
Lois and Clark have decided that a Christmas party would be the perfect time to tell Lois's family that she's pregnant. That may not be the only surprise of the evening. A 2008 holiday fanfic.

Santa's Helper
A new tradition is born in Metropolis on Christmas Eve. The impact may go far beyond the expectations of the founders.

Save This Dance for Me: A Lois & Clark Valentine's Day Fairy Tale
Feeling lonely, a college age Clark Kent stops at a Valentine's Day dance in Metropolis. He encounters a young woman in the midst of one of the greatest challenges of her life. Fate combines with a little magic make this much more than a chance encounter.

It's been nearly six months since Perry forced Lois to partner with Clark Kent. She's still adjusting to working with Mr. Green Jeans, when they are both sent to a seminar covering unusual investigation techniques. One of those methods might provide unexpected insights to some of the men in her life.

Valentine's Cards
The Lane sisters have a tradition of shopping for Valentine's Day cards. This year Lois has a story to tell about buying a card the year she dated Lex. Telling that story may lead to progress in a relationship with much more potential.

When the Sky Falls
In the episode "All Shook Up" what might have happened if EPRAD and the military had used some technology to improve the chance for a successful Nightfall mission? In the aftermath of a failed Nightfall mission, amnesia and disaster might lead to opportunities for Lois and Clark.

A bit of early morning restlessness gives Clark the chance to think about how lucky he's been to have Lois in his life. A WAFFY short for Valentine's Day 2010.

Chris Bauer

Unpleasant Memories
Nightmares have plagued the mind of the young Sara Kent. Lois and Clark struggle with the hard decision of telling Sara about where she really came from. Will this revelation pull them apart or bring them closer? A multiauthored story by Chris Bauer and

Jenny Becker

A Day (Morning) in the Life of the Kents
A WAFFy morning with the Kent family as Lois prepares to go to work.


The Worst Christmas Ever!
A sad, insightful tale of one really sad Christmas.


Anchor: Epilogue -- Jonathan Kent
2,067 words (11Kb)
In this short epilogue to the fanfics "Anchor: Parts I and II," Jonathan Kent reflects on the events following his son's death and the arrival of the other Clark.

Anchor: Part I -- Clark Kent
115,215 words (612Kb)
A tragedy in another universe threatens all life on that universe's Earth. Can Clark Kent AKA Superman save the world and set things back on the right path while finding a place for himself at the same time? An alternate universe story.

Anchor: Part II -- Kal-El
113,080 words (594Kb)
In this second installment of "Anchor," Kal-El makes the ultimate sacrifice to save the people of New Krypton from the atrocities of Lord Nor's attempted coup. His return to Earth, made possible through a series of chance events involving his doppelganger from another universe, lands him back home with those who care about him most. Will he be able to recover the life he once had? Or will his experiences on New Krypton prove to be too much to handle, even for Superman? An alternate universe story. Part two of three.

480 words (3Kb)
Clark can't ever refuse Lois, even if it means...

Destined: Journey
17,967 words (101Kb)
Until recently, young 16-year-old Kal-El's entire life has been about training and preparing to be Supreme Ruler of Krypton. But when he learns his planet is doomed, he faces a new journey -- not just to be Krypton's sole survivor on a distant planet called Earth, but also to find a way to create a life and a legacy his parents would be proud of. Part one of a three-part epic.

The Family Hour Interlude
996 words (6Kb)
Dr. Klein delivers the news to Superman that his biology and an Earth woman's are not compatible for reproduction. An added scene to the series finale episode, "The Family Hour."

Good Luck Finding Something
1,252 words (7Kb)
Clark Kent has spent his whole life not quite finding what he's been looking for. But now that he's arrived in Metropolis, landed his dream job at the Planet, and fallen in love at first sight ... now he's having trouble finding someplace to live.

How to Change a Lightbulb
931 words (5Kb)
A simple chore leads to an enlightening discovery on an otherwise normal day in the life of young Clark Kent.

I'm Superman
866 words (4Kb)
Clark has always seemed a little trigger-happy when it comes to popping the question. He really needs to work on talking himself out of it. A Seussian tale in iambic tetrameter.

Kiss Me
1,346 words (7Kb)
A short revelation story in which Lois doesn't quite react as expected to Superman's confession.

Live to Fight Another Doomsday
1,987 words (6Kb)
When the enemy seems insurmountable, all Clark needs to do is wake up and trust in... himself?

