Do You Want Me to Draw You a Diagram?

By Erica Dias <>

Rated: G

Submitted: September, 2004.

Summary: Lois tempts Clark with an unexpected proposition. Will he accept it? (A small-little-tiny vignette).

Author‹s notes: This is another MLTV, (Micro-Little-Tiny Vignette), but this time, a WAFFY one. Special thanks to my GE, LabRat, and to my Braz BR, Quel Lane. (Portuguese space here: Valeu Muleh!) Any feedback is welcome.


"What?!? No way!" he vigorously denied.

"Oh, come on, Clark. Why not?" She leaned over him with a naughty look on her face.

"Well…mainly because I'm a man, you're a woman…do you want me to draw you a diagram?" he explained.

"But I want it so much…pleeease," she pleaded.

"Lois, NO!" He made his words very clear.

"What's wrong, Clark? I know you want it too," she insisted.

"Lois…it's just that…I've never done this before," he admitted.

Lois stared at Clark with an astonished look. A man like this…so gifted…had never done this before? How was that possible? Lois couldn't move or say anything for a few seconds.

"Lois…I uh…" he tried to explain.

"You should've told me that before!" she spoke nervously as she quickly rose from the couch and started to walk in circles around the living room.

"But I didn't know how to tell you…" He got up and followed her.

"Clark, this makes a lot of difference," she admitted.

Clark sighed. He could do nothing but give up, and do what she wanted.

"All right, Lois. I give up! Let‹s do it!"

Lois drew closer and kissed him gladly. She grabbed her purse and took something out of it.

"What is this?" he asked.

"What you mean what is this? You don't know what this is?" she was surprised.

"I know what it is, Lois. I just didn't know you had already planned this."

"What do you say?" She gave him a kiss and a seductive, puppy-dog look.

"Ok ok…chocolate chip cookies, double layers, in a swiss chocolate cake, with melted chocolate topping, right?" he checked.

"Right!" she grinned.

"Give me this recipe. Let's do it!" He headed to the kitchen, determined to make her wish come true.

"That's my hubby!" She followed him happily.