Like a Father to a Son

By Erica Dias <>

Rated: G

Submitted: August, 2004.

Summary: When a stepson expresses his feelings for his stepfather, is it what you would expect to hear?

This is another MLTV, (Micro-Little-Tiny Vignette). Special thanks to my BR SQD who had to rewrite almost everything this 'stupid Braz girl' wanted to achieve with this. Don't worry, SQD. I'm improving day by day.

Any feedback is welcome here.


He knew he wasn't his real father, but knowing he was always there for him, even when things seemed pretty bad, made him feel comforted, and he believed he'd found himself a family.

His biological father was never there for him. But he'd found in *this* figure all that a son could wish to find in a father. He respected him, praised him, and saw him as an example for life.

He knew he was blessed to have found such a great mentor in this world. Looking at him now, admiring how active he still was at his age, he couldn't help but think he'd like to be exactly like him some day.

Noticing the boy's gaze, the adopted father smiled and received one in return.

The young man was still lost in his thoughts when a familiar voice woke him up.

"What's going on, son? You have something to tell me?"

"Oh, nothing, Chief. I've just gathered the files you asked me for."

"Finally. It took you ages to do so. And did you check if they were updated?"

"Uh…? I…uh…"