May I Have This Dance, Mrs. Kent?
1,521 words (8Kb)
Mornings are always a little chaotic for the Kents. But sometimes, they need to slow down and take a minute or two to just ... dance.

The New Adventures of Zooperman
1,123 words (6Kb)
Lois and Clark spend an afternoon at the Metropolis Zoo.

Pencil It In
2,626 words (15Kb)
Clark gets Lois a gift, but the gift has some unexpected consequences.

Safe in His Arms
3,378 words (18Kb)
An event in Lois's past throws a wrench into Lois and Clark's wedding night plans.

Save a Slice of Pie for Me
15,745 words (85Kb)
Eight-year-old Jon Kent's life has been pretty normal, really -- growing up on his grandparents' farm in Smallville, Kansas, his mom raising him while his dad, whom he's never even met, is off on some long undercover assignment overseas. But things change pretty quickly one afternoon when he discovers a unique and disconcerting new ability. As he adjusts to being able to "hear" the thoughts of those around him, another voice reaches out to him from somewhere far away ... a voice he's been waiting his whole life to hear.

63,075 words (346Kb)
Lois helps rescue a man who's been imprisoned and tortured since he was a child. What will become of him as he reenters the world, and how will Lois deal with her feelings for him as their relationship develops?

That Forgotten Journal
1,894 words (10Kb)
On the eve of their fifth wedding anniversary, Lois finds an old journal that Clark kept when he was a kid.

Whisper of Hope
1,054 words (6Kb)
After a rough day at school, Clark Kent overhears a conversation between his parents.

Wish Heard From Afar
1,044 words (6Kb)
In this companion story to the author's "Wish Upon A Star," Clark returns from New Krypton on Christmas morning to find an unexpected and precious gift.

Wish Straight From the Heart
884 words (5Kb)
In this companion story to the author's "Wish Upon a Star" and "Wish Heard From Afar," young Jon Kent learns that his Christmas Eve wishes might have had more power than he'd imagined.

Wish Upon a Star
1,163 words (6Kb)
Lois and her son, Jon, make their annual Christmas wish. Will they finally receive the Christmas miracle they've been hoping for?

Kathy Bell

The Day After Christmas
It's the day after the "Home Is Where the Heart Is" Christmas, and Sam Lane has pieced together a few coincidences. He barges in on Clark and his parents, furious to think that some alien (carrying "who knows what diseases and genetic disorders") would have designs on his daughter -- and orders Clark away from Lois, forever.

A Few Thoughts Beforehand
It's their wedding day, Lois and Clark are alone at last, the moment is at hand -- and Clark succumbs to insecurity.

Timeout in Smallville
After that second bump on the head, Lois' memory is almost back, but she still doesn't remember who Clark is. Clark, emotionally drained, spends some down time in Smallville in a scenario that picks up after the episode "Seconds."


The Choice
What made Lois say "I can't" to Lex? What made her say "Lois Lane Kent?" The author puts forth her own theory in this fanfic which takes place amidst "The House of Luthor."

In this poignant observation, we're inside Clark's mind as he watches Lois.

Duo Infernale
Lois and Clark, the movie??? Hollywood tails Lois and Clark and tells all during a talk show.

An Early Morning Surprise
When Lois goes to Clark's apartment one morning to pick him up for work, she is met by an unusual and disturbing sight -- Clark and her sister, Lucy, in a suspicious state of undress. A story set in second season. A multiauthored story by Bella and Deandreamer.

A Flickering Flame
Pregnant women are disappearing. A scientist wants to control Metropolis. And Lois hates Clark. When it rains, it pours. Episode 13 of S5. This story was written by Kathy Brown, Bella and Trish.

Is He Or Is He Not?
What happens when Lois puts 2 and 2 together about Clark and Superman ... and gets 13?

It Happened One Night
It's deep in the night in Metropolis when strange things happen.

A murder case inspires a quick friendship between Lois and the rookie journalist, Clark. Or: What happens when life turns out to be a movie?

Who, What, Why Am I
Who, what, and why am I: these are the great questions of mankind, whose answers are most of the time more academic than not. But this time, the answer to these questions is a matter of life or death for Clark Kent.


  Nominated Best New Author 2009

The Final Countdown
During the events of "All Shook Up," Lois arrives at Clark's apartment a few minutes earlier than in the episode and gets an eyeful. This was written as a Holiday Ficathon assignment, and the requirements are posted at the end. Written for ChiefPam.

Home is Where the Hero Is
A rewrite of the episode "Home Is Where The Hurt Is." Superman is sick and Sam Lane realizes that his daughter loves two different men -- Clark Kent and Superman. Or does she? (Because come on, how can he not put two and two together???)

