Thanks for Saving Me. I Owe You…One?

By Erica Dias <>

Rated: G

Submitted: September, 2004.

Summary: When the rescue comes from…who???

Author Notes: First of, I'd like to thank my Muse Psychofurball (Rachel) for BR-ing this for me at noodles speed. Here's another MTLV as I like to call them. (Micro- Little-Tiny Vignette, by the way.) I hope you enjoy! Any one- minute-e-mail you can send as feedback will be welcomed. This is a sequel to "My Father. a Superhero???".


"You're never gonna get away with it! He's coming to rescue me…any time now!" she shouted at him with a nervous grin on her face.

"I hope so. And when he comes to save you, I'll hit him with this!!! Muahahaha!!!" He laughed as he showed her a shiny object.

"No!!! You're…you're evil!" That was all she could get out.

"Du-uh! You've just caught up? Or are you tired of seeing the old episodes??? Of course I'm evil! If you're the victim and he's the hero…then there must be a villain, and that's me!!!

"He's gonna find a way to subdue you! And I wouldn't like to be in your shoes when he's finished with you!"

"And that won't take long," he said, arriving from the sky.

"Oooo…I'm shaking. You came for what? To rescue the little woman?" The villain giggled.

The hero was going to answer him on that when he fell to the floor, dizzy.

"What's wrong??? Feeling weak…confused…impotent?" The villain walked around him as he questioned the fallen man.

"I've put you in prison once and I'll do again!" the weak man mumbled.

"You and what army?" The villain looked around himself just in time to be hit in the face by a punch that came from nowhere he could have previously seen. Tempus passed out on the floor.

"I'm the whole army!!!" Lois said, breathing on and polishing her nails on her blouse. After that, she tossed the little piece of Kryptonite away from the superhero. "Clark, are you all right?"

"I'm fine, Lois." He rose up from the floor, still trumbling. "How did you manage to free yourself?"

"It wasn't that tight. I freed one hand and the rest was easy."

"Thanks for saving me…I owe you one," he said, supporting his weight on her as he recovered his strength.

"And I owe you what? Three hundred and ninety eight?" They both laughed at that.