Dying Is Something I Do Not Intend to Do

By Erica Dias <ericaonline@hotmail.com>

Rated: G

Submitted August 2004.

Summary: A letter from the dead comes to haunt the peaceful routine of Lois and Clark. (A micro-little-tiny vignette).

This is another MLTV (micro-little-tiny vignette). Let's say it is a little bit morbid. I hope you like it. Special thanks to SQD, Roo and her hubby for helping me with this one. Thanks to my Boss (LabRat) :notworthy: for GEing it for me herself. I'm honoured!!!


It was a normal day at the Kents' house. Lois and Clark were having breakfast together. Lois had fried some eggs, her speciality these days. The mail had arrived and Clark went to get it after they finished their meal.

One of the packages was addressed to Ms. Lane and was post dated four years ago. When she opened it and read it, she fainted immediately.

Clark didn't know what to do. Nothing he did to wake her up worked. He carried her to the bedroom and called a doctor. While he was waiting, he went downstairs to get some water and ice to help revive her. She had fallen hard against the floor. He looked at the letter lying on the floor. He grabbed it and went upstairs with the water, ice, and the letter.

Lois hadn't woken up yet. She was murmuring something — something that that he couldn't understand, not even with his super- hearing. He laid a hand on her hair and caressed it until she woke up.

Clark called the doctor and cancelled his visit because she guaranteed she was fine.

She left the room and went to the bathroom where she took another shower, though she was already dressed for work. Meanwhile, Clark started to read the letter that had terrified his wife so deeply that she almost had a seizure.

"My Eternal Love,

I know you think I am dead, but does true love ever die? I have loved only one woman in my whole life and in my heart there is only you. I found you for eternity and I shall pass it with you. So, fear not, my love. Whenever you feel you have lost me, or whenever you think I am gone for good, I shall be back. I will always be back — back for you.

It is your essence — your soul — that will always make me come back to you. I have tried, but I truly do not believe I can live without you, and to have you I shall do everything. I will bend truth, I will break every single rule, but I shall have you in my arms again. If you cannot be mine, I shall make you realize that your life will not be extended much further than mine. If you still fight it, fight the undeniable, fight the inevitable, I shall come back from the dead and make you believe in what I said because dying without you is not something I intend to do. You will never know precisely when I will return, but be sure that I will. I will, Lois, my love. I will.

With all my heart, love, and certainty,