Those Darn Space Rats...
Set during "Seasons Greedings," Clark gets exposed to the Space Rats again as Superman. How mean is he going to be Lois? And will Lois finally learn his secret?

Shannon Berg

Computer Glitch
Lois and Clark's adopted teenaged daughters meet Jaxon Xavier in the virtual world. Will the computer wizard succeed in exacting revenge on Lois and Clark? A multiauthored story by Shannon Berg and Lisa Stankiewicz.

Tears in Heaven
Christmas is coming and the goose is in the pot. But, something else is stirring in the Kent house; Lois and Clark are fighting to keep their marriage alive. Though Clark is fighting a battle all his own… New Krypton… Will it be a holly jolly holiday for the Kents or will this Christmas be scrooged? A multiauthored story by Shannon Berg and Lisa Stankiewicz.

Valentines Day...Full of Surprises
Lois and Clark plan mutual surprises for each other on their first Valentine's Day since the wedding.


And by the Way
In an alternate ending to the episode "Contact," Clark is surprised by Lois's reaction to his "stupidity." This piece, like Christy Landrum's "I Still Love You," is based on the country song "Austin."

Facing the Pain
Clark offers Lois love and support when a new development brings old hurts to the surface....

Lois is falling victim to another prankster, but this time it's all in good fun.

It's Never Easy Being Me
This is a sequel to the fanfic "It's Not Easy Being Me" and in response to Melisma's challenge on the listserv to tell the story of the... well, read it and see for yourself. A multiauthored story by Bethy and ShivaSaavik.

It's Not Easy Being Me
A look at Superman's daily life from a unique perspective. A multiauthored story by Bethy and ShivaSaavik.

Pre-Emptive Strike
Clark comes home to find Lois plucking her eyebrows...but he soon realizes there's more going on than this ordinary activity.

Puddle Adventures
Lois and Clark have some fluffy fun after it rains.

Reluctantly Engaged
What if...when Lex proposed, he didn't wait for Lois to answer? What if...Lois's uncertainty caused a delayed reaction to his question? One Lex assumption + One Lois delayed reaction = One woman who is Reluctantly Engaged.

Reluctantly Engaged II: Readily Engaged
One Lois-who-has-finally-come-to-her-senses-and-realized-she-loves-Clark + One Lois-still-technically-engaged-to-Luthor = One major roadblock to being Readily Engaged

Secret Affairs
Clark is sneaking around to see a strange woman?

Showing Chaos
Lois and Clark are trying to sell their house but have some trouble when it comes to showings.

A Super Santa
Superman makes some time on Christmas day for a little boy who has a special wish.

What's in a Name?
Kal-El, foundling prince of Nivekia, discovers that royal life is not all that great as he has to adjust to the prospect of an arranged marriage.

When You Need My Love
A late-night visit from Lois gives Clark a chance for introspection on his favorite subject -- her.

Betsy R.

At Last, Recompense
This is a short short in which the author takes some time to right some old wrongs. She's sure Lois will thank her for it.

When her family is kidnapped, Meghan Avery -- a friend from Clark's past -- comes to the Daily Planet for the special kind of help only Clark can provide. And Meghan is rather special herself.

Christmas Traditions
Poor Clark. He's having some personal... frustrations on Christmas Eve. Can Lois help him work through them? A very short, WAFFy vignette.

A mysterious source wreaks havoc by creating interactive dreams among the people in Metropolis. But what will a dream shared between Lois and Clark reveal to each of them?

Excerpts From the Journal of Lois Lane
What if Clark hadn't come back from New Krypton right away? What would life have been like for Lois Lane? Here is a story that gives one possible answer to that question...

A Father's Wisdom
A heart-broken ten-year-old Clark is comforted by his father.

Gone in a Flash: An Alternate Adventure of Lois and Clark
An Elseworld story in which Lois and Clark, and a super-hero known as the Guardian, battle to save their universe against an enemy they know only as Chronos. Will they be in time?

In Vitro Veritas
Lois and Clark go undercover in an infertility clinic. But will they find out more about their story or themselves? Episode 5 of S5. This episode of S5 was written by Betsy, with Kathy Brown and Pam Jernigan.

A Midsummer Night's Dream
In the throes of a nightmare, Lois cries out for Clark, but it's Superman who arrives to comfort her. A story that takes place in the summer after first season.

