My Father — A Superhero??

By Erica Dias <>

Rated G

Submitted: September 2004.

Summary: When his son finds out, he's everything a father should be.

Author Notes: First off, I‹d like to thank my GE Larissa Kaye and my muse Psychofurball (Rachel) for BR-ing this as fast as it was done. (1 minute until it was ready to be written, 1 minute to be BR-ed, 1 minute to be posted at the message boards and an extra one for the archive submission.) It‹s basically the time you will need to be closing this window after reading it and never return to my stories. Anyway, here‹s another MTLV as I like to call them. (Micro-Little-Tiny Vignette by the way.) I hope you enjoy! Any one-minute-e-mail you can send as feedback will be welcomed.


"Honey!!! What‹s all that haste for? He won‹t forget you here. He wouldn‹t fly without you. Would you?" she asked her husband.

"Absolutely not!" He winked at her. "Take all the time you need," he said, caressing his son's hair.

"You see? He‹s not going anywhere without you!" She grinned, touching the bridge of his nose.

"I know, mommy, but daddy promised an exciting flight today and I want to go!!! Please…please let me go!!!" he said with a familiar puppy- look.

"Oh, alright…alright. Everything is ready, you can go now. But be careful!!!" She said, still not sure of what she had just let her son be freed to do.

"Daddy, where are we going this time?" the kid asked, jumping up and down, hyper.

"England. I want you to see daddy in action," he answered.

"England??? But you said we were going to Brazil, daddy…"

"I know…change of plans," he excused himself.

"England? You‹re taking him to England???" she asked with her eyes wide open.

"Yeah…why?" he asked, puzzled. "I‹ve told you that…haven‹t I?"

"Not that I remember," she admitted.

"Let‹s goooo, daddy…come on!" the kid whined.

"Honey…we have to go. I love you." He kissed his wife.

"I love you too," she said, kissing him back. Suddenly, she remembered something and shouted as her husband and son were leaving:

"Claudeeeeee…he doesn‹t have a sweatshirt in his backpack!!! Come back!!!"

"Lois…the plane will not wait! I‹ll have to go at superspeed to catch that flight or I‹ll have to get us to England on my own. I gotta be there on time or they will cancel my interview!"

*Superspeed? My father…flying? My…father…a superhero? Neat!* Pierre giggled.

"I know, babe…" She kissed him. "Here it is…a coat for you and a sweatshirt for him. See you in a week, guys. I love you!" She waved while they got in the taxi.