By Laura Davies AKA BrightFeather <> <>

Rated: PG-13

Submitted: May 2002

Summary: Lex Luthor Jr. seeks revenge on Lois and Clark. This story is in response to Juliet's challenge on Zoomway's messageboards to write a dark or death fanfic.

The usual disclaimers apply. This story is in response to Juliet's dark fic/death fic challenge over on Zoomway's messageboards.

Warning: Due to the nature of this dark fiction/death fiction challenge, this story is a major WHAM. So if you're not in the mood for death, dismemberment, and unspecified torture…DON'T CONTINUE READING.


Lex Luthor Jr. sat in his subterranean hideaway caressing the blue-grey steel of a gun, complete with silencer. He reached into a box beside him and began to load it with pulsing green bullets. The bullets were constructed from the last of his father's secret stash of Kryptonite—they would serve his purpose admirably. He had gone into hiding after surviving his encounter with Leslie…going underground after disposing of his foe had been unfortunate, but necessary.

After a year and a half, he now had the means for what he craved the most—revenge. Long ago he had decided that if he could not possess Lois Lane and control her husband, Clark Kent AKA. Superman, no one would. <Within a few days>, he thought, <Vengeance will be mine.> He wanted the pair dead—they were responsible for his father's downfall and death. Lex Jr. hadn't cared much for his father, but blood *was* thicker than water. The time for revenge had come—Lois and Clark had found happiness; it was past time to strike that happiness down.


Lois woke slowly and stretched. She smiled sleepily as she discovered her husband's warm bulk behind her. The weight of his arm was thrown over her body while his large hand protectively cupped her gravid belly. Her pregnancy was not yet all that apparent; at four months along all she had to show for it was a small bump. After Dr. Klein had told them that children were an impossibility, this pregnancy had been both a joy and a surprise. Lois smiled at the memory of telling Clark of their new role as parents-to-be. In five short months, they would be able to hold the little miracle now growing inside her. It was too early to get up, so Lois snuggled up to her sleeping husband and went back to sleep.


Lex Jr. finished loading the gun and stood up. There wasn't any time to waste if he truly wanted his revenge. It was a relatively quiet night in Metropolis—Superman would be at home with his pregnant wife. He went into the underground tunnel that would eventually lead into the basement of the Kents' house on Hyperion Avenue. It was important that he catch them unaware; the Kryptonite bullets would take care of all three of them. It was imperative that the unborn child die with its parents for his revenge to be complete.

He quickly and quietly trotted down the tunnel toward his final destination. Within minutes, he crept up the basement steps and into the main part of the house. With the agility and skill of a cat burglar, he stole silently up the steps and into the Kents' bedroom, checking to make sure that the silencer on his gun was secure. With deadly precision, he fired three rounds in rapid succession. Seconds later, it was over. Lois Lane and Clark Kent lay dead—still wrapped in each other's rapidly cooling embrace. He studied the dead couple paying special attention to Lois Lane. Since he had last seen her, she had let her hair grow. It was braided into a long braid for sleeping. Lex Jr. smiled as he pulled out a knife, chopped off the hair, and stuffed it in his pocket as a trophy of his kill. As a final act of revenge, he quickly searched the house and found one of Superman's capes, with which he covered the couple. It was only a matter of time before the rest of Metropolis's criminal element went after the rest of the Kent/Lane family connection. Within months, the famous couple's family would join them in the eternity of death. Lex Jr. smiled one last evil smile as he surveyed his handiwork before disappearing silently into the darkness of night.