A True Lies Revelation

By Marcia DeCaro (jmdecaro@pacifier.com or decaro@ohsu.edu)

Summary: A quiet evening at Clark's apartment, where Lois and Clark are watching a video of the movie "True Lies," leads to declarations and a revelation.

This is the first time I have done any creative writing since I was required to do so in college in the 70's, so any and all constructive criticism would be appreciated. Having seen the movie 'True Lies' with Arnold Swartzenegger and Jamie Leigh Curtis will help with the understanding of this story. The idea came to me while watching it. Arnold's character, Harry, had a similar problem to Clark Kent, in that he has a second life that his wife, Helen, (played by Jamie Lee Curtis), knows nothing about. It is a very funny movie, and Dean Cain was supposed to have said that he would love to play a role similar to the one Arnold S. played in this movie.


"Lois, that was a great movie. I'm glad you suggested that we rent it." said Clark as he removed the video 'True Lies' from his VCR and placed it in the re-winder. He walked over to the kitchen counter and picked up the wine bottle and as he carried it back to the couch, asked "Want a refill?" hoping that she would say yes, rather than decide it was time to leave. He was pleased when she nodded yes and held out her empty glass.

"I thought you would like it. Lucy and I laughed the whole way through it, when we saw it in the theater. It's way over the top, but that probably is what makes it funny rather than just a typical shoot-em up. Besides the premise is unbelievable. No woman could not know that her husband was living a double life." said Lois as she sipped her wine.

"I don't know about that," replied Clark feeling a little uneasy about where this conversation was going. "I mean, she had no reason to think that he was anything but what he said he was. He had his secret buried very deeply. If someone is not looking for something, they usually don't find it, right?"

Lois sighed, "I suppose you're right, but I think that if you loved someone deeply, like she supposedly did, you would know that something was hidden, I mean, I would know if you were leading a double life."

Clark turned to Lois, feeling slightly stunned, and almost whispered, "Is this your way of telling me you love me, or are you just speaking metaphorically?"

Lois turned and with shining eyes, responded "This wasn't the way or the time I had planned on telling you, but I guess it is. I do love you, Clark Kent."

"Good," replied Clark, "because I love you, too, very much." He gathered her in his arms for a long slow kiss that he hoped would never end.


Later that evening, Clark commented, "You know, I keep thinking about that movie we just watched. I guess if I were Harry, I would have to tell, but I can see why he didn't."

"Well, explain it to me. I would think that if you loved someone enough, you would have to trust them with you secret," answered Lois.

"I can think of a number of reasons. One, he could rationalize the national security issue. Two, he wouldn't want her to worry all the time. Three, it might put her at a greater risk of harm. Four, her knowing could put others in danger. Five, by the time he was sure of his feelings for her and hers for him, he would be afraid that telling her would make her so angry that he would lose her. Six, he was so used to keeping that secret buried that he didn't know how to tell her, and finally, he knows that it would change his and her life dramatically if she knew, and that can be scary." Clark explained.

"Boy, you really have been thinking about this, haven't you?" responded Lois in amazement. "But I still think that she would have seen some clues over the years. I mean, he was always running out of town at the last minute, being delayed for dinner, etc."

"But, Lois, you can have all the clues you want, but you still won't see what you don't want to see, or don't expect to see." Clark softly protested. "That's why secret identities work."

Clark paused for a long moment, drew in a deep breath and continued, "Lois, I've been giving you clues for a long time now, but since you don't expect to see anything but a mild mannered reporter from Kansas, you haven't recognized any of them as clues and I've been afraid to tell you myself."

"Clark, what are you talking about? You've never given me any clues," questioned Lois as she turned toward him.

"Lois, I realized recently that our relationship couldn't go forward unless you knew about me, all of me, but I didn't know how to tell you. Look at me and tell me who you see." Clark said softly as he took off his glasses.

Lois' eyes widened as he rubbed his hands together briefly and then ran them through his hair, changing his hair style in an instant. Lois reached one hand up and began unbuttoning his shirt. At first sight of that familiar "S" shield, she pulled her hand back and sat back on the couch and stared silently.

Clark reached over and took her hand hoping she wouldn't pull back, when she didn't, he gently kissed it, then cradled it between his two hands, gently stroking it with his thumb and waited for her to break the silence.

After what seemed to be hours to Clark, Lois whispered, "All that running off, the dentist appointments, want a mocha, Lois?, gotta return a tape, I'll go call the police, cheese of the month club. Oh, why didn't I see it?" Clark nodded sheepishly as Lois began listing off some of the excuses, grimacing at the last one.

Clark gently pulled her over next to him and as he stroked her hair, gently whispered, "Because you didn't know to look for it. I worried about the day that you would. I knew that as soon as you really thought about it, you would know. I knew I had to tell you, but I just didn't know how to tell you or ask you to help me keep my secret."

Lois sighed, "Clark, I really should be angry with you, but for some reason I'm not. I think that I am more mad at myself. Some reporter I am; it never even occurred to me that Diana could have been right. I mean, all the evidence was right in my face. Why didn't I pick up on it, or a least realize that while everyone, myself included considers you, as Clark, and me to be Superman's best friends, I have never seen the two of you together?"

Clark smiled slightly and said, "That has always been one of my biggest fears, that you would try to get both Superman and me in the same room at the same time. You're the best reporter I know, but this secret has been buried so deep, I never expected to tell it to anyone. As much as I had hoped to find someone to spend my life with, I was never sure that I would find someone that I could trust and love as much as I do you."

Lois reached up and gently stroked his face, then in a voice barely above a whisper said, "I've been beastly to you at times, haven't I?" as a tear rolled down her cheek.

Clark looked at her, wiped the tear away and said, "No, Lois, don't think about the past. We can't change that. Now we can go forward into the future together." With that he tilted her chin up for a kiss.

Lois smiled at him and then began to laugh. "And here I have been spending the last couple of weeks trying to figure out how to tell Superman that I would prefer that he not drop in on me via the window anymore."

Clark began to laugh also. "I can see how that might have been tricky. I'll use the front door if you prefer." Clark said through his laughter. He then turned serious, and added, "Lois, I want you to know everything I know, but I've never told anyone any of this and I don't know where to begin."

With that, Clark stood up, spun into the suit, held out his hand to Lois and asked with a smile and his eyes alight with love. "Want to go flying while we talk?"