Not So Ordinary After All
In a continuation of the author's story "Ordinary Like This," following an angry revelation that takes place at the end of "Barbarians at the Planet," Lois, with a little help from her friends, begins to see through Lex Luthor.

Ordinary Like This: An L&C vignette
An angry Clark reveals more than he planned, and his actions force Lois to face a few facts she'd rather avoid in this season one vignette.

Not everyone appreciates the revitalization of the Kingston neighborhood, but what will Jimmy risk to investigate it? It's Luthor versus Church -- winner take all. Episode 20 of S5.

What If?
An alternate ending to the episode "Barbarians at the Planet," picking up at the point where Clark confesses his love for Lois in hopes of dissuading her from marrying Lex Luthor.

You Can Dress Them Up
Clark's always wanted to be a normal guy. In this story, we see that he can be "normal" in a way Martha wishes he weren't...

Sara Betttina

Fools Rush In Where Angels Fear to Tread
Lois and Clark try to have a nice evening *alone* but life -- and Dan Scardino -- keep interrupting them.

Kryptonite Condoms
Clark returns from New Krypton to find a little surprise waiting for him.

Reality Ends Here and Fantasy Begins
An Elseworld Fic: A college student suddenly finds herself at the Daily Planet, making friends with Lois, Clark and especially Jimmy.


Tacit Implications
Lois and Clark's relationship could have easily taken a different turn during the first season -- especially while undercover at the honeymoon suite.

Tacit Implications, Part 2
After Lois and Clark got up close and personal at the Lexor, they realise there was something they forgot.... A continuation of the author's story.

Barb Beverly

  Nominated Best New Author 2011

Double Diaries: The Journals of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
Newlyweds Lois and Clark learn more about each other as they read and discuss their journals from the early days of their relationship.

Double Diaries 2: The Journals of Lois and Clark
Newlyweds Lois and Clark continue to learn about each other as they read through their diaries exploring the early days of their relationship.

Time to Find Lois Lane
With the help of H.G. Wells, Alt-Clark attempts to find his soul mate, the Lois Lane of his world.

Mike Bishop

The Arctic Giant
The Metropolis Museum of Natural Science has the exhibit of the century. Is Lois chasing the story... or is the story chasing Lois?

The Mechanical Monster
What do you get when you mix an old Superman comics formula with Lois & Clark, insert tongue firmly in cheek and mix? In this bit of fantasy, you get Dr. Unnamed Mad Scientist and Mechanical Monster Number 5.

Julie Bixby

As You Wish
Identifying with the characters in the movie The Princess Bride, Lois and Clark discuss their relationship. A multiauthored story by Julie Bixby and Dory Weiss.

Whine's Wine
A continuation of the episode "Whine Whine Whine" -- a few more minutes between Lois and Clark, before the Kents arrive.


  Nominated Best New Author 2009

Disposable Characters: A "Cold & Blood" Challenge Response
Two drabble responses to the "Cold and Blood" opening lines challenge.

Feeling Christmas
Following their adventures with the Space Rats, Lois finally feels the spirit of Christmas. Will it last or will a misunderstanding get in the way? A 2008 Holiday Ficathon story written for Elisabeth.

It's About Time
Alternative universes. Rose Tyler. Clark Kent. Lois Lane. Time windows and a man named Tempus. Can you guess where I'm going with this? A Lois and Clark / Doctor Who Crossover tale about love and ... well, time.

Just Save Someone
5,727 words (32Kb)
What is a lone Time Lord to do when an asteroid the size of Metropolis heads for his favorite planet? Save someone, of course! A Doctor Who/Lois & Clark Crossover.

Master of Disguise
An Elseworld tale. If Clark Kent never arrives in Metropolis and Lois Lane marries Lex Luthor, what will happen when Lois starts to suspect her husband's true nature? And without Lois, will Clark ever create his super disguise?

Mostly Dead
A vignette set during the episode "And The Answer Is...." A Plot Un-Twist story.

Newton's Law
Newton's Law #1: Inertia -- An object in motion will stay in motion. An object at rest stays at rest. But what happens when a mind in motion meets a body at rest, especially when the mind and body belong to Lois Lane?

Nothing Is Impossible
54,895 words (304Kb)
Alt-Clark has not only given up on finding Lois, he no longer wants to find her. What will happen when he returns to his world following the events of "Lois and Clarks" to find that everything has changed?

Wanna Neck?
Set in the "Master of Disguise" universe, this little bit of PWP features the end of Lois and Clark's first date and the goodnight kiss.

