Closer Contact: A Plot Untwist Challenge Story

By LabRat <>

Rated: PG

Submitted: April 2003

Summary: Clark's traditional liking for Lois inadvertently gets her out of a sticky situation in this Plot Untwist Challenge vignette.

A plot un-twist based on the episode "Contact ."

Author's note: Hazel's challenge on Zoomway's mbs was to produce a short story, the point of which was to 'untwist' the plot, so that the episode would never have happened.


Lois turned to the superhero, triumph sparkling in her eyes as he turned away from trussing up the airport baggage thieves. He grinned at her.

"Wait right here. I've gotta drop them off at the police, then I'll see you home."

She shook her head. "You don't have to do that."

Superman frowned. He folded his arms. It was obvious that he was about to embark on round one hundred and one in a very ongoing and old argument. "Lois…" he said, tone chiding.

Lois raised a brow and folded her arms right back. "Superman…" she intoned sharp mimicry of his tone.

He sighed. "Lois, I'd feel better if you'd wait for me. It's going to be dark soon."

The look she threw him was slightly weary in response. "Clark," she murmured as though pointing out the obvious to a child. "I've driven home alone for as long as you've known me. And like two million times before that. I'll be fine."

Superman glanced across his shoulder and frowned at the thieves who were paying too much attention to the conversation. Then he moved a couple of steps closer, ducking his head. "Well, yeah…I know that," he said under his breath. "But…well, I thought, maybe, you know, if I came *with* you…" One finger ran a somewhat plaintive path up her arm. "…maybe you could…run out of gas. Maybe up near Pointers' Wood? And then, *maybe* we could do some…you know…canoodling…till the garage came out with more…"

Lois blinked. Her aggressive stance was abandoned as her eyes widened. "Pointers' Wood? Why Superman!" she purred breathlessly in a scandalized little girl voice as her upper body swayed nearer to his. "You wouldn't be suggesting the Man of Steel might like to spend some time necking up in that student hormone acceleration area, would you?" She had moved a little closer herself now and he was all too acutely aware of the fact that barely a sliver of air remained between them.

He shrugged. "It's Wednesday. It'll be quiet," he said in a voice that feigned nonchalance. "I'll buy you a steak dinner at Nino's on the way," he added casual bribery.

His eyes though held hers and there was nothing casual in the warm heat that sparked between them as they locked gazes. As the message held there danced between them, both of them grinned.

"Steak dinner, huh?" She dropped her gaze, teeth taking hold of her bottom lip. Hidden from the thieves by his body, her finger did a slow and lazy walk up his chest, tracing the shield upon it. "Well, how could a girl refuse that kind of offer?"

His grin widened. Then Lois coughed, clearing her throat as she backed off a few inches, with a quick glance across his shoulder. "Why don't I…" She began to move away from him casually. "…go start up the Jeep…"

Superman nodded vigorously. "I'll go…" He hitched a thumb behind him. "…get rid of these guys and —"

"Meet you out front!" they both blurted in unison.

They ran for it. Lois giggling as she sprinted for the airport exit, Superman breaking speed records previously set by any superhero as he bundled up his charges and raced for the police precinct.