Alt of Control…Delete!!!

By Erica Dias <>

Rated: PG

Submitted: October, 2004.

Summary: When Clark is out of control, who deletes him?

Author's notes: This is another MLTV, (Micro-Little-Tiny Vignette). Special thanks to my BR Sara Kraft (SkFoLC) who had to overcome trauma to do this for me. Any feedback is welcome.

Disclaimers: I hereby inform you that I don't own the characters presented here. I wish Clark owned me, but that's another story.


"I can't take it anymore! Stop it!"

"Lois…please…just a little bit more!"

"I can't…I'm tired."

"Come on, baby. Please!"

"Clark, I said no."


"Clark, what part of the word 'no' didn't you understand? No is no!"

"But I really want to…"

"I said NO!"

"All right, Lois…fine!"

"Oh…would you look at that? Now it's jammed! You see? That's what happens when you play with it for so long! What do we do now?"

"Simple! Ctrl-Alt-Del…see?" He looked at her with a puppy dog face. "Lois, can we play again tomorrow?"

"Clark…for the thousandth time…you're out of control !!! I'm sick of playing pinball on the computer!!! There are so many other interesting things to do in life, and you want to play pinball? Hunf!!!"


Author comments : Tsc tsc tsc…naughty minds. ;D