Wasted Revelations
Set during "House of Luthor", an in-betweeny that explores what happened between Lex's suicide leap and the meeting in front of the Daily Planet. A holiday ficathon story written for Sue S.

Blade Sharp

Like Superman
Lyrics to a song about Superman, inspired by Lois and Clark.

Gina Blank

One lazy weekend, Clark discovers Lois has little tolerance for insects.

But I'm Stronger
Browsing through photo albums of each other, Lois and Clark reminisce about childhood experiences.

A Clark Within Her Heart
Zara and Ching return to Earth with bad news for Lois. A continuation of the episode "Big Girls Don't Fly."

The Day Everything Changed
Soon after Clark fixes his wife a sumptuous gourmet dinner, she takes ill with stomach pains. Surely it wasn't the chicken cordon bleu?

A FOLC Thing
Why do FoLCs do the things they do? As this poem explains, "it's a FoLC thing."

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas ... or Not
In Kansas, teen-age Clark Kent is having a great Christmas. In Metropolis, the holiday just keeps getting worse for Lois Lane and her little sister, Lucy.

Home Is Where My Lois Is
A story that takes place just after the episode "Big Girls Don't Fly." Lois is staying at the Kents' in Smallville when she receives a message from Clark.

Out of Control
Clark surprises his fiancee with a roller-blading date.

Will You Be There?
Lois comes to terms with nightmares and fears during a weekend trip to the Grand Canyon.

Lara Blasingame

Hidden Treasures
When billions of dollars' worth of rare artifacts are stolen from the Metropolis Museum, Lois and Clark investigate the possible culprits as well as their blossoming relationship.

The Quicker-Picker-Upper?
When Clark helps Lois paint her bedroom, she learns that special skills come in handy.

Revisiting the House of Luthor
Lois's wedding to Lex is fast approaching, but one night at Clark's apartment has her world turned upside down. Could she be marrying the wrong man?

A Time to Adjust
Clark is welcomed home by the pitter-patter of little feet ... er, paws!


Finding Lois Lane
Bruce Wayne's daughter collaborates with the grandson of Lois Lane to find out about the dead grandmother he never had a chance to know, and about Superman.


27,768 words (153Kb)
A different ending to the episode "House of Luthor." Superman manages to break the cage when he rams it, resulting in a messier escape. A detailed "what-if." Warning: descriptive injuries and wound treatment.

Footprint Hotel
3,071 words (17Kb)
Muddy footprints on a ceiling. In answer to a challenge prompt: footprints on the ceiling.

Had It
1,624 words (9Kb)
What if, when the assassin, Tez, tried to get away by disguising himself as a beautiful blonde and making a scene, Clark wasn't having it? Somewhat crackfic.

23,464 words (126Kb)
A what-if based on the first-season episode "Pheromone, My Lovely." What if Superman had been affected by the concentrated spray and Lois hadn't shown much resistance to his advances? Consequences abound. Can this severe misstep be put right, or is their relationship over before it really began? An answer to Bizarro Kerth Challenge #3.

102,191 words (569Kb)
As a Private Investigator, Clark Kent can make a difference while not needing to worry about answering to a boss or keeping normal business hours, which is important, since he also chooses to make differences in other, more unbelievable, ways. Meanwhile, Lois Lane is dead set on uncovering the truth behind the miraculous and the heinous. How will the world react when such truths are revealed?

Investigate: Intergang
33,062 words (184Kb)
Clark Kent is a Private Investigator and former military, a more assertive and proactive Superman. This is the second story ("Act II") of an alternate universe series starting with the author's "Investigate." With Luthor's empire in shambles, another quickly moves in to take its place. However, they didn't account for Kent, not to mention Superman's direct approach.

Investigate: Keeper
73,753 words (412Kb)
3rd act of the author's AU series "Investigate." The world has embraced the Man of Steel, which is good, because the future holds more than he may be able to handle on his own.

Investigate: Time Interlude
2,872 words (16Kb)
Some people really should reevaluate the wisdom of traveling through time. Set in the alternate universe of the author"s "Investigate" stories, serving as an interlude of sorts between Acts II and III.

Lois ...
811 words (4Kb)
What if Clark had slightly different (better) priorities? Alternative ending to the second-season episode "And the Answer Is...."

20,799 words (113Kb)
Not all kryptonite is bad, but they all certainly have their side effects.

7,484 words (40Kb)
A what-if based on the first-season episode "Pheromone, My Lovely." What if Superman had been affected by the concentrated spray? What will Lois do when he comes to her? Granted, no matter what she does, she'll get a lot more than she bargained for.